Official BlackBerry Z10 leather holster combines style and function

By Simon Sage on 27 May 2013 05:43 pm EDT

Belt clip holsters get a bad rap for being dorky, but their utility really can't be put into question. You get all of the convenience of being able to access your BlackBerry immediately without having to pry it out of your pants pocket, or jangling around loose in a bag or coat pocket with any number of things that might scratch the screen. The leather Z10 holster follows a long line of high-quality official BlackBerry accessories, though a few new design elements keep things fresh. 

In terms of style, it's hard to argue with leather, but there are a few other subtle touches that make this holster particularly fetching. For one, the angled, off-center clasp is very sharp. There's a really neat touch on the right side. Some solid red stitching sticks out from the black, emulating BlackBerry's classic red LED light. While this is a really nice touch, I've that it has, on occasion, set off my twitch reaction to getting a new message. The interior is a straightforward grey fabric; it's soft and bound to protect against scratches, but nothing fancy. On the front face, you'll find an embossed BlackBerry logo. It's certainly pronounced, but not a big deal when viewed from afar. 

As for function, you've got visibility of the LED if the Z10 is flipped one way, and access to the 3.5 mm headphone jack if flipped the other. Unfortunately, you can't get both at once. If you want to hit the volume down key, you'll have to do it through the holster (which is entirely doable. After using the holster again for awhile, I've started to miss some of the behaviour that was baked into the legacy BlackBerry software, like different notification profiles when tucked away. The BlackBerry Z10 leather holster sports a heavy-duty belt clip that rotates a full 360 degrees, while the top magnetic clasp keeps your device nice and secure.

Though holster die-hards are far and few between now, especially with a plethora of cases available to handle protection, there's still a certain charm to the idea. People who are well and truly a part of the "keep moving" lifestyle will appreciate what a holster has to offer, and the official BlackBerry model is a fine place to start. So, who here is still rocking a holster?

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Official BlackBerry Z10 leather holster combines style and function


I do! I don't use the BlackBerry 10 holster because reviews stated that it's too tight to hold the Z10 if it has a case on it. So, I use the incipio case and holster. BUT, if the BlackBerry holster could do it...I'd definitely rock it.

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My experience with BlackBerry leather holsters is that they are intentionally made a little tight as leather 'relaxes' a bit over time and becomes just right...

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My experience with all the new swivel holsters, is that they are all intentionally very loose - allowing use of different back's , and easy removal of the phone.

It's a great case for just the phone...
Not a case to hold another case attached to/with the phone.

Love it and it has loosened up a wee bit since I have had it (a few months now)

Most cases make your phone look like garbage, with this one when you take your phone out you see it the way it was supposed to be seen naked...And my black
Z10 looks and feels great.

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Just an FYI

If you don't use a BlackBerry holster and your phone develops a problem, your warranty can be void.

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Holster is the only way to go IMO. Have it on my hip all day, top notch quality, highly recommend.

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I've always used a the Z10 holster. agree thou, miss some of the configrability of alarms and auto answers

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I have both the holster and pouch for my Q10. I use the pouch most of the time, because I like to use my phone without a case, and I have the holster when I'm in more professional settings where I'd rather not have to deal with my phone being in my pocket.


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I've moved away from the holster with my Z10, went with the leather pocket (which is awesome BTW) this time but I do miss the functionality of the holster.

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Don't you find the pouch to be too tight? I did, and I kept on hitting the volume keys

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I think it would be cool if I could get a holster/belt buckle. I got a rocking leather belt where I can swap out large belt buckles.

I think it would take away from some of the dorkness factor. If it was designed properly of course.

I also think a BB belt buckle would also be cool. I guess that is what dreaming is for

It fits to the phone too tight, much prefer ed the roots one that I had for my 9900 that had some elastics on the side

With a looser fit you could also put a cover on the phone to prevent damage when out of the holster...

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This was the original case I bought for my Z10.

The good parts are the leather, workmanship, sleeper magnet and "cutout" for seeing the notification LED.

The bad parts are that it's a pain to insert the device, the tight fit means it often pocket-dials or ends up doing something unexpected with the device unless it's password-locked every time its inserted, the LED "cutout" is of little use if its on your belt, and there is no protection of the device while it's in-hand.

So I got an Amzer shell/holster combo which solves the ease-of-insert, unexpected pocket dialing upon insertion, and protection while in-hand issues. It also has a handy "kickstand". The downside is no sleeper-magnet, ports are not completely open while on the kickstand, overall quality/toughness - ie the belt-clip popped-off already and I had to re-attach it, and the fit/finish isn't as nice but I've already improved that significantly with a file and may do more of this. ;)

I may also try the PureGear case/holster which is like the Amzer but has a sleeper magnet, and looks like the fit/finish may be better.

It's funny and unfortunate that I typically end up with a closet full of cases for devices like this before I find one I truly like..

The phone should sleep while in the holster, so it's impossible for it to "holster dial" or anything else. You might be tapping the screen while putting the phone into the holster.

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It doesn't sleep until AFTER it's inside, which gives it plenty of time to activate random functions as you insert it.

It wouldn't be a problem if the fit weren't so tight. Wasn't an issue on old non-touchscreen Blackberry devices, but on something like this that is touch-oriented it's a problem.

The Amzer/PureGear style holster works far better for me, and protects it when it's OUT of the holster as well as in.

It should have opened from the side like a horizontal holster. It really is very difficult to put the phone into the holster without pressing the power button. The tight fit and design means you have a tenuous grip (at best thumb and index finger) whenever you try removing the phone. I can't tell you how many times I almost dropped the damn thing trying to take the z10 out of the BlackBerry oem holster and as others have said the tight fit means dropping the phone naked from about waist height. Not good. I got the sedio active holster /case combo and it's so much better than the oem holster. I think it would be near impossible to find anyone who preferred the oem holster to the sedio.

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Bought this holster and don't use it cause the Z10 won't fit with the flip shell. A little dissatisfied with this. Looks good sitting on my table though.

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I rock a holster on occasion. Sure, sometimes it may look unorthodox, but sometimes sporting a holster is just the only way to go. Though I find that you can actually have the holster look stylish on you if you choose the right clothes and know how to carry yourself.

This was a day one purchase for me. Really miss holster profiles so hopefully they come back sooner than later.

Another bonus is that my backup phone is a Nexus 4 and I can fit it in the holster as well so kill two birds with one stone.

I have always used a holster. I have been using a prototype of the BlackBerry holster since I purchased my Z10 when it first came out. I have enjoyed the holster however I found that with ever day use I have managed to pull the belt clip out of the holster. Oh well nothing a little crazy glue can't fix.

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Agreed. Had mine since day one, rocked it with my torch too. Loosened up just the right amount, now it's perfect! And still holds the zed securely.

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I use the Leather BlackBerry holster.
I like that fact that the magnet shuts off the screen giving more battery life to my Z10.
At first the holster was a bit snug, but it loosened up and fits amazingly well now.

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I have mine for the z10. I like it cause I carry way too much in my pockets already and it's right there.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Bought one first day, found that it opens my groups no matter how carefully I insert the phone. Also holds my wife's iPhone 5 in a hardshell. Biggest complaint is changing notification level by grabbing volume up on removal.

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I never use a BlackBerry without a holster. With the Q10, I bought the holster B4 I bought the phone (Phone stock didn't arrive till the 3rd, but the accessories were there when I showed up 1st thing in the morning on the 1st.

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BTW I find that my Q10 holster constantly presses the alt & left shift key every time I use it...Does anyone else have that problem?

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You'll have to pry the BB holster out of my cold, dead hands. Its simply convenient and handy to use. I did discover recently, when I sent my white Z10 for repair, and got a loaner Black Z10, that because of the rubbery back cover of the black Z10, its harder to slide the Z10 in and out. With my white Z and the smooth back cover, it slipped in and out so much nicer. Can't wait to get my white one back!

The Bold 9000 and I believe the 9700 had an amazing Leather Holster where it gave you access to the USB port on the left hand side. This was lacking in the 9900 and again in the Z10 so that's really disappointing for me. I liked charging my phone while in the case while driving in my car instead of having to take it out and leave the case laying about.

Also, as Simon stated, you have to turn the phone backwards to access the female 3.5mm headphone jack which is absolutely silly imo. The magnets don't work properly while it's backwards so it doesn't go into sleep mode until it's already DEEP into the holster so you'll run into random clicks or pocket dials if put in backwards. Also, lack of the LED light while backwards. Real manufacturing flaw.

It sounds like I'm bashing it but I use it daily. Is the only case I have or will ever use because it just fits my needs in regards to how I use my case and phone. It was pretty snug at first but it loosened up and now it goes in and how without a hitch. I just wish the ports were more accessible is all

By any other blackberry holsters standards set by the trackball devices some would say that having the LED showing while in the holster is backwards. The holster is designed with BOTH in mind. screen in for media screen out when you take the clip off your hip/pants to see the LED. What's the point of the LED facing away if you can't see it? so someone else can tell you you have a message?
Also your argument about the orientation of insertion affect the magnet turning off the display is irrelevant both the argument about the location of the phone and when it enters sleep mode as well as random phone interaction due to the lack of it being in sleep mode.
if you drew a line right under the camera module and lined it up with the tallest part of the case before the clasp, you'd notice that the screen dims in both orientations when those lines match up. it only seems that the device is deeper in the holster when the screen faces the clip because the screen is more covered by the taller side.

Using a holster with a BlackBerry is like a marriage, both the holster and phone work great together (well before the Z10). Believe it or not, it's part of my top reasons why I've stood with BlackBerry all these years. Unfortunately the only features that the BlackBerry 10 devices can do with the holster are, answer or end calls and turn off the screen to preserve battery.

Features I missed with older BlackBerry devices;
* I enjoyed having the phone vibrate when holstering and ringing out of the holster.
* Also enjoyed after receiving any kind of message, removing the phone from the holster, the message would automatically display on the screen (no other devices have this feature).

I love my BlackBerry Z10 but these are some of the little things I missed from my older blackberries and wish they can bring back on future updates.

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Always had a holster with all my blackberrys (starting with the 7100) . Got one for the Z10 before I got the phone. The reasons you have stated are the same for me, wish we get these back in a future upgrade. So without those features, I rarely use the holster. Beats me why they would remove the features that make a BB unique. Oh well, I guess they cannot cram everything into a completely new OS!

I've always used bb leather holsters but with the z10 it doesn't have the "holster" profiles like "vibrate only" when in the holster.

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I personally love the holster!! It has a snug fit and i always know where it is and no digging around!

I used the official BlackBerry holster when I had my Storm and I bought the official BlackBerry holster for my Z10. I always use holsters when I'm out and about. For protection and style it can't be beat. But, quite often when I'm at home I will use the Root's case. I have a lot of carpets around the house so I'm less worried about a fall when I'm at home.

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I don't mind getting up to take my phone out of my pants prying involved, comfortably loose pants. If I get a holster it will be for my imaginary gun.

I really like these although I bought the generic one from T-Mobile. I get great protection in and out of the belt clip. Not as much style but the build quality is really good and there is added functionality in the form of a fold out stand.

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I used to have a holster with each of my other BlackBerry devices, but the Z10 is my first where I'm probably not going to get one. I really like the soft shell case on it.

However, that may change once I get bored of it.

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U have had this holster since u had my Z10. What I have noticed is it varies from phone to phone depending on the "snugness" of fit. I hae the white Z10 for about a week and it felt loose in the holster ( with no case or skin on the phone.) I swapped the white for a black Z10 (feels more like a blackberry) and the first thing I noticed was the snug fit of the phone in the holster. (phone was naked) I now have a phantom skin (color red) on my black Z10 and the snugness is the same as naked (of course) .

I am very pleased with the holster ( I was worried with the white one). The holster works great, I love it , the only problem is I don't keep my phone in it enough to take and advantage of the battery saving features.!

At any long and Keep Moving!

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I am. Still loving the holster that came with my 9930. I use it by far more than my pocket. I don't car what's out of stlye, I do what works for ME. #teamblackberry.

Love the holsters! Always been a fan of a good holster, and BlackBerry has always had the best ones, hands down. The quality of their cases and especially their holsters speaks for itself. Never been ashamed to sport one on my belt.

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Bought this for $15 at Grand and Toy... quality product. In a slightly unrelated topic, the one comment that was left for this YouTube video is pretty hilarious. Simon you should check it out!

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When I got my z10 I bought the blackberry pouch... had one for my tour as well... loved it.. but found even after trying to stretch it, the Z always fit tight and had to struggle to get it out. I bought the Z10 holster for when I go on trips and wearing shorts with loose pockets so I don't loose the phone out of my pocket... i like the feel of the leather and the way the phone slides in and out of the holster case... but I'm a pouch guy not belt clip... so I took the clip off my holster case and getting a leather shop to put a nice patch over where the clip use to be and taking the flap of the top so it's like the pouch (I found the flap gets a bit annoying taking my phone in and out 50 times a day) i know a lot of work and maybe I'm being ridiculous... but it's something I use all day and every day for the next couple years..


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I had to have a holster as soon as I had my z10 and this one has worked well and offers a good level of protection. I place it in upside down so the speaker is pointing upwards which allows the phone call ring tone to be the loudest it can be while holstered.


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I've had a holster since the bold 9000. I just wish that they came in colours other than black. The holster for the z10 fits well. But, as others have mentioned I miss the functionality of in/out of holster notifications. Would also love a larger size holster that could hold the phone with a skin on it.

For $40, the belt clip should be more sturdy....the holster often catches on the arms of chairs when I sit down, and I've already broken one belt clip since I got my z10. there is no reason to charge $40 for a product like this.

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Holster is great. Magnet induced sleep mode really helps with battery life. Not too snug and I have no problem removing/inserting the Z10. I do miss the ability to charge the phone while in the holster.

I got mine for 24.95 at the Verizon store on day 2 of having the phone. I realized that I was most certainly going to drop my phone without it at work(machine shop) I typically don't use the magnetic flap. I tuck it behind and then I can easily get the phone in and out without flipping it up. If I am doing something that could place the phone in a position other than facing up, I can close the flap to keep it from sliding out. I clip mine to the front pocket of my pants, not a belt. I really like having it.

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I have always used the holsters for all my BB's but would like a white holster for my white Z10, why are they no longer selling them?

Unfortunately, there are no pure white natural leathers; any purely white leathers are coated with an opaque layer of some kind, be it paint, vinyl, or polymer. This leads to early cracking or delamination. Think of a white leather upholstery...

I've had this holster since I got my device on launch in Canada and it's been solid. I work in a trade and my phone is in great shape and the holster takes a beating. Only thing is I found was that the top cover somehow scratched the face of my device near the ear speaker from somehow sliding in/out under pressure I assume. I really can't figure out how the fine scratches got there cause they don't happen anymore.

Solid holster!

Bought my holster month b4 US released Z10. Just to find out AT&T wasn't carrying white Z10. So I bought another one, this time black.

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Have used the BlackBerry holster on each of my previous BlackBerry phones and my Z10 is no exception. I have my phone on my side at all times.

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I 100% miss the different notification profiles Oooo man I thought I was the only one. I have the flip case and the belt holster I will work for both. I want it back. Tell them to put it back


Yeah, I use the holster, got it with the Z10 on launch day. Love the fit and have no problem getting the phone in or out.

Bought mine before I got my Z10 but I used it once and didn't like it. Might give it another shot.

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Holster is good and the quality seems nice. That being said. After I switched from the 9700 to the 9900 and now the Z10 I am sadden that they did not leave the charging port accessible while in the holster.

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I had one for my torch 9800 and my bold 9900. Love them. Have one for my Z10 and a week into rocking it....the clip snaps off. Ugh. Got a transform case on the way. Probably will get another holster eventually. Very functional just had a minor miscue. OEM is the way to go.

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I LOVE my holster, it gives me the feeling of protection while letting me rock my Z10 naked.

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I still rock the holster when I'm in my suits, casual I'll pull out the Transform hard shell. Which I got from

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**** bring back profiles! ****

BlackBerry OEM Holster from day one for most daily / business use just like past Berrys, also Seidio Convert Combo for field work (Surface Case w/holster and Convert adds two layers on top of that with a 2nd, beefier holster - Seidio' have the sleeper magnet), AND I'm a new proponent of the BB OEM Pocket Pouch, some business use but mostly for casual.

For OEM case mods (speaker, USB, headphone jack hole in flap, etc) just find a good leather shop or cobbler that can be creative. Another member mentioned the same thing above. I've had some great work done on cases, other stuff.

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I love the Sedio Spring Clip Holster. It makes for very easy access and doesn't muffle the sound. They also have the magnet that saves battery life. I tried the leather holster, but it was too hard to put in and take out.

Ditto on the Sedio!
So easy to get in/out and has all openings for sound and cables. I've used then for my last 3 BB's.
Not sure what's up with no auto answer/hang-up mine works that way....

they made the flap right over the headphone jack!! i always listen to music with headphones while its in a holster and now i can't do it!! not happy with this one

swap the phone around. if your holster is on your hip what do you need the screen facing out for? face it in and problem solved. I'm used to putting it face in since the trackball days every holster had a groove for the ball built into the side closest to the hip.

I love holsters. I don't care one iota if some people think they're dorky, I'm not concerned with such things as others' opinions of what I put on my waistband.
I absolutely love the sleeper magnet and the feel of the whole holster and the device in my hand.

Nope. I prefer flip case to protect the screen. Flip back cover to be precise. That become one with the battery cover.

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Though I have a plethora (couldn't wait to use that word) of cases I find my self constantly going back to the BlackBerry holster. Either because most of the cases out seem cover half the bezel which interferes with gestures or because I just want to feel my naked Z10.

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Been using a holster since 2009 i was 16 and had a curve 8300. Never understood the stigma against them. I LOVE being able to keep my pockets free i usually have my keys in one and change in the other both DEADLY to phones. The z10 holster has a very similar design language to that of the 9900 WHICH is awesome. i've noticed the Q10 holster goes a little more retro in the sense of the centered clasp of the 9000 days. at least you can squeeze a Q10 into a 9900 holster.

I like holsters no matter what the current style trend happens to be; IMO, it's just hard to beat the functionality of a holster. In fact, I even bought one of these holsters, but I don't use sits new in its box.

The problem with this holster is that it's so tight that it doesn't allow for any protection to be applied to the phone for the times when my Z10 is not in the holster. Nonetheless, this holster is well made and probably a good option for those who like going naked.

Ultimately, I ended up going with a Seidio Convert Combo for my Z10 that I purchased from CB.

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Love the holster. Had one with my Bold 9780 and 9900. Was sad it wasn't included with the phone, so I had to buy it from CrackBerry, but I'm very happy with how good the holster is.

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I use the belt clip with both, Z10 and Q10. Not only does it keep your pockets free, it's a nice style and not too bulky on your hip. So you can wear a longer shirt that goes over top.

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I have mine and used on from the first Storm. I love it. Had to ask the VZ rep for it, he didn't seem too thrilled about it though after bringing a bunch of other cases. He said he thinks he had one in the back, so I said I'll take it if you do!!

I always prefer to carry my precious BlackBerry in a holster for convenience, protection and style. I particularly like the automatic answer and end call feature that those holsters provide. Finally, a BlackBerry holster is always exceptional and outstanding when compared to other holsters.

I've been using this bad boy since the Z10 has been in my possession. It's similar to the Bold 9930 one but obviously taller and thinner. I have no complaints about it. I've always preferred OEM holsters since my first BlackBerry -- the Peal 8130.

Have always rocked the leather case and always will. A) it is stylish and B) if you care about what others've got more to think about than what holster to put your phone in?

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Best Buy offers the same case for $39.99 plus GST shipping included. From this site when you add in freight ends up over $52.00 in my area. This has been my experience on just about everything I try and purchase from this site, the price looks reasonable but when you add in freight it's always a lot more.

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So last night, after owning it since launch here in Canada, got into car and heard a loud noise and a tug on the hip - there's the clip on my belt and my Z10 flung out on the pavement - fortunately still in the now useless case...
Be nice if this could be a warranty issue - I have found that the clip pivot is too far towards the top, thus allowing the case vs clip to torque across the clip connector rather than rotate around...

Oh, well, I had already ordered a transform case and my delivery app tells me it is at home in the mailbox, guess I'll go with that.

I love the Z10 and had to get the holster, great combination. However (you know this is gonna be gripe) why can't there be a holster just a bit bigger that will allow a protective rubber cover? My Z10 came with a great black rubber cover that protects the back and corners and adds a better grip, but won't fit in the holster.

I can't be the only one who's wanted this, so is there something already out there??