October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month... if you are looking forward to BlackBerry 10 and like this photo, donate now!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Oct 2012 09:21 pm EDT

CrackBerry Breast Cancer Challenge: Make a donation right now in support of Cancer Research!

A reader just emailed us wondering why we haven't yet written a blog post reminding CrackBerry readers that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And just in case it was our lust for BlackBerry 10 distracting us from this important cause, she made sure to get our attention by also sending in the photo above.

Mission accomplished. She got our attention. And now I'm assuming she also has yours. The next thing to do? Hit up the links below and make a donation in support of cancer research. Do it. Do it now. I just donated $100. I challenge you to make a donation too. And if you do, be sure to let us know in the comments. Let's see how much CrackBerry Nation can raise.

NSFW? Normally we'd put an NSFW on the title of a post like this, but given the context... it's not. If your co-worker, boss, significant other, friend or family walks in on you and sees the photo and wonders what the heck you're looking at, show them. And challenge him/her to make a donation too.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM.org) 
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Breast Cancer Society of Canada
Susan G. Komen for the Cure (buy this Bold 9900 theme, proceeds go here!)

Reader comments

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month... if you are looking forward to BlackBerry 10 and like this photo, donate now!


This breast cancer blog is having a much better turn out then the one they posted a few days ago. Think it has something to do with the pic of that lucky Blackberry snuggled comfortably between the woman's breasts? lol
Tablets are incredible

Ashley, we love you for your wit, your knowledge, your skill in front of a camera, and for your incredible ability to raise one eyebrow to accentuate a point. What all that is housed in is just a bonus.

Well, in a general sense, if you want to spot breastcancer early on, it is my understanding that self examination is harder with bigger breasts. So, count both of your undoubtedly exquisite blessings, Ashley!

Ummm .. you HAVE seen your Monday Brief's right ? lol

Donation made.
Glad to see the CrackBerry and Mobile Nations teams can have a sense of humour and support such a worthy cause.

MOM, Is that you? And what are you doing with our neighbour Mr Wilson's phone..oh dad's gonna be mad...again.

So lets all ogle the exhibitionist. Personally I take offense at anyone posting bad taste garbage like this under the veil of encouraging donations during breast cancer awareness month. It is, likewise, a disgrace that this site would stoop so low as to post it because someone with an exhibitionism fetish stuck a phone between their breasts. No I am not a puritan (actually quite the opposite) but this is solely about objectifying women and absolutely nothing more....

Yes! How dare we relate breasts to breast cancer awareness month. Atrocious! They're breasts, Get over it and donate. Besides, it was either what you see above or Kevin in a pink bra.

I gotta say, this pink bra does look pretty good on me... between my long flowing locks and pink bra, I'm totally bloggable right now. 

Sure you don't want me to post that photo? ;)

Please, no! How much money would I have to donate to be spared that photo of you, Kevin?
No disrespect, but I just don't see you that way...

So the only appropriate way to encourage people to donate to worthy causes is with pink ribbons and sad stories and bake sales? If this pic encourages even one person to donate to Breast Cancer Research, then it was worth it. 

You know the saying... "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Well said. And the breast cancer blog posted a few days ago was a disaster not even getting 10 hits. Look at how much this one is getting. Men think with their penises and if a cover of a hot woman gets their attention to donate then that's cool.
Tablets are incredible

But it isn't.

We can play the "What if" game all day but the fact is this:

The image posted above is more or less equivalent to what we can expect to see in a Sears catalogue. It's not hardcore pronography.

Come on dude; it doesn't matter as long as the money goes to the right place. Breast cancer has affected most people in one way or another, and it's a good cause.

Do you not drink beer because of the women in the commercial? What about sexy women in other marketing material, do you boycott their products? Do you not watch the weekly mobile update from Ashley? If Kevin was doing that weekly mobile update bare chested no one would watch! See what I'm getting at? You are exposed to stuff like this all day and are influenced by it without even knowing it.

I feel like you're the type of person that is never happy. The message is a good one and shouldnt offend anyone. I mean it's a picture of boobs......for breast cancer....stop bitching and donate

Point taken on objectifying women but the media does it all the time. And where do you think we are blogging now? In a public media blog but consider this. The blog on breast cancer posted a few days ago showing only the cancer pink ribbon symbol barely got 10 hits. Most of the users on this site are men. And what better way to get a man's attention then showing a beautiful woman. Men think with their penises, and what better way to get a mans attention on a breast cancer blog. Nothing wrong there.
Tablets are incredible

@stephen_az I couldn't agree more with you. I am a devoted fan of CrackBerry but this kind of article is offensive and tasteless. I'm very disheartened to see this kind of photo on the front page of the site, regardless of whether it portrays what the cause is.

I wonder if women readers are offended by this. Otherwise it's a lot of men commenting on the photo, and again I really find it offensive and crude.

Really surprised.

some of the comments left here are offensive, the image is not "tasteful" but Kevin's heart is in the right place. I can't speak for women but as a guy who works in advertisement and ad approvals, this really isn't all that bad. Also, it's an online blog. I see worst/more provocative web ads on an hourly basis from just browsing

I am a woman- I have breasts- I have a lot of sisters (one passed from breast cancer)- I have several friends with breast cancer. I AM NOT OFFENDED! And I have donated!

I did a website for a Breast Cancer charity and I wanted a photo of a woman topless obscuring her breasts with her arm as if doing a self exam. My wife was happy to pose for the cause and the charity was thrilled to have the photo on their website. It stayed there for several years and the ladies that were involved with the charity provided me with near celebrity status when I visited them at their annual event, I was introduced as their webmaster and they all knew me as the guy who's wife posed for the photo.

Bad taste garbage? Only if you forget what this is all about... I lost a friend two years ago to cancer.
This is actually very decent post and appropriately provocative, exactly on the point.
Kevin - kudos to you for posting this!

October is my birthday month and every year i try to wear something pink through out the month to support the awareness. I try help at local hospitals as well. thanks Crackberry for the support. yes I'm a guy, guys can help too. just cuz they are breast doesnt mean men cant help.

I've donated to breasts like those before, the only difference was instead of a blackberry they had a brass pole in between them.. ;)


Hmmmm ... wonder if Kevin will be so eager to post a picture during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (Just looked it up and it is in April). Not sure what angle this was shot from, but am thinking it was NOT from the intellectual angle. Possibly involved a few too many beers.

Don't worry, I am over it. It is just that I wonder what people whose lives have been changed by breast cancer and who fought long and hard for the issue to be recognized as worthy of serious scientific investment would think? When they first started working toward it, this is exactly the kind of snickering that went on. That was until more and more men had a woman they loved get cancer. Then all of a sudden it wasn't sexualized nor funny. But each to his own. Just sayin'. Like you said, every donation helps.

It is October!!!!!! Remember.. The normal boobs ( . )( . ), the silicone boobs ( + )( + ), the perfect boobs (o)(o). Some boobs are perky (^)(^), some boobs belong to grandmothers \./\./, let’s not forget the very large boobs (o Y o), and very small boobs (.)(.), and lastly the asymmetrical boobs (•)(.). We love them all! Post this message on your wall in remembrance of all those lost and still fighting breast cancer !! Save the TaTas!!

lol good job on the ascii boobs. Me thinks you have too much time on your hands if you have time to come up with all those boobs.

BTW my fav boobs are the normal boobs ( . )( . ) ;)

Well since men can also get breast cancer maybe Kevin should post his pic. :)
I guess they picked October because of the doube O in them.
I do find the comments to be very titalating and thank Crackberry for keeping us abreast of it. :)

This is Ok. But this is not, a nation that supports and sees as entertaiment, Actors in action movies killing other people and live violent news and on the other hand sees a boob a mile away on the tv and for that want to close the tv channel or sensors it and go nuts about it. Hello, there is something very wrong with that society. So sheer up and donate for a good cause.

Everybody chill out and just donate! It is a very good cause. My wife just finished chemo and is about to start 6 weeks of radiation. If it takes a picture to get donations big deal. It could be you or a loved one that gets a message you really don't want to get next...

Thanks for the comment. It's appreciated and you match my sentiments 100%.

All of us (myself included), know somebody directly or indirectly affected by cancer. Cancer sucks. Period. If a tacky photo gets the conversation going and gets some proceeds donated to the cause, which is exactly what's happening on this thread, then it's worth it.

All the best to your wife. Tell her the crazy folks at CrackBerry are standing with her strong!

I've got a close and dear friend that has been on chemo and radio simultaneously for a couple of months, what she's going through is beyond words! When I look at that picture, I don't see lewd, I see someone who's lucky to still have them. To all the people whining about this, would you like to have a picture of a cancerous breast up there instead?....Don't think you would, but you would still whine all the same! sfmccallie I wish your wife, you and your family all the best, God bless!

Should have made a good wallpaper with these puppies and asked for a donation ... instead, you have leaves falling as wallpapers... geez, guys ....

Wait, you're telling me BB doesn't stand for big boobs?

Seriously though, when did this turn into a smut site?

@estarno, I agree. It's demeaning and degrading to what otherwise is a very useful, usually professional site and the notice could have been posted somewhere else, without the pics and the LURID comments from members. I will get flamed here I'm sure but I find it very offensive, it could have been done in a number of other ways that would still have gotten my (and I'm sure others') attention.

To be honest I find this tacky. Nearly everyone knows a family member or friend who's been affected by cancer, what is there to raise awareness of. Breast cancer research is the most overfunded of any of them and is quite treatable as well. Other cancers like prostate, pancreatic and thyroid could definitely use more funding but unfortunately they don't have the appeal of "yay, boobies".

Sorry, but you are wrong. Recent research has shown that there is no such thing as "breast cancer", there are a number of diseases under the same heading. Research is needed to categorise them properly because the treatment for one disease may not work on another - for instance, it's becoming realised that chemotherapy can actually worsen some of the "breast cancers".
Prostate cancer is much less of a threat and is overdiagnosed in the USA. It mainly affects fairly elderly men, while breat cancer is a major killer of women who are bringing up children. Thyroid cancer is relatively well controlled. And pancreatic disease is getting more attention. It isn't an either/or.

I'm male but I'm far more worried about the prospect of my wife developing breast cancer than I am about prostate cancer.

They are BOOBS! Everyone likes BOOBS!!
Now, shut up and give.
- brought to you by the International Save the Breast Foundation.

You know, I like boobs as much or more than the next guy.

But posting pics like that on general/public news topics (instead of some special section like "adult" or "NSFW" etc) is not going to do anything to dispel the Blackberry community's "fratboy" reputation either.

Which is a pity, because RIM desperately needs to broaden their image and appeal.

Not safe for work? In parts of the USA perhaps, and for some values of "work", but Europeans are a little bit more grown up.

Eh, you can see just as much cleavage at the pool, beach... heck, even at the grocery store. (I live near Arizona State University hahahah).


Totally NSFW. This kinda post could get me fired at my company. Appreciated and not appreciated at the same time. Should definitely have been on a click through instead of the main image.


But then again should we really be checking up on Crackberry on company time? ;)

Picture is fine to me, but a disclaimer/link would've made it easier to view/display incognito in public.

*rolls up $20 bill, places in mouth and lies down on stage*
Oh sorry wrong place. I should click on one of the links to donate :)

The Susan G. Komen foundation is known to sue anyone who uses the tagline "For the cure". They also rejected the donation from Pornhub, pulled breast exams from Planned Parenthood and sued over 100 organizations for using "For the cure". They don't deserve your money. More info: http://www.huffingtonpost(dot)com/2010/12/07/komen-foundation-charities-cure_n_793176.html

Both of my sisters have had radical mastectomy's done. This pic is not offensive to me or to my sisters. It is all about awareness for both men and women because both do get breast cancer. If it's "save the ta ta's" or an image like has been posted that helps the cause, I am all for it. What is funny is my daughter-in-law is from Mazatlan, Mexico. Down there the term for small breasts is Chi Chi's. Imagine her confusion when we passed a Chi Chi's restaurant for the first time!

Wow thanks for your cooperation, and your help to motivate people to be aware that cancer is something you need try on time.

Thanks to the CrackBerry Nation, Kevin, and all the staff for getting people talking! To everyone affected by this particular cancer my thoughts are with you, and to everyone who is going through hardships with health my thoughts are with you.

I'll be making donations throughout the month, and I encourage those who are interest in making a donation to this cause or another to take a look into as well!

I see absolutely nothing wrong here, in fact I think Kevin did a great job of heightened awareness and generating donations.

For those offended, they're breasts, every woman you know has them and the day (may it never come) that someone you love or are close to is stricken your view of this post will change 180 degrees.

Donation made.

I see no reason to be offended. I was surprised when I saw the pic, but certainly not offended. Nice way to raise awareness and donations.

Tacky pic but a great cause. Lost my Mom to breast cancer 5 years ago. Sponsered a friend who was in Run for the Cure 2 weeks ago. Forget the smarmy comments and open your wallet.

This isn't objectification, boys -- it's empowerment. This woman willingly took a photo of her own breasts and submitted it for possible publication on a website. They're her boobs and she can do whatever she wants with them!

Just to be clear: YOU don't get to decide when women are being objectified and when they aren't. THEY do. And I haven't seen a post from her complaining that her rack was posted without her knowledge or consent, so take your fake indignation and put a sock in it.

"Just to be clear: YOU don't get to decide when women are being objectified and when they aren't. THEY do."

Well said snape!!!! As a woman I don't want anyone telling me when I am being objectified. As a woman- my skin is thick and I put up with much more than a pic. Puh-lease!!!

I am all for using this pic to bring awareness and get donations!

Originally it was a pic sent to the email address for the "everyday BB10" contest but Its great to see it is used for raising money to support people. I do not think it is offensive at all, anyone can see a picture like this in the real life, in the telly or in the newspapers or on a wallpaper adverstising a disco or something. I think this picture just made the whole website a bit better, I mean it was already good and very useful but sometimes need some fun too. Anybody finds this rude or offensive should wake up now and realize the world is different now. And this is far from porn. They are beautiful boobs used as a BB docking station and they should WIN something! :-) I hope I will see the first BB10 phone "docked" before christmas. That would be a fantastic christmas present! :-)

Um, this photo is totally inappropriate on a "family-friendly" site. Some of us read this at work you know. There have been a lot of other crass type shots or links to videos with women vibrating themselves with a BlackBerry showing up here lately which must be funny for the guys with hardons who run this site, but it just seems like amateur hour...

So when you get hauled in front of your boss for looking at near pornographic material on company time; you'll also get nailed to the wall for slacking off on company time.

You do realize that not slacking off is actually the way to prevent either scenario from unfolding, right?

Why are you surfing Crackberry when you are working in the first place? Also, this is a very tastefully done photo, and everything that needs to be covered is. I find it brave that the young woman sent this in, and she deserves our respect and thanks. I just donated earlier in the week to a charity and will probably donate to this as well, and I think we all should. Every little bit helps.

Some of us actually work so hard we get to take "breaks". Ok I know I'll get slam dunked for that comment but couldn't resist it :)

And I know for a fact if my 60 year old boss saw me looking at that in the office no matter on whos time, it wouldn't help improve my relations with him.

I can see it from both sides, the question is, is this a family safe "professional" tech blog or is what is this? I hope this is a only once a year or so thing or better yet less. With this kind of stuff on here it will eventually get categorized as something that my work filter will block , which I DON'T want!

And yes, I do donate approx 10% of all my income to charities, so its not like I don't support them, but if it takes pictures like this, post a link to another site at least.

Kevin, you need to hit the gym. You have really let yourself go.

Just a side note: please be aware that approximately 1% of all breast cancers are found in men. So please donate.

Just a side side note: mammary glands are so unique from an evolutionary perspective that scientists named the whole class Mammalia to recognize this.

Just a side side side note: there is a BB10 hiding in this image; hard to find but it is there

Comments confirm it. Nothing does it like a little NSFW. Sex sells ... fact. :-)

This time in a good way. Do not wanna be egoistic at all, but location-related... i just donate some bucks to a german organization. But it was for cancer in general.


Don't worry Ashley you will never take a back seat to anyone. You know we're all in love with you anyway ;)

By the way Kevin I just matched your $100 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

I'm sure if my sister still had her boobs she would be more than happy to pose and show them off for this cause. Everyone just pray that a cure is found and not a another single will have to go through what my sister and all the women have had to endure

Just an fyi .... Men can get breast cancer too
http://www.cancer.ca/canada-wide/about cancer/types of cancer/breast cancer in men.aspx?sc_lang=en.

But if it takes female boobs to increase $$$ donations then so be it. Besides, if can cure breast cancer the other cancers wont be far behind.

one look at that pic and it was downloaded and applied as my wallpaper. pleasantly surprised whenever i am on my home screen. :)

c'mon BB10!