Odd looking pre-release BlackBerry Z30 turns up on Craigslist

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2014 05:46 pm EDT

Every now and then when devices end up getting released to the public, we often see early prototype versions end up hitting some weird places online and it seems that tradition has continued on with the BlackBerry Z30. CrackBerry forums member boilerkim has come across such a creature on Craigslist and it certainly doesn't fit the bill of a 'normal' BlackBerry Z30. There's info to suggest that despite the markings, it might not be a Z30 at all.

This BlackBerry Z30 (if it can really be called that), while not being able to boot, has a USB 3.0 slot, shows some rather odd markings not found on a released BlackBerry Z30 and well, is plain weird. It's hard to say if it's a prototype device or something someone just hacked all to heck just for the fun of it all. Still, pretty interesting to see whatever it may be.

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Odd looking pre-release BlackBerry Z30 turns up on Craigslist


Yea my thoughts exactly it seems like they experimented with usb 3.0 since that is where the trend is going right now. Plus usb3 supports higher electricity flow which means quicker charge time.

The gaps on the front lip could be sensors? idk

It looks as if the chassis has been machined out as a mod.
It also seems as if the silver Chen (pun)was modified in some (odd) way.

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I think it was an early Z30 prototype that Bla1ze eluded to earlier. USB 3 would have been nice.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLEFIED!™

Especially looking at the production date of November. (small chance of Ontario) but I think it is Tigrus.

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i think there are a lot of people looking at this post, maybe even authoring it, that know a lot more than what we are being told...

It won't boot? Then I don't think it is real. A broken z30 isn't worth anything, but if you're good with a dremmel tool and you can pass it off as a "prototype" you might just get a few bucks for it. I'm sure that's what this seller is thinking. And he's probably squealing with glee from seeing this posted on Crackberry.

It has BlackBerry error 10-0015. It won't boot up. It does, however, turn on. Apparently the OP tried everything to get the OS reloaded.

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It almost looks like they took new hardware and crammed it into a Z30 shell. The phone doesn't seem to fit right..

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Pic one appears to show protective plastic peeling off near the USB 3 port. Odd for a Z30 pre-release to still have plastic, especially given the apparent shape the screen is in.

Likely has been hacked to hell and back, probably got zapped too, as to why it wouldn't boot. Any takers to reload it with blackberry link using an autoloader by chance?

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