Official BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Released By MTS Mobility

Official BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS  Released By MTS MobilityOfficial BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS  Released By MTS Mobility
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 05:07 pm EST

Gotta love the fact smaller carriers roll out OS release faster then the larger ones. One would think the larger carriers would want their customer on the latest given their install base. But, method to the madness I suppose. MTS Mobility has released OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630, previously we have seen this as a leaked version so if you have this installed already you'll have no need to reinstall it. If you were waiting for an official carrier release, have at it just remember to delete the vendor.xml file if MTS is not your carrier.

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Official BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Released By MTS Mobility


If you're on VZW then once you download the software, BEFORE you install, go to c:/program files/common files/research in motion/apploader and delete the vendor.xml file. You'll be good to go after that.

No need to wait, just install this and you'll be good to go. Make sure you remove the Vendor.xml file first though as the above comment says.

I know i have been waiting for the 5.0 upgrade since i got my phone, it should have shipped with it or something. RIM should really let people download betas for os's. I know there is probably risks that go along with that and that's why they don't, but still they get leaked often enough that it shouldn't really be a problem.

Which is unlike the whiny bold people wanting 5.0. Or as said above, outages. I didn't have outages on my tour with 5.0

Is this not the same as the leaked version from 2 weeks ago just now made official. its even got the same build #... But if it is there is some menu streaking in the leak... is that still the case with this release? every other aspect of the leaked one runs fantastic.

It's the same as the leak, just with a stamp of approval and the MTS vendor file I believe.
Been running it since it leaked with no issues. Glad to see it make official.

Every leaked OS has the potential of becoming office. If a carrier releases an OS which was previously leaked (assuming the build number/platform are the same), then nothing has changed.

It's still fairly buggy...that weird-ass SMS thing is a major pain.

But it's still way better than 4.7, so if you're running that, I'd certainly encourage the upgrade.


better to install this official than the leaked?

I mean, I have the leaked installed, but would this be safer or should I just stick w the leak?

well, I don't know if that's 100% right, I have installed .419 leaked version on my tour and the TV service did not work, I downgrade, Today I installed this official release that stills being .419 and my TV service worked fine...My carrier is Iusacell from Mexico.

So I'm not sure if both versions are the same =/

They're exactly the same. If any code changed between the leak and release, we wouldn't be talking about .419 anymore.

Installed the leak and got a Blackberry registration email every time I re-booted. Installed the Official one and this does not happen.

Explain that!

.419 is the same no matter what. if anything changed, it would not be .419 its always been like this for many many years, the official OS is always the same as the leaked versions with the same number build

It's not really hard. Delete the vendor.xml file first, which is under Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\App Loader.

Disconnect from the Internet and then open up DM and it should prompt you to update.

I downloaded it, but it never launched the DM. However, I didn't delete the vendor file. Is this where the connections lies?

You have to actually run the .exe file that you downloaded to install it on your computer first. Then disconnect from the internet, delete the vendor.xml file, and run desktop manager.

I have US Cellular so this will be ok? this is my first blackberry and don't want to mess things up. also can anyone PM me or help me with how to do the install?
been with my phone for almost two months and would thank all of your help guys. thanks...

I have this running on my fiancée's tour since the leak and on mine for prolly two weeks before jumping ship to the hybrid cult. I liked it went smooth for install. And questions on installing pm me.

how's the battery life of .419? i have .230 installed and its pretty terrible on battery, usually dead after a day of moderate use.

I have been using it for almost 3 weeks, but nothing change with the. Battery life, so I guess they need to fix somethings with this OS. Unlike bold 9700 so much different can be used @ least 1.5 days with OS 429.

i have verizon for a cell provider and want to download the OS 5.0 but im having problems locating the vendor.xml file on my computer to delete and get rid of. also the DM is connecting to my blackberry when i open it up to start the upgrade process. need some help please!!!

i cant find RIM under common files. it is only under program files and i dont see a vendor.xml file would it be under another name?

If you're running a 64-bit OS the path would be c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

so i've downloaded the file and followed the tutorial and deleted the xml file, yet, DM won't install the 5.0 on my tour. any suggestions?

im having the same problem. I delete the "Vendor" file and download the 5.0 but my DM keeps showing the 4.7.1 on the screen. Any advice would be great!

Close Desktop Manager, disconnect from the internet, then delete the vendor.xml file, then re-open Desktop Manager.


install this blackberry device software upgrade.

Thats the error the system gives me. It won't let me go any furter. once I hit next it merely tells me there's no available upgrade.

Anyone help please? And device.xml has been deleted, btw.

I deleted Vendor.xml. I have done many OS upgrades in the past and am used to deleting the file. Device.xml is still in the AppLoader folder.

For all the people who say they deleted the vendor.xml file, and then say the update doesn't show: If you're using Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0+, the update is checked online so it will lock you out of it. You need to disconnect your internet connection and then load Desktop Manager or go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader and run the Loader.exe application which does the same thing (installs applications or the operating system) but it doesn't check against RIM's servers to see if you're "allowed" to run the update.

When I go to download it through "Update Software" it wont let me.. there is also an "*" next to the 5.0 upgrade when i hit "Update Software". Any suggestions? I can NOT get this to work

his post again by Finsta:

If you're using Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0+, the update is checked online so it will lock you out of it. You need to disconnect your internet connection and then load Desktop Manager or go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and run the AppLoader.exe application which does the same thing but it doesn't check against RIM's servers to see if you're "allowed" to run the update

As soon as I disconnected from the internet it worked. When you're connected, if you have the ApplLoader folder open you can see that DM automatically downloads Vendor and Device XML files which interfere with the leak.

Well I've been running this since it leaked and my GPS hasn't worked since. I hope when Sprint releases 5.0 officially all the bugs are worked out. I can only assume that is the reason it no longer works as it was working just fine prior to installing the upgrade. But fortunately GPS really isn't that important to me on a regular. If I need it ill just go back to my Pre. I really like the upgrade aside from that issue.

For anybody who uses Verizon... did u lose your internet capabilities and bbm? I cant even get onto appworld

so when i went through the necessary steps to upgrade, while its on the task in progress screen, when it resets and goes to uploading RAM image, the screen on my tour just goes black and doesnt start up. therefore, it wont finish the upgrade because i have to do a battery pull..

Pretty cool automatic update for all aps.
Runs smoother
Interface is soft and more modern
Seems to be more responsive, but some have argued this
threaded SMS (new for those of you upgraded from 4.7)
all applications seems to work fine
radio seems to be better (anyone else experiencing this?)
better memory use
less memory leak

Takes a while to boot & reboot
1XEV symbol is still there (lame)
SMS icon is different

i have no clue what i'm doing wrong, i download the 5.0 os onto my computer & i can't seem to find the apploader in the C:/rim/blackberry (yeah all that) but i don't see apploader anywhere...someone please help :(

I downloaded the OS 5.0, upon finishing the download over the internet i turned of my internet connection and still no luck with finding the upgrade for OS 5.0. I have no clue what im doing wrong if someone has some words of encouragement for me because im really getting frustrated not being able to figure this out. i need help trying to figure out what im doing wrong PLEASE

To sevin... and nesstyler:
After you've installed the update - Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader and run the Loader.exe file. By doing it this method, I don't believe you need to disconnect your internet connection as I haven't in the past when I wiped my phone and reloaded the OS. The Loader.exe does make a backup of the phone's contents and does provide the option to do so while backing up. The file in my past experiences has wound up on my desktop as Loader-(date-time).ipd. The Loader.exe app does not solely make a backup though.

No love for the 9530? I want (another) official .419 release! I am sick of all these Tour releases, dang it!

Oh, wait...... It just seemed obligatory that I should complain in order to fit in.

Just installed it on my Sprint Tour and everything is up and running great! No issues with the internet, GPS, Sprint TV, App World, ect.... Seems a bit faster and it freed up a couple of MB of memory. Reboot time seem a bit faster as well. So far so good!

I also have the tour for sprint, and wanted to know the exact steps that you took to make this work because I'm having trouble with this!!! I would appreciate this...Thanks!

so i'm in the AppLoader folders and the only "Vendor" file is a safari document. there are no .xml files with Vendor, oh VZW Tour.

I am kinda scared, this is my only BB and my first time installing a leaked or beta os. I am currently downloading the desktop software and the os from the article above. If anyone could walk me through this I'd really apperciate it. Thanks

Sorry in advance for the noob question, my first Blackberry and first OS install...

I have a Tour running on Verizon...
Is there any reason why the release directly from Verizon would be better or worse for my phone than the one from MTS (or any other provider)?

Thanks in advance guys


Okay, I've never done an "un-official" so Im a little confused: someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

1. I deleted the vendor file.
2. I DLed th update, then in installed it.
3. My DM popped up, and it told me to restart my computer, for all of the 'configurations' to be applied
4. I restarted, and the DM won't connect to my BB now?
5.Then I look back, and th Vendor file is there again, Is that suppose to happen? not sure..
Not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong; any help would be appreciated

(I disconnected the internet like, someone above said to do also)

The vendor file needs removed after installing on PC. Then you can install on device.

You said you deleted then installed, that does no good. You installed the vendor file when you installed the OS on your PC. So you need to remove it after you have it on the PC.

does ur bb connect to the computer??? if so dont worry bout bb desktop manager.....just use the app loader in the software that you downloaded

Can someone let me know what is the differences between the Leaked Version of 419 compared to this Official Release of 419. Right now I have the 419 leak version installed onto my tour. The battery life is worse then OS 4.7 and I keep on getting more dropped calls then ever before. My phone would go to roaming more often. With OS 4.7, I would have solid signal everywhere I go. This is pissing me off. When will we see the official OS 5 release by Sprint?

I just finished installing the os and I love it already I'll have to comment later to let you know what I find out. or jus BBM me my profile pic is my barcode.

I had to restart my tour before I wrote this comment and its already up and running :)

@ Krhayes, its connected now.
but when it's showing me the available updates, it only says "Blackberry 4.7.1 core applications" ?? doesnt seem right.

Try searching your computer for another vendor.xml file and if you find one, delete it. I am using Windows 7 x64 and had the same problem. I did a search of my C: drive and found a second vendor.xml file in a sub-folder of my user folder. I deleted it as well and then the upgrade worked no problem.

SgtTurtle, I'm also running Windows7 x64 and could not get 5.0 to load until I found your post. Man was I happy, I was sitting on a wiped phone, Thanks again.

By the way, according to the hybrid guys over at The official .419 has a few files that are slightly different from the leak. I read all the posts saying that .419 is .419, etc... don't get angry at me, I'm not saying they are right, I'm only saying it might be worth looking into.

I had been running a .419 leak based hybrid ( for the past week and prior to that I ran the .419 leak the day it surfaced. The hybrid was faster and did not register with sprint every restart like the leak. I'm interested to see if this official version fixed the registration issue.

if u use shrink a os to install your is it deletes the file by its self and also gets rid of all the stuff you dont want installed like say word mole lol

I installed this on my Sprint Tour last night with no problems. Like someone said earlier it looks like some memory was even freed up by this. The only thing I've noticed is that every time my phone restarts I get a Blackberry registration email in my inbox. But other than that it seems to be running very well.

yeah my nav doesnt work now, it keeps saying my gps service is turned off. Also it up pinned teh device from my blackberry corp email so i have to re-pin it. the rest seems ok. I also get the bberr reg in my email. I would LOVE to get the NAV working !

and fixes the few issues with the current leak; like the constant registration email you get after booting and the fact that Sprint TV will not work. Those are my two biggest issues using the leak.

Hey guys - I already have the leaked version installed and want to install the official. However, when I attempt to use App Loader, it doesn't give me an option to update/load the OS because it sees I already have this version of the OS on the phone... any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


still not having any luck - when i run the loader.exe file and nothing about the OS 5.0 shows up it just shows the applications that i have on my phone as of now. I have successfully downloaded the os 5.0 and then do the steps FINSTA told me to do but still no luck finding the os 5.0 - step by step directions would be greatfully appreciated. reading all the wonderful things i dont want to wait til verizon releases it officially

lost all of my BBM contacts. normally App Loader backs these up. that makes me unhappy

GPS does not find satellites

Opera Mini app does not work

wasted most of the morning with this. now will waste most of my lunch hour reinstalling 4.7

Like others who have commented on what was lost during this upgrade:

Opera Mini does not work with this version

Certain functions of Quicklaunch, such as Call Delete no longer work.

BBamped theme went to a white screen background.

In other words, certain third party apps with this version may not work.

I went back to 4.7

I had the leaked version of this. I deleted that one because I wanted the official release; however, I wanted to get this release because I figured it would fix this random black screen that pops up every time my phone is idle. I can't seem to get it working, I'll tinker with it for a bit.

I'm going back to the leaked version because it actually loads when I deleted the vendor file. I'll just wait for another official release, and see how that goes.

Make sure AFTER you download and delete vendor XML that you DISCONNECT from the internet to install your new OS!!!

OK, I can't get this to work. I have tried it two different ways:

1) Delete vendors.xml from progfiles\common\etc...
2) install device software & launch desktop manager
3) Plug in device
Result: no updates detected.

Then I tried B:
1) Delete vendors.xml from progfiles\common\etc
2) install device software.
3) Notice it put in a new vendor.xml file so deleted it then launched desktop manager
4) Plug in device
Result: No update detected.

Anyone have any ideas???

I need some help loading the new OS 5.0! I've downloaded the program from MTS and its installed on my computer. Yet I don't know what I need to do now, I run the application loader from DM and it doesn't show the new OS 5.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated, step by step! I usually don't have this kind of problem installing programs! Thanks!

Was having the same problem as most after deleting the VENDOR.XML file, unplugged the internet and ran APPLOADER.EXE and it's installing now. Thanks FINSTA

Quoted by FINSTA "If you're using Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0+, the update is checked online so it will lock you out of it. You need to disconnect your internet connection and then load Desktop Manager or go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and run the AppLoader.exe application which does the same thing but it doesn't check against RIM's servers to see if you're "allowed" to run the update"

I finally did it! I followed all your advice but nothing was working. What I had to do was install the new OS. Delete vendor. go into program files> common files > research in motion > shared > loader files. Once I got in here I opened the folder of the OS it kept reading (4.7 in my case) then cut the entirety of the info inside the folder. I then pasted it into a new folder. Next I opened the new OS folder that I wanted to upload to my phone, I copied everything in this folder and pasted it into the original OS folder (4.7 in my case). After doing this I did the app loader and it worked.

I know its seems bogus but it worked for me when nothing else was working. Perhaps nothing else worked because I have Vista. I'm not sure, I'm not a computer geek. If nothing else is working for you try this AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I'm on Sprint and upgraded from 4.7. The radio seems to be weaker and the battery life is much worse. I've been waiting for an official 5.0 release forever so this is kind of a let down. It's like getting a bike for Christmas but it doesn't come with handle bars or pedals.

Sorry in advance for the noob question, my first Blackberry and first OS install...

I have a Tour running on Verizon...
Is there any reason why the release directly from Verizon would be better or worse for my phone than the one from MTS (or any other provider)? Is it the exact same software or are there minor differences?

Thanks in advance guys


I want to do the update but when I go to the page it is asking for the company name and my position. I have amy own personal Tour. Can I still download it?

Got it installed on my verizon tour and so far so good seems like the bb browser is faster. Radio works great too still playing around and seeing what else is up

i have been working on this for HOURS!!! i canot get it. i am running windows 7 32-bit and im on verizon. i have tried everything! please please help!

Can someone post step by step instructions on how to install the new version on the verizon software because i was not able to figure it out.

Had some trouble too, figured it out...

If you deleted vendor.xml, disconnected internet, loaded Desktop Manager and it still isn't recognizing it, then click on the Windows (start) button, type vendor.xml in the search bar, press Enter to open a full explorer window where it will say it hasn't found anything and ask you if you want to search again in a few different locations. click on the Computer icon to search again in Computer. It should take a few minutes to search but eventually find a second vendor.xml, delete that one right from that window, now open DM and it should recognize it.

Is anyone else having problems with the resolution on their phone? My phone is pretty pixel-y now and I don't know if there's a way to fix it? Would I have to go back to my old OS and download the 5.0 again? I'm in love with the new os, but it's lagging a tiny bit. Can anyone offer any advice please?!

I wiped my everything! And I guess my pictures and videos are all gone too and not restored either when I try to restore my phone. Am I out of luck?


All of the above does NOT apply for me. I tried the leaked version and had NO problems. Just wiped and tried this version and same thing. NO PROBLEMS. sprint tv, all streaming videos, and opera work flawlessly.

Well I successfully got 5.0 to work on my VZW 9630. So far so good, Have had no problems and find the radio to be a bit better, and apps and internet running much faster. However I am confused as to y we still have the 1XEV showing. I was in VZW last night taking care of a prob with my wifes phone. As I looked at the Storm 2 and the new Curve they had out for display they all showed the 3G instead. So Y not ours? I love the threaded SMS so much better. I found out if you have a BBM contact and send an SMS to them instead of BBM your convo shows up in both your BBM and SMS kind of interesting. Anyway happy to have 5.0 finally!

I d/l and all I'm getting is net_rim_bb_phone_app (56) error! Tried three battery pulls and reinstalling twice. Any suggestions? I am on the sprint network. Where is the love?

I only have an email/instant messaging plan so I can't upgrade my BBM to the 5.0, does anyone know if the from MTS mobility comes bundled with BBM 5.0??

Ok so I downloaded the new os last nite- well it worked, but now I realize I haven't been able to make or receive phone calls at all!!! Everytime I try it says call failed! Some one please help!!! The data all works, but NO calls!!! Ugh!!!! :( :(

I upgraded mine last night. The only issue I had was Quickpull not working, but after a battery pull it worked great. No further issues as of yet.

I was running the leaked version of 5.0 and it worked fine. After reverting back to 4.7, and trying to install the official one. It didn't work so I went back to the leaked one. Now I'm not able to play media files/stream pandora. I might just go back to and call it a day. I never had any problems with that OS. I'll miss threaded messaging though.

Can someone please explain to me where to find tha vendor.xml file from I'm a sprint user n I hav no knowledge on how to find this

This worked for me when nothing else would!

By: ds00 | Date: Wed, 01/20/2010 - 04:56

Had some trouble too, figured it out...

If you deleted vendor.xml, disconnected internet, loaded Desktop Manager and it still isn't recognizing it, then click on the Windows (start) button, type vendor.xml in the search bar, press Enter to open a full explorer window where it will say it hasn't found anything and ask you if you want to search again in a few different locations. click on the Computer icon to search again in Computer. It should take a few minutes to search but eventually find a second vendor.xml, delete that one right from that window, now open DM and it should recognize it.

i downloaded the desktop manager and application loader thing, and deleted that vendor file out of the common files folder. it says in the update screen that my current OS is, and it shows available for updating on my phone...but when i go through and try to update it, a message pops up and says that i dont need to update and doesn't do it. any ideas? tips? i'd really appreciate it. thanks!

I tried installing this for hours and couldn't get it to work. After I downloaded the software I deleted the vendor.xml file and installed the software. Before I did the update I noticed that the vendor.xml appeared again AFTER installation so I deleted that one as well. I opened the App loader and went through the process but noticed in the list of applications that OS 5.0 wasn't listed. The only apps I saw was everything that is already on my phone but I proceeded anyway and sure enough my phone stays the same. Still no os 5.0. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get 5.0 to show up in the list of applications? I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Things do seem a big snappier, minor visual improvements.. all I am hoping for is some stability in signal and uptime. Will see!!

The problem I'm having is that every time I try and install the new OS, the update gets stuck at the "connecting to device ROM" step. It says that the device isn't connected even though it is. Any ideas? Please help!

Have VZW - I've never run a leaked OS, only downloaded apps from appworld or OTA. In other words, total BB noob here (but technically proficient).

Followed these instructions, and so far everything is working great. Thanks for the link, CB.

Having spent some time playing around with my 3rd party apps (weatherbug, ubertwitter, FB, bible, gmail, banking software,etc.) everything seems to be much snappier & quick. Native browser also comparable to Bolt 1.6 (enough that I wont be running Bolt anymore).

These are the steps I followed (upgrading from OS 4.7 on VZW with vista 32-bit & Desktop Manager 5.0)-

1. DL the link from MTS (RIM)
2. run the file
3. go to c:/program files/common files/research in motion/apploader and delete the vendor.xml file.
4. close DM
5. Disconnect from internet
6. Connect BB
7. Open DM
8. Follow the prompts.

I was back live in 30-ish minutes.

This is AWESOME! It works great with NO bugs for me. The trick was to reboot after install. Nothing ewas working right till I did a battery pull. DON'T download anything till AFTER a battery pull. Quickpull facebook, opera, all work fine. Posting this from Opera mini.

I dont understand. Ive gone through 5 blackberrys and never have had a probelm upgrading them. This is the first time ive had a problem. I deleted the vendor file ive turned off my internet connection and dm and loader do not recognize the new os.

Not sure as why you're having a problem. I used the leaked version (which should be the same thing) and this is the first time I've ever used a leaked OS. Normally my mac DM updates automatically for me. Since this isn't VZW official, I had to use boot camp and load windows. My suggestion is make sure DM is the latest version for the BB website. Next the os should be an exe file itself. I just closed down DM, I didn't do anything about an internet connection (not sure what that would do anyway) and I just ran the exe leaked OS 5 file. I opened DM when it told me too. Took 10 minutes to load on phone, then another 25 for the phone to load it up. Then it was junk for a while till I rebooted it with a battery pull. All is well now. Try the leaked version from earlier. I know it's the same build, but maybe there is something wrong with what you downloaded? If you search back to page 8, you will find it. I used the mirror link as the original is no longer valid.

I want to download the new software for my tour but i don't exactly know how to "delete the vendor.xml file" Someone please help.

why wait on verizon. This is OFFICIAL for one carrier, so why wait. It's no longer a leak. If you wait for verizon, you'll be waiting till the tour2 comes out at least. If a better version comes out then, then upgrade from this to that. I'm telling you, this version is MUCH better than the 4.7 from VZW

Ok, for all y'all who can't get it working. I had the unofficial/beta .419 and had the hardest time installing this official version. Here's what worked for me:

1. Uninstall BB desktop 5 and get desktop version 4.7 here:

2. Install desktop 4.7 and delete the vendor file

3. use the apploader.exe file do update your Tour.

This took me hours to figure out, and nothing else worked. Hopefully this will work for others too.

i updated my verizon tour to Os and it works great. its just that my computer doesnt recognize the phone when i want to put music on it. WHATS UP WIT THAT???? Besides that, i have no problems, at least not major. One thing i did notice is that wen i get an incoming call my screen automatically dims every time. And wen i pause a video, on the right side the video seemed glitched or something.

I have verizon wireless. I just followed instructions up here and did the update and everything seems to be working great. thanks for the help. kudos

I lost:
Yahoo Messeger
App World
and App Center so no way getting it back OTA

Anyone know how I can get these back? or at least the App Center? I am on a MAC

NVM apparently the obvious option of restoring my phone from my computer and then doing a battery pull was also the correct one @_@

I'm on sprint and i couldn't wait for them to get around to release the new OS. running great with no problems as of yet. new text module is SUPER cool: groups conversations with one contact instead of jumbling all sms together; has same look and feel when texting as bb messenger! new text flag options in my pop3 email account just like Outlook nice touch, runs much faster and i haven't had to do a battery pull yet. FIVE STARS

I like the features, the install went basically w/o a hitch thanks to the instructions you guys posted. The only thing thats wierd is that when I text someone that is in my BBM list it automatically comes through as a BBM, not a text. Under 4.7 you could select which one you wanted. I wonder if this is something that it now intigrates together. Sprint TV, video, Buzz Me Pro, all seem to work. Also noticed when you look at the apps, they're separated between RIM & 3rd party. Pretty cool.

After playing with ths for a day or so, it seems that Sprint TV sort of works. Some videos play, some don't. I've noticed some other bugs where Quick pull won't reset the device and I have to do a manual battery pull to reset the device to clear the screen of the message. It does seem that his version does have a few more bugs than I first thought. Oh well, it was a nice preview of what is to come but I just downgraded back to 4.7.

i refuse to do an upgrade that isnt from verizon for a couple of reasons. The main one being that i dont trust myself to do these upgrades and i have a feelin i will severely screw up my phone. Im trying to wait patiently. BUt day by day im becoming more impatient.

I have a Sprint 9630 - And I have followed the instructions to the letter on installing the new software - I had previously installed with no probs (with the install at least) then went back to 4.7. Now - every time I try to install the software - it isnt recognised as being compatible w/ my phone... If I force it - I get an error saying "this software is not compatible with your device" and it aborts. any suggestions???

BEFORE you install, go to c:/program files/common files/research in motion/apploader and delete the vendor.xml file.

Is this something I should be able to find on my phone? I am sorry I do not understand how to do this, I did a back up but still do not want to delete something important.I have a 9630 from verizon


Hey guys,I managed to do the updated following all the instructions I read in the posts, but my memo pad is gone. I tried to add it back from a previous backup and nothing...any suggestions?

No matter what I do, I can't get 5.0 to show up anywhere. I install it, delete vendor.xml, disconnect from the internet - it still doesn't show up in DM even after I downgraded to 4.7 and running loader.exe doesn't show it either.

Anybody have any ideas?

If I d/l the 5.0 from MTS site, will the d/l give me an option where to send/save to? I'm at work and want to d/l here and put on thumb drive to take home. I got to the download spot and backed out,dont want it to d/l and install on work computer.

i deleted the vendor.xml file and everything seemed to be going well. the upgrade got to step 4 "connect to device rom" and it seems to be stuck there for at least the last 10-15 minutes. Is my phone bricked or is it supposed to be doing this? there is nothing on my bb screen. i am using a mac but running windows 7 through vm fusionware and the windows is disconnected from the internet. Someone please let me know if I've bricked my phone or not. thanks.

p.s. this is the first time i'm doing a official upgrade, from another cellular company, not verizon.

I have a tour on verizon wireless, i am trying the update right now, so far so good, it is in its final stages, will update everyone with the final result, hopefully its good.

it all worked fine, running os 5.0 on blackberry tour 9630 on verizon wireless network, just follow directions and you will be fine.

I was about to install the update, and it warned me that its going to require my blackberry to register, im on bell mobility, will it do it automatically?