Official BlackBerry Q10 Specs and Features are here

By Bla1ze on 31 Jan 2013 01:44 pm EST

In addition to the BlackBerry 10 Z10 announcement, the BlackBerry Q10 was also fully unveiled. No doubt there is sure to be plenty of folks out there wondering what exactly the specs and features are of the device so if that's you and you missed out on our first look video, you can jump below and check out the finer details of the device. Just remember, this device won't be shipping until later this year so you'll have to hang tight for now.

BlackBerry Q10 Specs and Features

  • Processor: Dual-Core 1.5GHz - Snapdragon S4 Plus
  • Display: 3.1”, SuperAMOLED display, 720 x 720 resolution at 330 PPI, Touch On Lens
  • Camera: 8MP rear facing camera, Auto Focus, 5X digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording ・2MP front facing camera, 3X digital zoom, 720p HD video recording
  • Memory: 2GB RAM ・16GB Internal Storage ・Hot Swappable microSD Slot up to 64GB
  • WiFi: Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n ・2.4/5GHz ・4G Mobile Hotspot
  • GPS: Assisted, Autonomous, and Simultaneous GPS
  • Battery: BlackBerry NS1, 2100mAh Removable Battery
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor
  • Connectivity: NFC ・microUSB ・microHDMI-Out ・Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy ・4G LTE
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 119.6mm x 66.8mm x 10.35mm
  • Talk Time / Standby: N/A at this time from BlackBerry as it's still in testing

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Official BlackBerry Q10 Specs and Features are here


The 1800 battery on the Z10 is rated at 10 hours talk time. This phone has a smaller screen/less resolution to power. So nothing less than 10 is for sure.

Plus, the Q10 has a 2100mAh battery. 300mAh more than the Z10!
This thing should last for days.

The more I see of the Q10, the more I like it.

I was looking at the Z10...but more and more I'm loving the Q10. Even the name is better than the proposed X10. I'm excited.

SuperAMOLED display means no LCD backlighting, so with the bigger battery it should last for days compared to the Z10.

Probably not, he means that it consumes less energy than the Z10 because the screen is smaller.

EDIT: It says that the Q10 has a 2100 mAh battery while the Z10 houses a 1800 mAh. So yeah, it probably has a better battery and, since the screen is smaller, you should get a longer talk time. Theoretically.

It has a 16.6% larger battery, if I am not mistaken. (1800mAh vs 2100mAh) So I hope it is better. And has been stated, it should last longer since the screen is smaller.

Doh! You clarified while I did as well.

Smaller screen that is also LED (lower power consumption). It should last a very long time with the 2100 mAh battery to boot. This doesn't seem fair for full-touch folks like me.

They understand that the users that chose Q10 are going to be business and personal power users. Thus we got the bigger batter Vs. the device deemed to be the consumer/media/fun device.

Unfortunately for anyone buying the full-touch device who would like longer battery life you will have to blame the people buying all-touch devices, rim has to be competitive on thickness with that model, whereas the qwerty market is more in their control so they can afford to produce more of a work horse that better suits the typical usage patterns of the expected buyers of the q10.

On the plus side, at least the z10 has a removable battery so you are not simply limited to just the size of the included one.

My worry with the Q10 is with the swipe up gesture. Does anyone think that the black part along the bottom is too small? I.e the area where you would swipe up to use the whole flow experience.

I strongly believe that the gesture location has been optimized to include the lower portion of the screen. So long as the phone senses the upward then right motion. It should pick it up that you want to peek.

I saw a couple demonstration video clips yesterday with the Q10 that seems to support your concern...a few attempts were necessary to get the "up swipe" to register...

I don't think so. I think it's just matter of time to get used to it. I also saw same clips and in some them they have to swipe up few to times, but in others not.

And remember this is basically a beta device, I'm sure they'll be sorting out the bugs over the next few months.

I personally think BB10 is for touch device, while I like physical keyboard. Hoping that BlackBerry found a way to make it much better with physical keyboard. I must wait until I can see it in the store in my country, maybe until the end of year to experience that.

I noticed this too. However, there is one very simple thing to learn in order to get this to work perfectly.
Your swipe up should start from the keyboard.
Don't try to poke at the bezel and then swipe. Start swiping below the bezel. Works every time!

so the smaller screen Q10 get a 2100mAH battery and the z10 gets a 1800. Shouldn't it have been the other way around??

i to agree with what ure saying, a few months ago i voiced my concern about the size of the battery in the z10 and die hards couldnt see it sad though very good device

They have to compete on things like thickness of device so you could either go the route of a non-removable battery like others or you have the flexibility of a replaceable one that is slightly smaller.

I've had my current Blackberry for 1.5 years. Before it was even activated, I had 4 extra batteries, three external battery chargers and I keep a combination wall/auto charger with me at all times. A phone is a two plus year commitment and I'm going to do what I need to do to have it operable at all times. So far, I've never had to say, can I borrow your phone, the battery in mine is dead.

If you think I paid a lot for these accessories, you would be wrong. I found them all rather cheaply online. One of the batteries would not hold a charge, called the company I bought it from and they immediately shipped a new one.

Just be grateful you aren't considering getting a phone where you can't swap the battery.

It is actually 64GB+ on both devices as now 128GB micro sdxc cards are also available. You just need to reformat them before use.

It's up to 32 GB for microSD HC (high capacity) but it also supports microSD XC (extended capacity), which is currently at 64 GB. There are higher capacity flash coming that will also run on the Z10.

interesting to see the battery is higher cap than the Z10. i hope i will be able to buy higher cap batteries for my Z10 at some point

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

I'm gonna miss the charging connectors at the bottom which are used to charge the older phones in charging cradles. Loved the bedside mode as well....wonder if that will stay

I have a 9810 and a charge cradle too and it's great. Looks great, works great and it's high quality. I'd strongly recommend Torch folk get one (it works for both 9800 and 9810).

Woah. That's awful. That processor is over a year old. When did it change from a Pro? The flagship BBs are going to be eaten alive by every device that comes out this year.

Only in your mind. A better OS makes up the difference. I used to take old Windows servers that couldn't do the job anymore and threw Linux on them and they performed better than when Windows was on them. Same with QNX. It will outperform iOS and Android on the same hardware.

You know what's even better than better software? Better software on equivalent hardware. If it is truly that much more efficient, why not let your OS completely blow the doors off of the competition, rather than see slight performance increase that will disappear when the next round of processors come out? Wouldn't it be fantastic publicity for "RIM" if the GSIV came out with cutting edge hardware, and the Z10 still performed better than it?

Comments like this are so frustrating. Think about your car: It weights a certain amount and has a certain size of engine. In aerospace engineering this could be similar to a thrust-to-weight ratio. Who cares how much faster a new chip is if you don't even realize it because your OS is slow (heavy frame).

The bigger question is: What are you doing on your phone that requires more than 2 cores? Do you actually need what you are buying, or do you just need to know it is the newest??

Why must it be a dichotomy between software and hardware? Why not have amazing software on top of the line hardware? If your car is aerodynamic does that mean you automatically have to put in a crummy engine? That makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would "RIM", who is in the fight of its life, limit itself and give the competition a chance to strike it down?

The Z10 and X10 aren't competing with the GSIII and iPhone 5. They are competing with the GSIV and 5s and if rim really wanted to turn heads, they'd have their phone be superior to not phones out now, but its competition's phones that are coming in the next year.

and just so you know: processors aren't just raw power. It's also efficiency. All of the complaints of battery life likely wouldn't exist if it had a pro.

You know what is truely frustrating? When people think that better software means you can't complain when the company cheaps out on the better hardware.

You hit the nail on the head: cost and efficiency. True, newer processors often see efficiency gains as well as performance gains but not always and gaining that extra bit of processing power at with less battery power will mean higher price for the consumer. Some are already complaining about the price, I don't see paying more for a stat that may or may not give a significant battery/performance boost going over well.

Bottom line, try it out. When it's in your hand do you get the performance you want and is 10hrs talk time (on a replaceable battery) enough for your needs? If the answer to both parts is yes then be happy its on an older processor that will cost you less.

"RIM" is pricing the Z10 (and likely Q10) in basically the highest price tier there is: $650(only the iphone costs more). It has mid-range specs at high range price. Blackberry isn't passing the savings on to you.

I'm not going to act as an apologist: Blackberry could have easily given the devices a better processor but for some reason I don't know why they didn't. Similarly, Apple doesn't play too hard into the spec game but there is one part they never skimp out on: the processor.

I like it. I want just enough processor to get the job done and no more. Battery life is very important to me. I use a Blackberry mostly for productivity; entertainment is a luxury.

Clearly, you haven't read the review. Z10 is capable of 64GB. S4 Plus is in both. Nowhere, does it say S4 Pro.. except in the comments. :/


I would like to see some demo videos on how Q10 and Z10 handle phone calls...I use my blackberry a lot just for phone calls and have loved the basic "talk" and "end" buttons on previous models

When you get a call the middle section of the screen shows a bar you can pull down to answer. I believe the hangup button is a similar large bar that you just need to tap.

I am also surprised that the Q10 has a larger capacity battery than the Z10. Also, I am happy the Q10 is thinner than the Bold 9930 by 0.2 mm! I think the sharp inward curves around the back outer edge of the Bold 9930 makes it seem thinner than it is. The Q10 weighs slightly more though, but no biggie. The HDMI port is also a huge plus!

Obviously more battery life is better but it also means thicker or non user replacable.

I don't know what kind of life you would get out of the Z10 battery. I would like to see stats like video time rather than talk time but for me bb10 would be worth an extra battery if I really needed the extra batter life.

I'm also assuming the same old tricks like turning off the radios that aren't needed and lowering display brightness will help extend the battery life and make sure you have juice when you need it.

With my Z10 I get close to the end of the day on it (6:30am to about 10:00 pm). About 2-4 hours talk time and a lot of screen time between twitter, facebook, looking stuff up and GPS. I check and respond to emails regularly. When I travel around out of good coverage I'm in need of a second battery or a car charger as that kills my phone (I blame my carrier for this). The Q10 is better for business people who are heavy users but it doesn't do it for me since I also need to entertain my kid at the doctors or pre-meltdown.

" this device won't be shipping until later this year" DAMN BlackBerry, why do we have to wait so long for this device... BB needs to roll out both devices within two weeks after the launch, we don't want to wait months!

in the the uk i believe the device is available today ,in canada on the 5th of feb. in america sometime in march.Why dont u ask your service providers why its not available clearly its not rims fault

So no trackwheel.....Ok, not a deal breaker, but I'm just wondering how copy/paste is going to work. With such a small screen, might be a difficult task.

Probably similar to how it works on the PlayBook which isn't a terrible experience. I like how the iPhone handles it with magnifying glass feature. Yes I'm a loyal BlackBerry fan but I can compliment others right? :)

Probably the same as the PlayBook: hold on the word and then use the drag handles to enlarge/change the selected text.

I read somewhere on cb that it is not like playbook, it is more like the idevice magnifying glass but better in some way. (someone please correct that if its wrong)

That is correct. Tap on the word area which you want to edit. It makes a circle which allows you to finger drag where the cursor is. Really cool.

Yeah, no more controlling your phone from a single point offscreen, now one will have to "get on it" and reach onscreen every single thing you need to do.

Do we have a double standard here? Why does the full-touch Z10 (with bigger display) get the smaller 1800 mAh battery but the Q10 with smaller display gets a 2100 mAh battery plus a SuperAMOLED display (read: lower power requirement). Sorry, I have to rant. This sucks.

For Q10 (keyboard) lovers, this will mean their batteries will last a LONG time. Good for BlackBerry but the full-touch should have had a bigger battery and SuperAMOLED display too. I almost feel like waiting for the next full-touch device now.

Clearly you're not easy to satisfy... If the Z10 would have had a bigger battery, it would have had more weight or be thicker... what would you have said then?

If the phone had a "SuperAMOLED display too" it would have costed more money to produce hence costing us more money to buy, then what you would have said?

Yes, the competitors are able to use SuperAMOLED displays and keep the cost to the end user at a minimum. But, you have to think that Blackberry is not selling as much units as the competitors (at the moment) to get the same economies of scale.

Battery life is different from user to user. My 9900 lasts me all day and we all know that the 9900 battery is not too good. The first few weeks or so most users will experience less than normal battery life because the usage is much higher when you have a new toy. Once you get used to it then its back to the basics.

This phone is the only competing qwerty device on the planet. Every other qwerty phone is cheap materials or outdated OS. Well played BB!

This really is stupid, Z10 should have the same battery if not better.

Even the S3 has a 2100 mAh battery!


and the S3 has an extended battery mod available (replacement battery and back).

I wouldn't be surprised to see the same for Z10 for those who know bb10 is the best but need more battery to feed their phone addiction.

The Gizmodo guy is surely right: this is what will make or break Blackberry. The Z10 is 'me too', as was the 9860, but this is something nobody else makes. The only thing missing is wireless charging. If you use a thumb keyboard a lot and fine an on screen keyboard on a phone just not good enough, you are going to get one. As am I.

Definitely waiting for Q10; just means I'll get to enjoy my awesome 9900 a few more months. @dunaway

I notice a lot of people complaining the battery in the Q10 is bigger than the one in the Z10. Ita a valid point but let's just see how long they last first.

As far as the SG3 having a bigger battery that is true but, it also has a bigger screen and an os that is not optimized for the phone.

I bet the Z10 will have better battery life than the sg3

Though I really want a Q10, I'm leaning to a Z10. But to be honest, my 9810 and PlayBook work JUST FINE right now. Though I really want to upgrade, I will wait until at least the PlayBook gets it's BB10 and then, based on that experience, I'll think about upgrading my cell. Ya that could be a few months away - but by then, some more phone selection will be out. They DID forecast more than two phones in the first year. I am seriously hoping for a Torch like combo phone so I can have a big screen AND a keyboard. To me, the Torch was almost the perfect device...having BB OS 10 would make it Porn Star perfect.

I'm with you that I hope they make a torch like device. There are six months left on my contract so I have some time. Physical keyboard plus full screen would be great. As long as we're wishing, as long as it will have a keyboard and screen, how about let's keep all the buttons and the touch pad too. I would love to be able to operate the phone old school and new school.

i think the things i'd miss the most on the q10 over my 9900 are cradle charging (however not exactly confirmed that the q10 won't have it) and the convenience keys. i was already missing the left convenience key on my 9900 over my 9780, and now it appears that there won't be any whatsoever.

i'll also miss the trackpad and the buttons that surrounded it, but with a new os i may be able to get used to it quickly.

this is definitely going to be the bb10 phone i pick up. im using a "new" 9790 and the thought of a 3.1" AMOLED screen, dual core, dual camera,... and damn, look at the back!! it's an awesome looking phone. I know alot of people will say "it looks like every other blackberry"... At least BlackBerry HAS a look. the z10 is sweet, but to me this is the best looking BlackBerry I've ever seen. i love it. good job BlackBerry!

RIM or BlackBerry aimed to those who uses iPhone or Android when they launched the Z10. So they target to the non blackberry as for the blackberry lovers who need that qwerty phisical keyboard they brought the Q10.
I like them bouth but for financial reasons I will get me the Q10 in April.
The OS rocks. Can't wait to get blackberry 10 on my playbook. Hope the OS is nearly ready to be seeded for PlayBook.
The BlackBerry Link works fine and the design is very nice.

RIM or BlackBerry aimed to those who uses iPhone or Android when they launched the Z10. So they target to the non blackberry as for the blackberry lovers who need that qwerty phisical keyboard they brought the Q10.
I like them bouth but for financial reasons I will get me the Q10 in April.
The OS rocks. Can't wait to get blackberry 10 on my playbook. Hope the OS is nearly ready to be seeded for PlayBook.
The BlackBerry Link works fine and the design is very nice.

I've got a 9930 and I use the trackpad for 90% of my interaction with the phone. I still don't see the need for a touch screen of any kind. Still, versus a toy phone like the iPhone or the Android of the Z10? I'll take the Q10 and get used to the useless touch screen pomp and circumstance.

Seriously, I feel the same way. Sometimes I wish I could just block the touchsreen on my 9900 altogether. I was also hoping to be able to keep swaping the SIM card from one device to another depending on my mood, but with the Q10 coming with microSIM it seems a longer term commitment is required.

What you fail to understand is that it is getting harder to make phones like that. Do you know why cars, luxury cars that is have so many problems now, and why people say that they don't make them like they use to?

Because they don't make them like they use to. They now have heated seats, hydraulic lifts, a lot of cameras and sensors, so much to keep up with and so much to go wrong. That is the problem with having multiple devices. You have so much that can go wrong, so many more parts to have issues, so many more things to program for, to streamline, to this, to that.

Taking away those buttons and pads, allows developers to make one UI/app that can fit across all 6 phones. Instead of making an app or UI touch only, or only for trackpad, or only for BB phones with this kinda processor....Blackberry had a lot of fragmentation AND a lot of weak that the UI is smooth and the devices have solid specs, it is time for them to streamline the experience for developers too.

That is why Apple had so much love, there was really only 1 ipad and 1 different buttons, or screen sizes. Yeah somethings had higher resolution, but that was about it.

I don't know if I'd go for your metaphor but what you are saying about the app programming rings true. Ultimately the BB base user wants the better apps like Instagram, Skype (coming) and a few others.

I love the battery size here..gr8! I have a gripe over the screen size but feel ready to make a compromise just to get the reliability of more battery power (while I'm DOING I don't want to b forced to b chkin battery meter!!) Battery power is definitely my top dealbreaker!

From what I have seen, and I've used several different Berrys from the Pearl to the Torch and Bold, I honestly think this will be a cool and easily marketable phone to the masses. I can see at lot of love for this phone. It has the necessary specs to win customers, plus with BB Security and everything else baked into this new OS its perfect. I can see myself getting the Z10 and picking up the Q10 for my wife as I know she tends to go for the physical keyboards (she's pretty good at typing with one hand on a BB). We've been waiting for excellent phones such as these to get away from the normalcy of iphone and Android and change the game.

I have a haand tremor - so need a -physical keyboard. Pogue in today's NYTimes gave a very long, mostly positive, review. He pointed out that the ability to dictate text is a non-starter. My wife's Android allows her to have txts read to her and she can dictate back!!
Main app missing is Google Maps. I am assuming apps from at least the large banks will be available at some point. I assume the calendaring function works at least as well as before.
If my 9700 lasts til summer, when this is do out, I think I can over look the fact it doesn't have Google maps. Maybe I could access G-Maps via browser? The main app I'll miss other than that is Pandora - but that's for fun, not business.

Browser version G-Map is going to be good on BB10's browser since it has the fastest HTML5 processing so technically the map shouldn't be a problem

I'm drooling with its 2100 mAH, ah if only Z10 also powered with 2100 mAH, now I'm confused between Z10 or Q10

And I'm sold on the Q10. I wanted a front facing HD camera for Skype, all the rest is a nice bonus. Time to start saving.

Well I'm way over due for my upgrade. And this is the phone I want. And from the looks of the specs, it clearly states that this phone will be 4G LTE. So that means when this hits market, Sprint will either have its 4G LTE up and running in my area or I'll simply go to Verizon. So as pain stakeingly as it is. It just might end up being a blessing in disguise.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

And I hope that the Q10 has handwriting input for non-English speakers.

I know people who did not buy the Bold 9900 because it did not have handwriting input for Asian languages which is not English. No handwriting on a touchscreen?

Let's hope the Q10 will not repeat this fiasco.

I read and write Chinese, however i've never used handwriting input on my current iPhone4S cuz for me it's too slow, and still i miss my old 9700 keyboard. for i wanna say is that I believe people in Asia will more like to pick up the fulltouch Z10 for handwriting input just like those overflowing Samsung,htc and iPhones around here in Asia (CN HK JP KR TW particularly). So as a rare keypad lover like me is cool with the offers from current Q10. Just my opinion :)

I've personally have friends who skipped the Bold 9900 because it lacked Asian handwriting input.

Let's hope the Q10 will have handwriting input this time, and avoid repeating this fiasco...

I'm loving the specs of the Q10.
I think there will be two version of the Z10? Canada/Us will be getting Snapdragon S4 Plus (same as the Q10) while International Market is getting the TI OMAP 4440 one?

Wonder which proc is the better/new one?? I think S4 has the newer architecture?

Wondering why they don't put the S4 Pro instead, i'm sure the price difference won't be much considering how expensive they are selling the phone outright.

I'm not sure S4 Pro is needed. And Quadcore pro. may have less desired impact to battery life. It seems like BB10 is not as resources hungry as Android.
On the other hand, BB should use the latest Dual Core Chip. I'd pretty disappointed if my Z10/Q10 has an old architecture processor.

Perhaps we shall see, as long as the phone work seamlessly. no substantial lag, run Deadspace decently, than it should be no problem.

Maybe it's good that the Z10 only releases in March in the US... gives me time ponder over the Q10 and maybe get that instead (even if it only ships in April???).... :p

Definitely seems as though they put all of their work into the Q10. Seems like a better overall design and build to the phone than the z10. Definitely the one I want.

Ok, not sure if anybody will see this comment since they're pumping out articles so fast, but it looks like somebody's math went haywire, either Blackberry's, Crackberry's or mine (and it very well could be mine).

720 x 720 pixels with a 3.1" diagonal is 328 ppi, not 360ppi. Looks like somebody saw 720 pixels on the horizontal and vertical of the square and thought they could divide by 2.


If this is true, the Z10 actually has a significantly higher ppi at 355 (which is correct on 1280 x 768 with a 4.2" diagonal) than the Q10...

my math shows the same,.. well, actually 328.467 but whos counting. lol.

Might have something to do with "effective pixel resolution" or perhaps there's something around the edge of the screen (that they're including in screen size) that is for gestures and not display? i don't know. maybe the glass acts as a lens and reduces the visible size of the pixels.. the screen is physically 3.1", but the pixels are visually 360ppi? clever marketing idea if you ask me.

I know in the fashion of defending BlackBerry, saying something like "anything much higher than 300 ppi is not really necessary. but with a smaller sized screen, the closer you will be looking at it. I think you would have to be looking pretty damn close to notice any individual pixels at all. even then it should look pretty sweet on the amoled screen. 360 is a sweet spot number for resolution. it will be interesting to see how they prove this math. I would like to know that this number is correct.

Ya I don't think they can include the bezel in the screen size. It's not a screen and doesn't have pixels. And I don't think the Z10 includes the bezel. I think what we're about to find out is that it's 328, not 360, and that it's incorrect above. After all, Blackberry hasn't actually released official specs yet on their website.

My girlfriend is consider getting blackberry soon. I want to advice her on getting the q10 instead of the previous bb phones.. Sifus, how much will the unlocked Q10 will predictively around? I might consider telling her to wait if its quite comparable to previous phones at their respective era.. Need help guys..

Well those are some surprising specs. Anyway, I really still think Blackberry were rushed in the development of these phone, specifically the Z10, hence why it seems to be getting the "inferior" hardware. Maybe it was already in design phase when Heins took over and they couldn't change much for time constraints. Maybe this is one of the reasons the launch was also delayed, to give them enough time to pump out the Q10 and to shorten the release gap between the two.

I'm just not getting it, some thing is definitely weird and I feel we're not getting the full story here. Regardless, I will be buying my Z10 when it comes out here in a few days, but the Q10 really piqued my interest and it has given me a second thought to wait for it, but it doesn't look like it's anytime soon.


This is all speculation on my part...

Now i have seen the real pics/specs of the Q10 its seems to be the better phone,what im waiting for is a slider with that Q10 keyboard but thats along way off :-( I like my Torch 9800 format they could even call the new slider the T10 :-)

I was sure to get the z but now i am not sure.... Hmm 2100 mah looks good + smaller screen and resulution the battery live will bei definitiv netter than the z. Damn if the q10 had 3.5 inch like the iphone that would bei perfect, above there are Lot space that it would be possible.

Auto-focus camera! That's all I needed to make my life complete, and the only thing I hate about my Bold 9930 is that it lacks this feature. You see, it takes very little to make me happy. :) The Q10 can't come to Verizon soon enough!

Why oh why is this not available at launch? ...been waiting for an age to upgrade, now the disappointment...not sure I'm holding out RIM, too many bb users have already upgraded to competitors, you've completely mis timed the upgrade cycle in the UK, no wise to use us as launch country at all.

Why oh why is this not available at launch? ...been waiting for an age to upgrade, now the disappointment...not sure I'm holding out RIM, too many bb users have already upgraded to competitors, you've completely mis timed the upgrade cycle in the UK, not wise to use us as launch country at all.


How are we supposed to move the cursor around? with a big fat finger that hides the very area we are interested in?

How is this supposed to be operated one handed?

I want more than a screen.
I want more than a screen and a keyboard.
I want more than a screen and a keyboard and a trackpad.
I want a screen and a keyboard and a trackpad and a stylus, just like Palm had 15 years ago!

Why are user input options going backwards, not forwards?
Why must every company ape the iPhone with its retarded single input option?

Trackpad is almost obsolete. In BB10, you don't need it. Perhaps RIM could use the bezel to move the cursor, but it is doubtful if it is needed. The text cursor bubble appears to be sufficient.

Elsewhere the battery specification is said to be 2100mAh (Removable). This suggests a very impressive battery life compared with the Z10 (given the smaller screen and larger battery). In fact, the Q10 battery is about 17% larger than the Q10 while the screen is 47% smaller (check my math ...). That suggests a battery life 64% greater for the Q10 than the Z10.

Your thinking is a little inaccurate. True, smaller screen will give the Q10 longer battery life, but just because the screen is 47% smaller compared to the Z10, doesn't mean the battery will be 47% better.

When exactly this device is going to b launched in market.!Am waitng despertaley to own dis .????When will it reach gulf.?

Memory: 2GB RAM?????? I keep reading 1gb of ram for the Q10 is it 1 OR 2??? DOES ANYONE KNOW FOR SURE????

I really cant decided between the Q10 and the Z10. I loved my 9930 but right now Im on an all touch screen and I like that too. I really liked the trackpad in my 9930... so IDK. AH! I have a month to decide (assuming the Q10 is out before the month is up).

Great 2100mAh mmh its cool Facts.

IT is funny on airports the IIphone User Search auf plug for his chartern same's like the devil hunt's after a poor Soul.

I have never been so excited about a phone in my life. Had to move from BB way back because as a Realtor, BB just didn't offer the flexibility of getting my documents signed on the go, now I can go back to BB and stay productive!!! I check for updates every day, I have signed up for updates for the Q10 3 times.....I know, I have issues, but I really need this phone!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back tomorrow, see what's new........

Waiting for the Q10 as well. I was at the AT&T store today and tried typing on the Z10, and though it was noticably better/easier than the other smartphones. My fingers are too big for a touch screen and I've never had a good experience with touch screen typing, even on my tablet. BB's physical keyboard is awesome though! (BTW, I thought the app experience/navigating, etc, was about the same on all the smartphones). I have a 9810 and love it, but after seeing the 9900 in the store next to the Z10, you can easily imagine the slightly bigger actual size of the new Q10 and it will be perfect for all experiences. If I want to see a video, I have a tablet to do that on. I send and receive maybe 100+ emails and messages a day so the thought of replying to 100+ emails on any touchscreen, scares the heck out of me-LOL. The Q is going to be awesome!