In NYC and want to be first to buy the AT&T BlackBerry Z10? Meet us at the Best Buy Union Square store Thursday at midnight!!

Ok citizens of CrackBerry Nation living in the Tri-State Area... we have a plan! Come on down to the Best Buy Union Square store Thursday night and we'll buy our AT&T Z10's at 12:01am on Friday together!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Mar 2013 08:36 pm EDT

The AT&T BlackBerry Z10 officially goes on sale in the USA on Friday, March 22nd. I know for so many of you the waiting has been hard... and you don't want to wait a minute longer than necessary to get that shiny new BlackBerry Zee 10 in your hands. Which is why we're going to get together and start buying the Z10 literally the minute it goes on sale.

The Best Buy Union Square store will be selling the BlackBerry Z10 at 12:01am on Friday, March 22nd (that's Thursday night... a minute after midnight).

Best Buy
52 E. 14th Street
New York, NY 10003

Adam and Bla1ze will be joining me there, so come on down and pick one up. Members of Team BlackBerry will also be on location, so you can check out the Z10, get a demo, win prizes and get some swag. Heck, even if you have your Z10 pre-ordered already, come on down anyway just to say hi and hang with us.

Be sure to follow @crackberry, @crackberrykevin, @azeis and @bla1ze on twitter. We'll fire off updates throughout the night on our where we're at and how things are progressing.

Let's turn the Big Apple into the Big BlackBerry in true CrackBerry fashion! Hope to see you there!

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In NYC and want to be first to buy the AT&T BlackBerry Z10? Meet us at the Best Buy Union Square store Thursday at midnight!!


How long are you guys planning on being there?
I work nearby but I have a "vampire shift" IT job and will be a couple of hours late. Def looking to join in, I'll be there regardless to check out the OS in person for the first time! Super excited!

So frigging exciting, and I've had mine five weeks...+ Thor will be on Piers in fifteen minutes too..impeccable BBRY timing

Looking for flights. Lol
Wish I could be there. Set the night on fire. BB10 forever. Q10 launch in LA will be cool next.

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If you fly out from LA to buy your Z10, we'll keep the party going all night long at CBHQ and get you up on the blogs to tell your tale. I love craziness like that.

Hmmm, that sounds like the next craziness event! Kevin, you and your CB team should come out west for the Q10 release. I'm sure we can find a retailer that will do a midnight launch in conjunction with BlackBerry.

Here's the game plan to share with BlackBerry for the Q10 release. West Coast ... Block of Orange (large shopping center in Anaheim, CA. 10 minutes from Disneyland) ... BlackBerry takes over the courtyard in front of the theater with BB10 signage everywhere ... All FOUR carriers can have their own areas to sell to their respective clients ... BOOM!!!! And then think of all the extra advertising this would also bring to the Z10 and potential sales.

Sounds like a winner to me. Plus it would be nice to get some BlackBerry love on the West Coast. I can even book a band to entertain the crowd leading up to the midnight launch. We'll HMU, we'll discuss it more. I'm sure we have a couple months till the event date. Lol!

oh i am pumped! i was in the waiting thread for the canadian one and was excied!!! ill be getting mine late friday at my local att store!

kevin grow your hair back out but LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!
too bad i live in lower part of nj lol

Kevin, we will be seeing and the guys you at the Fan event prior to the Union Square festivities, right?

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Tens of millions of BlackBerrys are about to be sold :D but here's the thing... BlackBerry has got to amp up the presence on American media. Somehow tell the vast masses that Skype, Instagram, and WhatsApp will all be available when you take that beautiful Z10 out if it's box.

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For those people who thought the Big Apple Launch Event would be the time when the "special apps" would be announced as available for BlackBerry OS 10, I feel you already know they aren't coming. You've been RIMed. An announcement about 1000 high-quality native applications could have saved the day or night as the case may be.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Keep in mind that none of that talk came from BBRY though.

It was all speculation to begin with - something people talked themselves into.

Not that it isn't disappointing - I do hope to hear of some major announcements before the Z10 reaches American hands, or it's going to take another pounding in the press.

It is always good to see more mainstream applications arriving for the BlackBerry Z10. Truthfully, these are the applications on which we should be focusing our attention not the Netflix and Skype tripe.

Do people really watch a movie or television episode on a 4.2 inch screen while riding on public transit? The BlackBerry PlayBook's 7 inch screen is about as small as I can comfortably watch a movie.

Skype has backdoors for surveillance and there are other options for the BlackBerry Z10 including BBM Video Chat.

BB definitely needs more ads here in the US of A. I haven't seen the TV ad since the Super Bowl (here in the northeast) and not too many print ads either.. I want to see BB and the Z10 go BIG!!

Wish I could join you all in NYC tomorrow night. Have fun!

NOW I'm seeing BB Z10 ads during the NCAA men's hoops tournament. I like this commercial better than the one that ran during the Super Bowl. This one shows more of the features of the Z10. Nice..

Television advertisements for BlackBerry Z10 did not start in Canada until release date for the wireless carriers (Bell came first, Rogers second, and Telus has yet to feature a BlackBerry Z10). For the last month these ads run at least twice per hour on the primary Canadian television networks (CBC, CTV, and Global / Shaw).

Even though I've had mine here in Canada since Feb 5th I'm excited for the US launch. Hoping this brings the big apps over

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Wish I could join you but got mine already. Plus I'm in Florida. So that's two reasons I suppose.

But it should be fun. Have a good time, all!

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Hey Kevin, we shall see each other again at the BB10 fan event tomorrow night and let's par-tee afterwards at Union Square and beyond with you and the CB crew. I was at the Union Square Best Buy this afternoon and saw the AT&T version of the Z10. Looks sweet, and their salesperson used his IMEI number off his AT&T Z10 and hooked me up with unlimited LTE data on my Z10 that I got at the 1/30 launch event!

It's been reported that they've stopped, though, so you may want to call around (I guess) to see if they're still selling them.

Darn that's fricking exciting. I am in T.O and had my sexy z10 since release but I sure as flipping heck would have joined you guys if I was in NYC ......would love to meet the Crackberry crew.

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So awesome! I'm down the coast a bit in NC so won't be able to make it. How about a few pics for us? I'm stuck with Sprint so no Z10 for me but hoping for big sales! C'mon Sprint!! Go BlackBerry and Thor rules!

Hey Kevin,
I pre-ordered Z10 with VZW, BUT it would be an absolute pleasure to meet you in person. I also want to be there @ the event and support the Z10.

Rocking the Transform Case in white right now. I like it a lot. Not a lot of bulk, but protects the back and front. Comes off easy too, yet holds on snug. I like being able to whip the phone quick when I want to go naked with it. Great all around case.

In full agreement Kevin. Bought and tried 5 different cases and I always come back to this one for the same reasons.

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How is the leather pouch? I have always liked them, but I kind of feel like it made my Torch 9810 too hot.

If I hadn't just ordered one online through ATT and, more importantly, if I hadn't had ACL reconstruction surgery last week, I'd be there. Hope everyone enjoys!

(converting from an HP webOS Pre3)

You guys should come out to Tucson for the Verizon launch. We don't get any love out this way.

@Kevin, I wish I was still in NY (elsewhere for school) otherwise I'd be there with you guys.
I hope my local ATT store has it on Friday so I can be there when it opens (and have my own little launch day).

Sorry about that, just wanted to say I'd try and be there just to cheer you guys on. I live in NJ. Should be an hours drive to get there.

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You can always take the Path to 14th st and walk up the couple of blocks... if it's close for you to pick up in Jerz. Parking will likely suck (as it always does)

Hay Kevin, the Union Sq event sounds like the hipe at the Apple store, just down 14th Street, where there is a long line down the block to buy the first iProductz. Please plan a TM event for their Z release next week
(I am on TM).

I've had my ZedTen (brit prononciation) for weeks now, and feeling excited for you soon to be ZeeTen cousins across the pond.. you'll friggin love it!! (my PlayBook turned me BlackBerry - 4s back in its box..)

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I will be there! Shooting a new Reality show in Chelsea tomorrow eve and will walk over after...

Hmmm... Don't tempt me Kev... I'm already thinking about which network I could take this to...!!

I'll bring a shopping agreement... Just in case... :-)

D@mn! I've been doing this job waaay too long...

Crying"....sorry Kevin gotta wait until April 11..when my contact with Verizon is finally up..then I get tht early wifey wants the white one....(sigh)..faithfully waiting
But.I will be there...@ best buy.

Kevin I just wanted to make sure not get there SUPER early. I'm also bringing the Mrs she a BlackBerry fan too!

Kevin I only use FB and G+.

Getting there super early is cool too. Makes you hardcare. Just know that we will for sure be there even if we cut it a little close.. but will aim to get there earlier than later. See ya there!

Since you are picking up a new AT&T Z(zee)10 what are you doing with your old Z(zed)10? If you are feeling generous I will take it off your hands and you will make a fellow Canadian a happy man. ;)

Have a good time.

Would fly in from Detroit but don't have the funds to do that right now. Spent it all on my Z10 and senior year is expensive as a highschooler!

Cant believe im missing this.

lol how ironic thats the same store i bought my retina display macbook from, meanwhile in a Fedex facility my Z10 has shippe; this is overdue and im over joyed

I wish me and my friends are there to witness the fun, I'm equally excited even though I'm here in Dubai. Me and my friends are rocking Z10 already but we all would like to be there and have fun with all of u. Way to go BlackBerry 10.

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I say we start exchanging Pins & get some BBM Video going on that day!? What ya'll think? We're all brothers & sisters in Blackberry.

Saudações do Brasil. Parabéns NYC pela chegada do Z10.
Vocês ficarão muito empolgados com o aparelho.

I'm so envious right now! I'm ready for an upgrade and I really want to pick up a Z10.. but the funds aren't available.. But all those who are getting one, I hope y'all enjoy it! USA ALL THE WAY!!!


You are right man! I got to make something happen so I can get that Z10!! I could still walk with only one foot.. I'm sure BB10 will make an app to help me walk without the foot! haha

Friday I'll be bouncing btw Verizon and AT&T here in Nashville, TN! Ah what the heck, I'll hit Best Buy too! I'm on T-Mobile, but I feel it's my duty to make sure everything is running smoothly on Launch Day! After all, can't just leave it to the rookie sales associates right? I'll be taking pictures & sharing encounters via my Twitter @JPSKILLZ. Follow me if you want to follow my progress on this momentous day!

Using my Z10 for more than 5 weeks now and am loving it more day by day ... all you guys in USA hop in the blackberry wagon!!! Z10 is awesome!!!

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The FedEx truck will be delivering the Z10 I pre-ordered tomorrow. Glad I got the overnight shipping option.

F*** ****

I hope all our BlackBerry fans will be there to show support!!! I wish I could join but I'm in the middle east, ducks add :( < you know what the last two words are without auto correct xD

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I am getting so pumped reading all these comments. This is so exciting! But now I am getting angry and sad because I have Sprint :-(

I think Kevin's mindblowing effect took a bit but it did it! I live in South America and somehow I'm kind of excited too lol, have fun with your zed10's :D

#so sad...... I cnt be there cos am in nigeria. Any ways ya'll should have fun. @Kelvin, when I Q10 droping cos am alredy tired of my 9900.

I believe The Crackberry guys were at the Rogers Store on the morning of the Canadian launch, it wasn't that big of a deal, not a whole lot of fanfare or people. I suspect it will be even less exciting in the U.S.

I disagree, because all the other BlackBerry bloggers (i.e. N4BB, BerryReview, BlackBerryOS, BlackBerryEmpire, etc) are claiming they will be on hand for this as well.

Wish I could be there.

Still working on getting my work to get me a Z10. And I can't afford to get one on my own, I have a Grandfathered unlimited plan that I would loose if I upgraded. So I need to get one off contract or get my work to get me one. Or "win" one from Crackberry......

It's great the support you all are continuing to give the various launches of the Z10! Hope the store is packed and it runs out of Z10's on opening night. The CrackBerry team is top flight and so is Team BlackBerry. It’s. To far for me to travel (Louisville to New York), but I will be following on Twitter!!

I've had my T-Mobile Z10 since the 15th. Came over after using iPhone 4s and Google Nexus - I LOVE IT. But AT&T - yawn.

Going to our local at&t store after work today...wife & I are getting our Z's! Oh yeah....!


My Best Buy will take your preorder in the retail store, but ship the unit to you. So you won't be getting it on launch day unless you go to ATT in some locations.

Have mine for sometime now, but Def gonna stop by, anyone knows when n where is the fan event taking place ?

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Someone should be there catching it on video from their Z10! You're very own Keep Moving project ... project USA release!

lets see if I drag my ass down there.. cause coming from the Bronx to mid town at night... that 6 train takes for ever!!!! and im not driving, lol

I checked one out today at local ATT store. I told them launch was tomorrow. Manager told me that was a LIE.

They didnt know anything about price or anything but let me play with the phone for as long as I wanted to.


It's up to you guys to really pump up BB10 down there sources are saying that pre-order response has been kind of weak :(

Cold fingers make it hard to type! Anyone on the CB team wiling to help a brother in? LOL (no, really) # BlackBerryFanEvent

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Kevin what are the pro and cons of ordering the Z10 at a 3rd party re seller like Best Buy as opposed to ordering it from a AT&T corporate store, AT&T online or over the phone?
Besides the obvious - not waiting for shipping.

Have fun tonight guys wish I could be there. Stuck in the great white north. But enjoying my zed10 nonetheless. Really go with the z10 for those still wanting the q10 try the z10 u won't be disappointed. It is awesome. I will never go back to a keyboard ever!

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Guys what is the situation down there? I'm at work and want to go down there after I get off at 12am. How long is the line and what's the word on Z10 availability?

Is the ball going to drop at Times Square at midnight? Will there be a countdown? Will there be fireworks?

How many people are there? Any media? Anyone there who isn't a CB fan and just came down to get the phone? More pics!

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Looking from the other side of the world :D

Anyway, I just have a question. Will the US version have all the accessories like on the video of Kevin, long ago, since BB10 debut? My friend has a Europe version, and barely come with the phone, charger, cable, and headphone. No cool speaker and holster.

Anyway, has anyone look at this post on BGR, iFan blogger? That makes me sick of them, even on CB most people love BBRY but don't have such articles like this

I had to read because I added them to my Social feeds, but seriously thinking to unsubcribe.

Yeah, I read that iBGR article. I read a lot of Tech sites and blogs, but BGR has to be one of the most biased, shameful sites out there. Really pathetic stuff. Even if it's a good news story, they always find a way to spin it negatively.

Didn't Kevin write: " Be sure to follow @crackberry, @crackberrykevin, @azeis and @bla1ze on twitter. We'll fire off updates throughout the night on our where we're at and how things are progressing "??

Haven't gotten any updates from them via Twitter since midnight. Things down there are probably either very good or very bad.

I honestly don't expect the same kinda lemming like behaviour you'd get with Apple fans... you know, camping out, sleeping on the sidewalk, generators, etc. I think there might be a bunch of BB fans there to say "hi" to the Crackberry crew, but nothing crazy. Sales have been great in Canada... but, there weren't any lineups on the first day sales. Still, I would like to know what's going down in New York :)