Nutty Player from Macadamian takes your video watching experience on BlackBerry 10 to another level

By Bla1ze on 28 Nov 2013 06:50 pm EST

For most folks, the built-in BlackBerry 10 video player works fine but for those who are looking to get a bit more features added into the video player there's Nutty Player. Although the app has been around for a while now, I only recently decided to give it a look in and I have to say I'm quite pleased with it considering it's available as a free download. While maintaining a lot of the features from the stock video player, Nutty Player takes your video watching experience on BlackBerry 10 to another level.


  • Supported formats:  - .avi .mp4 .3gp*.3g2 .wmv .mov .m4v .f4v
  • Touch Gestures: Pinch to zoom to customize the screen area - jump backward and forward via sliding left and right on the screen - play/pause via tapping on the middle area of the screen - volume adjustment by up/down sliding on the screen
  • Advanced time slide bar: Ability to precisely seek the desired position of a video - bookmark to recover last video session end position
  • Subtitles: Automatically loads subtitles in .srt format with same name as the video file
  • Outputs: HDMI and Miracast enabled on supported devices.

My favorite is the touch gestures they've included. While they do take some time to get used to using them, they make skipping through videos quite easy and the volume adjustment without having to touch any buttons is just plain awesome. Other features include the ability to add videos to a favorites list and a cool watched video video indicator that allows you to easily identify what you've watched already. It's not often I watch stored videos on my device but Nutty Player certainly helps when I do.

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Nutty Player from Macadamian takes your video watching experience on BlackBerry 10 to another level


Totally. Been first a couple times. Sweet indeed hehe.

Quicksilver really doesn't know what he's missing. But then again... he cheers for the Leafs so kinda says it all.

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No, because .MKV support itself on BB10 is finicky so I'm guessing the skipped over it to avoid the hassle of people saying it won't work and then others saying it works fine.

So what is it about mkv? I have one mkv in 1080p play fine, and another mkv in 720p not want to play. I don't really understand why one works and the other doesn't...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

MKV is just a container. It's the audio that's a problem. BB10 can play MKV with AC3 sound, but not MKV with DTS sound.

If I recall correctly I used to use virtual dub to convert audio to mp3 and avi demux to remove the dts audio and add mp3 but it's been a while not sure on the process now. I just avoid mkv

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How it possible for this to not read media card? The internal memory (only 16 gigs) of my z10 is used up for apps and os. All my movies, pictures, music, etc. are on media card. I'm assuming there are others that agree?

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Off topic. I find that our BB10 Browser doesn't support WebM. It's open source and should be implemented in the next update.

"My toast is better than yours!"

Does this support ac3? I'm hoping it does so I don't have to keep converting divx that has ac3 audio.

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The problem with this apps is, it doesn't work baked in into the OS, it somehow can't play my movie in file manager (ie videos on my PC via BlackBerry link).

Hat off to the dev though for the nice apps

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Tried it features are good but doesn't read all the videos in my phone. In fact read just one :P

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Although it claims to read .wmv files, it says "File is Corrupt" if I attempt to watch a movie. The movie was downloaded from BlackBerry World to my SD Card.
Others have said that it won't read files on the Media Card, which may be my case. Oddly though. Nutty scans your system for movie files as soon as you launch it -and it finds movies on the SD card and catalogs them. But it just can't play them all.
When it does work, I really agree with Bla1ze... the gestures are well thought out and work superbly. I'm sure it'll be pretty nice when the next release hits.

Is it better to switch to this player, as I am currently using MX player !

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seesya5, Not true!
Disclaimer from Kalemsoft: Note that this application will NOT play DRM copy-protected content (e.g., Digital Copy, copy protected iTunes, copy protected DVDs). WMV files with MSS2 video codec are NOT supported. WMAL (WMA lossless codec) is currently NOT supported.

It was able to find my media card no problem (I don't have any videos on my internal ssd).

However, it only found 10 of the more than 25 videos I have. I can't figure out any ryhme or reason behind why one video is found and another is not found...