O2 ends partnership with BT Openzone, transitioning onto their own WiFi hotspots

O2 ends partnership with BT Openzone, transitioning onto their own WiFi hotspots
By DJ Reyes on 31 May 2013 07:52 am EDT

O2 has ended it's four year partnership with BT Openzone, where its customer's enjoy free WiFi across 4200 out of the 5 million BT Openzone hotspots around the U.K. From July 1, 2013 any O2 customers wishing to use BT Openzone hotspot will have to pay for the service. O2 are ending their partnership with BT Openzone so that they can transition customers onto their own O2 WiFi hotspots.

O2's hotspots aren't quite as many as what BT Openzone offers. With 8,000 hotspots, they offering more hotspots than they got with the BT Openzone partnership. Let's hope O2 will expand these hotspots over the next coming months. You can currently get O2 WiFi at a variety of outlets - McDonald's, Costa Coffee, Subway and Cafe Rouge, to name a few.

If you won't be planning on using BT Openzone once the O2 partnership ends, be sure to change your WiFi settings or even remove an BT Openzone ones from your list. 

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How does this relate to bb? I'm in Canada, so perhaps it make sense in a region outside Canada I presume?

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You presume correctly... BlackBerry is not exclusive to Canada.

DJ Reyes

O2 sell BlackBerry devices, so we'll have readers who would like to know this kind of information. 


Their own hot spots work so much better when using my phone. If you register once, you automatically get access when a hot spot zone is within range. Makes the ordeal completely manageable :)

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I got the email from O2 saying this and wasnt sure what they were getting at, thanks for the post. Sucks though if i'm honest.

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My o2 BB has never connected to a BT Openzone network. It's always nice to connect to the o2 wifi everytime I go to McDonalds though. Next they need to sort out access to the wifi on the tube.