Official BlackBerry Torch 9810 OS from Telenor Norway

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2012 12:32 pm EDT
BlackBerry 7

Telenor Norway has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

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Official BlackBerry Torch 9810 OS from Telenor Norway


Anybody try this on AT&T 9810 in US?

Torch 9810 on AT&T
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Not yet but I'm thinking about doing it this weekend. I would think that most of the bugs are fixed by now--hopefully--and it's an official release. There are some legal stuff you have to sign off on, giving your name, email, etc. though and since we are both in the US and on AT&T, I have some reservations about stating that I will be using their airwaves......
If you do it, let us know how it went. Good Luck, Go1ndr

No news about lates official OS from Telstra?

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