Official Realeased For 9500 From Vodafone UK!

Vodafone Launches .141 For BlackBerry Storm 9500
By Bla1ze on 6 May 2009 06:40 pm EDT

Some interesting news to come out of the CrackBerry forums posted by pilotcap. Vodafone UK has officially launched for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 series devices, since this is an official launch the typical beta warnings do not apply. So if you have been holding out and now and wanna give .141 a try, what are ya waiting for?

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Official Realeased For 9500 From Vodafone UK!


I got notification yesterday but did the update today at the office with a faster connection. The Storm is a whole better, more reponsive and at long last an easy way to edit text.

Until this update I was ready for dropping my Storm and Blackberry at the earliest opportunity as I found it sluggish and frustrating at times.

How did I know before I even entered that all the comments would be vzw moaners.

Well I'm on Vodafone but I'm feeling left out so 'f- you Verizon'!

At my call center, the couple of people in charge of training the tech support staff have been given Storms with .141. Someone also mentioned .144 but I think he was mistaken, as I've never even heard of that build(but I'm sure it exists).

They have moved onto testing it in everyday use according to the trainers and it's interesting to see that Vodafone has released it as official. They did the same thing about a week before launch and the trainers had a couple of devices with .7x on it and a few weeks later, .75 dropped.

I'm not dumb enough to start a thread about this, but something in that range .141-.144 might be it guys.

I doubt they would approve it with the lock issue there though... I wonder if they like the build, do they send it back and say, fix this one thing and then get it back again for testing...?

Oh, and do realize that Vodafone and Verizon run different models right? Just because Vodafone released it doesn't mean that Verizon HAS to or CAN release the same software... that's why you see separate leaks for the devices. They use different radios for their primary connections.

If Vodafone posted an official update then Verizon can not be that far behind. What if you have already downloaded a leaked version? Is it recommended to download the official version and do you have to downgrade first?

wtf verizon wireless is like half owned by vodaphone, come on vodaphone force them to upgrade the 9530

My store manager told me last week that sometime in may, vzw was relasing 52 updates for the storm. So hopefully, it will be soon.

Last month, we were hearing rumors of April....nothing. Now we are hearing rumors of May.....I bet nothing.

VZW service is good their customer reps are good, their hardware support.......not good.

...clean the dust from under my screen, improve my battery life under constant usage to about 13.5 days, and automatically add about 20 bucks to my every time i check my bank balance from my phone. Honestly, i think all of these "wtf VZW" comments hurt their feelings, and they are now paying us back.

VZW, I apologize. Take your time, my screen needs cleaning.

it seems we are getting closer, its a tug of war people dont let go of the rope we are getting our OS shortly... were getting our OS shortly...

Oh god... Rizzy sounds right in saying that 9500 leaked came a day before 9530... so maybe, just maybe we will be relieved...

I really hope this isn't Verizon's official release because this build has drained the hell out of my battery. I am using two batteries in a 36 hour period...including the time that I'm asleep. I bought a spare battery and a spare battery charger.

definitely. The interface is snappier, granted, but battery life now is a disaster and I'll have to get a second battery. The battery went down two notches while switched off overnight. How bad is that?

why the hell does everyone on the planet have the updated software for this shit phone except verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im a huge bb fan but lets be honest this phone sucks.

yes vzw is the best ever i love them so much!!!! i dont get what the hell is taking them so long all these leaked os's and none of them meets there standards this is horse shit!!! i got something that we'll meet there standards it's called my d**k

I love my storm....kinda...not really....waiting for the niagra not an update....I don't give close. and has nothing to do with the "official" update. I just miss some damn buttons

Is this OS upgrade useable on any Storm or just ones purchased from Vodafone UK? If so, have someone got a link to an newer Version than .75 Thanks. Just got a Storm as I have moved across from IPhone (which I still use) and Nokia.

Did it occur to you that perhaps the software being released by RIM is SHIT and verizon would rather have everyone stay on .75 rather than give them a few other problems and a faster phone?

.75 works "well enough" even though I finally updated to a beta OS, but there have been other issues uncovered after that update. So yeah, perhaps they are sticking it to RIM to get something good out.

What is the deal with the build numbers increasing so much and not much changing at all interface-wise? Why don't they just keep working on the same build until it's great instead of scrapping it and breaking other features in the process?

The versions are shit... That is exactly why there have not been any official releases. Think about it... Why would a carrier hold out? Really?

As far as the store manager said, VZW trainer said, sales rep said, my contact or very reliable source, they do not know. And if they did , they are not at liberty to share. They sign letters of confidentiality and it could cost them their job. In this current job market I doubt they would be willing to risk it... I know this as I work for the company (VZW)and have beta tested many devices, infact I am posting this with one of those very devices...

I agree that there is some speculation as to who is holding back an OS upgrade for the 9530, between VZW's extremely stringent testing process to ensure quality releases, and RIM's quality questions with their beta OS versions.

But to say that the versions are shit leads me to believe that you haven't worked much on the 9530 beta testing. I'm on, which is better on battery life, almost no random reboots, much less typing lag than .75, much faster camera, faster phone response, faster voice-command dialing response, a vibrate mode that actually only vibrates instead of playing sounds anyway, like .75. Browser is much faster also.

All of that said, if a nearly complete list of strong improvements is what you consider shit, and you work for VZW, its believable that 9530 owners really might NEVER see an update after all. I know the newer versions still have bugs, but they are still much, much cleaner than the official VZW .75, and that was released as an "Oh Shit!" fix to a premature release anyway.

why wait for Verizon to release .141? Just upgrade already. You don't need some stinking wireless provider to give you permission.

Preach on!

Seriously!! Just upgrade to a beta OS already then.

I mean, half the comments on a new OS release are people bitching about how it isn't for

They are to be treated as two separate phones. When a company that uses the 9500 gets an update and Vodafone doesn't, THEN you have a legitimate gripe. Otherwise RTFM, and STFU.

It's like waiting for a bus on public transportation. The stop shows that your bus runs here, but 4 other buses happen to come before it. Bitching to the people waiting at the stop with you, for the same bus, isn't going to make it come any faster.

Instead, how about asking those that are benefiting from the update what to expect and how it feels and so on. I'd rather hear from them. Not to mention, this is the homepage of the site, put on a good face.

Wow, people are so negative! I get have to wait for the update. Well guess what? SO DO I!!.

Have patience.

theres some confusion to if this is a genuine signed off release at present as you can see if you wander over to the eforum vodafone page, moderators on the site have stated that this is not the signed off firmware they will be releasing however niether have they stated what build number the one they have signed off is nor will they say if its is 141 or other ? wierd!!!!

Stuff like what? Vodafone releasing an official update? Yeah, that sucks...makes me want to go out and get an iphone too....


I'm still on .75____ 6 battery pulls today! unreal.... Verizon had better have something good up there sleeve for waiting soooo long!

You deserve the sluggish performance you are getting. quit being a puzzy and upgrade your friggin phone. stop whining about the performance on .75 is horrible. we all know its bad. there is no difference from a leaked OS such as .141 or when Verizon releases .141....ITS THE SAME THING N00B

i spend over $100 a month for a phone that doesnt even work. If you call verizon, they'll tell you to do a battery pull. That real customer service.

And you think that because you've had a BlackBerry for 6 months your an expert? Leave these people alone, we were all new to it once. I bet you did (and probably still do) have stupid questions about your Berry. Go suck a d*ck.

Why do all the 9500 threads & blogs ALWAYS ALWAYS get highjacked by angry Verizon Storm owners. Its very off putting to try & find proper info about the new Vodafone OS when its all Verizon stuff,its not Vodafone customers fault & Voda users dont seem to highjack Verizon threads.
The Blog does say UK so really has nothing to do with Verizon, Ok Voda & Ver are part of the same company but you all know they are different companies when it comes to releasing OS's & Devices.

I posted another comment earlier that says it's better to use the threads for info about the releases...benefits and drawbacks, rather than people bitching about the update for their device not being there.

I don't flip out when there is a leak for the Bold, though I wish it were for my yeah, why can't they just chill for a bit?

Just makes this place harder to read.

I agree, and even though I'm contributing to the cluttered threads of 9500 users (because I'm with VZW), I sometimes enjoy reading these threads just to see how much complaining people can do.

Hey all you fellow 9530 users out there: Stop posting on threads that have nothing to do with you. Or at the very least, STOP complaining about Verizon. Do you really have that much time in your day (or daily with all of the leaks and non-9530 updates) to complain about something so trivial?

I downloaded the .141 version last night. Official Version by Vodafone NL (netherlands). It still had the lock/unlock and media players bugs. They even pulled it from their website due to these issues. So don't get mad because there's an official version available somewhere else because this official version is still buggy.

Surprised anyone would release this as official with the lock and media bugs. Lock, ok fine, maybe it was intentional (for whatever reason), but the media bug is driving me nuts.

Why are people complaining about .75 and doing nothing about it? I got sick and tired and tried the so-called UNOFFICIAL upgrade .132 and I'll tell you I don't miss or regret not staying with the OFFICIAL .75. My battery pull went from twice daily to once every few days. Typing and making calls are supremely easier than the shitty OFFICIAL .75. Come on people.. If you have half a brain and can fallow instructions you can upgrade. I'm not a tech geek, but I'm also not retarded enough to stay on .75 and drive myself crazy.

Couldn't agree more. Stop waiting for VZW to hold your hand though the update process and download the OS yourself! What, youre worried about your warranty?!? The .75 OS already SUCKS and you're still up s**t creek so what's the hold up?

The Storm is a pretty nice phone with the new OS changes and I'm getting sick of pampered slack asses whining about how bad the phone is when they lack the cojones fix it themselves, especially since the fix is so obvious and available.

It blows my f-in mind...

What amazes me is the disdain you have for those would EXPECT a company to provide a QUALITY service that they PAY for. The onus should NOT be on the customer to take a risk on UNOFFICIAL and UNSUPPORTED software upgrades in waiting for the provider (in this case Verizon) to provide a QUALITY update.

You f'ing fanboys crack me up. I as a Verizon customer paid good money for this Storm and pay good money each month for a SERVICE. Part of that SERVICE includes providing QUALITY upgrades. So no, I WON'T upgrade to a beta or some other POS unsupported software update.

Get a job, move out of your mother's basement, and STFU when customers voice a legitimate complaint.

Wow. I haven't read such an arrogant defense of blatant slack-assery in some time. Must be nice hiding behind that "customer" status. The world owes you so much because you dropped $200 on a phone. Wake up - we all did. As it stands you have 2 options. One is to grow a pair and download a beta OS and thank the almighty phone gods above that they were leaked in the first place. The second is to use the brain dead .75 OS, shut up, and wait for Verizon to spoon feed it to you - much like someone who doesn't read this website often.

You're calling updates like .132 and .141 POS? Wake up, you're running POS software! That's why your circumstances are so laughable. Try actually reading the website, they put the OS leaks out there for a reason.

Oh and thanks for the cleaver insult, maybe after middle school gym lets out we can throw around some yo momma jokes.

Crackberry provides us all access to these BETAs and other goodies to try out so we won't sit there and complain like a bunch of idiots. If you want to complain about the phone and the service please do so on RIM's and Verizon's page. And for your info, we are fanboys or else why would be on a website dedicated solely to a certain brand. What the hell did you expect when you typed out CRACKBERRY.COM? You want to voice a legitimate complaint? Then go to verizon's official page. No one cares about your customer satisfaction level on here. It's all about .141.

If nothing else, grab the official .122 Bell release for your VZW. I'm still running that. While some of these other releases may be even better, .122 is a major improvement over .75 and it's "official" for at least one carrier.

Your Storm will become fun to use again.

the os.122 software is the shit, ive been using this software since it became offical n it has seriously been great,i could not go back to .75 ever cus that really sucks.i love to here voices of true reason. download the new Os u just might love your storm all over again

I love coming on to crackberry for news about my storm. Everytime I see a topic with 90 comments I'm hoping it's 90 comments from good BB users who have tried the product and giving their honest opinions on it to help me determine if I should get it or try it. I hate it when half of it is about idiots talking about iphones and how much they hate their storm without really trying to make it better. The storm has it good points and bad points just like any other phone. Nothing in life is perfect.

DM has never worked on my PC! What's the point of the wireless upgrade option if it just keeps saying 'No Upgrade Available'??

If you are on this blog - then really you probably have tried at least one of the decent beta releases. Do you really think that the VZW update will be magical. I mean - who cares. Its so not a big deal. I'm running .141 with StormSlider - and the damn phone works wonderfully. This is actually a pretty good phone. I do not expect the oceans to part - and all of my issues to be magically fixed when VZW releases their next update.

What the hell could Verizon be doing that's more important than the newly released BlackBerry Storm that they advertise to be a Great Phone? This is BS! I was better off with my Pocket PC from Qwest! it Worked Wonderfully! I have the leaked .113 and its still giving me crap! 2nd reboot today... just f-en wonderful!

Can VZW users PLEASE stop whining on a Voda 9500 release and leave this thread for 9500 users!!I'm fed up of trawling through pages of non constructive comments and bitchin just to find some useful info.
Has anyone downloaded this "official release" and given it a good workout? with and without themes (themes DO slow your phone down!)I have had a replacement handset and installed v .113. along with Pattern Lock, Quick Launch, Face book, etc Phone has never been better. Not a single battery pull, and memory has not dropped below 25mb. I have stopped running themes on it though.

I sure hope that they seal the deal with the iPhone. Once that drops...I am switching over to the iPhone like nobody's business. Otherwise, I'll just go to ATT!!! F*ck this Storm BULL!!!

hey everyone I am a fairly new BB user I got a curve for Christmas as a hand me down and I recently upgraded to the Storm and I am on the VZW network, and i have to say i don't really have many problems with the .75 aside from the occasional crash while answering a call in landscape mode, and of course the stupid no sound out of the speakerphone for Amaze and a few other apps. Anyways my question is what are the glitches that we should expect with the .141, I am hearing something about a lock glitch.....? it all seems unclear i hope someone can provide a good lowdown on what to expect with the new upgrade