Office Depot joins the list of retailers discounting the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 24 Nov 2011 03:50 am EST
Office Depot PlayBook sale
The BlackBerry PlayBook sales keep rolling in, and the latest on the long list of retailers to discount the tablet is Office Depot. You can pick up a 16GB PlayBook for $299 today, but if you can put off your purchase until Friday or Saturday, you can grab it for $100 less in their Black Friday sale. This sale is only good in the continental US, 1 per customer, and while supplies last but the nice thing is it's not just in store, you can order online as well. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!
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Office Depot joins the list of retailers discounting the BlackBerry PlayBook


Same here except I'd ordered 2. Now with the new prices I'm thinking of getting two of the 16GB but I know I'd be wanting more storage space quickly. On mine anyway.

I don't know if it was a trick. It seems like they are not going to sell it anymore so were probably trying to clear out their inventory. But I would think if you make the 32GB $229 and the 64GB $299, they would have moved them a lot faster and made more money. Any marketing experts reading this with some insight?

I am going to pull the trigger and buy the 32GB on Amazon. $299 flat. Hopefully they wont come down in price at midnight. I already have an iPad2 but I am really looking forward to this tablet to go along with my blackberry (9700)

Update: Placed the order (32GB for $299 flat). Excited!. Now lets hope Amazon does not cancel the order. Once thing is for sure, Best Buy will not get my business again.

I had tried to order the 64 GB from Best Buy when it was listed for $229. I was wondering if anyone was successful? I read where several people were able to checkout for $241.00. Did the store cancel the orders?

They cancelled my order after giving me a 30-day extension for the backorder. I am sooo PO with Best Buy you have no idea. A bunch of crooks!! I understand most other people also received the cancellation email except for a very few.

Yeah mine was $250.69 with tax live in AR but order got canceled :@ I'm beyond po'd! I emailed walmart to price match, no go. I emailed worst buy, to voice my displeasure not that they care but they are loosing my business for good! I emailed RIM to fill my cancled order, still waiting on reply.

Well on topic, I just bought 3 of them as a future Christmas gift. It was cheaper then most other retailers, and I was able to get that amount without any hassle.

my coworker was able to pick up the last 16gb unit from a bestbuy in san diego. what a lucky guy! i helped him setting it up last night just in time for his thanksgiving vacation. we tried out video chat for a bit. he was super excited.

I bought the 32gb version for $299 and couldn't be happier. I'm a pastor, and actually preached from it last night in church. It was a breeze to use and nobody could tell it wasn't the usual paper manuscript. I bought the leather case/stand when I bought the Playbook, and it looks very professional.

Kevin, who keeps track of these things, should give a new estimate of the number of PB users using now that there's been a big sale.

I'm glad I ordered from on Tuesday, it seems they at least know what customer service is about (as opposed to BestBuy based on above comments).

I ordered the 16GB for $199, when my order shipped it stated: "BLACKBERRY 32GB SUB FOR 16GB". The device arrived at my office next day on Wednesday however I'm not there to confirm if it is actually the 32GB model. If it is I got a free upgrade which is great as I wanted the 32 in the first place - I just couldn't justify anythor $100.

I'll definately order from Staples again based on this experience, free shipping too, and a bonus with Next day!

Long time blackberry user:
7290-> Original Curve -> Original Bold -> Bold 9700 -> Bold 9900

And finally jumping on the Playbook bandwagon with the new low price.

Good to know Staples knows what Customer Service is, unlike Worst Buy. I am also a long time blackberry user. Congrats on your new toy.

Hey everybody the 32 is US$249 at Staples! Starting at 6 a.m. Friday and lasting until Saturday night.

16gb - $199
32gb - $249
64gb - $399

Typo? I think not.
Look at the weekly ad, go to page 3, bottom third of that page, under the green bar in real small print I found this deal

Hey Niloch,
that also happened to me with staples and I did receive a 32gb for $199! I received it yesterday, so it's confirmed.

Radio Shack also had the 16gb for 199.00. I got the last one in the store near me. The girl that waited on me told me they are going out of business. Duh! Had to enlighten her!!

... Best Buy is driving me nuts!!!
Earlier this week it had the 16,32 and 64 gig PB's and online.
Yesterday, the 64 gig PB (i want) disappeared from its webpage....Today, none is available in-store or online.. :(

This price cut is now making me seriously take a look at the PB. I have been against buying one unless and until OS 2.0 is actually here. I've also considered them overpriced in the current market.
Now that at least some of the retailers and RIM is making the unit available at these discounted prices, I'm thinking they just MIGHT deliver the OS as promised. I'll be looking at the 64 GB model.

This might actually be a smart move on RIM's part. If tons of people buy playbooks and love them, if RIM comes out with a new tablet in the future they might have a better market.

Although I am excited about the sale prices (I purchased a 64g Playbook at regular price), I am also nervous about a company that will reduce a "brand new" product by 50+% so soon.

i love my BB products, but is RIM in trouble? This is an honest question.

I think RIM lowering the price on the playbook is somewhat strategic on their part. Think about all the new Playbook users out there, how likely are they now to upgrade to a new blackberry the next time they are eligible? Pretty likely given the power of the bridging functionality.

Just got the last 16GB from Office Depot outside JSC in Houston.

I thought there was a line waiting and turned out to be for Half Price Books next door, phewwwww :)

-Bold 9700 (waiting on 9790 for tmobile)