Official BlackBerry Blog hacked - Group responds to official RIM statement on London riots

BlackBerry Blog Hacked
By Team CrackBerry on 9 Aug 2011 11:09 am EDT

Earlier this morning the group TeaMp0isoN hacked their way into the official BlackBerry Blog. Just yesterday, authorities in London had asked RIM for help given the role BBM has played in the riots taking place. RIM put out an official statement in regard to BBM and the riots, to which the hackers had this to say:

Dear Rim;

You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all, the Police are looking to arrest as many people as possible to save themselves from embarrassment.... if you do assist the police by giving them chat logs, gps locations, customer information & access to peoples BlackBerryMessengers you will regret it, we have access to your database which includes your employees information; e.g - Addresses, Names, Phone Numbers etc. - now if u assist the police, we _WILL_ make this information public and pass it onto rioters.... do you really want a bunch of angry youths on your employees doorsteps? Think about it.... and don't think that the police will protect your employees, the police can't protect themselves let alone protect others..... if you make the wrong choice your database will be made public, save yourself the embarrassment and make the right choice. don't be a puppet..

p.s - we do not condone in innocent people being attacked in these riots nor do we condone in small businesses being looted, but we are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government.... and before anyone says "the blackberry employees are innocent" no they are not! They are the ones that would be assisting the police

The BlackBerry Blog looked to be back to normal for a few minutes, but now returns a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable message, so we'll keep you posted as this goes on. One more image after the break. What do you think about the blog being hacked? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Blog Hacked

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Official BlackBerry Blog hacked - Group responds to official RIM statement on London riots


What a bunch of idiots. They're all for attacking the police. I'm all for shooting the rioters on sight.

And I guess the person that was found shot to death in a vehicle was what... a mistake? Oops. We don't believe in hurting the innocent... except for that one guy. Oh, and that other old guy that got beaten nearly to death. But besides those two (and likely others), we don't condone attacking the innocent.

Of course, we determine who is innocent and who isn't, so at no point can we do wrong.

Morons. Waste of energy to deal with these people. Shoot on sight and bomb the rest. Get it over with swiftly.

Lol I love that answer
I totally agree, but let's be sure we bomb the right one first or it woudnt be better

Mr. K ..I disagree.. sooooooo much corruption in the policeforce...we seen this in LA and it was the cops that start it...ITS ALWAYS THE COPS THAT DO SOMETHING THAT THE PUBLIC DOES NOT AGREE...AND WE THE PEOPLE RETALIATE .....STAND DOWN RIM...LET the "good" guys handle it on their own without help

The vast majority of these riots have ZERO to do with any sense of fighting for justice, the vast majority of the people involved are simply opportunistic scum out to do a bit of looting when they realised the police were spread to thinly across London to respond to the spate of copycat incidents that followed the initial one in Tottenham.

I highly doubt RIM gives a crap. If they don't assist the police then they are just going to get a bad rap of being p***ies ..

I forsee a war.

but if they do, and indeed the database has been hacked, it puts in doubt the level of security of RIM.

I would, personally, help the police, but RIM is in a complicated situation now...damn hackers.

The idea that hacking a website would give them any access to the information about employees etc. like they claim is just laughable, as if that sort of thing is going to be just left lying around on a webserver.


The Inside BlackBerry blogs are hosted by WordPress. RIM are using their VIP service.

The blog lives nowhere near RIMs servers, and it's either WordPress or a shockingly easy password that enabled the hackers to get to the site.

The idea that there is any personal data of customers on this site is just insane!

I think RIM was doing the right thing by giving over information, It is complete chaos in London and needs to be controlled one way or another.

While I agree with the point that the hackers are making (that innocent people with Bb's near the riots will be subjected to police inquiries needlessly), I also think that when the police *can't* do anything, they should be able to turn to others for help. All in all, this was really scary and I can't imagine being in a position where someone has to choose between their own safety and someone else's safety. I don't think it's fair to say to RIM -- if you try to help a city that is being torn apart by stupidity right now, we'll unleash that anger on your company and everyone who works for you. It's just wrong, sick and frightening that someone thinks this is an acceptable logic.

Yep. These people need to be dealt with swiftly. As you said, the logic is scary: anyone that riots is good. Anyone that attempts to stop the riots is bad and will be attacked.

RIM's big claim to fame is security. Doesnt sound secure to me if the company (RIM) just hands over a ton of logs/locations/etc of random people. The logs info being handed over is not going to be 100% guilty people only. Shame on RIM.

"Don't worry our system is secure.... but we'll hand over any info on any one, even if you're not directly implicated in any crime."

RIM = Google = privacy is a joke

You are either, naive, uninformed, or a member of the riot instigators. ALL professions where security and confidentiality are critical to their success have a legal and moral obligation to assist when a CRIME (ie something ILLEGAL) has been committed that endangers the life of others. I would say this qualifies without question. There is nothing random or unjustified about this assistance. Civil society depends on it!! The reason BBM was used instead of FB/Twitter is exactly because of the secure nature of the PIN to PIN service.

So... Just because a person was in the general area of a crime, means RIM should hand over or even read someone's (hypothetical) private conversation with their significant other or mother or co-worker? Investigation is fine, and I believe rioters should be punished. But violating the privacy of EVERYone to find a select few just seems wrong.

Big assumption that location tracking will be used. More like searching for key words in messages that were sent.

Slow up there drama queen. Please enlighten me on how "logs/locations/etc of random people" would help police in this situation. In fact considering there is 45,000,000 active BBM users IIRC. Handing over a bunch of random data on random people as you're suggesting would almost certainly yield nothing even remotely close to helpful regarding the riots.

Security does not extend to illegal activities. The general public has a right to protect themselves against thugs.

RIM can't give ANY of that information.
Everything is encrypted, RIM does not after a master key to access chat logs, location, etc. This was an issue in countries in the middle east with security. Their government want access, RIM couldn't give it, and in the end they settled for a server.

Inform yourself, RIM doesn't work like other companies, nor do their devices work like other devices i.e. Windows 7, iOS, Android, WebOS, etc.

Sorry buddy, BIS works the same way.
With BES, companies can regulate what goes on with their employee's devices and monitor certain information.
BIS is just BIS, I can't really explain it, but its still just as secure.

Agreed and fully support RIM in backing the police. If they're innocent they're fine. Rioters should be severely punished.

Agreed, assuming that police work is done swiftly and justly. The only people that need to worry are the ones that have done something wrong. If you participate in a riot to loot and steal things, then accept the consequences. BBM messages can be traced on point of origin, the fact that you are on a broadcast message means that you have knowingly exchanged PINs with someone involved with organized rioting or with someone who does.

RIM can help, and should help. Civil disobedience is a crime, and these hackers need to realize they have every right to PEACEFULLY assembly in protest, but also must take responsibility for the violence that ensued because of their actions.

Did they think that just because Apple or Google didn't pipe up, they wouldn't help the authorities?

How about Vodafone UK? They routinely help the police. Why don't they hack them while they use Voda's cell service at the same time?

Besides, if they're really pissed at the government, then overthrow it. All governments will get telecom's help for issues like this.

This is freaking terrorism in my book... If I have done nothing wrong, then I don't give a rat's ass on being questioned by the police. Everyone knows by now the pressure that RIM goes through with governments and BBM, and should know better by now that they will disclose information if asked by the proper authorities.

I dont think any of us are at liberty to discuss this further. We have no idea whats going on over there. Its he said, she said. Yea we may have some of the facts but thats based on media. Last I checked its prob not the best way to aquire such information.

You need to understand you have absolutely no rights when it comes down to something like this. All of our tech will just become a little trail of bread crumbs. Nothing more. When push comes to shove, Get dark. and get dark fast.


How about this... how about everyone just ignores your "not at liberty" comment and continues to feel "at liberty" to comment on this article? How's that work for you?

your clearly didnt understand where I was going with that one. As in use of personal devices. etc. Same team remember?

I get the concept that our communications is only as secure as the carrier's policy, and I agree. However, what I don't agree with is the idea that we shouldn't be talking about what we are seeing and reading.

What I meant was, we should be doing what we can to get more involved instead of sitting from distances and yelling at the screen. If your honestly concerned about voicing your opinions then get involved. Take action. Peacefully. There should be other ways to be more effective. We shouldn't condone violence, rather find ways to meet on common ground. Terrorism is a different story however. Every Action deserves reaction. And will be justified. But there is a fine line. Two wrongs do not make a right. If someone slaps you on one cheek, smash them on the other. But who is at wrong here? do we actually have the credible proof from media? thats all I was trying to say. By all means speak your opinion. But get involved. Make a differnece.

Yes, and did they really put a man on the moon, and who says that the earth is round? Wow man, that's deep - if you haven't seen it yourself it's not true. Who really knows the China exists, where's the proof man, I've never seen it.

Here's a hint about being anonymous: You can't have a screen name and be anonymous, shlee.

Go back to /b/ and try posting Milhouse again in hopes someone will think you're funny, newfag.

I have a name and a social security number also. There are many different ways to support a belief. Im a visual contributor. I support the idea. Not the acts of hactivism. Anonymous and ANTISEC are 2 very diff things. If you associate hactivism with anonymous then your mistaken. There may be hackers within anon but theyre also school teachers, professionals, and blue collar workers. Like yourself I used to cast judgement. but your ignorance to this matter simply will not allow you to see past the image that media has portrayed. Im not posting things like this to be funny. Just speaking my mind. And im not sure its up for debate, we dont know all the facts. If I were to post something anon I would have done so. But I didnt. why do you think I would do that? You need to look past things and understand there is meaning to everything.

I dont throw sticks and stones. I dont call people names. Especially not because they support an idea. Im not some highschool kid in his parents basement. Im creative. Can you honestly sit there and defend a country that has become very dangerously corupt? Are you a politician? because All I was trying to say was get involved. Stop calling people names and start doing something about it. Stop yelling at the screen and poking fun at others because their different. Or because they believe in something so blindly they defend it in the streets of their own country. I have respect for people like that. All I was saying was doing it differently would heed different results. Legally. And im called a "newfag" because of it. Remember there are reasons why people do the things they do. And taking the word of man is not always the best outcome.

Look at 3DEE's reply. Is that really all that was taken from what I said? Do you think that was an educated reply to what it was that I said? And you, just because I mentioned the word ANON and posted a reference to something I think is important under a screen name you call me out on the obvious. I dont want other people to think Im funny. I want other people to think for themselves. And get involved if they believe in something. Take action. If I wanted to post this as ANON I would have.

RIM has already said to countries we can't decrip BBM and once its recived by the device its gone from their servers. Remeber all the middle east countries trying to shut BB down last year over just this. Beside, I haven't heard anything about BBM playing a big part the riots from any news or tech site other than Techcrunch and they are Apple Fan boys that make things up all the time anyways. Beside who has time to stop and send a BBM well your in the middle of a riot?

It is stuff via BES that is encrypted and RIM doesn't have access to it, that isn't the case with BIS and never has been.

BBM will have played a role in this stuff, just like sms, phonecalls, social media and in particular the 24 news channels as all these things pass on information about where the police are or where the looters could head next.

not an easy situation...
think it's important that there must be judges deciding what to hand over and how to control this.
otherwise it would be a strange feeling using mobile devices, gps, bbm etc.
I don't want that my personal data (locations and messages) would be handed over too easy.
decisions must be done carefully by judges.

well idk how good/bad the officers of the law have acted towards the citizens of the UK nor do i have full detail as to what happened with the thing i do know is that police(U.S., UK or otherwise) are corrupt with few exceptions....with that said, i cant say that i am honestly upset about the message from the i dont think RIM employees should be dragged into this situation just for doing what puts food on their families' tables and hopefully no innocent individuals suffer from this whole ordeal...but if the UK government and police force are not serving the public as they should then stuff like this is bound to become a more common thing....with that said...FTP!

Wow. What a bunch of crap. You know that the police are corrupt with few exceptions? Why, because they won't let you break the law like you want to? You are without a doubt a moron. Go hug your trees a bit tighter.

lol childish name mature ...awww *hug* your upset because my opinions rival yours? but if you must know i have witnessed just how "corrupt" the police can be and i am in no way a criminal of any sort(thanks for the assumption)...not to mention i know people in law enforcement from lots of places who consistently speak on just how "corrupt" officers are in situations you will never time think before you make an ASSumption...that is all

Idiot. Situations I will never see? Really? So you have made the assumption that I'm not a cop? Maybe next time you should think before you make an assumption.

"Go hug your trees a bit tighter."

Because being a tree hugger is indicative of being a moron. Although your post proves that the lack of intelligence isnt only reserved for tree huggers. Clown.

You are correct because I never indicated that being a tree hugger is indicative of being a moron. I actually called the poster both. And should I understand that if calling someone a tree hugger indicates a low level of intelligence, then calling someone a clown indicates a high level of intelligence? Is that how this works?

You call him a moron - then tell him to hug trees. Doesnt take the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes to see what was inferred. The whole "shoot anyone involved in the riot" thing also speaks volumes. Hold on a sec while I squeeze your big red nose.

*honk honk*

Saying, "police(U.S., UK or otherwise) are corrupt with few exceptions" is a sweeping allegation that is counter-intuitive to me. Yet you provide no credible source to back up that sensational claim. Where are the statistics, the reports, the hard data?

More likely, you have had negative experiences that seemed like corruption to you, so you have painted all police with the same brush.

I have had mostly positive interactions with police, but I don't conclude that none of them are corrupt.

"Saying, "police(U.S., UK or otherwise) are corrupt with few exceptions" is a sweeping allegation that is counter-intuitive to me. "

Go google police corruption. I see 50+ pages of hits. Counter intuitive indeed.

I Bing'd "mjs416 drinks his own pee" and got over 40,000 results, what's your point?

And if you're a "her" rather than a "his", get over it. I wasn't being misogynist, just general.

Although I agree with RIM helping the rioters, they should proceed with extreme caution, these idiots clearly have no scruples and think it's fine to take things too far. If you're gonna protest over someone's murder/death then just protest, don't start rioting, looting and burning stuff. Who do they think they are and who gave them the right to treat everyone else with such disrespect?
I'm sure RIM will be able to tell the difference between someone who was using BBM to arrange/encourage the riots and BBs that just happened to be in the area.

I live on the Brixton/Clapham border a few minutes from a lot of the damaged property, and just happened to be in Peckham around the time the Phones4U got broken into and left before Greggs got burned down. Does this mean I will be arrested? No, because I wasn't involved, I just happened to be there at that time and I just happen to live where I live.

Because RIM is so secure, I don't doubt they have a record of every BBM message that gets sent so they will only need to use these to target the guilty people.

Yeah...these hackers don't understand the way BBM works.

It's alright guys; soon enough the hacker's Mom's will unplug their internet access and they'll be out of business.

Don't forget that she will also turn off the lights to her basement and throw away the days old pizza and Mountain Dew cans littering the floor, leaving the hackers in the dark and hungry.

"p.s - we do not condone in innocent people being attacked in these riots nor do we condone in small businesses being looted, but we are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government."

Wow - clearly very intelligent people at the helm of team pissin or whatever they are called.

I wonder how many posters on here commented on all backwards UAE and India are for forcing their way into Blackberry's secure network through bans of Blackberry's?

I have to agree with the group 'group TeaMp0isoN'...leave it alone

What TeaMpoisoN is doing is TERRORISM, plain and simple. Don't do this or we'll retaliate and do this. Hunt them down, shoot them and drag their sorry asses into the woods and let the wild animals pick at their dead bodies.

I'm so tired of the mindless thugs of the world trying to rule the world. You're not that relevant, morons!

Well, it's naive and inexperienced to say if you're not guilty then you shouldn't mind being questioned or investigated, just like it would be naive to say you've got nothing to fear when on trial for a crime you didn't commit.

But this hacker threat is just stupid, most of RIM's employees are just ordinary people with careers and jobs for a legitimate living, and have no say in RIM's decisions. For these hackers to say they don't condone attacks on the innocent while in the previous paragraph they've just threatened the innocent for purpose of coercion, smacks of criminal insanity. Especially if RIM is bound by law to cooperate, what are they supposed to do, decide to be sent to jail?

I hope these hackers are found and sent to a dinosaur dung mine in siberia.

RIM was simply being naive when they made that public statement.

These anarchists want to project their version of a "just society" on us all, even if they have to burn out some neighborhoods to do it. RIM should help the police track down these idiots, but why announce it to the world ? Threatening RIM employees just proves how thoughtless and immoral these bullies are.

If they had Android or IOS we wouldn't be having this conversation.....

I personnally think RIM is stupid for 2 very simple reason:

1) How come their own employees infos are not encrypted and well garded on a special and well secure server?? They are KINGS of security from what I know so if their platform can be so secure, they should do the same for every data internal to the company! Espacially employees infos!

2) WHY THE HELL DID RIM HAD TO MAKE A TWITTER OR PUBLIC STATEMEMT THAT THEY WERE GONNA HELP THE POLICE?? Just fo that reason RIM deserves whats happening to them with this! Knowing how delicate the situation is, if you have any intent to help the police or the other side, just SHUT UP! Dont say nothin and just do it!

Sometimes I dont get RIM!! When they should open their mouth to defend themselfs they dont and when they should shut up, they open their mouth wide open! Dont get me wrong, I LOVE RIM and their product! But thats basically bad management on behalf of the department responsible for public communications! They are basically saying: Hello! Here is a target! Shoot me shoot me!!

You're obviously a fool and should shut up.
There is no proof at any level to verify that these group of juvenile misfits have any information. If RIM has enough evidence that their information is secure then a public statement is a good move, it shows that RIM is still in power, they're calling out their bluff and holds the pieces.

The world does not operate in straight solid lines. Inform yourself and continue to do so. I'll certainly keep my eyes on what is going on on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

You're a freakin moron to talk like that! You are a straight imbecile! How do you think government keep so much control over the population? How do you think bank do to be able to keep the fraud rate as low as possible? How do you think big companies keep their competitors on the edge?? By not saying nothing on their intent to do something!! By keeping everything to a hush and than hit the fans when its time! You are obviously too dumb to understand that and think everything should be discuss publicly! Well you obviously have no freakin danm clue how it works in the real world!

Public statements needs to be well controled and timed to have the impact it should! In this case it was not the right timing!

Im convince that it was probably a moron like you that was in place in the government when they received the threat for the 9-11 and didnt take it seriously! Same thing for the Sony hack when Sony didnt take those people seriously! You should probably be the head of one of those since you would do the same stupid mistake!

I'm working to help serve and protect this country with my own life, so watch your mouth. Call me a moron? Call me an imbecile? Try preparing yourself to take a bullet for this country and don't you dare use 9-11 as a comparison for a situation such as this.

Businesses, companies, governments they have a plan. They have powers and knowledge we are unaware of. The world is ever changing.

The reason why I see that a public statement as okay (not the best but okay) is that it reminds the little guy that they do not have the power they think they do. Its suppressing a force trying to grow but eliminating a piece they are prepared to use and hover over people.

Don't get too emotional, and don't use too many exclamation marks.

Oh and about this snippet: "By keeping everything to a hush and than hit the fans when its time! "
You've owned an iPhone before haven't you?

UPDATE: I would also like to apologize for calling you a fool, I understand the emotional response and exclamation marks.

Listen my friend, i'm not here to bash you or anyone on this site. The worst of all is that we are basically on the same side! Personnally I have my shares of experience to not like the police where I live (Montreal, Canada. You might have heard of a riot that happenned here 2 years ago following a young kid being shot by a cop which happened in front of my house) but i'm still not all for the type of gestures those youngsters did!
All i'm saying is a public declaration needs to be done at the right time and this was not the right time for RIM specifically. Its too early and they should of let the police department make those threats or declarations to those groups of individual without telling them how they gonna catch them. And like you said business, companies and governments have powers and knowledge we are not even aware of. Which proves my point right that under certain cercumstances, it is better sometimes not to say anything and just do what you got to do!

Sorry again for all the name calling but i got to admit, you got me flaming on your previous comment! By the way I understand that you have probably fought for your country in the pass and i admire that! But Im an engineer for a big world wide corp (GE) and i personnally know that in situation like those where its delicate and still fresh and your company is not directly threatenned, you dont say a word and you do what you need to do to help and make the situation better! Basically, go under the radar!

PS: By the way i'm a huge Apple hater! So no I never owned an iPhone and never will. And I converted all my friends to BB. For me its BB 4 Life!

RIM might have felt a responsibility, contractual, implicit, or otherwise, to inform their customers they'll be cooperating with the police as required by law, i.e. that BBM is secure from some people but not from the authorities. Part of the motivation for that could have been to help stem the use of BBM for such purposes, by letting the criminals know their BBM is not impenetrable by the authorities.

If RIM had not disclosed this, maybe there would be some people who would say they were misled into a false sense of security -- like the burglars who trip over a doorstep and sue their victims, even though these people are guilty they could still sue RIM for letting them think BBM was secure, then letting the police access BBM.

if these hackers are so good why didnt they just destroy the evidence. it was probably some script kiddie that got lucky and defamed a public rim forum. I call bs that they can touch the databases.

Its obvious you didnt understand that the hackers did not hack BBM or any of RIM's servers that are attach to the Blackberry services since those are not penetrable as far as we know. They are talking about other types of servers on which RIM stores internal and personal data related to companies employees and/or HR activities.

RIM should had taken a page from their Marketing dept. and said nothing of their intentions helping out authorities.

I think we're making a few liberal assumptions as to how exactly RIM intends to help the authorities. Like others have posted, BBM messages are removed from RIM's servers once they're delivered, nevermind the gross invasion of privacy that would ensue if they simply handed over all of the messages from BlackBerry devices within the near vicinity of the rioting (if that would even be possible).

No, I think what RIM intends to do is help the authorities track down the PINs associated with the broadcast messages and/or private chats on the phones of rioters that were captured, in a way as Shlee put it, to "follow the digital bread crumbs" to the source. I don't know whether this would also qualify as an invasion of privacy, but it seems (to me) to be more realistic and a more likely scenario. Either way, I don't think a hacking group holding RIM's employees hostage is going to help the situation...

This... is growing tiresome... hackers they call themselves... feh... Hackers keep their frakking asses out of the light. And those that DO go into the light, are world recognized, and seen at some of the few hacking conventions that happen. Even then, they keep themselves under the radar.

Now, I do not approve of rioting. Why? Because is solves nothing more than demeans your case immensely. Theirs no thinking involved, theirs no actually considering of "right or wrong" when riots get going. Its insane. Should Rioters be shot? No. Should they be arrested? Yes. Should they go to prison, no, community service, shame, and humiliation, yes. Should the most extreme cases go to a jail or prison? Yes, serve time. Along with restitution for all those involved.

Is RIM at fault for providing the information? No. Theirs probably a deal in place they requires them to do so. And ya know what? They probably already did well BEFORE that blog was posted. Which again is a damn blog.

Those hackers? Arrested, and sentenced to prison time. Little bit of buddy buddy time might do them, a WHOLE LOTTA GOOD.

Essentially what these hackers are saying is this:

Let's uphold the law and rights of individuals by breaking the same laws and rights that protect individuals.

They don't have access to any of RIM's databases. You can tell whoever wrote that letter is some stupid 13-16 year old script kiddie.

It was mentioned on Twitter that the BB blog is through wordpress, which you can see on the cached version. Although I'm not familiar with the way wordpress is structured, I'm assuming this means something with wordpress was comprimised. Not RIM directly...and certainly not a system that had the employee info as threatened.

Mr. K....I agree...let the police handle it themselves....STAY OUT OF IT RIM....ur battle is with google and apple not rioters DONT HELP THE POLICE....LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT....DONT GET INVOLVED.....stand down rim

A very precarious position RIM is in indeed. One thing that can be agreed on is that the people who would defend rioters by threatening innocents will have zero sympathy by the general public.

Who does TEAM POISON think they are? LMAO @ team poison. What a stupid name LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Losers!! Get a life!!! They are probably 14 year old little geeky boys who are using their moms internet to do stupid things like get free porn and stuff like that. If they are 18 or older.....get a life! Get a job!!! Go out and have fun...Stop being a nerd. Probably still virgins. They probably wear team poison tshirts and think they r cool. LMAOOOOOO...On the other hand.. RIM is in a very weird position. They dont help then they got the gov on their backs. If they do help then they have to worry about these nerds which i believe do no know their ass from their elbow. RIM should have kept their mouth shut. Dont be a rat!

As I drove around the M25 motorway this morning (it encircles London for 125 miles) I saw a huge cloud of smoke drifting over the suburbs, emanating from a warehouse that was torched last night. As I passed by I could make out the twisted wreckage of room beams.

Let's be clear about this. This was not peaceful protest, nor even protest accompanied by scuffles. It was organised thuggery, arson and theft. It was not all "disaffected youth" nor even all locals. It was organised anarchy, with people coming from far and wide to attack anything that could be blamed for their twisted, hateful view of society; the police, firefighters, ambulances, "rich" business owners, cars. The Internet has enabled anybody with a grievance to find fellow sufferers, whether it is a hatred of bankers, Conservative voters, capitalism, the USA (I've been shocked and disgusted by the anti-Americanism over here in the UK), globalisation, whatever. Social media then make it easy for these arseholes to join together in organised events. Even if those organised events are the planned trashing of everything in sight.

If RIM can assist the police to identify ringleaders then they have a moral duty to do so. Whether such identified people turn out to be guilty will be for the courts to decide. If they are guilty, as far as I am concerned they should be locked up for a VERY long time. Bastards.

And please don't give me your hand-wringing, sanctimonious, soul-searching Guardianista bollocks about poverty and lack of aspiration. There was gut-wrenching poverty in London in the 1930s, but youths didn''t go around torching buildings and looting.

Well said. I understand the new "I have an opinion and need to voice it" internet, but half of the people on here are out to lunch. When we get to the point that we start calling out a communications company for attempting to help authorities stop terrorism, there are serious issues with society!

Would half of you opinionated feel the same if this were 911 and you lost a family member? yeah.. "RIM stay out of it!"
An entire country has been occupied by military for years to fight that terrorism, yet Shame on RIM for giving access to some chat logs to help prevent these terrorist attacks from escalating and growing in following.

Seriously give your heads a shake.

When we close the web Browser, this is real life, not a forum.

Organized anarchy? Is that an oxymoron?

Stem the riots and find a peaceful way forward, but are they really anarchists? People who want no government at all?

These wankers depend on the very society they're attacking to provide them with the technology they use to promote and involve themselves in these inexcusable acts.

Grow some balls, will ya? Seriously.

I say we round these arses up and wrap them in a blanket and helicopter them over some of the still burning buildings.

Drop them in and watch them pop like popcorn.

Disgusted by such cowardice.

These hacking groups make me sick, supporting attacks on plice and government. They should be charged with treason/the most severe charge possible for their part and sentiments in these disgusting shows of mob mentality.

I have read all the comments here, I think it was not really the best move for RIM to make the statement, I think having served in the forces its difficult to see the lines between genuine protest and anarchy, anyone's death in these circumstances is tragic.

Having said this, I do not believe it is the right thing to burn peoples business's just because they are successful and you are not. To steel product from shops and premisses because you don't have the ability to buy it from your own hard work.

Making comment is easy when its not on your doorstep, and if your home is threatened I think we all would want to have a Policeman on our side.

Hackers should be thrown in prison for life without parole for making stupid threats but I forgive them and hackers will reap what they have sown. I forgive them and leave that to God , hoping hackers will learn the lesson the hard way.

I agree with RIM informing blackberry bearers that they are subject to the law and that RIM will assist the authorities to assist with the application of the law.

Blackberry users can not say at a later date that they were not informed that their messages may be read by legal authorities from a certain point in time onwards.

The individuals who continue to use their bb to send information which leads to an act punishable by law have no legal recourse – they were warned.

The individual must take full responibility for their own actions.

Shoud someone receive a message on their bb relating to acts punishable by law then they must ignore those comments and not reply or forward them to another person.

As to the group or persons who have threatened RIM – they too will be under invesitgation. No-one should be silly enough to comment directly to them ….

@rkevwill and everybody else:


RIM is nothing but the delivery boy.


(i.e. BBM, phone calls, the whole internet, bank transfers, streets...)

RIM must hold back the information that goes through their servers!
If they give the police access to BBM it is nothing but a big shame and a loss of trust that is unbearable.