Official BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS Released By Multiple Carriers

Official BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS Released By Multiple Carriers
By Bla1ze on 6 Jan 2010 09:20 pm EST

Was only a matter of time before we seen the release of OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900. Seeing how the Bold 9000 version was released just the other day, we can expect to see some others roll out as well. If you are already running the leak, no need to upgrade from that since this is indeed the exact same release. Enjoy folks and keep your eyes open for more 5.0 releases. If you are for the first time upgrading to 5.0 remember to remove your vendor.xml file.

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Official BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS Released By Multiple Carriers


As long as you delete the vendor.xml file, it will work perfectly.
I have a Curve 8900 on Tmo, and had a 5.0 OS before. delete the vendor file, then install it, and you're set!

i can not find the vendor.xml file! i look in the programfiles/common and there is no RIM file anywhere please help me i am desperate to get this upgrade!

I just upgraded last week on Tmobile Curve 8900. On my computer the program file folder said "ProgramFilesx89"
Make sure ur not goin into my docs folder...go into ur My computer folder... (Local Hard Drive)

ive been running the leaked .411 on my bold since the day i saw it on here, and its been absolutely perfect. just put it out already!

"If you are already running the leak, no need to upgrade from that since this is indeed the exact same release"

why does everyone complain about official releases, sooner or later it gets official... What actually makes it official? Just because 1 or 2 or any carrier says so? Just run whatever you are willing to try, if it works great... if it doesn't try a different version... just my 2cents!

Hi Houstonn

Do you think that these Official OSs may be tweeked abit even though the have the same Platfom and version number... They may of kept the Application and Version number the same....

When i Installed the OS, it seems to be a tade bit larger the the lake one

The legitimate fear for many is that if they run into problems especially if they end up bricking their BB with a leaked OS; They may not get support from their carrier because they weren't using an officially approved OS.

When I connected my AT&T 8900 to my computer, BB Desktop Manager told me there was an upgrade to my device to OS 5.0? So I'm assuming it's in the process of installing on my phone?

I've been running this when it was a leaked build. I have a problem where the phone often sticks on a black screen when it is removed from the cradle charge (coming out of bedside mode). I'll install the official just in case...

I had the exact same problem, I also get this when i disconnect from the computer...

I hope these carriers have tweeked the OSs abit

I'm downloading the DE version, which I'm guessing is germany or denmark, but does that matter? I'm on that t-mobes. Get back to me before I load it up!

It says I can download any of those versions. As a T-Mobile customer, would it affect me or my phone if I did that?

My desktop manager isn't finding the one for Vodafone DE. Has anyone else had this problem. It downloaded onto my computer no problem.

mines works perfetly on my 8900... download vonda de link and download the first one... remove vendor xml file..
will keep you updated..

so basically this build has the "no internet browser, must use mediaNET or hotspot browser" bug. This is from the first look so i dont know what else is wrong with it.

Yeah, I came on to post the same thing, it's slightly annoying, especially since I have to download the app world, bbm, and facebook, don't know why those 3 apps were never re-installed during my upgrade.

I also noticed that after I download anything, it never asks me to reboot, it just says it's successfully installed.

So this has the same bug where there is no internet browser? Just the medianet or hotspot browser?

I hate that, I'll wait for the official ATT version!!!!

Last night i noticed that, when plugged in and charging, the screen lights up every 10 minutes or so, and stays on for quite a while. I also have no browser. everything else seems good so far.

I've got the same problem. It is now showing up on the Application Loader's update software, but when I select it and press next, it says that there's no update required.

Listen Folks, Anyone can download this and install it to TMO or AT&T 8900's. Just erase The Vendor File before installing it. If you do not know how to do it, I advised Ya to go to the Page where it shows ya how to do it. If you dont know how to do it, then dont!Its not Rocket science. I have been running this for almost 2 months and i have no problems. Oh by the way i am a TMO customer. Chillin on wifi! lol. Hope this helps.

Mirror RS :



I had the leaked version but I decided to install the official version anyway and I'm glad I did. So far I've noticed the blank screen in bedside mode fixed and SMS in BBM issues sorted as well. There might be other fixes that I haven't noticed.

Thanks for posting this. I had decided not to upgrade from the leaked version. Now I'm going to install.

My desktop manager will just not accept it for whatever reason. I'm just gonna wait for the official T-Mobile release.

open your PC's Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > AppLoader and then delete the Vendor file, which is in XML format. If you don't delete the other vendor's file, the software won't be able to install the software on your carrier-locked device.

downloaded the one from vodafone but it has the sms bug, all my sms appear in one single conversation

any solution for that?

i had to go through the "backdoor" install ( as i have t-mobile) but after it was all done i actually have better speed and function. i installed the voda de one and no problems yet everything reinstalled and worked great. to bad they haven't released it for all yet, buncha bs

just a quick question, when the finally release this officially for my carrier (vodafone UK) do they also release it in dmg? so that i can upgrade it on my mac? or will i have to wait even longer for vodafone to release a mac version. cause i wanna wait for the official but cant wait much longer!

I see no reason to upgrade when this leak has worked fine on my phone.

Especially where people are reporting problems.

I have the leaked .411 on my Rogers phone and UMA works perfectly. Also, my SMS and browser work great too. Not sure why some others are having problems.

I've upgraded before and never had trouble. Vendor.xml is gone, of course. I've gotten desktop manager to recognize the software but ti won't let me load it still. It says that it requires an active BlackBerry subscription. And now it's back to not recognizing that I've installed 5.0 locally. Anyone else have this issue?

Actual text:

Only active BlackBerry service subscribers are entitled to install this BlackBerry Device Software upgrade

I have the same message, I've not tried to proceed yet because I'm not sure what it means lol

Any ideas anyone? :)

Disconnect your phone from the pc and from the internet. Then connect your phone to the manager and try updating again. Of course, this is all after the deletion of the vendor file.

if you disable your internet connection, it'll recognize it no problem.

BE AWARE: certain apps (like BBM) arent included in the update. So you'll have to download it again, and you may lose all BBM contacts

Interesting. I'll have to try that at home tonight. Can't really get by without an internet connection while I'm working.

I have the BB 8900 and it's my first BB ever. So I'm a total BB noob. Can I run this OS on my phone even though I have a different carrier? Or do i have to wait until my carrier will release it?

what if I have an unlocked blackberry?
...and a mac, so no leaks

got the mac desktop manager and it says no sucks

I'm running Windows Vista, and I've run the .exe for the installer, but there's no AppLoader folder in the RIM directory, only BlackBerry and BlackBerry Media Sync. It's not hidden either, because I tried to put it in the address bar and I can't find it.

Just upgraded to the Vodafone DE version. Workes like a charm... faster then the leaked version of .411. As a matter of fact I just did the Mobile Backup to bring my contacts back into the 8900 OTA and it worked perfectly. Again, faster then the leaked version did. I currently have 147.2 MB of devise memory showing. I have never had that much after an upgrade. UMA is working well, no issues with that either. I also noticed that the pictures on my card are clearer and sharper.. and moving from one picture to the next is much quicker.. no lag. All-in-all, I have to say, so far, this is the best OS yet.

The process I follow is this: I first uninstall the devise software that is currently on my PC via Add and Remove Programs. I then install the new version. Once that is finished I delete the Vendor XML file from the new version. Next I clean the devise using JL_Cmder. I then load up the new OS using App Loader (not Desktop Manager). Next is to restore any data via the Desktop Manager. It works fine every time I follow this exact protocol.

if you disable your internet connection, DM will recognize it no problem.

BE AWARE: certain apps (like BBM) arent included in the update. So you'll have to download it again, and you may lose all BBM contacts

Is there ANY way of getting this on a mac?! and will we have to wait longer for a mac version of an official 5.0 for our carrier?

need mad help!

Like others have said, the key to getting the update to install is to UNPLUG your internet connection, and delete the vendor.xml file prior to launching BB Desktop.

Works like a champ.

1) Download the update
2) Install the update
3) Unplug your internet connection
4) Delete the vendor.xml file
5) Run BB Desktop
6) Plug In BB to your computer
7) Go to Apploader, and load away.

every time i follow those directions exactly, i keep getting this message "No software updates are required for your device. And when you say load away...what steps does that take?

follow directions as stated, but before trying to upgrade disconnect pc from any internet source. it should upgrade for you then.
I even did upgrade thru BB Desktop 5.0.1 and it worked AFTER I shut down internet connection.

Im totally stuck on what to do next, I downloaded the vodaphone DE version and installed it on my computer, deleted the vendor file, and im stuck after that lol this is my 1st OS update so Im trying to learn the process so ill never have to ask again.

followed the steps. it does not work.
seriously i need a step by step video or something
because im doing everything and it is not working.

How nice... both javelin and bold are now 5.0...but what about Tour? :( When I just first read the title I tought crackberry was talking about the Tour and I get excited, then I finished reading and I realized it said 8900... this is hell for Tour's users :(

Just finished updating! This was my 1st attempt at an OS update and it worked like a charm. To all of you who are having trouble, it really isn't very hard, just follow these steps:

1) Download the update
2) Install the update
3) Unplug your internet connection
4) Delete the vendor.xml file
5) Run BB Desktop
6) Plug In BB to your computer
7) Go to Apploader, and load away.

and you will be running 5.0 in no time! I used the Vodafone DE version on my T-Mobile 8900 and everything is smooth and best of all running in 5.0!!!! Aw man been waiting too long for this! Thanks to everyone who posted directions and tips on here, I read them all and it paid off.

I did the same, but I used the Spanish one - don't know why, just did! - on my Orange UK 8900 and all is nice as pie :).....if you like pie!

Now, I have to wait until it works on my Mac version of BBDesktop Manager... or find a friend with a pc....

I downloaded it and saved it on my USB in case I find a pc sometime later... all I have to do is to follow instructions given by crackberry correct?

can somebody who did this upgrade with a TMOBILE blackberry curve 8900 please let us know if UMA is working fine? please, pretty please?

i'd appreciate it!!

I was very pleasently surprised when I did mine that it was as fast as it was. I always read that you should set aside like 2 hours for this, but the entire process took me about 25 mins, and I had no idea what I was doing! Everything seems to be working appropriatly minus loosing BBM and BB App world, but after 2 quick downloads they are back as well. Im not around a wi-fi area at the moment but when i get home im going to check that out and see how my UMA is doing, from what i hear i might have to create a new wi-fi profile, but no biggie! Im just happy as hell to have 5.0 on my sweet little 8900!!! And I love how the SMS is set up on 5.0. Super Sweeet! Hope you figured out what the problem was "jujumoshatron", it's prob, something dumb your just overlooking. lol. I was lucky and hit the jack-pot on my 1st pull.

why not. :) it's good on my 8900 & tmo. used vodafone de version. follow steps outlined on these posts and it will work fine. just make sure to disconnect internet after downloading 5.0 upgrade. if you don't, the app loader will try to find acceptable os for you.

Same application version and same platform as the leaked version. I know some have claimed that this version is much better and faster than the leaked .411 but how can that be? If it was any different, RIM would have given it a different version number, no? Would someone who knows please clarify?

followed all the instructions to the letter..and now my phone has been off for the past 20 minutes..and the light is just blinking...I have t mobile and not sure how to bring the phone back to life..

except read the 101 tutorial for how to fix a bricked berry. It's at the top of the page under the "BlackBerry Help" tab. I had no problem when i tried it the 1st time.

You CAN update to OS 5.0 with this one. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS but do not let Desktop Manager load immediately after installation because it creates another vendor file that'll mess you up. Make sure to delete the vendor file BEFORE you start up Desktop Messenger. When you do start it up a window will pop-up asking about the 5.0 update. Best of luck.

1) Download the update
2) Install the update
3) Unplug your internet connection
4) Delete the vendor.xml file
5) Run BB Desktop
6) Plug In BB to your computer
7) Go to Apploader, and load away.

on procedure 7, goto the folder that contains "Loader.exe" and update your OS with this app. Not the Blackberry Desktop. I tried to update thru the Desktop and it failed many times. Only thru Loader.exe in C:/ProgramFiles/Common Files/ Research in Motion/, I managed to do it. And I am so glad to go thru the painful process because I just love the OS 5.0 on my 8900. :) Good luck.

When i do use the Loader.exe to update the phone to 5.0, exactly what do do I "Add" to make sure that the upgrade is successful? I have tried every single thing on this page and nothing is working for me. I used to give me the option to upgrade to 5.0 with a subscription on Desktop Manager, now it doesnt even do that anymore.

why are us in the UK always the last to get any decent offial releases... leaks are fine for me but i cant really role them out to the rest of the business...come on UK carriers, keep up with the rest of the world!

If you try to load the software through the App loader it doesn't show up, It will show up un Desktop Man put tell you that you need a vaild Subscrption... with or without the internet uplugged.. it won't even let you downgrade back to the leaked version... & this device was wiped

ok im on Vodafone UK carrier and want to install this update.

If I use the Vodafone DE update do I still need to delete the Vendor.xml file or can I leave it in there because they are both Vodafone ?

i'm after exactly the same thing, and i have no idea, but my guess is that we will need to delete it. i need to know! someone help us out!

i have a bberry 9000 bold unlocked using tmobile on it do i still have to delete da xml vendor file????? sum1 helpp

I just installed 5.0 on my 8900 from t-mobile. followed instructions posted by other users and on the crackberry site. working so far. will update on pros, cons, etc. looks like I'll need to re-install google talk. used 5.0 for vodafone de
that's all for now

ps after following posted instructions to remove vendor file, I used BB desktop to install. worked after I disconnected internet.

Half a day later, so far so good. My best news so far is no problems. 5.0 has increased my signal up about 1 bar. I had to uninstall Quickpull then re-install. Google talk and BB app world had to be re-installed then updated. But that's simple stuff, I guess. I like enhanced memory check and even black screened BlackBerry logo and progress bar on re-boot.
Note on said re-boot, will take some minutes at about 2/3 of the way then work across to finish. But as I said, no problems thus far. Best of luck to all.
Be patient when doing os change. Mine had to re-boot BB device twice as part of process. :)

If you ask me, this is slightly better than 4.6 with visual voice mail, etc. Have not found any thing I don't like about 5.0. I kinda like the more detailed memory usage graph and the progress bar on re-boot with 5.0. What I like most is, at least for me, 5.0 has increased my signal by an average of 1 bar on meter. It may run a little faster too, but I can't be sure on that one.
Nothing bad I can't handle. It had a small glitch where my audio postcard took several tries to close the program. Otherwise, not a thing other than normal operation.
So far so good.

just thought I'd post a new update. been busy on TMONews site, posting lots there.

Anyway, update on, still very good here. Nothing different than if I had 4.6 still on it, operation-wise. Though I've noted some occaaional re-booting on its own. It's happened 3-4x over the past few months. I'll be posting a good bye message on the 24th. Hanging up the BB for T-Mobile HTC HD2. I got the touch screen bug that I can't shake; getting an unlocked Storm2 or switching to Verizon are not in my options.

Best to all. :D

just wanted to give all interested another update.
8900 on tmo with vodafone de 5.0 and 5.0.1 bb desktop manager.

this was a very good update for me. it is all working great. I think it freed up some memory, the phone seems to be a bit faster and slight signal improvement is continuing, about 1 bar up from running 4.6 os.

all good stuff here.
best to all, Blacksheep2

does anyone know if this os is available for orange uk customers? i have the leaked version but when i try to upgrade it says i do not need an upgrade! im still running 4.6! somebody please help me

Although I'm on T-Mobile in US, maybe it will help you too. I just installed 5.0 last night. At first, my Desktop also said no upgrade needed. Then remembering to disconnect internet, I tried it again. It then proceeded with install of 5.0. Now if I ask for updates thru BB Desktop, 5.0 is active and 2 versions of 4.6 are also shown. Last running
Disconnect internet and it will install.

After about an hour and a few reboots its finally on my phone. I love it. I have tmo and it works great. Finally gettin some 5.0 love...

Exactly how did you get this to work or you? I am a tmobile customer, and I have followed all the directions, but i keep getting a message on desk top manager saying that no upgrade is required for my device.

friendly reminder: make sure internet is disconnected when starting upgrade onto phone. otherwise app loader or bb desktop will search internet for appropriate os for you, will most likely say you don't need an upgrade. I forgot to turn off internet first time and that's exactly what I got. I turned right around and disconnected internet, upgrade went thru flawlessly. working fine now too. hope it helps :)

I did what numerous people have said to do from on this site, delete the vendor xml file. It did take a little while for me to get it uploaded on my phone, so what I did, which may have been ass backwards for me, I downgraded the OS to the 4.5, then upgraded to It works fine. Make sure you back everything up prior to installing the new OS. I made that mistake, but thankfully, I had some of the stuff saved and I was really glad to dump some memory in the process.

Ok, well, I've updated my 8900 to 5.0!! using this.
1) Download the update
2) Install the update
3) Unplug your internet connection
4) Delete the vendor.xml file
5) Run BB Desktop
6) Plug In BB to your computer
7) Go to Apploader, and load away.


Its pretty stable.BUTTT!!! i few things i DONT like, not sure if there are settings for this..but.. For example. If im listenin to my music player, and i get a bbm notification. my music stops!!! Wheres its pandora or my music player. WTF? My phone never did that.. Also.. Im not really liking the type of threading sms. I just looks like bbm. U cant just reply with a pic, rite from the text, u have to goto the pic, and send from there.. Dont like that..And if your Blackberry messenger contacts are linked to your phonebook contacts, u will get the their sms messages on BBM! WTF? only thing, it has like a lil Cell phone next to it, so u kno its a sms, okay, but why in bbm? Just send it to my sms inbox!! It is kinda nicer, scrolling thru the pics is fun, visual voicemail. i love how now u can set Custom ringtones and Custom Sms alerts. they are so late with that tho, becuz i was on WM before the sidekick and bb, and My blackjack did all of that.. so thats good now.

And also i had a lil glich problem. I was getting test from one person, with sumbody elses name. WTF? And it wouldnt let me delete it. WTF. and sumtimes wen it sleeps, and i put in my password, its a big laggy, but it only does it sumtimes. But other then those few things.. i like If ANYBODY HAS SOLUTIONS for my issues. Plz make it me. thanks!!! Hope this helped.

5.0 is really nothing to write home about, but there are a lot of new things that RIM FINALLY decided to provide us with. I have T-mobile and installed this on my 8900.

However, I am wondering if anyone who's messed around with the update enough knows how I can install the Spanish input Language. Help?

This version seems to address all the issues that I had with leaked 5.0 version(s). I have tried two leaked versions prior to this and I was extremely unhappy and rolled back to 4.6.

All apps including google apps (maps, talk, sync, mail), browser, threaded SMS, BBM5.0, all run without any issues.

After installing .411, everything back to normal as promised and runs like a charm. Thanks for giving a new life to my 8900 :-)

EDIT: I have used Vodafone DE version.

I am extremely frustrated, I have tried all of the steps on this cite and 5.0 is still not being recognized by the Desktop Manager. Is there anything else we can do? Im a Tmobile user.

Have you installed the .411 version on your PC? It would have got installed in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader.

Make sure that your internet is turned off and run the loader.exe in the above folder.

When I open the loader.exe it shows a list of applications. Is there anything I need to add to find the upgrade? I tried everything, even with the internet connection off and nothing.

When the loader.exe opens up, it will show you the apps it would install during that run. It will show 5.0.x.x as the core app and it would be greyed out. You can then choose the remaining applications and it will show what will happen to that app during that run. (none, install, remove, downgrade, upgrade) and hit next and you are done.

I installed this on the tmo 8900. There's a few problems with it. Myfaves doesn't work, precsion zen theme has some blue icon instead of the one with precsion tmobile theme and the screen is black for at least 4 seconds plus if you let the screen timeout while it's loading a web page.

OK!!! Finally!! So after countless hours of trying to figure out everyones issues on the previous thread pages I solved the issue that most of you are going through!!

So with all the installing, uninstalling and repetitive actions this might be the issue:

Also I am using a TMO Blackberry 8900 just for reference.

1. If you have installed the Leaked version of the 5.0 OS for your BB best thing to do is back up your BB and WIPE YOUR HANDHELD! - you start fresh with nothing on it and the installation process is quicker.

2. IF your working with a BES "Blackberry Enterprise Server" make sure you deactivate it, either contact your admin from which the server is linked to or wait till the whole handheld is rebooted when its at the main screen and CANCEL the process. - i noticed that when i went on my DM it would say some update error which i cant remember!

3. Before proceeding MAKE SURE, and i mean MAKE SURE, you DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL DM due to all the system registries that have been installed, DELETE any previous OS system exe files either 4.6 or the leaked 5.0. Then REINSTALL the DM once again and make sure its the current DM 5.0 off the page. Once that is finished, REINSTALL the 5.0 0S system VODAFONE DE and make sure you follow the steps below:

1) Download the update
2) Install the update
3) Unplug your internet connection
4) Delete the vendor.xml file by going to Computer>C://>Program Files>Common Files>Research in Motion>AppLoader
5) Run BB Desktop Manager
6) Plug In BB to your computer
7) Go to Application Loader , then press Update Software

That should do it!!

Hope that all works out for everyone whose having issues with it not pulling up on the DM!

I installed 5.0 and it's working fine. One thing that raised my eyebrows was that apparently there's a Visual Voice Mail feature. Tried to do it and the site I was forwarded to told me to check MyTmo or call 611. After some runaround a rep told me that the 8900 does NOT support visual voice mail. The 9700 is their only BB to support it. FML. Can't wait to leave T-Mo for something better.

I'm also on Tmo with an 8900. I just upgraded the other day to 5.0. When I clicked on visual voice mail button, it had a message that said I'd not activated it on tmo. It sent me to tmo site automatically and asked if I'd want visual vm turned on. I selected yes and done. It's on. It shows up as such on tmo site from pc as active when I log in.

Can't say why mine worked. But mine is supported.

Its used to work for me too on the .411, but to many buggs on the .411 so i downgraded to .314 but now its sayin that its not active and to contact my provider and when i did, they said it was already

what OS version are you using?

I have OS (661) platform

I also have latest desktop manager 5.0.1

sorry for delay on reply. and hope that helps

Once they turn it on,, You should be good, cuz i upgraded my 8900 and it works fine.. VM is the ISH!!! but it does support it.

You can turn the visual voice mail on through your my tmobile account. Just log in to your account, change your phone from the 8900 to the 9700 and then click on manage services and add the visual voice mail service.

Hi Guys,

I've tried downloading OS5 and im having problems.

I have a 8900 on Orange.

i did have the Leaked .411 which downloaded no problems. A few days ago, like a few people on here, i just downloaded official OS5 and DM said i was already running it, so last night i downgraded to 4.6 and tried to reinstall....

DM now shows OS5 but it has an asterix (*) by it and underneath it says that OS5 is only available for customers who are registered on the Blackberry something or other! Then it says that i do not need to download it!

Will the above info by stanl0pez1 work for me too, if i wipe my device first and then install...if so how do you wipe your device?

Or do i have a new problem all together?

I keep trying to upgrade from desktop manager. I have thrown out the vendor sml. 5.0 is showing in desktop manager, but when I click to upgrade, it just keeps telling me that there are no new updates and leaving my 4.6.1. I'm with T-Mobile. Anyone have any suggestions?

I Have AT&T and i'm not sure which version to download... optus, voda de, or spain.. this is my first blackberry and any help would be greatly appreciated

Is anyone still having problems with VAD not working on the 8900? IF there ANY fix to this? It is annoying not having it.


I've not been able to upgrade my OS. After downloading to my PC and opening, BB desktop indicates that this is not compatible with my phone. I've tried Asia, Spain, and Rapid. What am I doing wrong? The 4.6 loaded right away.

Hey people, i upgraded to and Had issues with the SMS THREADING/MUSIC PLAYER

I backed up. I wiped it. And downgraded to .314! Seems the same to me and more stable.


So far so good.

hi can someone add me on blackberry messenger pin:20eddb1e and guide me through what i need to do to install this software onto my curve 8900.

As others have pointed out, there is a pretty serious omission in the directions for this upgrade:

The Blackberry Desktop Manager will not recognize that you have downloaded v.5.0.0 if you do not disable your internet connection.

DM will default to your system settings that the net tells it to use. In the case of T-Mobile users, this means you will go through all this twice since the first iteration will be a re-installation of 4.6.1.

To get DM to even recognize that v.5.0.0 is an option, you have to stop the computer and the device from speaking to the net.

well, i can get as far as dowloasding the software, but it wont show in desktop manager, with or without my computer connected to the net....having a mare...i can see it on my computer in the rim folder, but how do i get it to show up in desktop manager...also tried it via aploader, no joy...anyone ?

i can download it ok, have deleted vector ok, disabled internet ok, and still it will not show up in desktop manager, or load via aploader...any suggestions...with internet on says im on version 4.6 no update avail...with it off, it just shows the apps and no base fsoftware...any ideas people ? can see the dowloads, asia, spain etc in my rim folder on the computer...but wont show in desktop

Hi all!!

I was able to upgrade to the latest version of CURVE 8900 OS just fine. I did what you guys told accordingly and now, viola, my curve look like a brand new one

I'm using Tmo and I live in Asia, which is impossible for me to dl the official version update. So, I downloaded the official OS for Wind Hellas and delete the vendor.xml (C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader/vendor.xml)just in case I'm afraid I won't be able to upgrade, I decided to turn off my internet connection and then I extract the installation file until it finish.

After you finish, you have to run the Desktop Manager (mine is ver.5). It will automatically detect the latest version of your blackberry OS and just follow the installation progress. It'll take quite long (it was approx. 20min for me) but jut bear with it. It'll lead your blackberry to something you'd never seen before xDD

Good luck!

Hi All,

I have a curve 8900 with a Middle East Crrier named "du" I was wandering if I can install any of the above OSs on my BB? thanks in advance.

hey i'm frm the trinidad (caribbean) and i use a network called bmobile. runnin and there is no updates. i downloaded dis OS frm, delete d vendor file and unplug my modem and then ran d loader.exe BUT i keep gettin this message :the blackberry desktop software does not hav Blackberry Device software thany you hav connected to the computer. contact wireless service provider or sysem administrator. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ADVICE ME ON HOW TO GET THE 5.0 OS ON MY 8900

everytime i go to the app loader to update the os it says the required files are missing or some bs like that can anyone pleaseee help me out? well it says "The application "BlackBerry 5.0.0 Core Applications" cannot be loaded because some required files are not available." i REALLY WANT THIS UPDATE SO PLEASEE HELP ME OUT.

ycant i install this wat am i doing wrong i let it download to my desktop i opem it and it downloads i go delete the vender file i open desktop manager it reads my phone i go to app loader i check for updates and nothing its not there what do i do can i have a step by step process please help

Hi everyone, i know its a little complicated because it took me an hour to figure this out. Ill go step by step on how i got mines to work after an hour of trying to find why it wouldnt install. (Blackberry unplugged until step 5)

Blackberry 8900 (T-Mo)

1. I uninstalled the current desktop manager version i had installed and upgraded it to 4.7 from t-mo website (Reboot if requiered by windows).

2. After desktop manager 4.7 was installed i downloaded "Vodafone DE" updated from the top of this website and run the setup file. (Do not uninstall the 4.7 update you installed just to update to the vodaphone update because it wont start the application if you do).

3. After the update is installed, open desktop manager and click "Application Loader" and select start update. Since you installed the vodapfone update now you should be able to see the update available there for install. Updated it.

4. Almost done!!! (Disable internet connection) Delete the vendor.xml file by going to My Computer, C://>Program Files>Common Files>Research in Motion>AppLoader.

5. My step (Plug-in Blackberry now), go back to My Computer, C://>Program Files>Common Files>Research in Motion>AppLoader. After you get there run "Loader.exe" this is going to install the OS on your phone without any problems. Done!!!

Read below on what was happening when i tried doing what was posted to do after deleating vendor file and starting desktop manager.

I tried doing what everyone else was saying by running desktop manager after disabling the internet connection and running application loader to update your phone's OS.

I was getting this error message: "Only active BlackBerry service subscribers are entitled to install this BlackBerry Device Software upgrade". I had this error even after deleating vendor file and disabling the internet connection so step 5 was what by passed that error and i was able to update.

This instruction is BS!
Be careful you may download virus to your
How hard it is to do an OS upgrade, and the guy
wrote 3 pages of instruction for nothing works.
It called "DIVERSION"!!!