One for UK shoppers - Ocado on the Go for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 26 Mar 2013 04:08 am EDT

Here's one for UK folk that like to shop at the supermarket Waitrose. If that's you then I'm sure you will be aware that Ocado are the company responsible for completing the home deliveries. For you lucky BlackBerry 10 users you can now do all your shopping straight from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone which is pretty cool in my book.

Although the app is an Android port it seems to work perfectly and you will have every item within the supermarket at your fingertips wherever you are. As well as being able to fill up your shopping basket whether at work or at home, a great feature of the app is that it will sync with your account meaning you could start your order while you are out and about and then finish off once at home on your PC/Mac on if you wish - clever stuff.

I must admit I'm not an Ocado user but testing out the app was a piece of cake and I may even order some shopping just so I can do it from the luxury of my BlackBerry Z10.

If you are in the UK and want to take advantage of the app it is free to download, so why not give it a shot and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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One for UK shoppers - Ocado on the Go for BlackBerry 10


Your 3rd bud and don't be a queen and just post first at least post about the article you tard.. why is it so important to be first.. you have no life kid.. that's an awesome app tho not available for me in Canada but what a nice luxury to have :). And sorry I'm sick of these kids lol..

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Pfft if you shop at waitrose then this app is for the person who you would normally pay to do your waitrose shopping for you! :p

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Actually Ocado's pricing is pretty much like for like against other stores, and if you sign up for delivery passes then it really isn't a posh-shop experience, rather a good value shopping experience instead. Remember value isn't always the cheapest!

Either way, good to see the app available officially, so download it to show interest and make a comment to say you would like to see a native experience. Best way forward, as Ocado can see demand, and we get to do our shopping will little effort :)