NYC Subway Trip Planner gets updated, makes finding your way around beneath NYC a breeze

By Jared DiPane on 8 Nov 2011 02:59 pm EST

NYC Subway 

Whether visiting NYC for the first time or a full time resident, trying to navigate the subway system is no easy task. Luckily for those who need to travel around and make connections between various trains the folks at RailBandit have made the experience substancially more enjoyable with their latest update to NYC Subway Trip Planner.

Their latest update now makes use of the official subway map, and helps users determine their fastest route between any two given locations. After you select the start and end location the application will show you what trains you need to catch, departure and arrival times, along with your wait time between transfers. What more could you really ask for while traveling, besides for the application to do the walking for you, and find an open seat for you to sit in? If you travel to NYC frequently, or are planning an upcoming trip, be sure to hop into AppWorld and grab yourself a copy today. The application allows for a free five day trial and then after the trial if you wish to purchase it you can own your own full copy for only $4.99.

More information / download of NYC Subway Trip Planner 


Kevin Michaluk

Way to kick it old school and put a trackball Pearl into this post!


some if us are still using trackball curves... waiting for att to carry the 9900... this weekend i get mine...


as a native Noo Yawka I've been constantly annoyed that the PDF of the NYC subway map wouldn't display right on my devices (but need to try on my 9900...) will give this a try n comment back when I have an opinion... not that gmaps does a bad job, and sometimes even has closure info (biggest problem for me is I go to work fri/sat/sun nights when night and weekend construction is going on, can make an easy commute into a nightmare


NYC subway map in .pdf is free and works great on 9930. Why pay $5 for something I can get free?


Personally, I see no benefit of this over the free HopSpot mobile application offered in AppWorld. I believe the HopStop application has more features and runs great on my 9780. If I wanted the NYC Subway map I could just download it for free... And, to my sd card, not device memory. Why pay $5 for this???

I recommend taking a look at HopStop.