NYC CrackBerry Meetup this Thursday. RSVP Now!

** UPDATE  - We Have Reached Max Capacity**

Wow. It didn't take us long at all to max out our capacity on the CrackBerry Meetup.

If you have already registered but for whatever reason will not be able to make the event on Thursday, please cancel your RSVP via Event Brite to make room for another individual who can attend. 

It's going to be one heck of a party!

CrackBerry Meetup!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Mar 2013 01:08 pm EDT

When I announced we were heading to New York to cover the US BlackBerry Z10 launch, I promised we would host a reader meetup while here. It's happening!! If you're in NYC you'll want to clear your schedule this Thursday evening as we're having a CrackBerry party you won't want to miss!

With the launch of BlackBerry 10, our new CrackBerry website and kick ass CB10 app we have a LOT to celebrate, so we're going all out on this one.   We even reached out to our friends at BlackBerry for some help to ensure this meetup would be extra special.

The meetup is taking place at 1 Oak - a great venue at the heart of Chelsea. The event will run from 7pm to 10pm EDT on Thursday, April 4th. Tasty apps. Open bar. Lots of awesome prizes to be won (free Z10s, accessories, swag & more!). You'll get to meet the CrackBerry team and lots of other BlackBerry fans.

I expect many of our guests will already be rocking the Z10, but for those of you who don't own it we'll also have demos happening of both the Z10 and the full keyboard BlackBerry Q10. Yes, you heard that right. You'll be able to get your hands on the Q10 and give that physical keyboard a try.

Space is limited to 250 guests, so you'll need to RSVP quick on this one. Be cool. Don't RSVP unless you can make it. If you have any questions, shoot at email to

We'll see you there!!!

More Details / RSVP for the CrackBerry Meetup

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Really wish I could drive down to NYC for this! You guys and gals have fun :D

Kevin Michaluk

BlackBerry people don't wish... they do. Do it!



Haha, I know if I "DID" & flew down there for the event, I would no longer be an employed BB user buying a q10 on launch day.....if I became an unemployed bumm, would I have to switch phones to Android? :p

I will be there in spirit though :)


Amen! BlackBerry is for people who do!

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I'm in and signed up! First was the best buy AT&T release and now that I have my Z10 I feel a bit better about showing up!

NYC is the place to be...

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I'd looooooooove to go. But I'm rocking my z10 here in the Philippines. :(

Posted via CB10 on my absolutely awesome Z10!!


Gahhh, I won't know 100% till Monday. Hope it doesn't fill up by then

Adam Zeis

Will there be balloons? It's not a real party without balloons. 

But sure, I'll come. 


I'm there rockin with my Z10!

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Wth. Come to the UK.

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Great idea! Wish I could make it. I think it will be awesome, most probably "mind Blowing". To all those attending, have a fantastic time and have a few in honor of all the current and future Z10 owners around the world.

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Brian Scheirer

Cool I'll be in NYC on business (first time in NYC) that day! Registered! Excited, I'll be rocking my red LE Z10!



I would fly out but have a couple other events already. How about a meet up in San Francisco?

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got my spot ! im so there :D see ya guys ;)


Wish you guys did a meetup when you guys were in Toronto... I saw a post where I think you did but I dont remember it being as well advertised as this one

Kevin Michaluk

We did a small one... just tweeted it out one night from my @crackberrykevin account (always follow on twitter1). Still had like 25 people show up the next night. Was an awesome good time. This one is going to be EPIC!


must have missed it! #disappointed


Why blackberry z10 ???? What features it bring....can tell me what .....if you give me the reason I will buy z10

Eric Shapiro

There are forums for these kinds of questions.


Can't as NYC is 16 hours flight for me :(

Kevin, come to Dubai! I guarantee you it is gonna be a blast with a stellar event with a huge gathering of hardcore BB ME community!

Another thought, have you ever thought of having an Arabic version of Crackberry forums for the masses of ME Arabic BB diehards?

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Its Spade

Ooh man just got my email... can't wait!

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woahh.. renting out 1Oak for a CrackBerry event? Got that Mobile Nations Money!

Kevin Michaluk

They're big CrackBerry fans ;)


I just RSVPd and I'll be there! :-D


But... but... that's in a different country across a body of water

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Its Spade

Renting out 1oak is not as expensive as ya think

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Wish u was in NYC :(

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Wish I could be there - party hard CB Nation! :-)

We have 1Oak in Vegas too. Would be great to have a CB West Coast Meetup in Sin City as well.


Michelle, please put a bug in the CB team's ear for this to happen. Thanks! :-)


Registered! Can't wait!

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Hey guys, I've registered and will be there with my Z10. The place is an easy walk to my house AND....... The Union Square Best Buy! :)


This Illinois Hick would love to attend one of these. Closest large city is St. Louis. How about one in the "Show Me" state :)

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Wish I could be there. I really would love to be able to see and compare the Z10 and Q10. Unfortunately, I'm a bit too far from NYC. Cheers.

Ayo Aakin


Are u planning a meetup in Washington DC? Would make sense to do so because DC is still Blackberry loving!


Can't wait!!!

But ironic that eventbrite (the event rsvp service) apparently only has apps for iphone and android :-(


Check out BlackBrite, it's not an official client...but a client for BB10 no less.


Guys ...... here it is .... straight from the horses mouth. This says it all. Please watch !!!
There are 2 that you must see. Big problem for one of the mobile players ...... guess who ?



Thanks for those...



@jimcmf Don't worry, Blackberry should be able to survive. They only need to get to 5% market share.


I'm coming

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I'm in. But I'm gonna party here in Canada representing you. Will rock my Z10. Yeah!

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Never thought I'd say, "I wish I was in NYC!"
Sounds very cool - y'all have a great time!


Jimberry Storm

My mom my wife says I cannot go, damn

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Hey Kev
If the party reaches 250 people, how can a I get V.I.P. passes ^_^ I could bring you some more cookies, and some refreshments!

Kevin Michaluk

Lol. Those Girl Guide cookies you brought to the Best Buy on AT&T Z10 launch night were pretty freak'n amazing.


There's plenty more were that came from Kev ^_^


Wish I could make it but I'm in the UK and can't free up my schedule to come hang with you guys especially Kevin.

Have fun though and so jealous of the people who will be going.

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Delroy Nedd1

Can't wait till the Crackberry Meet up!! Won't lie I really want to win a z10 because my BB Curve 8330 is on life support right now! Died on me for a whole weekend and than came back to life and works well all of a sudden! Didn't Know BB was in the reincarnation


Get with it, it's Good Friday...

Mo Cat

And dont forget to report here afterwards on your experience with the Q10. Have a great party :)


Damn! I'll be in New York City exactly one month later... This sucks! Wish you guys a lot of fun though..


By the way still kicking it with my simply awesome z10 here in the UK!!!

BlackBerry is back baby!!!

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Sorry, from San Jose California to NY is too far for me, so have fun people!


I will def be there!!! Can't wait :)

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I just signed for it, I will be coming from New Jersey. I can't wait already!

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Alicia Erlich

Can't wait!

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Gonna be attending. Should be fun.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)


Gonna be attending. Should be fun.

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I'm there my dude

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Dislike dislike!
How come there was no big planned event in Toronto???
And no, the random event that was tweeted that random night didn't count.

Kevin Michaluk

Did it on purpose.. this way I have to come back to Toronto again and throw a big party there! :)


I'm in and very excited. Hopefully I can bring a guest.

Kevin Michaluk

Woah.. this party is filling up fast.  As of right now, less than 50 tickets left! Gonna be a great party.

When we hit 250, will see if we can open up a little more space. Can always do a parking lot party after... or once the main event is over at 10pm, head somewhere else to keep partying. 


Please do! I'm ready to head down for the event if space opens up! Do some kind of waiting list!


In New York and will be there!

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Just RSVPed, me and my fiance will be there! Convinced her to leave her iPhone for Q10 ;-) so I'm sure she'll want to demo it there!


Picked up my T-mobile Z10 today and just rsvp for this event.. Looking forward to meeting the Crackberry team...


Would love to join in but I have to work late that day.


I'm coming right after work, can't wait!


But had trouble with the RSVP.....emailed the organizer, hope I get in.


Shots with Kevin and the Crackberry gang?

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I'm flying in to NYC from Mississippi on for a finance conference for class (free trip woo hoo!) and I'll be attending! This is awesome! I'm definitely "Doing"

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On BB10 Crack

Hey Kevin, you should try and hit up Blackberry for some more promotional funds as Thor mentioned he's opening up the budget strings. You can hit a world tour and promote the s*** out of BB for them. Imagine, getting BB fanatics to help drive sales for Blackberry to new heights.


Just registered.....see you all there.....Can't wait to meet the CrackBerry clan!!!

Eric Shapiro

You think you could open up a BB kiosk in Metlife Stadium on 4/7 for WrestleMania? TENS OF THOUSANDS of people make for a great captive audience!


I would really love to go, but I cannot make. It does sound like it will be an amazing event. Have fun and I am looking forward to the reports from the event.

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Me and the wife will be there!!

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Are you guys going to be in new York for the q10 release? I will totally be there!

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Please come to Seattle or Vancouver, BC for the Q10 launch!

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"Please come to Seattle or Vancouver, BC for the Q10 launch!"

Yes -- give the West Coast some CB love!!!!!!!!


Let's have a party every year as next year I'll be retired and promise to shoe up.

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I would show up in Vancouver or Seattle for sure.

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Geez! Gonna be getting off a plane in Europe that day. But you could always come to fly-over country (Colorado to be specific) some time, too!


Dang I wish I could get to NYC for that. It would be so great to be there.

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hey i reserved my ticket, i just sold my two snarky puppy tickets for this lol im pretty excited !!! CRACKBERRY FOR THE WIN


I'll B There!!!

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Pics or it didn't happen!!

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Roy Song

I like it.

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I'm signed up but I might be a little late. At some point we should all run out and promote the phones to people walking by on the street :-D


Full... This is going to be a great event. Can't wait!


Kevin, thanks so much for setting this up for us BlackBerry fanatics! I'm so happy to be attending - it should be a blast!

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Waiting list? Lol. I'm in upstate NY and would make the drive down with my buddy and my new z10

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I'm in!!! I work in nyc (live in PA)
My first cb event. Can't frigging wait!!!

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Awww says it's full now....I'm a few minutes from there and wanted to go. No waiting list or extra spaces? My z10 and I are going to feel left out!

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Ok, booked a flight from San Fran just to attend this! Can't wait!


Dammit!!!! I wish it were in toronto!!


Full to capacity already. Darn didn't see this was willing to fly down to actually attend. Have fun #TeamBlackBerry #TeamCrackBerry..


I have an and one. Ping me at 2AB1F827


Someone has got to have one or two invites because they signed up but can't go. I want to make this event!

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Just wanted to say, thanks for the nice party! I like the Blackberry Spritz! And it was nice meeting team Crackberry!
And I also will proudly wear my CB shirt . . somewhere. . .

I was disappointed that there was only 1 Q10 to play with . .but I will survive! It was nice tot play with, even for only two minutes.

On a side note, I found it interesting that the Z10 people were pining for tactile keys . . .