O2 in the UK offer up a sweet deal on the BlackBerry Z10

O2 Z10
By James Richardson on 24 May 2013 04:26 am EDT

As the title suggests it seems that O2 UK are having a bit of a purge on the the BlackBerry Z10 - which is jolly nice of them. Up until 5th June 2013 you can pick up the Z10 in either black or white for just £32.00 per month on a 24 month contract and the best news is that there is no up front cost for the device.

In addition you also get the below bundled in which looks to be a pretty good deal if you ask me:

  • Unlimited mins
  • Unlimited texts
  • 1GB data

Sure, 24 month contracts are not my thing but the reality is that it's become the norm for most folk here in the UK that need a high end smartphone.

Tempted? Let us know in the comments.

Pick up the BlackBerry Z10 on O2 before the offer ends



Feel a bit hard done to now. Ordered the Z10 on the day it came out and am on the same deal with O2 at 37 quid a month. I suppose us pioneering types don't reap the benefits. Oh well, only 20 months left.

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1GB?? F that..

I've got unlimited mins, unlimited text, unlimited data....£35


dan d

I paid 114.00 Canadian plus my old curve on a 3yr one week after it hit the shelves here. It's all good though I need a cell phone and like my service from Telus mobility.ca and my new Z10 from BlackBerry.

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It seems a lot of money still £768 to pay over 2 years better to buy it outright.

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Yes, but that price includes calls, texts and data, so it's pretty good really.


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They are required by eu law to offer 18 month contracts too. But back to the article, o2 had this deal when the z10 first launched and I was tempted.
It's a decent deal. If you can haggle less minutes or text for more data them take it!

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aka fusion

It must only be Vodafone that offer 12 month contracts in the UK now.
And if you or a friend qualifies for the employee advantage scheme (a lot of companies do)you can get 20% off the contract price.

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Got mine at launch, negotiated a good deal with Vodafone... £40 up-front I think it was then £27 a month.

Unlimited calls and texts - 1GB data.

Managed to get a 16GB memory card too :)


"a bit of a purge" oh dear, that doesn't sound good...


Wish sometime this kind of sweet deal can avaliable in China.

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Andrew Sheldon

That's a horrible deal, so much better alternatives like the Q10 on 3UK unlimited everything + free bluetooth speaker 33PM Bam!

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Stay away from Three. WORST-NETWORK-EVER. Boom

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Only when you want leave, otherwise is very good service. Never had any problems in last 6 years. I got even better deal 1000min unlimited txt and data for £29.

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If you don't need loads minutes and texts tesco phone shop are doing good deals on o2. Got my z10 for £22/month and paid £15 for the handset using a cash back site.


Giffgaff....£12 a month, unlimited texts,unlimited data, 250 minutes a month and free calls to other Giffgaff users. that's all I need.

Cheaper to buy the phone outright and use this type of PAYG sim than be stuck for 24 months with a mobile which 6 months on from now will be old hat( it already is by competing standards!!)

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I changed from o2 to three and coverage is much much better... it depends where you live. Also for roughly the same cost I have an unlocked phone and a monthly contract of 12.50 with unlimited Internet and the flexibility to sell my phone and change when I want to.

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Seems like BlackBerry is heavily discounting the Z10 in order to try and place the device into more hands.
Makes sense after 4 months of sales and given the tough competition

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I think it's actually a move by O2 to make themselves seem more competitive with 3 who have been offering the phone up with more data for less (I think something like £32pm). The Z10 would still have been sold to O2 at the same price as before

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Why would you call the AMOLED screen crappy?

David Iverieli

Any Network operator who offers limited data sucks! And O2 has worst mobile internet speed in the UK. Thats shame you advertise those companies.


Haha agree with the above... I live 5 miles outside big city, I couldn't get reliable 2g connection on o2... never mind 3g.
Try persuading them to let you out of your contract ... easier to snap open the jaws of a rabid crocodile with your bare hands

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Wow! Great deals in the UK. Here in South America, I got it with a 24 month plan, 3gb, 500minutes, 1000sms, $76/month and a whopping $600 for the Phone! (unlocked $1050). Everything expressed in US dollars. Feel Lucky guys. Thats like $2400 after the 2 years! :(


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Well, that's good enough to finally upgrade the missus from her Torch. Ordered at lunchtime.

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I got my Z10 free on Vodafone UK. I should of had to pay £107 for the phone but because I was a customer with them for almost 9 and a half years when I upgraded they let me have it. My price plan is 600 mins (which I don't use), unlimited texts and 500mb data (with data test drive for the first 3 months so ends in 3 days) at £33 a month. I was supposed to get the 20% employee advantage discount so it would be £26.40 a month but my bf's mum (NHS midwife) got confused on the last day I could apply and was mislead by the website and thought she had to be with Vodafone too which wasn't what I was told? Now I'm stuck paying £33 a month for the next 21 months... and for some reason vodafone are charging me £38 a month! I used to love vodafone but now they're pissing me off. There was an error with my last payment but it's on my bank statement so I definitely paid it and now they're trying to make me pay £76 (38 x 2)!! I'm going to make a scene when I call them and tell them they're only getting £33 and I want sure signal for free because the signal in my flat is terrible, and reduce the minutes for more data... I wouldn't care so much if I wasn't quite so poor :/ if they don't I will threaten to tell everyone I know to avoid vodafone and i'll take my business elsewhere when my contract runs out...

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Peter Charlton

I got mine for 26 unlimited min txt n 1gb data on 02 in march

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That's the very same offer I used to sway Vodafone to give me a better deal, the £100 up front fee was easy to get down!


I paid for z10 outright and now pay £18 including vat. I get unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 1gig data on 02

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