NYC Subway for BlackBerry Smartphones Shows Maps, Locations and More

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2009 04:38 pm EST
NYC Subway

One of the most useful apps I have found for my BlackBerry has to be RailBandit. I frequently take the train from New Jersey into New York City, so having the live schedules right on my device have made life so much easier. I got word today that RailBandit has added an NYC Subway app to their lineup. The new application allows you to find the fastest route between any two subway stations taking into account the current schedules. It will show you departure and arrival times as well as any wait time. There is also a map to help you locate the nearest station and it stores your trips as favorites. The best part is that the app works offline so you don't have to worry about having data coverage when you're underground. NYC Subway sells for $5.95 in the CrackBerry App Store and has a 5 day free trial.

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NYC Subway for BlackBerry Smartphones Shows Maps, Locations and More


now we need one for the toronto transit commission!!

-- C'MON TTC, at least give us something for all the money you keep robbing from us!!

we sure do but NYC transit system is waaaaay more complicated than ours and number 2, the damn ttc is not about to do anything to help riders, but i agree with ya

Last weekend I was down in NYC and actually looked for something like this... All I found was a PDF that somebody had scanned....
Too bad that this app has a few cause my GF was able to download one for her iPhone for free and I wanted to show her up!

Still a must have though... LOL

Google Maps does a pretty good job. I was in the city last weekend and the weekend before and used Google Maps heavily to get myself around. It even lists you all the times the train operates and which trains to switch to when you have to transfer. Just select where you want to go and for method of transportation, select "public transport" and off you go.

Chicago, are you seeing these apps? We need one for the CTA pronto! Then again, we need a lot of things for the CTA...

It doesnt do anything. It's just a subway map...

and Google Maps wont work when there is no Internet connection.

Google maps does this very well except for one thing.

It doesn't work under ground.

BUT for my job where I STRESS TESTED Google maps it did work VERY well. 100 NYC public schools in the 5 boroughs all in new places for me and Google maps always got me there the requires 20 minutes early or more.

Totally sucks, Don't waste your money. It's a PDF of the map . No interactivity Might as well be a screen saver

RailBandit NYC Subway is a fully interactive subway scheduling app. There is another 'subway map' that matches your description.