Navigate your way around Manhattan with New York Subway for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Aug 2013 01:09 pm EDT

After having worked in NYC for over seven years, the one thing that still causes me grief is the complex subway system. There are hundreds of stations scattered around the area all leading to different destinations and stops depending on the line. Between the local, express, or that sometimes multiple lines are housed in one station what is a resident or tourist to do? With or without a data connection this convenient subway application gets you where you want to go in the Big Apple.

In the past I relied on HopStop to plan my route along unfamiliar paths including the CrackBerry meetup. While it served its purpose New York Subway offers additional functionality to guide you in the right direction.

It features an active frame that shows station status, interactive maps accessible offline, twitter integration to read their account feed for alerts, delay notifications, and the ability to find a station and plan your trip. 

Inputting your starting location or final destination is quite easy, it will locate the nearest stations or prompt you to enter the station name into the search field. However, unlike HopStop, you do not enter in a specific address as a starting point. For this you can always tap on the map to display the station list for convenience if you are unfamiliar with the local names. Another great features is that the interactive map and route planner will work even if you are not connected to the internet.  

What is useful is that it calculates the total travel time and presents the results in an easy to understand manner including the letter and corresponding color of the subway line used. In New York, all of the lines are color coded and utilize numbers 1-7 and A-Z depending on where your travels take you and they do overlap quite a bit. The only issue I have is that no alternatives are shown though you can set what type of route you want (i.e. fastest or fewest changes) which does alter the results. I'm sure it is searching for the least complicated route and I understand this helps minimize confusion. After all this time, I know which lines to substitute so I'm probably being overly picky. However, it gets the job done and I highly recommend it for help getting around this vast city.

Whether you are a tourist or a resident visiting the area, be sure to pick up your copy below. There are ads fixed at the top but they do not interfere with use. It supports the the Z10, Q10, and Q5 and is a Built for BlackBerry application.

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Navigate your way around Manhattan with New York Subway for BlackBerry 10


I installed the app a while ago. Beside the annoying advertisement, the app is pretty good.

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Yes. Just came back from NY and BeMapsPro works great: subway, bus system, walk, drive. All work well. Estimated travel time included

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a bit crude bit it gets the job done. . . if you always know what station you should end up at then this is fine. . . better integration into the map app would be better. . .

Great for tourist but if you lived in nyc for 7 years then shame on you because the subway system is extremely easy to read/use.

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It is for people that take the subway often. For people that use the buses or drive more often, the subway can be a bit confusing. I use the subway all the time but I'm still gonna install this for my subway map fix :)

Well I have been living here for more than 6 years and I use it daily to get updates regarding the service. The app has been very useful in countless time suggesting what line is having delays and what is the fastest way to reach a destination. I know how to read the maps but this is something you have always with you.

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I know what you're saying, but it's tough to know the entire system. My girlfriend lives on UES, so I know the 456 and midtown lines very well, but when we go to see friends in Brooklyn, I inevitably have to look at a map. This will stop me from looking like a tourist.

Ah, long story. I have lived in NYC my whole life. I pretty much can figure out to go from point to point by subway on my own. Buses are a bit tricky.

We have lots of tourist visitors from around the would. When some cute girl(s) get lost I sometimes take them by hand bring them to their destination (sometime by subway).

Who needs an app? :)

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Actually, I have used this app for a few months

There are a few other NYC transit maps for BlackBerry, this is the best.

There is another app which has a growing database - this one for bus arrival - Parts of New York City and many other cities -
Works very well if the bus you need is on the tracked list

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I like this app. It's useful. I usually keep the PDF files on my phone from the website along with the bus maps by boro. I'm a driver and I work from home so I haven't had much use for public transportation but when I do, I'm glad I don't have to ask about buses, look for the train map on the platform, or hover over someone with my balls in their face as I look at the map over their head.

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after being a home grown NY'er for 35 of my 36 years (just moved upstate this past Christmas), one thing I will tell users of any NYC Transit app is that most of them dont account for reroutes and track work detours. My advice-especially overnights and weekends) is to pay attention to all and any "service change" signs posted at stations. Personally, im a walking subway map myself and get emails about delays and track work to stay on top when I do go visit home.

Just another lackluster app from blackberry. No it dosent make perfect sense to have a NYC. Subway app. The info is wrong your better off just downloading a map and following the routes. How BlackBerry. Can just ignore customers and still be in busines is beyond me. This app says to take a 6 to city hall and Xfer at 59th to get to city hall. The quickets rtr is just stay on the 6! The Yellow line is slow and unreliable. Your best bet wld be to take the 6 to a 4 expree and then Xfer to a 6 at 14 st then go to city hall. This has no other rtes and is just more of what BlackBerry customers can expect. A. 8 year customer my patience is at an end goodbye blackberry I'm joining the rest of humanity!