In NYC and picking up a BlackBerry Q10 on Monday? Head to the Verizon store at Grand Central!

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2013 12:25 pm EDT

Monday is June 10th and that means in-store release day for the Verizon BlackBerry Q10. While preorders are already starting to arrive, the Q10 will be on shelves and ready to go when stores open on Monday so if you haven't yet pre-ordered, you'll be able to pick one up at your local Verizon store.

If you're in NYC and planning to buy a new Q10, the Verizon Wireless at Grand Central (420 Lexington Ave) is where the action will be. Doors open there at 8am and they'll have plenty of Q10s on-hand for purchase.  I'll be there to check it all out as well.

While I've been using the Q10 for over a month now, I'm excited to see the Verizon devices (the white is gorgeous) and meet all of the prospective Q10 owners. Who knows, I may even have a few of our new CB stickers to give out as well. 

See you there?

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In NYC and picking up a BlackBerry Q10 on Monday? Head to the Verizon store at Grand Central!


delete your comment so I can get the first spot... now that chic in the picture can sell me the Q10,Z10,A10,E10,J10 etc.

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Wait a cb sticker. Nah just mail it to me in Canada. :). I'll stick with my z10. Btw the q10 is available with Telus for $149 now.

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If you think that it's only Verizon, you're fooling yourself.

Verizon is just the only one that has leaked. I can pretty much guarantee that all major telecoms and ISPs are being tracked by the NSA.

Sad state of affairs. I would love for Verizon to lose a significant portion of their customers on this news. Maybe would have them push back on the gov.

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Please take a lot of pictures so we can see and show the world how popular BB phones are and there are huge lines even for other smartphones besides now the boring Apple!

What's the point of you guys buying every carrier variant of the phones? The differences are hardly noticeable

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Verizon Q10 buyers will probably also have the opportunity to exchange PINS with representatives from the FBI as they walk out the door!

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How long will you guys be there? I'm planning to get mine Monday morning, I live on the upper east side so I could just make this the store I get mine at.