O2 launch their Priority Moments app for BlackBerry 10

O2 Priority Moments for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 6 Aug 2013 03:47 am EDT

O2 customers in the UK who use a BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be pleased to know that the carrier has released its official O2 Priority Moments application - allowing subscribers to get the best deals straight from the palm of their hand.

Unfortunately, I'm not an O2 customer myself so we're not able to bring you a quick video of this one, but if you are an O2 customer already I'm pretty sure you know what good stuff is on offer. If you are not with O2 and are thinking about a move over to them - one of their selling points is that Priority Moments gives customers exclusive deals on a wide range of things - from discounts at certain shops, all the way up to cheaper concert tickets at one of O2's venues.

The application will utilize GPS so when you open it up you'll be given a list or nearby bargains. If you want to take advantage of one it's just a case of pressing the 'Yes Please' tab and you can present your BlackBerry at the point of sale to get your discount.

It certainly looks like a great app to have on your BlackBerry and I know for a fact that many O2 consumers have been waiting eagerly for this one to hit BlackBerry World.

Nice job O2 - looking good.

Download O2 Priority Moments for BlackBerry 10

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O2 launch their Priority Moments app for BlackBerry 10


Good to see O2 releasing their apps for us BB10 users. Even though they are Android ports they seem to work very smoothly (I have the MyO2 installed and it's very stable and easy to use).

This one's not a port, it's operating like a native app. It says that it's a beta app and it's sluggish but if they update it quickly then all is well

It works well, if a little slow, but sure beats having to use the priority moments website!

Posted via CB10

Nope, it's a discount finding app for customers of O2, uses gps to find nearby discounts. A bit like vouchercloud bit with offers specific for O2 customers

Posted via CB10

Yes it is. It's targetted delivery of adverts for companies with "special offers" to promote. A common sales method is to make the customer perceive that they are the member of some kind of exclusive club that gains them access to promotions and special offers. Big companies pay O2 for advertsising/promotional space on Priority Moments.

Well as far as I am concerned, I'm happy being a member of this "exclusive club" thanks to the amount of free stuff I've got my hands on from a single retailer via this App.

I also get to the cinema for up to half price at times as well...whereas I normally wouldn't go.

I wouldn't say its delivering adverts, more delivering discounts and offers which we normally wouldn't get.

O2 spending some time on BlackBerry 10 which is always great. I use Priority quite often so happy to see the app! Keep em coming

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O2 should concentrate on upgrading their network to 3G and 4G...not to mention sorting out black spots.

The haven't a clue and passed me off no end with their endless promotion of Priority Moments.

Excuse the pun, but they need to get their priorities right!

Something I would never use - Stasi 2.0.

O2 necessarily know which phone cell you are logged in, but they don't need to follow you through the street.

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Says unavailable for this device. Have a z10, appworld won't let me download because I'm not in the UK, not a current o2 customer or both?? I will be traveling to the UK soon and will have an o2 sim card while I'm there so I figured I would check this app out, guess not...

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

You need to be an O2 Customer AND in the UK for this App to work. Its worth checking out once you get your O2 SIM card though

Il n'y a déjà pas beaucoup d' applications, si en plus il y a écrit "indisponible pour ce terminal alors que j'ai blackberry 10....

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Sadly, this app is only for The Z10. I'm on O2 UK with a Q10 and it is 'unavailable for this device'. Come on O2 what are you playing at?!

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