Official Released For BlackBerry Curve 8520

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2009 04:11 pm EDT
Official Released For BlackBerry Curve 8520

This one is for the 8520 owners out there. Carrier BASE has released the latest official OS for the 8520, although without a change log kind of hard to say what has changed within this release. I was able to download and upgrade my 8520 with no issues. Personally, I'd rather see a 5.0 leak but I'm sure that will come with time, besides the 8520 has a rock solid OS as it is.

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why would they release an update so soon? especially when as ya say bla1ze the os is awesome already, not skipped a beat! plus os5 due soon, wouldnt it be wiser to devote the effort to givin us peeps 5.0, c`mon rim ya know ya want to


is this better than .259 or still the same?



this is really nice i hope i win, starting to not like my storm..time for a change


Help!!!! I have a Sprint Blackberry Tour 9630. My signal strength is horrible and "jumpy". It will go from no service to maybe 3 bars in the same exact location that other sprint phones have excellent service. I can't even use my phone in my office!! What is going on?? Is anyone else having this problem? Are the Operating system upgrades going to help this issue? Please, someone help!! Thanks.


Maybe a carrier upgrade'll help. Sorry nothing help here in this post.


Is this doable, I read on the web you cannot do this on a Mac.
The beta desktop manager sez that there is not download available?