NY Times Releases Free BlackBerry Application For Tour, Bold, Storm and 8900

By Bla1ze on 25 Nov 2009 03:27 pm EST
NY Times Releases Free BlackBerry Application

Ronen over at BerryReview spotted the new NY Times BlackBerry application is now available for download for free from their site. Previously the NY Times had only offered a home screen launcher which led to their web site. The new application allows for offline reading, but sadly it's only supported on the BlackBerry Tour, Storm 1, Bold, and Curve 8900 - every other device just gets redirected to NY Times mobile site.

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NY Times Releases Free BlackBerry Application For Tour, Bold, Storm and 8900


Been trying to download it so I can read some of that sweet liberal nonsense but to no avail. I have a Bold 9000 and it says its not available for my phone. Now, I think its not available for 5.0 OS devices as I have .348 installed on mine. Any one else have issues downloading it? (9000 users).

I believe that the link above points to the OTA download for the Bold 9000, as that device has a different screen resolution then the 9700, it would not be compatible. Following this theory (keep in mind it is just a theory), those of us with a 9700 should be able to use the OTA for the 8900 or the Tour as they have the same resolution screen as the 9700.

So, what we need is a direct link for the 8900 jad.

If it's about the NY Times, how could it NOT be political?

Maybe the NYT app doesn't work on BlackBerrys owned by those who don't like Obama !!!

No time for the Times on my BB Bold!

Ignorance is bliss.

Also, I remember seeing not so long ago a user that had in his/her signature that he/she was a proud member of the 9-12 project. I don't know how one can feel pride in belonging to such "organizations".

Now, back on topic, the app itself works fine, so as long as its downloaded directly it will install/run on Bolds with OS 5.0

Edit: I don't like Obama and it works on mine :P

I understand your dismay at those who would participate in the 9-12 project as we as a nation are firmly back in a
9-10 project.

No NYT for me. I'm sure it would damage my Bold's circuitry!!!

Its no surprise the NYT would release a BB App. Last year's election proved that the right hasn't can't embrace technology. They're just too conservative equalling afraid of change!!!!

I used the link above and it's either for the other models or it's just crappy designed software. Can't get rid of the keyboard and scrolling works in the exact opposite way that every other program works on the Storm.

You need to disable compatibility mode. Go to Options --> Applications, then select NY Times click the bb button and press Disable Compatibility Mode.

Error starting NYTimes:
Module 'NYTimes-1' has
verification errors.

It means you must have bought Sarah Palin's book using your BlackBerry.

Direct link posted above does not work with my Storm 1 with 5.0. Can't hide keyboard and other problems - anyone find a solution I'd be grateful

It runs fine on my 8900. Been waiting for this for a while! The only gripe that I have is the font...its too big and nothing changes after I changed the font to 'small'. Anybody else experience this?

I have the bb 9530 with the 5.0 and it keeps saying not supported. So maybe there will be a fix looks like a nice app if you like ny times.

I would say it could be a version issue with newer 5.0 OS or even maybe hybrid version like I have on mine.

App is supposed to be specific to the Tour, but after getting several "Out of Memory" messages, pulled the battery and triggered a Error 552 message. Only work around was to reinstall the OS. Not fun.

The above link works for the Storm. Disable compatibility mode and the keyboard won't pop up. However, the application is very slow and scrolling through a story flat-out doesn't work.

I'll wait for v2.0.

i love the NY times Science section in particular. Give me a shout when you decide to work on my Storm 1 with 5.0


- You have to use the link above, not the NYTimes.com site

- You have to disable compatibility mode

- You have to bring a LOT of patience, as it's laggy as hell, takes a long time to load and doesn't scroll well

But other than that....

Tried to download it to my Storm 9350 and received message that my device was not supported and was redirected to the NY Times mobile site.

this is friggen news? This is the 21st century...we sent a man to the god damned moon in the 60's and the fact there is finally a god damned app for the blackberry to access this site instead of some stupid ass shortcut icon is friggen news amazes me. It also reassures me how damned outdated the antiquated Blackberry operating system is.

The only problem is that the screen has lines across it when I scroll up but these go if you touch them. Looks like an ok app. Think their mobile site is better though.

Apart from the talking points issued by the 9/12 project, could someone explain to me what your problem is with the NY Times. As repugnant as it may be, take a look at today's paper and tell us which of the stories covered is liberal trash. I'm curious. If not today, how about yesterday, or the day before. Pick an article and explain to those of us who do now share this fairly extreme view what constitutes a liberal bias in the paper.

I agree completely. How/why a NY Times applet has turned into a poltical forum is disappointing, to say the least. Would hope that Crackberry would pull any posts that are off point...including mine.

Perhaps reading would be helpful for youse....
From the NYT faq...

Supported Operating System Versions:
4.2.1 and above, up to but not including OS 5.0

Did they remove the download? I don't see any app downloads when I go to mobile.nytimes.com from my Tour.

Got it downloaded and it updated/refreshed the articles exactly one time and then never again. Reset persmissions, etc. DELETED