Official for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available from AT&T

By Adam Zeis on 18 Dec 2009 10:01 am EST
Bold 9700

We had OS leaks galore for the Bold 9700 in the last few weeks, and now AT&T has officially released OS This is a pretty decent upgrade from the OS the device shipped with, so if you have some spare time today it may be worth an upgrade. This is an official OS, so you can install it worry free (more or less). Be sure to drop a comment and let us know your findings. I'm still searching for a 9700 OS with the "Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email Option", so maybe one will pop up one of these days.

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Official for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available from AT&T


can anybody tell me if there is a way to do an official os upgrade without having to do a reinstallation of all the 3rd party applications and their licenses? thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, you have to re-enter your licenses whenever you upgrade/downgrade.

Back up your device so you wont have to re-install everything. Use BBSAK or something.

Whenever I back up my device using DM all my 3rd party apps are backed up as well. Just have to re-enter the licenses.

110% totally AGREE with TraderZ!! WTF how u gun UPGRADE the OS of 9700 BEFORE the 9000!!! I been waiting for the official 5 os release for MONTHS now! WTF YO! ATT and RIM best get their mind right!

AT&T is f'ing 9000 owners by trying to entice ppl to move up to 9700 which isnt that much better. So they are delaying any software updates for the 9000 (official ones at least).

For this reason, AT&T is losing my business once my contract is up.

trader z,even though i agree with you 100% about what att is doing, i disagree with you on the 9700. it is a lot better than the 9000. it has a lot more memory,trackpad is way better,smaller device. i used to have a 9000.

I said it was better but not that much - my opinion.

I know a bunch of people who have them and I just cant get used to the smaller keys, size and it feels cheaper in the hand.

That said, the resolution, trackpad, and 5.0 software are all very nice. But I cannot justify a purchase on those merits alone. I dont use my camera and the increased memory is cool but I dont need much more -still have 50mb free.

In any event, dont need to debate 9700 vs 9000 again but I think its BS what AT&T is doing.

I went from 9000 to 9700 and there is a HUGE difference in almost every aspect. The battery is the same and the 9700 gets about 3x more life out of it. Trackpad rocks. Resolution is better. Keyboard *is* smaller but still not hard to "touch type" with.

Device speed is insane faster too. An initial Google Sync with 9000 took 7-10 minutes. With the 9700 the initial Sync took about 2 minutes. That just shows how much faster it can process information.

It comes down to RIM not putting out 5.0 for legacy devices really. There are dozens of betas for 5.0 for 9000 if you want that. Nothing official because RIM hasn't refined it. NOT carrier's fault.

Go to OPTIONS > ADVANCED > WIRELESS UPDATE on your AT&T 9700. It's there and downloads OTA. Mine is doing it now. Easier than Rapidshare and connecting to the PC.

I'm not sure if the 9000 operates on 5.0

I could be completely wrong about this...but do you think that the reason RIM is creating so many updates (patches) for 5.0 devices has anything to do with this particular operating system to be a little more developer friendly?

And how did you come to that conclusion?? I'm on T-Mo and have used .415 and .421 but I use .405 because it stays connected to UMA at home whereas .415/.421 wouldn't. How is this designed specifically for AT&T?? Doesn't make any sense...

This is so unfair, I have been waiting for the OS 5 on my Blackberry 8900 for time now. I wonder when its going to be released? :-(

Sad times

It's the 9700 onyx ofcourse, the best! get this upgrade now it has been a succesful update for me and better than .415/.421 leaks.

So you finally installed new os on your phone, so could you please tell me what is the difference this new os with the old one?
Thanks again

Had it on my 9700 since the day one leak. and just for an FYI 9700 = bold = onyx.... the bold is the offical name, onyx is the "code name"

I agree with flash24. .421 has been spot on for me. No noticable issues and apps have all been running fine. I'm stickin with the leak.

downloaded and installed, not really noticing a difference? seems a little quicker i suppose. what am i supposed to notice?

I also received an error message about 1/2 way through the download while trying to update through desktop manager. I guess I will try again later.

does anybody what the differnces are.. is it worth the upgrade.. I have mine working so well.. I would hate to change it

After the update, under option in "options", I no longer have a "custom" option under the "set home screen layout". Anybody else notice this?

I knew it I'ved been fighting for .405 that it will be official and been running it since it got leaked. .405 FTW!!!

i keep getting an error everytime i try to download it from my device and i get a fatal error trying to update from dm.....

Loader.exe file from the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader folder... after you delete the vendor.xml file... and remove it from your rec bin.

I'm not a 9700 user but am an 8900 user and seeing an official OS 5.0 release for the 9700 on AT&T makes me somewhat hopeful and optimistic that an official OS 5.0 release is in the near future for the Bold 9000 & Curve 8900!! I mean, who really knows but to me it makes sense! I can't speak for the Bold 9000 but some of the latest OS 5.0 leaks for the Curve 8900 have been pretty solid! I'm currently using OS on my Curve 8900 (OS before that) and as smooth as my BB is running, I wouldn't know it wasn't official!!

I set out on .415 and .421 Beta OS's and keep using .405 while all the lemmings follow "the newest and bestest" off the cliff and this one becomes official..... pure win....

You're telling me that you're going to give an OFFICIAL upgrade to a phone that a) is already running a great 5.0 build and b) to a phone that essentially JUST came out???

That just doesn't sit well with me.

They need to focus on getting these new high end blackberries all running 5.0 before sending out little tweaks to their newest phone. Is that too much to ask for?

So far so good, upgrade went without a hitch. One of the bugs I had with texting large groups has been fixed.

I think the OS you are running currently has to be an official ATT release or the wireless update won't work. I am running the last Rogers official release so I get the "no update available" as well. I am going to do it from my computer when I get home.

I see all the post from upset Bold 9000 users. Believe me I would be venting on AT&T as well for not releasing a 5.0 for the 9000 but due to a big screw up on ATT's part, they gave me a 9700 instead of replacing my 9000. Unfortunately don't see ATT releasing a 5.0 for the 9000 until after the new year b/c they want all those christmas 9700 sales. Hang in there, guys and girls.

I used the wireless upgrade option on my Bold 9700. The upgrade seemed to download and install ok, except for 1 minor error message that popped up. It didn't show up again once I did a battery pull.

"net_rim_bb_qm_peer(203) is not responding; process terminated"

weird thing its once I went into the wireless upgrade option again to check the status, it said the last upgrade succedded, but now it says I have and additional update.

It shows v5.0.0.409!!!! Should I update?

Is your phone unlocked? mine is unlocked and using the .351 Rogers firmware and it won't do the OTA. Installed it the regular way works fine.
SMS fixed BTW.

Has anyone gotten Chinese input to work on this one? I can only get recognition (able to read Chinese characters), but can't input... I installed the East Asia pack, and checked Chinese for installation, but it does not show in the Language/Text Input settings in the Options.

I downloaded the new OS and I have lost some applications such as ( task, memo pad, word to go, and couple of games) has anyone had the same problem?, and how do I get them back?

Will the upgrade overwrite my BIS e-mail account and contacts or will it be kept intact? Other than that I haven't installed any additional apps that I can't just redownload.

Just in case, I'll backup but was curious before I go ahead.

Many people are having problems with this one. Apparently "official" isn't worth much these days.

I never thought I would say this, but my mac nuked my berry! I tried to update using the desktop manager for mac, but in the process got a 507 error.

Thank God I have a PC lying around for occasions such as this. :-)

I updated my 9700 OTA just fine as well, but lost my Tasks and Memo Pad as well. Any insight on how to get them back. I already checked in every conceivable nook and cranny on my phone with no luck. I went to OPTIONS> ADVANCED OPTIONS> HOST ROUTING TABLE> MENU KEY> REGISTER. That didn't work either. If you know how to fix this problem, please reply.

Anyone else have this problem ? Upgraded my 9700 to and cold bootup takes about 4-5 minutes and worst of all, the BB feels sluggish. Just moving from icon to icon, eMail etc...

what a gyp!!on .296 the one it came with I was able to download blackberry maps and run it, now that I have updated I cant download blackberry maps anymore. Bastards

my bold 9700 come with soft ware platform and OS Can i update to OS Any issue with diff soft platform? Thank you. Also I go to Option/advan../wireless update but it says no avaible?

I am very angry !! this software after installation is not 405 but 400 !!! (633)
plateform :

so far dont have a problem with 5.0.0351 in SMS , with this version i have a big bug in the name of SMS ....

how is that this version can be called official


Stupid SMS text forwarding issue still isn't fixed. I'm beginning to wish I never upgraded from my old 9000.

Of course rim is going to upgrade their latest phone first. That's just business. The bold line is the best line rim has ever made in my opinion and I'm sure an official release for the 9000 will debut soon. My wife owns a 9000 and I have a 9700. I watch for both updates all the time.