Official BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS Released By Bell Mobility

Official BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS Bell Mobility
By Bla1ze on 5 Jan 2010 12:59 am EST

Here we go folks. Something many of you all have been waiting for. Finally, an official 5.0 release for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. As it was posted in the CrackBerry forums, Bell Mobility has made OS available for everyone to download. If you've been running the previously leaked version there is no reason to update but if you haven't grabbed a leaked version yet you'll want to get your hands on this one. Remember to delete your vendor.xml file if you are not a Bell Mobility subscriber. Here's to hoping we'll see a bigger roll out across carriers for all devices still needing OS 5.0.

Download The Official For The BlackBerry Bold 9000
Instructions: How to Upgrade your BlackBerry's Operating System
Instructions: How to Downgrade your BlackBerry's Operating System
Instructions: Mess things up? Fix a Bricked BlackBerry Here


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Official BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS Released By Bell Mobility


Actually pretty depressing :( Im already running it. No complaints though i suppose. Now if only Google Maps would update and stop battery leaking my phone.

The Tour just got a leak. Sure it's not official, but who cares? If you aren't 100% satisfied you can get all of your money back. Not some of your money, but all of it. Just plug your phone back in and downgrade and nobody will ever know.

The rest of the world is not like asia we dont run on "Stolen" USA OS like asia we also run on Macs.....

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 17-Oct-2010) :

Wow, a day after picking up the 9700 this comes out. Welp, will give it a go for kicks!

Thanks for the notification!

Why would they make this official? There's a rampant SMS bug and the camera has non-functioning buttons.

They would like to refund/address thousands of unhappy Bold users by making this official?

Bold owners finally got what they wanted... Y is everyone complaining, just be grateful that its gone official... There is just no please some... If you have problems with OS 5 then just downgrade to 4.6.... Life is way to short too complain about OS problem all the time

I had the 411 beta on my Rogers Bold, just installed the 411 final and it did ask me to upgrade the BB OS.

The cam bug is there, only two buttons work after taking a picture.

The "beta" you mention was a leaked OS, not a beta.
If it has the same version number, it's the same. The post even mentions that above.
Any change whatsoever would lead to a new build number. Otherwise, they'd be releasing right?
All this means is that Bell has decided to put their stamp of approval on this OS released by RIM, and that they'll support it as well.

Anyway 5.0 rocks! So many great tweaks & features, and any kinks will be ironed out shortly I'm sure!

Hmm I've followed the instructions (download, extract, BB desktop manager, ...) but it says the update found is 4.6 and nothing being mentioned about 5.0....

Rogers was first to release the Bold 9000 and Bell/Telus were last, however Bell is first to release OS 5? This makes no sense.
I'm running the leaked 411 so I'll wait for Rogers to play catch up. *sigh*

On a more serious note where's the OFFICIAL for the Curve 8900? Feel like I've been waiting an eternity. I'm afraid to upgrade with a leaked version cuz I don't wanna brick my berry. If anyone WITH a 8900 or GREAT EXPERIENCE can help I'd appreciate it. Thnx guys.

I deleted the vendor.xml file, select the 5.0 software in the application loader, but it says "No software update is required for your device." Any ideas?

I completely removed all RIM software, cleaned registry, leftover files. Rebooted, reinstalled, deselcted auto-update. Reinstalled the 5.0 software, tried to update... same message.

Disconnect from the internet (disable your network connection) or modify your BB Desktop install not to allow for automatic updates. The former is the quickest way...

Works on any 9000, even if not unlocked. Just delete the vendor xml file if you do not have Bell Mobility as your carrier.

hey could you tell me step by step on how you updated it..i dwonloaded the file..installed it...deleted the vendor file..then i opened up the DM and went into update software and i checked mark off and i click next and it says my device doesnt have any required updates!!!!!
any ideas on how to fix this..??

Disconnect from the internet (disable your network connection) or modify your BB Desktop install not to allow for automatic updates. The former is the quickest way...

do you mind sharing what you did to fix the browser issue? i have at&t and my BB BROWSER has begun using MEDIA NET as its default browser..

Has anyone found a solution to the SMS issue? All my SMS's seem to come from the same person or number> only way i can send a new sms is to delete all my SMS 1s. Any help pls

Now that there is an official OS 5 for the Bold out I have a feeling that we are going to see a bunch of speedy bug fixes. Since this build is carrier-supported, bugs have somewhere to be reported, and they will release new builds as they are available that address these bugs. Hopefully we will have a 99% bug free Bold OS by the end of the month.

This is no different than the .411 posted in the forums.

Also, this is not an official build for users who are not on Bell Mobility (read: if it doesnt come from YOUR CARRIER, its not meant for you to have)

for those having problem upgrading the new os using desktop manager, here is another simple way to do it.

download and install your os (
make sure this is the only bold os installed on your computer.
delete the vendor.xml file


go to 'my computer'...
c: drive...
program files...
common files...
Research in Motion...
app loader...
double click the exe file "loader".

works everytime for me

go to
program files..
common files..
Research in motion..
app loader...

u should find the file (vendor.xml)
delete and permanent delete in the recycle bin.

I've been running 411 for a while now since it leaked. By no means should it have gone out as an official update. It is obviously the same thing as the leak. There are way too many bugs, and the carriers tech support lines are going to be ringing off the hook. Don't get me wrong, for a beta OS its the best available 5.0 wise so far. But average users out there that just plug their phone into DM and say "cool an update," are going to have a lot of issues. I'm surprised they haven't pulled the update as of yet.

its took a while for me to install, but i did it, just a problem with a sms thing!!! please help me with this, if i receive an sms i dont know from who is it!!! i checked all the options, i dont know whats wrong.

Thank you.


Should i wipe my handheld with JL_cmdr first before installing the new os, or should i just upgrade as it is? what would give me a better result? Some feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I've download the file, but I can't update it.

I've delete the vendor.xml

I also have tried using BBDM and loader.exe

Anyone please help...

I can't download the file. It goes incredibly slow and then stops half way, I have tried it about 10 times. I have ADSL2+ and my other downloads are going at at least 2mbps.

Does anyone have this problem? Is there another source I can download it from?

You can download from h**p://

Thankyou so much!

It downloaded no trouble at all and in about 45 seconds. That solves days of trying to download it from Blackberry with zero success.

Thanks again

installed it and it brought my app memory from 40mb to 21mb after install. then it would constantly drop down to 10mb or less in about a half hour. did a battery pull about five times and still would drop. i backed my phone up prior to install and after i tried to go back to my 4.6, the backup wouldnt restore properly. lost my themes i was using prior and while i had 5.0. all my apps i downloaded. but i now have nearly 50mb of app memory now. no thanks to it deleting all my apps. :( total waste of time i will never get back. how could the OFFICIALLY release such a sh*tty os with so many bugs. what a joke.

Everything's working fine but two minor things: The web browser no longer has the search engine capability below the address bar and I cannot find the visual voicemail now. Is there away to set the browser to get this feature to appear again? Second, how can I download the visual voicemail?

I have followed these guide but it always said "To enjoy the latest functionality from the select BlackBerry Device Software upgrade, you'll need an active BlackBerry service subcription. Visit" even I deleted vendor.xml as well as disconnect from Internet then choose 5.0.411 from Available updates. Soon after that, it did nothing.
Any idea?

Same thing happened with me, but I was still able to install it. I went through these steps:

1) Turned off my laptop's WLAN device (or in your case your Ethernet card)
2) Deleted vendor file
3) Opened Loader... (told me I couldn't upgrade)... closed Loader
4) Opened Desktop Manager
5) Tried upgrading through Desktop Manager... (told me I couldn't upgrade)
6) While Desktop Manger was running I opened the Loader again (this time Loader worked), so I then closed Desktop Manager
7) Installed OS 5.0

Hopes this works for you. It gave me a warning that I might have to authenticate later, but my Bold is unlocked, so I ignored it.

finally, i've been successful in installing the new OS w/o the vendor file. however, now my visual voice mail has disappeared and my browser is using media net. how do i get the visual voicemail back and how do i get the bb browser back?

also, i noticed in the "date/time" section that there's an auto update for time zones. y is it still not updating? i travel a lot and would to no longer worry about setting my alarm hrs ahead and hrs behind so my alarm will alert me at the proper time.


My SMS were all in one thread and I couldn't tell who was texting me. Found this in the forums:

Options -> Security Options -> Encryption and set to Disabled

Did a battery pull and it worked for me!

I had a b!tch of a time as well. Spent 3 hours trying to get it to update. Tried BBSAK, nothing. Then I checked for the latest version of BBDM, there was an update (501_b049_english) downloaded and installed it. When I launched, it found the 5.0 update and installed it automatically.

BTW I'm with Rogers, which sucks. Bell just got the 9000, and they release OS5 before them.

Remember to delete the vendor.xml file once it's extracted. It's found in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

Edit: Found it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
If you are running a 32bit version of Windows, it will be "Program Files" without "(x86)".

Memory went down from 40MB to 24MB.

Some applications did not work - Nimbuzz, SMS Contact.

Downloading and browsing very, very slow.

On day 3 woke up to see my phone with a white screen App error 523 / reset.

Downgraded to


just read the news and was wondering how much memory the os 5 uses - I've found an info here.

So it's about 20MB larger then the 4.6x? isn't it? Thats realy something I was afraid of - I have a lot of apps installed and my Bold is already down to 20 to 10 free memory.

I tried an app which should install the apps to the mirco-sdcard but I think the app has not worked probatly.


It's realy pity that they have only put 128 into it.

It has the best keyboard ever! (to this date :-) )


I'm on rogers Network

I Installed the OS Released By Bell by doing a low-level format (WIPE).

Since Then, My Webbrowser don't work (work on WIFI ONLY)
My E-mail is not Working.
Everything internet related is not working.
I've tried to resend the tabs but still nothing.


if you got any idea please let me know.

For everyone that's been wondering about "interner browser", VVM, and SMS threading errors...

I had the leaked OS installed for quite some time, and just downgraded because of the lack of vvm and the internet browser. Threaded sms was cool, but not worth the hassle of not having an internet browser. Hotspot and medianet both suck, and without the internet browser option, you have to manually switch browser mode when you switch from wifi to 3g or edge.

I will just deal w/o threaded sms and other small upgrades that the leak offered until ATT officially releases.

There ARE 'fixes' around CB for some of these issues, but I haven't gotten any of them to work. Good luck addicts.

I installed this OS and I noticed a significant increased on my browsing speed. I am not having any problem with this OS. It is stable.

If anyone is having a difficulty installing this OS let me know. I will give you the steps. It's easy as ABC.

Though when I get the money I am buying the Bold 2. I like the new track pad.

This was my first 5.0 upgrade (till now I was using some of the latest leaked 4.6), and it is more then great !!

- faster user interface and everything seems a bit faster
- new updated browser, fast rendering
- etc.

I'm hoping to see also some battery life improvements in the next few days :)

maybe I'm a bit out-of-date, but, I was having some problems with the update... Desktop Manager didn't recognize this new OS for update. I followed tutorial from and I think I did everything there was written. I deleted vendor.xml BEFORE installation (as tutorial says), and nothing.
then I deleted that vendor.xml AFTER device software installation finished and before I run Desktop Manager again - and there it was - did I read wrong or that tutorial should be updated? the point is to delete vendor.xml in the middle of the process and not as a first step.

just if anybody is looking for this kind of information - I'm succesfully running this upgrade on a locked BB device (VIPnet, Croatia)

using bold 9000 on att. got this software update up and running, but visual voice mail available from att was completely wiped. did att and blackberry customer support for 2 days and they had no clue. anyone know what to do?

I need help I have the new mac book and my blackberry bold 9000 will not upgrade to the 5.0 os. Every time it gets ready to upgrade it says not enough memory but how can that be when I have wiped my phone completely

I need help I have the new mac book and my blackberry bold 9000 will not upgrade to the 5.0 os. Every time it gets ready to upgrade it says not enough memory but how can that be when I have wiped my phone completely