Official BlackBerry Q10 user guides and tutorials turn up online

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2013 03:11 pm EDT

We're gearing up into hardcore Q10 mode with the pending release right around the bend and it looks like the folks are BlackBerry are right there with us. With no official release date yet in the books, the BlackBerry Q10 user guide, tutorials and safety information have turned up online already.

Typically these documents don't make an appearance too long before an actual launch, so just another sign that the Q10 isn't far off.. 

If you have a few minutes to spare and are thinking of picking up a Q10 then these documents are definitely worth checking out. Not too much new information contained within but they should help you get your Q10 fix for another day or so. 

Safety and Product Information - BlackBerry SQN100 Q10-1 Smartphone
Safety and Product Information - BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-2 Smartphone
Safety and Product Information - BlackBerry SQN100 Q10-3 Smartphone
Safety and Product Information - BlackBerry SQN100 Q10-5 Smartphone
How To - Q10 BlackBerry Smartphone
User Guide - BlackBerry Smartphone Q10
Tutorials - For Devices with a Physical Keyboard
Troubleshooting Wizard - BlackBerry Devices

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Official BlackBerry Q10 user guides and tutorials turn up online


How does it work if I sell my z10 and buy a Q10 through my provider? I guess I would have to pay the device balance off? And then pay for the Q10? Would there be other charges?

In my case, I bought the Z10 at the 2-yr contract discounted price ($149.99 at Costco), so if I try out the Q10 and decide to switch, I would sell the Z10 on eBay and would have to buy the Q10 at the full unlocked price. There would be no other charges.

"In my case, I bought the Z10 at the 2-yr contract discounted price ($149.99 at Costco)"

I haven't seen that price at Costco. When did that happen and which carrier? I was just at Costco today and both Verizon and ATT models were priced at $199.

It was a promotion a few weeks ago. What made it super sweet was that tax was charged on a retail price of $220 instead of the typical $600. Carrier was Verizon.

Thanks. I missed that but probably would not have taken advantage of the deal. I've been waiting for the Q10 to be released. If Verizon gets a white Q10 I will consider it. If they don't then I guess it will be the white Z10 but I'll wait for a discounted price.

I knew about the tax deal. That and the free accessory package almost convinced me to buy the Z10 that day but decided to wait to see the Q10.

I have the Z10 now and love it... But I cant help but want the Q10 as well. Its the BB Fan in me. There's no denying that the Z10 keyboard is blows every keyboard on the market out of the water... But nothing beats the feel of those keys. I may just have to do the 2 phone thing. Its just too beautiful to pass up

Honestly, I love the Z10... Its fast and so far, many of my chosen apps and beyond have made it to BB10. The keyboard is every bit what they said it world be... But after nearly 7 years of BB physical keys, I just miss the feel. I HAVE to check out the Q10 for myself and I'm sure after i do, I'll be sporting both. Really cant see myself making a choice. They're both THAT appealing.

I have two phones mate, Z10 annnnnnnd Samsung Note2, don't you worry...getting Q10...replaced iphone5 with Z10....which much nicer to use on daily basis.

Yeah, I like the Z10 but the one thing that drives me nuts is taking a ful minute to type a single text to my wife or friends becasue of all the spelling mistakes! Maybe I will wait until the Q10 goes on sale like the Z10 has.

Ever since i got the z10 i been straining my neck a lot because i always have to look down to see what I'm typing, while with my 9900 i can type without looking. Just one of the benefits of a physical keyboard. Go Q10!

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I don't need to look down sorry is the same stuff the letter are in the same spot. False!!! Nothing has change

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If it was all the same stuff as u claim, then there would be zero demands for q10s. Some are willing to give up the keyboard for a bigger screen, other just can't. Glad u enjoy ur z10 though.

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@nate650 thanks. But it looks like you are talking about no contract pricing. To get the $199 a10 I would have to be on a three year plan.

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Kinda miss that ctak ctak ctak ctak sound from the bb keyboard which i supposed to blind typed while im driving haha.. now with z10 im less doing bbm while driving

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Love my z10 for personal use, although I get a lot of spelling mistakes if I don't use the swipe predictions. It's because it puts predictions on the space bar that aren't always accurate. Once you get familiar with it though it works pretty slick. Getting a Q10 for work next week, looking forward to that beautiful keyboard and beefier battery!

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I didn't see anyone else mention that they also have the 10.1 option for the Z10... hopefully that means the 10.1 upgrade for the Z10 is imminent :)

I have read everything there is to read, watched all the videos, I cannot wait to use it!!! Years spent waiting and now the last few weeks feel like an eternity! Q10 :)

Can someone who knows more than I do let me know if one of these versions is the T-Mobile USA version? I need to be able to sleep easy tonight

Solid green LED indicates that the phone has completed charging! YES BLACKBERRY! I'm so glad this is a feature now.

So, any mention of keyboard shortcuts?, to open calendar ...or long press to quick dial someone?

I saw some pics of the Q10 with the 1800 mAh. In the user guides they use the NS1 battery (2100 mAh). Is the NS1 the official battery?

This is going to be one weird device given physical keyboard devices are about to become extinct.

Now you got something that features a touch screen running touch-based BlackBerry 10. Think of it as an old pinto retrofitted with a Mustang engine. It makes you wonder what customer base this caters to if not for old BlackBerry users or even what % base of the pie.

I'll have to find myself one of these as a souvenir.

Q-10 Looks to be a great phone BUT THERE ARE VERY FEW 3rd. PARTY APPS. [weatherwith radar, memo pad plus,call control pro, world clock, compass, good calculator, ect] What gives Blackberry? I hear that OS-10 can use Android apps? Is this true? I need to know before I buy this phone for myself,wife and my employees.