UK consumers get free music with O2 Tracks for BlackBerry 10

O2 Tracks
By James Richardson on 7 Nov 2013 03:48 am EST

If you are in the UK and fancy a bit of free music on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone then you'll want to download O2 Tracks. Surprisingly, you don't even have to be an O2 customer with this one - it's available for all networks, although the video streaming seems to be limited to O2 4G subscribers. 

The application is an Android Port and in BlackBerry World it is listed as 'Ad Free' which certainly isn't the case. This isn't an issue at all on the big, touch only devices, but when I tested the app out on my Q10 it became a bit of a hindrance to be honest. But on the upside you are getting music for free.

As you'll see below, there are a nice selection of features and it does pretty much what it says on the tin. Just a wee shame it's not native as some Android ports just don't feel like they belong on my BlackBerry these days. Each to their own though. 

Features of the app include: 

  • Fresh music every day. 
  • No streaming.
  • No data worries.
  • Just In Playlist: packed with the hottest new releases and top album tracks.
  • The Official Top 40: unlimited plays of the UK's biggest hits.
  • Exclusive O2 Playlist - handpicked classics from past and present, refreshed daily.
  • Daily celebrity news and gossip.
  • Repeat and shuffle playlists.
  • Any UK network welcome.

Download O2 Tracks for BlackBerry 10

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UK consumers get free music with O2 Tracks for BlackBerry 10


Funny, because of waiting a month for 4G sim-card from O2. They offer new product without a proper background, I'm afraid :)

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Just downloaded on Vodafone, but got a message that I have "just started my free two-week trial."

...also, first.

hahaha loser, you didn't get first!!! You didn't get first.... You look like a dork now hahahaha

Not first (shame)
On the app itself ; It had some poor reviews but people tend to be impatient so I will give it a go.

CB10 on my Z10

The reason they need access to so much on the phone, is because it downloads the music, not stream it.

This means it needs to be able to save the songs to your phone, as well as download them.

Posted via CB10

Because it's an android port, on ports there's no way to set individual permissions so ya gotta accept all or nothing.

Posted via CB10

I think I would buy this game, if I had a compatible device. It reminds me of the Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge and World Race games I used to play on my Gameboy Micro when I was a kid.

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Q10SQN100-3/

What about Swedish customers?? I don't have any options on my Z30 for downloading music! I still love my Z30 but not being able to download music from my Z30 is bad!

Use the 7digital website. It's where BlackBerry World get their music and at times cheaper for the same thing in BlackBerry World.

Posted via my CB Q10

The BB World website displays "The item is not available for your selected device". Under OS requirements says "4.6.0 or higher". Does this mean that the app only works for legacy devices?

I think the 7digital app was on legacy but not BB10 devices so yeah.

I use 7digitals website. Download then unzip the music from my Q10.

Posted via my CB Q10

I just used their mobile website and it's working just fine. I put a shortcut on the screen and it even looks great. Thanks for you reply!

Downloaded it, as an O2 customer I am not seeing any ads and it is an 8 week free trial. So far very happy with it. I have a Z10.

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If you are using an unlocked Android runtime , you will need to connect over 3G / 4G to run it and sign in for the first time. It will work over WiFi afterwards.


Really surprised that BlackBerry doesn't give a credit to every BlackBerry user to buy some music or TV/Movies from App World. Let them "try" the service and they might continue to use it.

As it stand though the content portion of App World is not really in line with what is out there.

Deleted. A clunky android app with just new manufactured music. Seemed as if it downloads lady Gaga to the o2 app and not to music app.

Posted via my CB Q10