In NYC and buying a Verizon BlackBerry Z10 THURSDAY morning? Here's where CrackBerry will be...

Verizon... it's time for the BlackBerry Z10!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2013 08:02 pm EDT

Just a quick heads up to all the BlackBerry fans in the NYC area that are picking up a BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon tomorrow (THURSDAY) morning.

After the 8am BBRY Earnings Call dust settles, Bla1ze and I will be heading to the Verizon store at Bryant Park in Manhattan (at 42nd and 6th). Again, we'll be at the:

Verizon Store at Bryant Park
42nd and 6th

We're aiming to arrive for 10am and will have our CrackBerry camera and microphone with us. We'll be buying a Z10 from Big Red and as we did with the AT&T and T-Mobile launch, we'll be wanting to talk to some new Z10 owners that are happy the wait is finally over! 

Hope to see you there!

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In NYC and buying a Verizon BlackBerry Z10 THURSDAY morning? Here's where CrackBerry will be...


CrackBerry is currently running on U.S launches, no sleep, and caffeine. Right now they are a bit confused with date and time. Let them be. ;)

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That's it. I need a personal assistant. I don't know what day it is anymore... despite having a smartphone in my hand at all times.

After the release tomorrow, what's next on the agenda as far as meet and greets with the CB team here in NYC?

Why not Friday instead? It's good Friday, lots of of dont work in the city AND we can even do it earlier for happy hour lol

Kevin, Can't wait to go to my Verizon tomorrow and park the CrackBerry Dodge as close to the front door to check out the Z10. While awaiting for mine in the mail. Hoping Verizon has a big push for BB10.

Got mine pre-ordered on Verizon, also received an email notification stating my new Z10 shipped...

I just went to TMobile Store (Bronx, Ny 10453) this afternoon and BB10 SOLD OUT :O !..near my home. I tried the phone though and i liked it. I was expecting a Facebook app similar to iPhone but its better than the olds, of course. They have more devices coming on Friday...maybe. The guy also said that Verizon have the it true ??

I hope Verizon sparks everybody else in the US to "selling like hell" because what I have seen of AT&T and T-Mobile so far is disappointing.

I think Verizon messed up the beautiful designed Z10 with their logo right in the upper left hand corner. They have it on the back too like the other carriers, as to why did they felt the need to have it on the front side is beyond me.

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The front doesnt bother me so much... Its the back that kills me.. Ill just get a replacemnt back cover

All I have to say is, kudos to the camera-man for that photo. Got it right when a cutie is sitting there, lol.

I like the idea of Crackberry being in Chicago for the Q10 launch. KM, make it happen, captain.

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It's catchy... I mentioned BB offering gift cards for BB world and look in recent news. They are considering coupon codes.

Kevin, you should have done your Verizon purchase in Atlanta. I would have given you a police escort while I purchased my Z10.

Was gonna go to lne in NJ since thats where i live but who knows maybe ill make the trip... What time will you guys be there till?

<insert some stupid comment to the girls in the pic like, "do YOU two come with my new Z10?">
Good luck with the launch!