NYTimes David Pogue Pokes Fun at the PlayBook (video)

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2011 09:28 am EDT

Ahhh David Pogue. I don't know whether I should kiss you or kick your ass for this one. I guess we'll see what happens the next time we meet. Check out the video above for a little NY Times video skit which shows off the BlackBerry PlayBook hardware, and points out some of its awesome features as well as its current shortcomings, which I hlghlighted in our BlackBerry PlayBook Review. Be sure to sound off in the comments on this one!

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NYTimes David Pogue Pokes Fun at the PlayBook (video)


First response, woohoo!
That was funny but us HARD-CORE BB users already knew what was coming and expected some things missing but also know that RIM is working on getting the PB up to speed and quick. The 4G version is coming this summer though, so ipad can suck on that!

Couldn't agree more with ya greatness10! With bridge AND tethering, why pay more? Unless of course the providers give a large enough discount on the initial price, it may just be worth it - we'll see.

I remember reading somewhere that 80% of iPads sold are wifi-only vs. 20% with 3G so I don't know why everyone is complaining that there isn't a cellular card built-in; few people need that sort of connectivity, especially considering the addition of Bridge and Tethering on the PlayBook.

Completely agree with you! I can't justify having 2 data plans and I probably would have been desperate to find a tethering method had RIM not provided one. Going to check it out at the store today and see if I personally like how it feels.

Radoon, your gonna love it. I thought it was going to be too small at first, but after a couple of days, I already have my ipad2 for sale on ebay. Literally, there is NO comparison when it comes to functionality and it amazes me how fast everything gets done.

Plus, obviously, the fact that you don't need the 2 data plans(even if your on at&t) is probably the best feature.

Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Also bb plabook has hdmi and usb connections no need to buy a $30 and $40 stupid accessories. U wanna something about those.... They get lost.

Isn't ATT currently blocking the Bridge with the Playbook? I can imagine a 4G plan will not be cheap either- I personally don't want to pay for two data plans.

I love my new Playbook, but this is pretty funny and true. It would be hard to recommend the PB to those without BB until upgrades are done. Otherwise, for people like me with a BB, this thing ROCKS.

I agree, I have a Bold and the bridge is excellent, a file system app would be nice, like a file manager or something for carrying files. BBM support would be nice, if this doesn't come soon I will be getting upset. Oh, and why can't I access pics on my Bold across the bridge?

Overall, I love it. Browser is excellent, the OS is smooth, the screen is magnifique, the keyboard is snappy, battery life great, camera is awesome and its PORTABLE, I DON'T NEED A BACKPACK OR PURSE OR LOOK LIKE A DINK hauling the iPadthingy around.

You love your PlayBook as is and lat's face it, besides bbm, what other native BB apps will be missing from the PlayBook?

Native Calendar and Email clients are coming soon and you can tether the PlayBook to any smartphone as is and enjoy the existing features the PlayBook has and very much like yourself, i absolutely love the Playbook.

Seeing as owning a BB currently does not give me any major advantage as yet, i don't see why non-BB owners can't adapt to it.

Thid dude needs a good serious and thorough beating, his profound hatred against BB and PB is so obvious, i have said this before and i will say it again, zero credibility. Ps/ i think this guy gets paid by Steve Jobs, why reference ipad at every turn, bad ass accent too

Look at all the books about Apple he's published. I think he get's a lot of his income from Apple but doesn't seem to feel the need to admit it.

Pogue's only excuse is that he writes for the New York Times. He totally misses the value of the PB.

To me there are so many obvious benefits to owning a PB. Not having to buy another data plan is a BIG one.

Maybe if the NYT used PBs than iPoos, they'd not be losing so much revenue? (http://nyti.ms/dGtBff)

Similarly, could it be Pogue's Fruitlust that is aiding in the damage? Whatever the case, he may need Steve-O's moola as everything else doesn't seem to run on that rag.

It is frustrating that critics don't even hide their bias. The browser on my Playbook is more than sufficient to pull in any web based email, like people do on their computers. INotifications would be nice, but honestly doesn't your phone do that? And if you are browsing the web, just have a tab open with your email, and another with what you are doing....kind of like when you are using a computer.

Also with tethering you can get online through any cellphone... don't hold the device at fault if the cell carriers are going to block their users. I am on T-Mobile and they don't restrict tethering or bridge access. I was using my PlayBook through tethering and had no issues accessing anything on the web.

If you are going to do a review... understand what you are reviewing first.

Hey Kevin-

How bout creating a different section for the Playbook for those of us who could care less about the Playbook and/or have no intention of buying one? I come here for blackberry info and it's truly been one of my favorite websites for a long time. But I find myself visiting less and less because of your man love for the Playbook and it's dominance here on crackberry.com these days.

Just a suggestion..I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Hey dh321,

I've already addressed this a few times in blog post comments and in the forums. Here's the deal:

a) We're not running any LESS Smartphone related posts because of the PlayBook. In fact, I have yelled at all our writers to be pumping out MORE phone related posts than usual. So phone posts hasn't gone down.. just total posts have gone up, which now includes more playbook posts.

b) Right now, there's obviously a lot of PlayBook news/posts that are going to happen.  Short answer.. Just keep scrolling if you don't want to see a PlayBook post. We increased the # of homepage posts from 10 to 15 to maximize your odds of seeing a phone post.

c) I'll work on that. Just as we have the News tab, we could do a separate feed that excludes all articles tagged with BlackBerry PlayBook.  Let me work on this.

d) BlackBerry World is just around the corner - should be tons of phone news soon!

Thanks for the reply Kevin,

I haven't seen any posts regarding this subject, so I apologize you had to address this once again. But I do appreciate the information. Perception is reality and my perception is that crackberry.com is now dominated by Playbook info.

If you could create a news tab to keep things separate, in my opinion that would be terrific.



I know when apple is having a large event Engadget gives everyone a link that tells the blog software to omit the "apple" - maybe you could provide the same type of thing to him?

It's quite logical to see lots of PlayBook posts. Afterall it is the newest 'Blackberry' device and it only makes sense to see posts about it on a 'Blackberry' website.

Crackberry does an awesome job of categorizing info so i can't see how difficult it will be for you to simply scroll past the posts you don't care for.

the playbook came out 2 days ago dude, get over it. does it really pain you to have to skip past a few articles? im coming to this site to read about the playbook so please keep the updates coming. regarding this video, what was he referring to when he said $2100?

My only quibble with this review is that Pogue fails to mention webmail as an option until the email app arrives. Otherwise, an accurate and funny skit.

The skit is funny but true. Lots of holes for non bb users. Not good for the release. I am still going to get one as a bb user but I will wait for the first software upgrade

I like Pogue; he is just a bit full of himself. I didn't think it was that negative. That's his style; sort of dickly, but ok.

Theres 2 writers that you for sure can't expect anything other than Apple products to get a good review. Pogue and Mossberg. With Apple products the bias is clear as day, seriously read Pogues iPad 2 review.

What I don't understand is their motives. To go out of his way to make this video is perplexing. I'm pretty sure we can safely assume neither own any significant amount of Apple stock. So unless they are somehow on the payroll with Apple, which I'm pretty sure they're not. It just really doesn't make any sense. You would think tech writers would want tech companies to do well so they have more to write about, and therefore make more money and get more toys. But these two seem to be the absolute epitome of the word fanboy. Which is contrary to whats in their best interests.

Think about this ?

Ipad 2

- same interface as the ipod touch and iphone ( boring)

- no real multitasking

- no flash

- its huge man

- no hdmi connection.. wait: ( honey where's the stupid $40 accessorie for the ipad ? I wanna connect the excellent rated ipad to my tv)

- no usb ( honey......)

- did I mention is huge????

Someone help me understand

What's the big deal about no "native" email app? It's a wifi device- I can access my 'secure' Outlook work email through the web. A native calendar?.. Goggle calendar (which seems to be very popular) works over wifi, does it not? I'll admit it was probably rushed out into the market to grab some kind of market and not get buried under all the competition. But if they waited, they may have had that "iPad" killer everyone assumed it would be. It will never be that of course, thanks to the media and fanboy fawning over the iAnythings out there.

Zut alors. I ahm understanding of ze shortcomings of ze new Playbook. Ah do not understand 'ow zey can release zis product wisout an email client on a BlackBerry product which ees know ze world over for email - ils sont fous. Eet is like 'aving a V8 car wis no moteur.

I will save sur ze trooble of reading ze post above, which clevuhrly explains ze sitauation avec ze accessing of mail over ze weefee connection. Le 'meme chose' avec le calenduhr.

i love my pb, but i need a real facebook app, i need netflix, i need .mkv playback, i need a file browser so that i dont need to go on to my computer to select files. i would like media streaming from my network. i would like IM's like google talk to talk and video chat!!! but this is the second day of a very long relationship. don't let me down RIM!!!

fyi : this is my first rim product and i love it.

(written on my pb)

And on my second day of using the product, I returned it back to the store - it was getting harder to justify a product that, while great, is missing many featurs and is buggy. Look at the sticky post in the forums called "Issues and Resolutions" - it keeps getting longer and not shorter as to what is problematic with the device. RIM released what feels like an unfinished product.

The proponents will all shout in support of RIM saying that they will be adding/fixing it later through updates. I've been with blackberry long enough to know what the phrase "its coming later means" - you wait and wait and wait and wait as RIM is too slow to do anything. I wonder how many people would be happy if video chat doesnt actually get enabled until 6 months from now?

Although this post sounds like RIM Bashing, it's not meant to be. I was really torn about returning my playbook. I love the device. The browser, video player, power point presentation to a monitor while being able to use the playbook for notes was brilliantly done. Transferring files through WIFI sharing was also flawless. PDF viewing - wonderful. The device has alot going for it.

And I will be another one in a heartbeat but I want actual proof that RIM will release timely updates for the device. $700 is alot to spend on the "promise" that it will only get better.

No need to flame Pogue as he shows his colors in the dark. Apple follows Wall Street custom of paying for their reviewer one way or another much like Wall Street pays for their politicians. Eventually the truth comes out.

Hey David are you happy Uncle Steve has been tracking everywhere you've gone for past few months!!!! LOL!!!

Someone please create a website where we can click a button and send a canned email to this dufus and others like Walt Mossberg to educate them about the playbook. When they put out shit like this and they are obviously biased they deserve to get about 10,00 0 emails clogging up their inbox.

There will always be something. I'm looking forward to the day when all they have to say is the screen is to small, and from what I see that day may be coming fast. Loving the new apps coming into App World!!

Also I can wait for the day to come where we start seeing some TAT magic then David Pogue and his ilk will be kissing my a$$.

Lol. You fanboys just hate apple and it's understandable. When I got my iPad, I didn't have to bridge and tether and that other bs you clowns cry about. Wait I did pout about having to wait to to get it because it was on back order. Guess that's one thing bb has on apple, no waiting. Stop crying and like that piece of shit. It's all sales. Anyone wanna wager pb cant, won't and will not outsale either iPad? LMFAO.

When I get my PlayBook I won't have to wait for multitasking, copy and paste, browser tabs, dongles and attachments, cameras or a second monthly data bill.

It's funny you come around for the past year harping about specs and features yet you purchased an iPad which even on release was behind smartphones with respect to software and hardware. To be more exact it was even behind apples own iPhone.

You didn't bridge and tether because you COULDN'T. That's the difference right there...

Who cares if it doesn't outsell the iPad? Only Apple fanboys and people who want to see RIM fail. There's lots of room in the tablet market for everyone, and this is a segment that is going to see very rapid growth.

That's okay, you can keep on ranting and trolling.
Sometimes I even get a laugh out of posts like this. You're getting so worked up over nothing!

I know I'm speculating, but maybe you're just sad because it takes that much longer to receive an email on your device; or maybe it's because iOS still can't do something so simple like having themes and proper multitasking abilities, and transfer all types or files via drag&drop, and play .flac audio, etc...

Hey STR8WESTCOAST more people watch Fox than HBO, think I'll be sticking to the high quality stuff, you stay with the masses.

Aren't you glad you're with the bigger group

Fox > HBO

Fox News > CNN

USA Today > NYT

Ya being part of the bigger group is REALLY superior LMFAO @ U

:D :D

When apple release it's on the news, bb release it's here on crackberry. If pb sales more than iPad I will...........................never mind because it's not gonna happen

Ohh i see, this explains a lot. You just buy what you see on T.V. and what sells a lot. You don't actually care what the device can do. Everything is starting to make sense now with respect to your posts.

You were probably one of the millions of idiots that bought a pet rock when that was cool too right?

In case ya missed it:

Hey STR8WESTCOAST more people watch Fox than HBO, think I'll be sticking to the high quality stuff, you stay with the masses.

Aren't you glad you're with the bigger group

Fox > HBO

Fox News > CNN

USA Today > NYT

Ya being part of the bigger group is REALLY superior LMFAO @ U

:D :D :D :D :D

How quickly we forget. Not so long ago the Android Xoom was released about the same way. No Flash support, not 4G capable, the list goes on. Wait for the day when Xoom users have to back up their devices and send them off to wherever to get the 4G up grade, and the SD card functionality implemented. Playbook users are spared that little tiny detail.

Honeycomb is still startlingly incomplete, but nobody really mentions that. I'll bet RIM gets its act together in making a 'feature-complete' OS sooner then Google does.

I have to go back a few years here. While I have never owned an iPhone, I did get a 1st gen iPod Touch the day it came out. It was awesome and I loved it (still own one). It had no mail, no weather, no stocks, no apps. You couldn't install anything on it. You could go on the internet and use something called web apps (they probably still exist). I still loved the thing. Yes, eventually I did jailbreak it. And eventually Apple did enable lots of functions. You even had to pay extra for some of the updates.

My point is, the PlayBook can be awesome even if it's not yet where we all hope it's headed. I'm willing to give it some time and have fun with it in the meantime.

Written on my 16g PlayBook.

P.S. I keep double spacing at the end of each sentence, but no period appears. This is what makes updates so exciting to look forward to.

Ze prohblem wit zis kynd of veedeeoh:

We forum members know the shortcomings but we also know what will be updated soon and the like. The casual tech person who is thinking about a PB, but doesn't really know about Crackberry. They may ONLY hear the negative stuff and thus not ever consider a PB.

That's a point well made. The video is pretty funny and currently sort of accurate, but it doesn't show the whole picture, sadly though this is the sort of thing that sticks in peoples heads.

Maybe RIM need to bring out a little song like Apple did with their iPhone4 debacle. Something superficial and silly to win the hearts and minds, rather than actually grafting away and making the Playbook even better.

I'm want the Playbook to succeed just like the next "crack" addict, and I get the whole Blackberry Bridge thing but releasing a tablet without an email client is like Ford releasing a new Mustang without wheels but promising tires in a couple of months. CMON!

this analogy would work if you could drive on rims and not f up your car. There are still ways to get your email. In fact theres already 3rd party email app(s).

This is how I felt about apple when they first released the iphone. camera flash...shes coming later. cut & paste....shes coming later. multimedia messaging....shes coming later.

I think that the big issue with the release of the PB concerns e-mail functionality. When a non-tech person thinks of Blackberry, they think of email. To release the PB without an email client is like Apple releasing the iPhone without iTunes and an Android being released without gmail. The one thing that RIM is known for is email, and to not release an email client speaks volumes. RIM just rushed the PB out to try and compete with the iPad and the Android tablets that are flooding the market.

And I agree, you guys are expecting these updates to come quickly. You all should know better by now. They're not coming right away (my guess, 4th quarter 2011).

Yes, but while the Iphone lacked functionality,it was still revolutionary if you remember what the smartphone market was like back then.

It is looking more and more like this was rushed to market. I want a PB but now with all the problems that it has right now. I am reading more and more people are returning them to the store and that is not good at all.

Hey, do what you want, but remember complainers have more incentive to sit down and write so you tend to get some bias.

I bought one it didn't work and returned it, got another and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

It's actually really fun to be in on this early, every time I open App World there are new and better apps. I can see programmers getting in there and using the PlayBook's capabilities and I know we haven't even come close to the full potential yet.

I thought it was pretty funny. And it only tells "part of the story" if you assume that all of this stuff will be fixed very shortly, like by the end of May.

Otherwise, I'm sorry, but the reputation of this product isn't going to recover if all the tech journalists who tried it found out that it didn't really DO anything...it's not like they're going to go re-re-review the thing in October. Anybody who types "BlackBerry PlayBook review" is going to read April articles from CNET and other sites, and assume that those shortcomings are still present.

I'm not sure how a product can both be "excessively delayed" and "rushed to market" at the same time, but RIM manages to have accomplished that.

I have to admit, my PB is perfect in every way. I have not run into any problem with it and it works exactly as promised. It bridges with my Storm2 without a hitch and web browsing on the bridge actually seems a little faster than doing it on the phone.

One thing that people are missing is this: Beyond the savings of the lack of a need for a separate data plan on the PlayBook, Apple people will have to buy a new iPad to upgrade to 4G when they come out. We will only have to bridge our new 4G BlackBerry phones (when they come out) and we'll have instant 4G browsing. Even if that is delayed vs. Apple, I can live with that.

4G? BB will have 4G in 2030. Just keep waiting on android apps. On apple there's an App for that. On bb there's no an app for that. Jut keep doing battery pulls and setting the permission when you downloand an app. Lol. HBO has nothing to do with nothing. It's amazing how bb fanboys love getting off the subject. Face the iPad is better and sales prove it. Keep bridging and tethering and waiting for some apps in the wonderful (wink) app world. Do the ball spin around in the middle of the screen like the phones do when too much is going on? I don't miss that

You are the epitome of what I hate about livng on the west coast, all the "ghetto fabulous" wannabe's talking random bs trash to make themselves feel better when they know zero about the topic....

Have you used a playbook? No battery pulls, you can't even remove the battery, genius...and you're right, its much better to download an app and let it run on your phone/tablet, go through your info, and do whatever it wants...instead of giving it permission to access only what it needs and denying it access to the areas is doesn't need for it to run!

Where's your iphone/pad app to run flash and to multitask? The ipad is pretty horrible with its checkerboards, reloading webpages, and re-starting apps that it just couldn't handle being open and running all at the same time....you act like its capable of multitasking at all, I wouldn't even say it was mediocre at multitasking, unless you think multitasking means shutting down an app when your not using it then re-starting it when you need it! Also, you do realize, with a wifi only ipad, if you aren't near wifi and need internet access, you have to tether to your phone, right? Just like the wifi only playbook, except if you have a blackberry phone, you can access the bridge browser through your phone for free....instead of paying your cell carrier a monthly tethering fee, same as you would have to pay to tether with a phone on your completely revolutionary ipad....

The sales example is right on, just because something sells better means its definitely a better product! That was the same example with hbo and fox....same with anything else that sells well, like a toyota camry must be a much better car than a bmw m3...because like you said, it sales numbers are way better! You are such a genius when it comes to sales, technology, quality of goods, and product perfomance....I'm impressed by your total lack of knowledge on so many different subjects that you are trying to judge and criticize, west coast is where its at!!!

Just face it. The iPad is better. Wait for droid for some apps. Check your email or you can't because there's no app for that. How aNd the hell do you make a tablet with no emAil. What's the purpose of tethering and bridging when you can look on your outdated bb phone. Look at all the things the fanboys are saying that's wrong. Nope iPad don't have flash nor the iPhone but no matter how much I have on it or use it i don't sit around and wait for the hour glass to spin around because my phone is tired. The canadiens need to stick to making liquor. Millions of us love our apple goodies. So much we are still waiting for the next shipment. Bet you walked into the store and bought your pb. FYI sales do matter in this society. Sorry. Funny how the pb just got released and bb stock fell.

There's nothing to face, you're missing the point of the full browser, who needs apps when you can just go on a website and do what you need! Apps are a bandaid to cover inadequacies in apples ios, capabilities it doesn't have without the required apps for that! I certainly can check my email with the native email through bb bridge if I choose! By your theory, if we can just grab a bb phone, then what's the point of native email or an ipad at all, or all the other apps your claiming are great on ipad, if you can just grab your iphone with the same ios on it and do the exact same thing? Once again, since you have trouble understanding, tethering is for internet access away from wifi, same as with the ipad, its not something exclusive to the playbook...the ipad isn't magical enough to have wifi access every where, so to access internet on it away from wifi, you will need to tether even with your legendary ipad! Plus, you will need to pay your carrier for this tether, where with bb bridge...its free!

Look at all the things apple fanboys are saying is wrong with the ipad and now the ipad2, its by no means the perfect device or even close to being perfect in any way, shape or form! I don't know what bb's you've had, but I've never had this hourglass your complaining about so much on my phones and especially not on the playbook! You don't sit around waiting for an hour glass, but you do sit around waiting on that checkerboard, and web pages to reload when you have too many open...there's a lot of waiting, I've used my friends apple products, they even have to be rebooted! Millions love apple produts, millions love android, millions love blackberry...but your happiness with your apple product has brought you to troll a blackberry website! I guess because you're so bored waiting for your next shipment, I don't know...

How else would I get into a store to buy a playbook? Skip? Float?

Sales matter in what way? To a companys financial statments yes, but to say that one mediocre product is the best at everything and rules the world because it has more sales is ignorant....and that applies to just about any product out there, the product with the highest sales volume isn't always the best performing in every aspect or the product with the best features available

I've never once said either is better or worse, just pointing out your immaturity and ridiculous naïve one sided attitude about it! The fact is, each is better suited to individual needs, what works for some doesn't work for others, its part of the beauty of competition...newer and better devices will always be pushing out, and each device will suit some people and not others! The ipad might be better to you because of the bandaid apps, but there's still many things the playbook and android tablets are better at in other areas! There will never be a "best", if they achieved that, technology wouldn't need to move forward any further!

Do you even own an ipad? The way you keep saying it, I'm guessing all you have is an iphone, and probably a 3gs at that...so you're talking and spreading bs fanboy claims about a product that you don't own! You own neither product, don't seem to understand the capabilities or limitations of either product, and you're still talking an incredible amount of nonsensical trash! smh, that's hardcore straight west coast right there....

Edit - wait, I went back and saw one post you claimed to have a ipad too, but all the rest you only talk about your iphone...I'd still be surprised if you actually had a ipad, you don't seem to know a whole lot about it, for someone that owns one!

If I owned a company i would hire you in a heartbeat. You have heart and soul. I use to be an avid bb owner, so I know how depressing that is. Yes I own and iPhone and iPad and waiting on my iPad 2. My iPhone is the iPhone 4 on Verizon. You probably on the torch which is an upgrade from the storm. Lol. I owned several bb and they are all the same with a few tweaks. Got tired of the same OLD new bb.

You should feel depressed for your lack of freedom and being stuck in the "garden" with 3 devices that all do the exact same thing running the same ios....and the iphone4 is basically just a screen and camera upgrade from the iphone3, but you're tired of the same old thing, lol! I think you should get a ipod touch to round out your arsenal of "the same"! Nope, no torch for me, I don't like touchscreen phones in general or the slider style of the torch! Anyway, thanks for the imaginary job offer, I probably wouldn't work for you though, being a leader means appreciating and welcoming competition, and thinking outside of the box to be successful...


We should all propogate this article by Matt Miller.
Finally an article that makes sense. I am quite sick of the rhetoric about apps. Seriously the only serious app you need is www.google.com! when you have a REAL WEB BROWSER. Rest all seem fluff. QNX will be capable of opening multiple web pages (apps). The bookmarks (favorites) are kinda apps too. Soon the tablets will emulate laptop's capabilities and in that regard playbook seems to be miles ahead of its nearest competition! Most apps track you and invade your privacy hence we should all be careful in placing money in those eco-systems.

why do people compare the ipad that has been revamped at least 3 times now against the playbooks first generation?

Does everyone not remember when Apple released the ipad with WIFI ONLY when it FIRST CAME OUT!? what morons!!!

why don't they say.. does the ipad have hdmi out? flash? hd cameras? etc etc?