Official BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS available for download from Vodafone DE

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2011 05:04 pm EDT

BlackBerry 7

Although OS just leaked for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, it's an unofficial release. If you're not really into mucking around with leaked OS' on your brand new device you can now at least stick to one carriers official OS release that is ahead of what most people are running, that being OS (Rogers and Bell). Vodafone DE has placed OS available for download, a sure sign they're getting ready for launch as well. Hit the download link, remove your vendor.xml file and load it up -- leave some comments so those looking to load it later will know of any changes.

Download The Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9900

Source: BerryReview

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Official BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS available for download from Vodafone DE


I'm sure that Vodafone have them in at least most of their stores; they're available for preorder and people have been taking their pick at them. Haven't been into Vodafone for a while so I'm not sure whether they've got dummys in yet. I'm going to bookmark this page just in case, but then again, I do agree that it is silly to release OS 7 updates when they haven't even officially released the handset yet. It's like Ford selling spare parts for a Fiesta which hasn't come out yet.

Has anyone put 296 in a Rogers 9900? 261 Has a weird back key problem and I want to update it. Historically Rogers Has taken forever to post new os's.