O2 UK make the 3G to 4G switch easier for customers

By James Richardson on 13 Dec 2013 05:03 am EST

Do you have a BlackBerry 10 device on O2? If so, the UK network is making things a little easier for you to switch over from 3G to 4G - as long as you have coverage. Clearly O2 have been late to the LTE game in comparison with EE, and with just 15% of the population currently covered you may be limited. However, 98% of the UK should be covered by the end of 2015 - although that seems an long way off!

The way this works is that if you have a BlackBerry Z30Z10, Q10 or Q5 they are all 4G ready. With a series of new plans, O2 is offering 4G to 3G customers without having to renew a contract, which is good news. At the moment if you have 1GB of 3G per month you can switch that to 1GB of 4G at no extra cost. 

As usual - the more data you need - the more it will cost but O2 have a selection of both phone contacts and SIM only deals on their site. 

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O2 UK make the 3G to 4G switch easier for customers


The question is: do they have 4G SIMs? Two tries during last two months (orders made online), and everything you got up to now are confirming texts but no SIMs at all :)) 4G!

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I made the switch online a few months ago now - was pretty simple and straight forward to do.

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On Orange UK PAYG. What you get on 3G. You will get the same on 4G for the same price

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I've just swapped to THREE for my Z10. £12.90 a month on a monthly contract for all you can eat data. 3G at the moment but 4G is no extra when it rolls out.

Vodafone UK have been doing that for ages, I was on a 3G plan, called them up the day I purchased my sim free z30 and they switched me over to a 4G plan in seconds. No contract renewal.

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I just called 02uk I'm on unlimited mins texts and 1g data on 3g at 27 pound she said I have to pay a extra 5 pound to switch! So this is wrong. Not paying 32 pound.

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I'm 30 miles south of Glasgow and O2 still doesn't have 3g what chance 4G. Buy a Z10 from carphone warehouse and get a 30 day sim only from virgin. Unlimited everything for 15 a month . Virgin piggyback EE

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I was able to get 4G plus an extra gb of data last night and my monthly cost stayed the same

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I'm sticking with 3G. I have no complaints about the speed I get in my area and the tariff is cheaper :)

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I've just move from 3G to 4G what is difference?
I have not notice any major difference.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Still only 1GB? Not a lot of point to changing is there?

Anyway, I barely get 2G so I certainly won't be bothering.

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3G=4G, or simply HSPA+. All they are doing to be honest is unleashing the full potential of the phone's HSPA+ modem.

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