From the office to the track, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team stays secure with BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2014 11:27 am EDT

It's hardly a secret that BlackBerry is one of the sponsors for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team. The partnership was announced back in February 2013 and continues today but rather than just being a sticker on the cars and a logo on the teams gear and fire suits, BlackBerry is deeply involved in the organization by providing BES 10 encrypted solutions and handsets across the board.

How important is BES 10 to the organization? Well, check out the video below featuring MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Executive Director (Technical), Paddy Lowe, and IT Director, Matt Harris who alongside MERCEDES AMG High Performance Powertrains Managing Director Andy Cowell, explains how BES 10 works for them as a team where the secure protection of data and information is paramount.

As a bit of a side note but still totally relevant, congrats to Nico Rosberg who not only got married recently but also claimed his first home German Grand Prix win at Hockenheim on Sunday, is number 1 in the Driver Standings, whose team is also number 1 in the Constructor's Standings and finally, signed a new contract with MERCEDES AMG. Check out Nico's thoughts on his win at Hockenheim.

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From the office to the track, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team stays secure with BlackBerry


Not a fan of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 team but I am happy for BlackBerry sponsoring the right team who is winning and in the spot light.

Go team BlackBerry!!!

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Always good to see BlackBerry up on the winner's podium when these guys win, place or show....

No wonder Angela rocks a Blackberry...

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I'm an Alonso fan, but if Ferrari isn't going to give him a competitive car, I'm perfectly happy seeing Rosberg and Hamilton up on podiums with "Blackberry" prominently featured across the chest areas of their suits.

Best thing Thor ever did was establish this relationship with Mercedes

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Great to see so many blackberry's in one place seamlessly working together using BES10. Great Share Bla1ze

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This partnership with Mercedes Petronas is AWESOME! Such a winning combination. Whenever I'm riding in my friends Mercedes, I always say, nice BlackBerry car, although it's no Petronas (lol) just a sedan.

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F1 is the pinnacle of motor sports and I for one am pleased that BlackBerry is conspicuously a
huge player. Unfortunately BMW withdrew from F1 several years ago for several reasons including not winning and expense. I would have liked to have seen a BlackBerry BMW marriage instead, but BB is winning big with Hamilton and Rosberg on the Mercedes Petronas F1 team.

I always smile when I see them on the podium with BlackBerry across their suits. It's also nice to see it on the headphones of the team when the camera shows the team.

 BB 4 ever 

They did an excellent job getting the message across , as to what BlackBerry brings to the table for a company.

I can see the BlackBerry haters hoping the the team does bad, so they can write about and heckle those using a BB even more than normal.
It's definitely an image booster for BlackBerry. Never hurts to be part of a winning team.

The best team in F1 using the best phone ( I wish I had a Z30 but love my Z101)! Here is a group of dedicated, smart, driven people using this device and the BES system to its potential, love it. Say what you will but F1 is all about the manufacturer winning the championship, and to win that means you have to have an edge over the competition. No secrets can EVER be uncovered by the competition so security is pinnacle for these teams. Mercedes, smartly, has found that edge over all the competitors this season and Blackberry most certainly has played a part in that success.

Having the F1 team use the BlackBerry Passport pre-release would definitely help promote the phone in Europe and Asia. Mr. Chen I hope you are reading this ;)

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Great to see this, blackberry should be lapping it up with this partnership- Mercedes are head and shoulders above the competition so far this season and f1 reaches a worldwide audience including many markets blackberry want a piece of.

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Love the team all rocking Z30's. Great device for graphics and communication. And a very good profile of BES 10, communication, teamwork and security. The team kicking butt sure helps give BlackBerry a winning image as well.

Z30 Rocks!

Superb partnership for BlackBerry. Fastest team in the fastest auto-racing competition in the world. Definitely looks good on their end. Germany has been competitively an absolute machine.

Rooting more for Hamilton but as long as the team does well I'm happy