Official BlackBerry Tumblr Application Now Available

By Bla1ze on 17 Mar 2010 04:33 pm EDT
Official BlackBerry Tumblr Application Now Available

As trentm in the forums posted, Tumblr has rolled out their own official BlackBerry application. Personally, I'm a Posterous fan myself but if you frequent using Tumblr you'll want to check the app out for sure. From what I can tell, all native Tumblr functions are in place within the app. For example text, audio and even video show as being supported features and this is only the first version. Give it shot if you are a Tumblr user and let us know how it works out for ya. 

Check Out Tumblr Staff Blog For More Information And Downloads

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Official BlackBerry Tumblr Application Now Available


Yes. But it wasn't made by Tumblr...It was made by HippoCamp and seemingly has gone w/o further development for a while now. The official app will see updates and has support from Tumblr.

Excellent Tumblr Blogging Application for BlackBerry Devices - <--Initial post where that app was highlighted. :)

looks exactly like the old tumblr app that was on a Hippocamp page. I wonder if tumblr bought/adopted it

almost exactly the same. a tad fancier and a shortcut to the tumblr website. Its actually locking up my Tour w/ .548

I can think of a few other good apps we could use besides another blogging app. How about an app so we could use our memory cards for downloading and launching our apps. I could name 5 more that is much more needed then that. Just My Opinion.

I have no memory for this application. Stupid BB Flip memory limit. There so many good applications coming up and I just cannot have them all.I already have:
-Doc to go with Manager - Paid
-All RIM IM and BBM
-FB & Myspace 2
-Google suite - Maps, voice, gmail app & plugin, search
-Music suite - slacker, pandora, iheart radio, nobex Rc, flycast
-shazam - paid
-Yahoo suite - onesearch & flickr upload
-Other apps - opera 5, weather channel Authenticator - WoW - paid

I have to make a decision to get rid of apps to make room for RIM Twitter and RIM linkedin

Upgrade? Even a used 8900 or 9000 is feasible for those on a budget these days. By no means incinuating that's the case. I'm just stating cost is the most common factor in why users don't move on to a new device. :)

Yeah, you might be right about upgrading. My contract ends in November so I will wait and see if anything else comes along the way from Blackberry. I do like to have the top of line Bold 9700.

I just wish that RIM updates the peril flip since I love flip phones and got me into my first smartphone.

Has anyone else had trouble signing into the app? When I try to register my account in the Settings, the "Inactive Account" notice appears.

I've only heard of one other person having this issue.

Works on my 9700 no problemo.

I only wish I could edit/delete posts from the application. Perhaps it will be built into a later update.

When tryin to post a photo, its not loading any pre existing pics its just reading loading forever! Anybody else having this issue?

I got this app a few weeks ago and it works on my phone but it doesn't let me post pictures to my tumblr. How do I fix it?

I have a 9800 torch & I trully hate this app, I like to use tumblr often, and I find that its slow. I hate how in the dashboard It only loads a small amount of posts. No option for next page or anything. Can't see followers or people I'm following. I hate it . Tumblr needs to get onnnn it.