The Oatmeal has fun with smartphones in "Why I love and hate having a smartphone"

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By Michelle Haag on 14 Jun 2011 09:03 am EDT

The Oatmeal never ceases to make me laugh, and this topic hit so close to home, I couldn't help but share it. Titled "Why I love and hate having a smartphone", it sounds all too familiar and I couldn't help but chuckle while reading it. The above cartoon is just an excerpt from the blog, as the entire post is too long to fit here, so follow the link below for the rest of the comics. 

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The Oatmeal has fun with smartphones in "Why I love and hate having a smartphone"


Awesome... the thing that makes me chuckle the most is a guy I know recently got a Galaxy S (whichever one Verizon has). He likes it and all, but has said on more then one occasion that his Moto Razr was THE. BEST. PHONE. EVER.


I just read a post on AndroidCentral from a person who said his Incredible 2 was a piece of junk because he could only install 125 apps before running out of memory.

Seems to me every phone I purchase after two yrs it starts to have a boatload of problems - my tour9630 sucks right now n year 2....the damn phone reboots constantly outta no where !!!!!

Wiping would be the best option. I have also learned that downloading beta apps from Blackberry slows your BB down as well. FB 2.0 and BBM 6.0 makes my Bold 9650 sluggish.

I have actually fixed that problem with my Tours and Bolds at our company. Most of the Tours and Bolds that reboot for us happen when the phone is set on the table or fumbled around in their hands. This is due to slight movement of the old battery. Put a brand new battery in, and viola, no more reboots. That solution is 5 for 5 here so far.

That is of course, if you have already tried a OS reload and that didn't work.

We had one Bold (the first one it happened to), that I even went as far as replacing the device under warranty, and the problem was still there. After that, due to the fact that the battery was the only variable left, my troubleshooting led me to the first battery swap for resolution.

Great read! Thanks for sharing. The picture you posted definitely hits close to home for me too. I know so much people that say they hate their smartphones because of it being too slow, but no matter what, it's still better then going back to a dumb-phone.

Before I got my first BB my Razr was a great phone! If it had a qwerty keypad I probably would have stuck with it longer.

the funny thing is i had an updated Razr that had an mp3 player, i had opera mini on it, it ran aim, i switched from that to the bold 9000, i think that going back to a normal phone like my very first Nokia back in 2002 would be horrible- my bold 9000 is an elderly phone as they go but it still gets me through the day

the 9900 can be released anytime now though ha

LOL! I have a 9000 as backup phone, but I actually also have a RaZR as secondary backup...... It cold take 15 seconds to find a phone number on that thing. But the design was great at the timenof release.

"By all means switch back to the Motorola RazR" is exactly what I've said to my spoiled daughter who has gone thru a Samsung touch phone, BB 8520 and now has a Iphone4, and you know we really didn't have trouble with the RazRs not that I'd ever give up my BB for anything.

I am the BES admin at my company. I just printed that, put it in my cube window, and attached a RAZR to it.

This will be a great response to those who show up everyday mad because their trackball may not work after they ate a bag of doritos. It may also work for the iPhone fanboys that continue to tell me that an iPhone is a more secure solution than BB, so we should switch our entire infastructure to support them!