Official 8830 WE 4.5 OS Released!

By Bla1ze on 7 Feb 2009 03:08 am EST
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Gets 4.5

Finally, the wait is over for all you 8830 World Edition owners out there that have been hanging on patiently (perhaps not so patiently?) for an official release of the 4.5 OS. Bell Mobility has answered the ultimate question of "When, will 4.5 be available for my device?." Right now as a matter of fact, you can head on over to their download site and grab right from the RIM servers and load it onto your 8830 and enjoy all that official 4.5 goodness that the OS brings along with it. Of course, all the upgrade procedures and discussion forums are indicated below, be sure to check them out.

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Official 8830 WE 4.5 OS Released!


Can i just say that i'm so freakin' excited! I did the upgrade and youtube FINALLY works! I have docs to go! It’s a beautiful thing

I cannot afford to brick my phone. Having said that, I want upgrade. Can this be used on verizon phone? Also, any link to best instructions to do so?


Its about frakn time! I am on verizon. all i did was delete the vendor.xml file. made sure i had desktop 4.5 software and downloaded the software 4.5 for the phone and i was good to go :) finally youtube and html email :) I realize 4.5 had been out in beta but i just dont like using beta versions of software.

Had a difficult time installing but here is what I ended up doing.

1 wiped my BB with JavaLoader then tried to use the BlackBerry Desktop which failed. However after a bit of Googling I used the loader.exe from the common file directory standing alone did the job toot sweet.

I am a happy camper

Everything went well with the upgrade, only problem is I've lost the ability to tether with my MacBook Pro via BlueTooth.

Anyone else see this?

and my phone is much better now. One thing I encountered was that I had to delete the vendor file just before I clicked "upgrade" (i.e. when the dialogue box opens prompting you to upgrade, only then did I delete the vendor file). Before hand, the vendor file kept reappearing, and DM would only show OS v4.2.

The only issue I have had is that I can't end a conversation in messenger. It just stays open. Must be a bug.

I downloaded the higher operating system and still can't recieve pic text. Does anyone know how to get that for the 8830?

What is the upshot of deleting the vendor file? When I installed the beta (.101), I forgot to do so and everything installed andoworked normally. The file is only 1K, so it's not a space issue. If Verizon.xml interferes with te installation for Bell Mobility, can it be restoreed to the folder once the installation is complete?

it's great to have youtube now. Just a quick question... How do you use the controls on youtube? I see a volume control on the lower right hand side but I can't get to it.

I did the upgrade, and everything worked out fine. My only issue is this: My sounds/speakers are like boo-boo gas. It's awful. A few of the tones are different, and the music that I have on here sounds like mono! There's no bass, and the quality doesn't sound anywhere near what it was before the upgrade.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyway to revert it back to how it was before?

24 hours and counting. So far so good. Huge improvement in memory, no major drawbacks. I do experience the occasional lag in "waking-up"; but i can live with it.

The only advice i can give, remember which custom ring tones you have asigned in the address book, you will lose these. Annoying, yes; but not a big deal.