The official Android app now available on Google Play!

By Bla1ze on 13 Dec 2013 06:43 pm EST

That's right, even though we're a BlackBerry-focused website we realize we have a lot of readers coming to us from Android devices and much like we have in the past with our forums apps, we're spreading the CrackBerry love with a new app built specifically for Android devices. If you've you been making use of the Android Central app, then the new CrackBerry Android app will certainly be familiar as we've taken all that's great about it and optimized it for CrackBerry.

That means you'll get all the blog posts. All the reviews. All the editorials and you can even play podcast in the dedicated podcasts section. When it comes to videos, we got you covered there as well. Videos will play directly in the app and if you're tried of listening to use, you can also head on into the forums for some discussion or pick up some goodies in the Shop CrackBerry Store.Additionally, we'll also be adding the CB Wallpaper gallery in a future update.

To be clear, this is a native Android application. And while those on BlackBerry 10 will be able to sideload it, you'll get a better native BlackBerry experience with the official BB10 app from BlackBerry World.​ If you're looking to get some CrackBerry on your Android device, you can hit the link below to grab the app from the Google Play Store for absolutely free!

Download CrackBerry - The App from the Google Play Store


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The official Android app now available on Google Play!


Is it really that hard to figure out? Some people have devices with both OS. Personally I can't wait for the iMore app on Android.


Nice! Replying here using the app now. To answer your question, lots of Android Central users are former BlackBerry users and CrackBerry addicts, still follow CB and BB. Happily most of us aren't douchebag fanboys either, so we can happily appreciate the good in all platforms :)

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Can we get a proper update for the CB10 app? That fixes the errors with characters and a toggle for dark light themes? Not a fan of this Halloween layout on my Z30.

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CrackBerry App on Android?
Are we sure this isn't Piracy?
Should we confirm with Jerry 1st?

I would hate to be called an a$$ho... Pirate

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Don't worry, blackberry users wouldn't mind. All 9 of them. Lol!

Yaaaarr! You're a pirate because of!

Welcome, but you should still buy a BlackBerry and enjoy a better phone experience jk but not really

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Ok, where's the CB10 updates?

I know we had a "bugfix" release but you guys said we'd get a major update once BB10.1 was released......

It stinks that Android gets a native CrackBerry app and BB10 get a ported Android version of the Android Central app.


Dude. Chillax. It's all on the to do list. We don't have unlimited resources. We have to check things off one at a time. Send me a PayPal for a bunch of money to and I will hire us another app developer. If not, then the for the patience... we will get it all done in due time.

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In due time?

It's been months since you guys made a promise to us. Then you go and do THIS??

Lend me your gold iPhone for a month and I'll come and code the CB10 app for you. Deal?

You need to learn how to negotiate better. ***Lend*** a phone for a month and you'll code it? You should at least ask to have one you can keep :)

Can you code?

I can code, in 35 programming languages.

Why would I want to keep your Gold iPhone? I just want the kudos to say I used Kevin's iPhone for a month AND coded the CB10 app.

Sell your iPhone? Never.

Tell you what, buy me a Nexus 5 plus a plane ticket to Toronto and I'll write any app you want. For any platform.

Yea all these guys wanting apps on thier iphone from BlackBerry. LOL. Somthing to be proud of :)

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But can you program in the binary language of moisture vaporators?

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel

So, why don't create your own CrackBerry App?

Competition is good for the market. And in case your remake is superior to the original I'm sure CrackBerry will try harder to improve the current (already great) App. :)

Ok, i'll ask - what is your app developer working on now? No offense but we have only seen minor updates so far. I still can't look at PM's in the app. The scrolling issue seems fixed though...

I like it.
It feels very familiar.

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OMG. I wanted to blog this up when it went live. Bla1ze stole my post!!! You might as well post it on Android Central now too Chris.

Serves me right for going out for Friday night drinks.

Also, for the record, it was Phil Nickinson who personally uploaded this app to Google Play for us. Thx Phil... lubbs you!

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How nice of Phil to upload the AC app to BlackBerry World when he called BB10 users pirates...... Talk about hypocrisy.

That's not something I'm going to forget, Kevin.

Lol. Little advice from CrackBerry Kevin... take it as you will. You need to learn to forget and move on. Makes life a lot easier and more fun in the long run. You won't do yourself any favors letting little things like that fester.

You need to learn how to negotiate better. ***Lend*** a phone for a month and you'll code it? You should at least ask to have one you can keep :)

Can you code?

Little advice from CJH_, don't repeat yourself in two separate posts, Kevin. Lmao

Who's this "Fester" bloke? Isn't he the uncle from The Adams Family? :p

Yes - native app is better than a port. And I'd like the upgraded CB10 app that was supposed to come out ages ago.

Are you saying no to the Native BB10 AC app?

Cos if you are, we agree. On that, I don't want any AC app on BB10, ta muchly.

Or are you saying you won't lend me your gold iPhone?

Lol! Lot going on here! I'm just not looking forward to the inundation of ex-BlackBerry users who've now "seen the light" and want to share their "amazing" Duh (hemm)roid experience. No thanks. Other than that, sure, it's a way of advertising BlackBerry product and app developments to a wider potential user base. Good for you guys!

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All that does is show the power of BB10. We can run a ported Android App on BB10. They need native in order to run on Android.

That being said, I too have been frustrated by the lack of CB app development over the past 7 months :( BUT my biggest frustration was that the bugs were not fixed, they are good now, so I'm ok...ish

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Not sure the point of this app but hey the more the merrier. I still feel confused as to why CB10 has remained so devoid of features such as PM etc.

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Just read above...... how much do you need Kevin?..... seriously! I'm sure the CB nation could rally enough $ as well as developers willing to donate time.....

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Yeah seems weird to me too. Now we're just going to have more Phils in here making fun of BBRY toting people.

The goal here is simple. By end of 2014 (and hopefully sooner), every one of our sites will have an app on every platform. That's simply making all of our sites accessible everywhere. Heck, even BBM is going BBM 4 All. It just makes sense.

ALSO... keep in mind a ton of Android Central readers are former BlackBerry / CrackBerry owners. Jump over to the comments on Android Central's post about this app release. Quite friendly. Still a lot of Android and iOS and even Windows Phone owners out there who have a soft spot for BB and want to keep up with the news.

People don't commit crimes because of opportunity. They do it because they want to commit a crime. Same thing with trolling. A troll is going to troll if they want to troll. Having these apps available everywhere doesn't automatically equal more trolling. It's just us serving ALL of our readers better, and with more options.

How about ONE Mobile Nations app on every platform you support AND code said app in HTML5 on each of those platforms?

That would save a ton of time and resources.

That's coming too! The Mobile Nations SUPER app. So super, it will leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Way faster than a speeding bullet too. 

Thanks. I mean, I hope so. Phil is pretty awesome and all... but I'm like... one of a kind. Ya know?

That's a good question. The approval team at Apple has been known to be a complete bunch of $%($Q$!!!! when approving our Android Central app.

And would make them all the same. Nice user experience. A port LOOKS like a port. Like someone couldn't be bothered.

Would you consider porting the CB forums app over to BB? Works quite flawlessly already :)

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Looking forward to this. I enjoy all the Mobile Nations websites (but Crackberry the most).

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Nope, I think the same number. What may change is their new CB signature. Then with the iOS CB app we may lose the tap a talk signature.

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With the number of crybaby-whiners and trolls already patrolling this forum I doubt any amount of increase will be noticeable at this point.

I prefer this app to cb10. Reasons are:

- Loads Faster
- Dark/light theme
-smooth scrolling and user friendly UI


Z10STL100-1/ "the iPhone-killa"

Not by choice. I think people want the option. Right now only Q10 and Z30 have the dark theme. Z10 and Q5 owners have the light theme.

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Doh!!! Just looked... lol yep been using my Q10 and Z30 so much I just assumed I had dark theme on my Z10..... my bad :)

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CB10 has Dark Theme on Q10 & Z30, but Light Theme on Z10.

Many members want the option to toggle the setting as we can now in some core BB10 apps.

Yes. Who cares about a native android central for bb10. We don't need it when we can just use the android version as well as anyone else. Agreed it shows the power of blackberry. There's plenty more apps that need to be native than AC. Focus your anger on BlackBerry for not pushing new update out for Xmas and getting the word out that BlackBerry run s android apps via Commercials and educating sale people .

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Yep. That's right. It'll be here in a few short weeks. LOL

CrackBerry...where Stupid People fight about Smart Phones.

Holy crap people are insane. Good to see spreading like a virus! BlackBerry needs to spread that way. It starts slow until it's to late and then boom you are toast. BlackBerry will be everywhere.

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This forum is soon *ucked up atm. Wow why are people so angry on here. No wonder the world is at war all the time.

Chill out people. Have a Gin and Tonic, glass of wine, beer...whatever


Posted with my gorgeous Z30

We're in your interwebs, laughing at your phones
Sent from the Super Duper, most awesome, Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Or maybe my Nexus 7 (2013)

New app certainly runs smooth on the Z30 ;)

Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z30 running10.2.1.xxxx on a pirated android CB app

In ma nature to try it lmao... back on CB10... it is faster for sure

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Gonna side load this just for the heck of it.

Hmmm... I feel another 8 minute podcast on Android Central in the works...

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I'm seeing some remnants of the Android Central version in this a app, namely the Apps icon from the overflow menu and the widget has the AC logo and colour and not the CB colour and logo. Nice App, just fix those small errors please.

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Lol you want stuff fixed immediately on the CB Android app? Hahaha we've been waiting over 7 months for a update on ours.

BlackBerry Z30 | | C0006E212

Lol, you guys should relax and see the big picture.......what is CrackBerry gearing up for by releasing this app at the present moment? hmmmmmm.....

Think I'm going to buy some more BBRY thingys.......

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Any chance that the mobile site can be updated to let you see the forums? On my Z10 the pages come up blank on 10.2.1

This may be a really dumb question but why wasn't the CB10 app coded native from the get go? Kevin?

BlackBerry Forever!

Thanks. I mean, I hope so. Phil is pretty awesome and all... but I'm like... one of a kind. Ya know?

The CB10 app for BlackBerry 10 was coded native from the get go. Heck, it won an award. Prior to that we had the forums-only app up, but I wouldn't consider that a CB app. We just ported the Android version of the Tapatalk Forums App (CB-only style), just to get it up. Was better than no app. But our first real CB10 app was native.

Just one more way for the Trolls to invade the territory they really want to live in.

Love CB, but I have never participated in any other forum that is populated so heavily by people on other devices, os', tools, cars etc. etc....

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Looks like CrackBerry is getting prepared for the disappearance on BlackBerry hardware. Clever business move?

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Im confused how the hell did the cb10 app get built for BlackBerry certitfied not to mention best built for BlackBerry app award if its a port??

On a side note i did not know it was a port to begin with rotfl!

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CB10 and this app are completely different code bases. CB10 is a native BB10 app, but CrackBerry for Android is based on a fork of our AndroidCentral app.

I'm super excited for my HapiFork to arrive! Just got the confirmation that it's shipping two days ago. It vibrates when you eat too fast. Gonna make me so skinny and good looking.

So now I have AC on my Z10 and Crackberry on my GNote 3

Hope that isn't like crossing the streams or anything where's Egon when I need him..

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I just got myself a Nexus 7 and one of the first apps I looked for was the CB app. I love my Z10 but with the bigger screen I prefer to do my reading now on my tab. Thank you CB for bringing your app to android.

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How about the automatic jumping to the next page when you scroll down to the last post on the page. So annoying, I can never read the last post of the page because it jumps to the next page so fast. Please fix that bug in the bb10 Crackberry app.

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Have to agree. As fancy and cute it is. It's way to easy to trigger the next page.

The last post is never going to be read if it's too long.

I hate the fact that everything that makes blackberry unique is being sold out :( it makes me sad. Soon there wont be much point in being a faithful blackberry owner as everything we have, the androiders are getting as well as keeping their google play privileges yet good free apps for us a far and few between

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You do realise that CrackBerry is, and always has been, available on the internet right?

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Ok for anybody just skipped to the end the article is something to do with a android app and the comments hap something to do with a gold iPhone and a snow man

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This is great news. Now, Crackberry addicts can get their fix on their Android too. Obviously, many Blackberry fans also have an Android tablet and/or carry an Android phone, in addition to their beloved Blackberry. Not to mention, this seems to be great marketing for Blackberry; with SO MANY Android users out there, some percentage must be unhappy, disaffected or otherwise looking for an alternative smart-phone experience.

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Does the android app work better than the native bb10 app? No more jumping pages, etc... if that's the case let me buy android device to read about BlackBerry news, makes sense. Can't wait!

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Like the app.

Just need one for my idap and im happy.

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Thank you, I've been waiting for this since leaving blackberry a couple months ago. Works great.

Glad to see all the butthurt whining is still going strong.

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Side loaded it on to my z30. Works like a charm. Going to try side loading on my playbook next.

update notification just now received from Play Store. You guys are quick with product updates ha ha

This is GREAT news! Owner of a Q10 & Google Nexus 5 here. Use the Android for consuming content and the Q10 for producing content.

Yes, I hate using two devices, but the screen size and app support for the Android is better overall (like the android crackberry app). But the typing experience is phenomenonaly easy on the Q10.

Believe it or not I read this post on my android and typed this response in under a minute on my BB lol
Sent from my Q10

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