Official CrackBerry Walk Through of the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jan 2011 10:30 pm EST

Research In Motion has officially lifted the consumer curtain off of the BlackBerry PlayBook. BlackBerry PlayBook tablets will be on hand at the CES RIM booth for attendees to play with this week, but we were able to get our hands on it a day early. Prior to me holding the PlayBook for the first time, we first had Ryan Bidan, Sr. Product Manager for the BlackBerry PlayBook team at RIM walk us through the device and the BlackBerry Tablet OS experience. Be sure to check out the video above for all the details and action, and from there you'll definitely want to check out our more in-depth BlackBerry PlayBook Review

Reader comments

Official CrackBerry Walk Through of the BlackBerry PlayBook!


No way will I buy a first gen BB item after how bad the storm turned out, once you burn consumers that bad they tend to pull do I.

There are too many tablets from too many solid companies to jump on this one just yet, RIM needs to focus on there lackluster phones

garbage...ipad rules,,,,concentrate on getting your bb phones right...along with their upgrades instead of jumping to another a huge bb user,,but your slipping RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

very nice review, congrats!
i have one concern though which is the lack of mobile connectivity for non-blackberry users. how does RIM want to adress these people / customers? they want a nice little tablet which is able to go to the internet everywhere, and they'll just get that if they buy a blackberry as well, which seems kind of a bad marketing strategy to me.
sure there will be a 4g version by sprint, but then you probably have to rely on a 24month contract...

Looks sweet, though I am disappointed it doesn't have any expandable memory (micro SDs are so small, like their isn't room). Also the woman off screen sounded rude whenever she spoke.


What's BB's ONLY strength over Android and iPhone: EMAIL, BBM, and Push notifications?

How did the RIM rep not review ANY of those items? Let me guess...RIM forgot to include email on the Failbook. LMAO

Why would ANYONE buy this POS over all the other tablets out is beyond me.