Official Bold 9000 OS released by T-Mobile UK

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2009 07:03 pm EDT
Official Bold 9000 OS Released by T-Mobile UK

After days of users getting the update through their BlackBerry desktop manager and even more days of users trying to obtain the files without being on T-Mobile UK, RIM has posted the installation files for all too download. Be sure to grab it and check out the forums to see the findings of it and if you are not a T-Mobile UK customer be sure to check out the upgrade procedures.

[ Thanks again, Mhyar ]

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Official Bold 9000 OS released by T-Mobile UK



its saying that ill be upgrading all my core applications but the system software will be downgraded...

im running rogers .282

It's saying it's a downgrade because the platform version is lower than that included with 282 from Rogers. This is a hybrid built by T-Mobile UK, similar to the recent release from AT&T (though that pile of crap had a much older app version).

Mirror RS :
Link will expired at Feb-2010

I installed this last night. It seemed okay, but then I tried to do the BlackBerry menu app-switching, and that no longer worked. Besides that, it seemed the same as v4.6.0.282. I just switched back to v4.6.0.282.

To wasn't a good build. I have problems with 282 with the battery, it just dies out very quickly (reminds me of the good old 167 version days...) but this version turned out to be worse.
The menu button functions differently and I was a bit uncomfortable with it.

I haven't had any problems with 282 so unless there is an significant improvement with 291, I am gonna hold off for now.

It is realy2 awesome.... it helps me fix my 8320 curve... after had an error screen ( 507 error ).... just follows the steps on link.... your bb will be fixed...

I just got 5.100

I can't download the new appstore, so i guess i'll be downloading this then. good bye .100