Official BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8900 OS Released By WIND Hellas

Official BlackBerry Curve 8520 OS Released By WIND Hellas
By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2010 05:24 pm EDT

While the most recent leak for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 placed the OS at, OS has now shown up on the WIND Hellas website for 8520 users to download. If you've been running the leaked version it might be a good idea to get this one downloaded and installed. Also, 8900 owners can grab the same OS. As always, remember to back up your device before loading as well, make sure you remove the vendor.xml file in WIND Hellas is not your carrier.

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Official BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8900 OS Released By WIND Hellas


Can someone post a RS or HS or something else please.
In my computer I cant DL from blackberry.
I know, this is ridiculous but all files DL from Blackberry are not good.

Thank you

i've been using for about 2 weeks now and i've been all through all my apps and everything works great! i have the 8520 from t-mobile and i have absolutly no complaint's with this os version ! i might add also that for all you guys still running the default 4.6 os that this surely has some eye-catching new quality's that will make you not regret this upgrade. so go for it!

Im new into all this... I've tried every single way and i keep getting the message that no actions are required or that there is no need for another software and all that. Yup. Im still with the 4.6 so what should/can do with this problem? =)

I'm running leaked .592 and it's of course cooler with also some new features than my prev official .509 but, I have some issues such as missing BB App World icon, missing sound notification for iskoot and freezing quite a lot. Hopefully this official doesn't have issues I mentioned. And I'm downloading now ;)

Does this WIND release have added software than the leaked 5.0.592 OS? Also, is the OS branded (boot screen, themes) like Rogers release?

Does anyone else on TMobile get the My Faves icons back on their home screen after this update? Pretty annoying since it isnt offered anymore and I can even seem to open the program. Any way to get rid of this. Or I may have to go back to .411

u can change it in the themes options it is a t-mobile theme it took me a while to figure it out but i finally got hope this helps

Ok I just downloaded this version....but I lost all of my programs, themes, even my contacts. I have a back up but how can I import my old programs in to this new version? Anyone?

There could be many reasons associated:
1. connection got loose
2. at times BBM groups if large can cause failure to reload from backup.

Hey CrackBerry friends,

I have a BB 8900 and just downloaded .592 for the 8900 from WIND hellas. Also I have the latest version of BDM. .592 IS installed and I see the files in shared folder

Problem: When I go to Apploader it doesn't find the files necessary to load .592. When I try to "Add" them it says the files are not compatible.

How do I solve this?

Thanks in advance,


If you don't delete the "vendor.xml" (you will find it in here "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoaderfile") before you start the uploader.exe (but with the phone connected first), it will not find the files or accept them. If you delete it before running the uploader.exe it will do everything by itself! Hope everything goes smoothly.

Yes it is. First, find the "vendor.xml" with the phone connected, delete it and just run the desktop manager. And follow the onscreen instructions.

i have finished installing the firmware and so far it looks amazing. considering this was my first update from 4.6! I have a problem with App worl, I'm in UAE and appworld is not availaible out here.

So i researched and followed the advice on this link:

the phone rebooted and stuff but the apploader is no where to find. I ran the software update on the OS and it showed APpworld in the list and then said no update availaible.

Need someone's help desparately.


i cant find the vendor xml. never done this before, i have the new os on my desktop from the download, now what do i do , could someone please give me steps to do this the right way?!


It's not showing up in my Desktop Manager. I do not have the apploader folder and my vendor.xml is deleted from my system. i've deleted/removed and reinstalled 2x now. What gives?

hey make sure you have desktop manager 5.0 installed then go to local disc>program files>common files>research in motion>apploader>delete vendor file and either use DM or apploader to install the os

My message folders (Aol/Yahoo) will not display their icons, it's just that white envelope which I can't stand, I sent the service books several times but no change.

any noticeable operating/visual differences between this OS and .411? The leap from 4.6 to 5.0 is obviously huge but I can't seem to get motivated enough to do keep up with all these incremental 5.0 releases

is any one using the appworld on OS 5 series in the non liste countries? I'm guessing that appworld is not compatible with OS 5 on 8520. Again a dart in dark i guess

not the sharpest knife in the drawer but here's stuff i've noted:

just upgraded my os from .461 to .592. as was the case when i uploaded .461, had to disconnect from the internet to get the os to load. worked fine from there.

had bb app world loaded while running .461. it worked fine. when i loaded .592, couldn't find the icon though it still showed as loaded on my device. deleted and reloaded it and it works fine again.

have had .592 on my curve for roughly an hour and, as yet, have noted no major differences over .461. still, like the threaded texts, faster browser and many of the cosmetic differences over the 4.6 os. still the neatest feature is the auto update time zone. all by itself, makes the 5.0 upgrade worthwhile.

I successfully installed the file, and have my blackberry connected to my computer.
When I open the blackberry file under my computer it says application loader but its a .dll file and says it cant open unless I find a program-so I can't even get to the part of deleting the vendor file.
FYI, i just recently ( about a month or so ago) upgraded from a leaked version so the official .509 and that worked well, I saw the app loader thing and everything worked.
Any idea on how I can get to the app loader file if its omly a .dll file and I can't open it?

I upgraded from 4.6 to earlier on following the instructions here, everything went smoothly except for the BB App World icon not showing after the install. Re-installed App World and everything seems to be working just fine so far. Thanks!

i need someone to tell me how to update to the 5.0 OS. i was able to update the build of my 4.6 using the FIDO OS release, but i cant do it for this 5.0 windels one. iv tried using the desktop manager and the app loader. i been deleting the vedor file and running as administrador but the os dosnt show up as an option to load

i need someone to tell me how to update to the 5.0 OS. i was able to update the build of my 4.6 using the FIDO OS release, but i cant do it for this 5.0 windels one. iv tried using the desktop manager and the app loader. i been deleting the vedor file and running as administrador but the os dosnt show up as an option to load.

Seems i'm missing the apploader file. Is there anyway I can get it bakc? I uninstalled and reinstalled desktop manager and its still not there

I installed the file for my 8900 and deleted the vendor file. When I connect my BB to the desktop manager, it's not recognizing the upgrade. I also disconnected from the internet like some previous comments suggested. What I am doing wrong? I want to get the new OS and I also have T-Mobile.

Help please!! Thank you!

does this include WORDMOLE?
i thought i read somewhere that certain releases weren't including it anymore...? or am i just way off

I just upgraded my 8900 from .509 and whatever they did to this totally f'ed up the camera. It seems I can only take 1 picture then I have to close the camera program. And I have to be lucky to even be able to close it without crashing. Also with any level of zoom on the display just goes black every couple of seconds then comes back and rezooms in.

Though on the plus side berryWeather decided to start automatically updating again, which it ceased to do with either of the last 2 os upgrades I did.

edit: well my bb decided to make a liar out of me...i just installed the new google maps, rebooted, and afterwards went to see if I could find any other problems with the camera...needless to say it now works better than ever. Dunno what the problem was before reboot seems to have cured it though. I did notice that there is now a macro focus option in the options menu, you can also turn off autofocus for some reason.

This is for everyone that is struggling with installing the new OS on their 8520 as I have for days before I figured out the problem.

For windows Vista/7 users, after deleting the vendor.xml file from the apploader folder, click on "Compatiblity Files" right at the top and you will find another copy of vendor.xml that also needs to be deleted, once that's done go back into the apploader folder, run loader.exe and enjoy :)

worked for me!

P.S. .592 is so amazing, thank you WIND hellas

Hey guys,

What logo will I see when I boot up my device once I have installed the os? Wind Hella's logo or my carrier's logo?

Thanks for your help

Installed os 5 and downgraded the next day back to 4.6 for the curve 8520. I didn´t have any problems with the trackpad like many people have stated but i found the browser was way much slower than os 4.6 browser. Another problem I had was that that sometimes the phone would get stuck for a couple of seconds when opening a new app. I imagine the 8520's memory and processor are not enough to run os 5 smoothly, like running windows 7 on an old machine. My phone runs way much faster ans smoother on 4.6.

Has anyone had this problem too?

Update (18/05/2010): Just downloaded and installed the official version for my carrier and everything is running faster and smoother. I would advice to wait for your carriers offical update, wind hellas update didn´t work for me.

I need some help please, I have downloaded and installed this OS as well as the Desktop Manager but when I run Loader it does not see any installed OS. I'm trying to help a friend out with his nuked 8900, but I also noticed the same thing when I tried to upgrade my 9700. Can anyone point me in the right direction???

I've downloaded and installed it yesterday like a charm.
I didn't have any problem : trackpad, google maps, Texas ... everything is OK.
So, was it worth ?
I'd say OS 5 is simply about look and feel. It's not iPhone, it's simply a nicer 4.6. In my opinion, a major version (5.0) is too much. A minor revision (4.7, or even 4.6.2) would have been more than enough.
I don't regret it though, I'd rather say "Much ado about nothing".

I've installed this SO version on my BB 8900 but now, it doesn't work on 3G !!!! So...I went to settings to change the option from 2G to 3G but there is no such option !!!!! How can I resolve it? Thanks