Obama's BlackBerry takes a dive - Proves it's still affected by gravity

Obama Drops BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 17 May 2011 11:20 am EDT

A while back we posted a poll asking how many of you have dropped your device. Over 80% of those that voted have dropped their device at least once, with a crazy 26% dropping it five times or more. Well President Barak Obama is now part of the dropped BlackBerry club as he was actually caught on camera as he dropped his device on a recent trip to Tennessee. It appears that it wasn't his slippery fingers that lost it but maybe a sub-par holster clipped onto his pants. As he was trotting along, the device seemed to pop off and take a short trip to the pavement. Word is that all is well since the device was safely inside the holster case, but perhaps Mr. Obama might want to invest in some better protection like an OtterBox or an upgraded hard case? Keep reading for more images.

Source: Daily Mail

Obama Drops BlackBerry

Obama Drops BlackBerry



Crackberry should offer up a nice case for the big dog! He may name drop you for it!


HAHAA! Obama must be mad at his blackberry


He was probably told that the 9/11 conspiracy was leaked to the world and I hope it was...


The agents in picture 1 are coming to help


Yeah, i realized the same thing !


"Blackberry 1 is down! Repeat! Blackberry 1 is down!"



So he uses the holster that came with it.


LOL, BlackBerry 1! That's awesome!


I just dropped my POS blackberry and broke the screen on saturday


Time for our President to get an otterbox!


I thought we figured out Barry didn't have a BlackBerry?
Can't wait for America to do to him what he did to his phone - except his phone wasn't broken before the fall :D


If it broke he'll probably have another one sent to him in like 10 minutes with everything transfered to the new bb so he probably doesn't care whether to get a case or not lol.


My uncle works for a software company that makes POS billing systems. His company replaced his Blackberry 3 times already. He drop the phone in toilets, run over by his suv, etc, etc. Every time he brake it, the company replaced it within a day. I guess, if you are holding a high positions in a company, its like being President too ;)

I am sure Obama will get is BlackBerry replaced in minutes.


I can't tell if you're agreeing with him or just recounting an anecdote.


LOL :)I was waiting for the Bus when I typed that... LOL I know its funny when I read it as well...

The thing is you don't have to be a President of US to get free phones if you find a good job that gives you free phones. :)


I would think they have a dozen of blackberries in the Air Force One and his car, just in case, he breaks one :)


Lets give Obama a case, I mean its our tax dollars in the end of the day. haha

Would be funny to find his BB PIN and do random status updates that will trigger him to message you, haha. :D


It would be soooo cool having him on BBM, i would "ping" him every day on the 1hr. I would be one of those BBM stalkers! lol


...and that's why you won't ever see him on BBM


Saw another pic where he was getting in or out of a limo and his 9000 took a spill and the battery case popped off. I know his pain! Every time my 9000 takes a spill the case and battery go flying as well. Still works like a charm though ;)


Yeah, just recently their was a pic of Obama getting out his motorcade while doing the bb bounce.


I believe this would be a good opportunity for Crackberry to get Obama a Otterbox.


Do you think POTUS is required to turn off his Blackberry (and maybe even his iPad) below 10,000 feet while flying AF 1?

I think not !


Causes that support extended batteries. PM me on the foruims if you know of any. I need that protection!


He should get a Playbook. The next time the Navy Seals have an operation, he could just stream the live feed to Playbook One and wouldn't have to go to the situation room =)


pin:22CD94D1 add Obama its real, start adding


It is especially tramatic for Obama, because his BB is like his teleprompter he can't speak with out it.


...and the same for every POTUS before him since its inception.

In other words, LAME post....


My 9700 is a TANK!!!!! I've dropped this thing at LEAST 12 times!!!!! And my 3 year old has dropped it about 6 times! I'm pretty sure he has one of superior quality! He probably wont even need another one. :)


disappointing there's no mention of the person that sent this story to you guys...


I wonder why he is not carrying an iPhone? Do you think It might be because the iPhone does not offer the same security that Blackberry offers....Inquiring minds want to know!!!!


well he sure "cracked" his berry ;)


i like the 2nd pic where he's got his strut on.... straightening his jacket without knowin blackberry 1 was going down.


I've dropped mine a half dozen times. I have one tiny boo boo on it, and that is it.
These things were built for a life time of enjoyment.
The pres has a BB .... so so cool.
When I was in Vegas last month, all the cool good looking people had BB.
You know who had those other phones !?


The last pic looks like the blackberry was crawling up his leg lol


i sell him my bold jejjeje