"Official" Desktop Manager 4.6 Available from Vodafone.de

Download Deskto Manager 4.6
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jul 2008 01:27 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Bold coming out in the days and weeks ahead, you can expect to find Desktop Manager 4.6's worldwide release soon, but if you lack patience (which seems to be the case with most CrackBerry addicts reading this site!) you can download a Multilanguage version of BlackBerry Desktop Software 4.6 from Vodafone.de. I downloaded it, installed it, and it's working great!!

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"Official" Desktop Manager 4.6 Available from Vodafone.de



i tried it today it is very very slow, and you do not more longer have the possibility to back up your blackberry, you can only syncronise.

i'been the 'do not...'

i switched back to 4.2.2. sync time: 30 seconds, 4.6 needs over 4 minutes!


Installed it this morning, sync and backup works great on my laptop and my computer. And as earlier it does backup as well as sync. Good Program.

installed this am and is working great. actually is much faster than 4.5, sync works great and backup feature is there.

I've been using DM 4.6 for several weeks now, and I have no problems flashing my BB, sync'ing, installing app's, etc.

However, I am NOT using Vodafone's version.

BOLD, where art thou?

I've downloaded it, but when I try to intall it, it says that it is not compatible with Windows Vista.
(Win32 Vista or something like that). Any thoughts ?

I haven't had any problems with DM 4.6. Downloaded and in stalled os 4.5 and it worked flawlessly. Don't know why other people are having problems but none here. Using XP professional and have an 8120.