Official BlackBerry 10 global launch videos hit YouTube

By Simon Sage on 30 Jan 2013 06:30 pm EST

RIM BlackBerry updated their YouTube channel today with a bunch of the videos that they used in today's BlackBerry 10 event. You can always run through the whole live event stream which folds them all together, but these give a nice overview of the big features and some of the ads.

Be sure to check out the BlackBerry YouTube channel's feed for every single thing they're uploading today. Some even look like they weren't in the event.

We've obviously done a bunch of our own videos in the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10 review, but what would you like to see from the device prior to retail launches?

Reader comments

Official BlackBerry 10 global launch videos hit YouTube


Ya thats like totally only like 28 days away. Like so messed up dude. Like maybe blame your CARRIER ?!? The phones are obviously ready so the only other factor is the USA carriers dont want it yet.

Or it's Blackberry giving the states a big middle finger and rewarding the rest of the world for being faithful lol... because the states abandoned them. and the whole carrier thing is just a big coverup :P

that would make hilarious sense, and i could totally see Thor doing that.... cuzz hes a badass

I didn't understand why they did these "excitement builds" videos etc and neglected to get into key parts of the new phones.

If BB wanted to get back to "cool", I don't think they got there today, in spite of the sexiness of the phones.