Official BlackBerry Z10 Specs and Features

The full features and specifications of the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen phone, the BlackBerry Z10

Official BlackBerry Z10 Specs and Features
By Bla1ze on 30 Jan 2013 11:00 am EST

With the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen phone, the BlackBerry Z10 now fully announced there is sure to be plenty of folks out there wondering what exactly the specs and features are of the device. If that's you, you can jump below where we've laid out every fine detail for you. If you're looker for a deeper look at the device, be sure to check out the full CrackBerry review of the BlackBerry Z10.

  • Processor: Dual-Core 1.5GHz - Snapdragon S4 Plus
  • Display: 4.2”, 4 point multi-touch LCD display, 1280 x 768 resolution at 356 DPI, Touch On Lens
  • Camera: 8MP rear facing camera, Auto Focus, 5X digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording ・2MP front facing camera, 3X digital zoom, 720p HD video recording
  • Memory: 2GB RAM ・16GB Internal Storage ・Hot Swappable microSD Slot up to 64GB
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n ・2.4/5GHz ・4G Mobile Hotspot
  • GPS: Assisted, Autonomous, and Simultaneous GPS
  • Battery: 1800mAh Removable ・Talk Time: up to 10 hours on 3G・Standby Time: up to 305 hours on 3G, up to 316 hours on 2G・Audio Playback: up to 60 hours・Video PlayBack: up to 11 hours
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor
  • Connectivity: NFC ・microUSB ・microHDMI-Out ・Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy ・4G LTE
  • Size (LxWxD): 130mm x 65.6mm x 9mm


    Dual core 1.5 ghz is not a spec. What processor does it use? OMAP, Snapdragon, Pentium 4???


    that made my day!
    great idea, just use the Pentium 4 ;-)^^


    I believe it is the snapdragon


    It is indeed a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4-Plus (8960) chip 1.5GHz



    allegedly it is the Qualcomm MSM8960

    this is disappointing.

    no adreno 3xx series gpu = no opengl es 3.0 and no opencl

    sadly backward for a new platform launching in 2013.



    Vast bulk of Android phones aren't at your level, only a small handful.
    This is competitive with WP offerings/iP5 and within striking distance of the best Androids, it's a solid start.*
    If they can get some momentum for a change this year, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be more aggressive in 12mth.
    (they're committed to 12-15mth cycles from now on).
    It would've been unwise to go hyper aggressive and burn through their reserves.

    *assuming it really is MSM8960, some are saying OMAP4470, that's way more disappointing if true.


    I LOVE my pentium 4 desktop. :D


    I've heard there're going to be 2 version of the Z10. US/Canada will use the SnapDragon S4, while Internal Market will be using TI OMAP 4470. Is it confirmed yet?
    I can't find the Z10 specific processor here:

    Also, which one is better? I'm a bit concerned about the TI OMAP 4470. I don't need Quadcore proc. I just think the Z10 should use the more capable Dual Core proc.




    This is exatlt what I was expecting and with skype integration now am all in. Go #Blackberry 10


    Damn this is sweet! Winnipegger wants!!


    Looks like I will be getting rid of my Galaxy S3 soon...... As long as I can download ttorentz on this thing and it doesn't freeze up or require a battery pull I am all in!


    If my laptop is Bluetooth 2.1 will the phone still be using less energy?


    what's the processor? brand specific unit please.


    Nice specs to go with all the software goodness... Now for the battery performance...


    is there instagram? does kevin owe someone a car?


    he said in the live feed it's still not ready. I believe someone is owed a car! (he says selfishly)


    I will have to buy two batteries


    Sir Holman
    everything looks great

    Anyone know if blackberry 10 will have Instagram?


    Not yet. I'm sure it is on the drawing board.


    I answered my own question by looking at the other threads.

    In both the BB10 and BB Z10 Review's, Kevin talks about it being 4G and LTE. In the Screen Shots as well, it shows that they are both 4G and LTE


    Yes its LTE.

    Im curious what bluetooth 4.0 will bring. I love bluetooth. Hope it brings some more connectivity to my brand new toyota.


    Whoa what?! "Video PlayBack: up to 11 hours" =O
    (or is this normal?)


    It implies 4G - "4G Mobile Hotspot "


    Higher PPI than the iPhone 5. Me gusta!


    Would have liked to have 64G.... People don't get that these days we shoot full 1080p videos and 8mp camera and live in the world of social networking 16g is simply not enough... Plus adding 64g would have given the BlackBerry an extra point


    Memory: 2GB RAM ・16GB Internal Storage ・Hot Swappable microSD Slot.
    you didnt read the story. a sd card is way better then having only internal storage.


    Exactly, as you can have as many SD Cards as you wish, and easily connect them to your computer without having the necessity of connecting your device. Just, swap, and u are good 2 go.


    What processor does it use???


    Why don't you mention that there is no more push email in BB10, except for Exchange accounts? no more push Yahoo, etc. That is a huge problem. Why hide this information and give us a biased account here?


    Could anyone be specific so as to what will the processor be? the Samsung Galaxy SIII had some models with a Quad-Core running at 1.4GHz. but the standard model in the US was of Dual Core 1.5GHz; and The Iphone... well I'm not sure about that processor. My point being what will happen with the BB10 processor?


    Complete fail. Quoting the review on Boy Genius Report:

    "There is no push email, contacts, or calendar on the BlackBerry Z10 except for Microsoft Exchange accounts. No push Gmail, no push Yahoo — email is checked every 15 minutes by default, and you can make this interval longer but not shorter."

    Goodbye, faithful blackberry.


    This sucks big f*ing times..


    BGR is not telling the whole per usuall. Gmail settings can be changed to give activesync...though not much point as it's GMAIL that is stoping that for their free acounts. This is NOT specific to BB, no other devices will be getting it either.


    Oh no! The LED light is no longer multicolored! Argh!! Another step backwards!!

    Quoting the CNET review:

    "There are some fresh, inspiring features for sure, like Bedtime Mode and BlackBerry Balance, but I would have loved to see RIM get even more creative, let's say with a multicolored LED light that shone a different color depending on the type of awaiting message."


    i think what it meant was it still has multicolour LEDs, but it was always the default to flash red for all notifications. You could download a third party app to make it flash whatever colour you want like what I did with my 9000


    Not impressive at all .... Can someone post a more detailed Specs and Features list???


    I hope the claim here that MSM8960 is the SoC used is straight from BB & fully verified?
    There's lots of articles around claiming it's actually using OMAP4470, which would be a big downer (although not necessarily a total end-game).


    BB10 doesn't need a quad-core processor nerds. Android might, not BlackBerry.


    exactly... I hate when people complain about things they dont understand!!


    exactly... I hate when people complain about things they dont understand!!


    DNLA?????Any word???


    What's the story on the microSD card? CrackBerry says "up 64GB" and yet the BlackBerry web site says "up to 32GB". Does anyone with a Z10 have a 64GB card in their device? Does it work well? Thanks.

    Yosep Wow

    I have the same question.. does it works well with a 64GB card? Please advice. Thanks

    Prasad Hewage

    i would like to know if there is any kind of a built-in protection available for this device's screen .....

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    i have the blackberry Z10 but i cant connect to college internet because it doesnt have the certain security type for the internet that my college is on any ideas?

    chowdarys 007

    Actually I am using a blackberry z10 (stl100-3) here in india. The model which came out here in india was stl100-1. I got this stl100-3 from U.S.‎ I haven't yet received an update to os 10.2.1 for my device. Can u please tell me a way to update my device to os 10.2.1