Official BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS Released By SK Telecom

BlackBerry Official OS
By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2009 03:16 pm EST

Well, it's no OS 5.0 that everyone is waiting for but it's an update for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 however you look at it. OS is now official and available for download from the SK Telecom BlackBerry download site. Anyone else besides me ready for OS 5.0 to just roll out to all devices?

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Official BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS Released By SK Telecom


A year later and the 9000 is still on 4.6.x WTF? By the time 5.x comes out for the 9000 it'll be an "old" smartphone. Damn!

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 17-June-2010):

facebook came out with an update. and it ain't that great. i did the upgrade and can't get it to downgrade back.

anyone installing facebook from a clean phone wipe or whatever now gets the lousy facebook version.

I have the 9700. I am selling mine and sticking with my 9000. How is this update? What are the differences?

We need someone to test this version out for us please.
Battery life after a restart, restart speed, picture browsing experience, multimedia..etc etc etc.

not really that impressed with this release. seems like it eats up memory (I used to have 45-49MB of free memory but this one brought me down to 35-38MB), battery life is the same as the latest AT&T release. no significant change to be happy about. just my two cents. :-)

after you install facebooke go to the communities icon on the applicatiopns screen and you will find a facebook icon there
just proceed as instructed by the information.
found that out the hard way.