Number Cruncher - An addictive free game for your BlackBerry

By Michael Hepples on 28 Jun 2010 08:18 am EDT
number cruncher

I am constantly on the lookout for games to kill time with on my BlackBerry, you never know when you'll have more time to kill than Twitter and BBM can fill. I got word about Number Cruncher earlier this week and decided to check it out. First thing in its favor is that fact that it's free, which is always a bonus. For a free game, it shows premium polish and a simple premise that's easy enough to learn that it will have you playing comfortably in no time. Finding and "crunching" chains of numbers gets very addictive, and the timer slowly ticking down in the top corner of the screen adds a touch of challenge to the game.  I found myself finally remembering to put it down after almost an hour the first time I played, and I've put some serious time into it every day since.  A definite keeper on my device, check it out and see for yourself today.  Available in BlackBerry App World at the link below.

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Number Cruncher - An addictive free game for your BlackBerry


This is a great game, I'm really hooked on it.
My only problem with it is that on my 9700 the tiles are smaller then on my wifes curve. the playing area is much larger and easier to navigate

Like above, I've had this game for a few weeks - and it's very addictive! Pretty fun and a great time passer!

I don't want to install App World so I wish there was the game or cod somewhere so I wouldn't have to.

App World doesn't exactly take up a lot of space... So am curious why it is an issue to have it...?

Most of app world features are supported to US/Canada/UK/
But not to my country..

Some how app world detects my phone as a UK resident..
But I don't get option to buy it.

And it take memory in BB9700 which still have memory in MB, other world has crossed GB's

Absolutely love this game. Never ceases to be fun.

However, at the end of the day I prefer Word Waster, which is a similar game that uses Boggle style word making, rather than number linking.

I have it on my Tour, and my wife has it on her Droid. I like playing it on the Droid more because of the touch screen. It's fun on the Tour, but after playing it with a touch screen, the roller ball just doesn't cut it anymore.

It's equally as fun on the Storm 2 though.

Can't say I've played on a touchscreen, but the wife and I have both been loving this for months using the trackpad of our 9700s.

Downloaded it. Thanks CB for the post. Played just a few games hopefully i'm doing good i have a high of 530400

I loove this game! Another good thing is that I'm pretty sure this great game is not out in apples app store!!

Yeah this problem happend to alot of people. 2 ways to fix it that i know of are... 1. Update your phone. this doesn't always help cuz i'm sure you have the latest OS. 2. reset your phone. not fun to do but it works. (please do step 2 at own risk)

Seems fun so far on my Storm2 but I noticed that it has a few permissions I haven't seen before. I had to customize it and shut off most of them. Then I reset my device for good measure.

I love this game. I have been playing it for a few weeks now. Very addictive.High scores are in the 400K. Only complaint I have is every now and then a column will disappear. Aside from that it's a favorite.

My wife and I play this game and try and see who can get the highest score. She held it for a while, but I just got 653,550. What are some other high scores out there?

I figured for free I would try it. Now I'm addicted! You don't even realize how long you have been playing. Great way to pass the time - and it's free!

I had this game too for a long time

i got it when i got my first tour then my second tour then now on my bold =)

its fun and addicting LOL

Agreed, had this for a few weeks on my 9700, definitely worth playing waiting for the misses.

High score: 3,228,050

What ever you do,don't download upgrade, it is just awful. I did, and then lost the one that works so great. Loved the old one, hate the 2.0 version, searching everywhere for older version.

As mentioned, don't download the new 2.0 series. New scoring system, limit in the free version on bonus times. Sure it has BBM integration and multi-player. But really those two items could have been in the pro version and keep everything the way it used to be. Now decent scores are next to impossible and it just doesn't feel as fun.

I want my 1.x.x series back.

Ugh, I completely agree. The new series is AWFUL! The screen is smaller; you get fewer points; and it's just not as much fun. Is there any way to get the old version back? I tried to go on Blackberry Apps to download the old one, but wasn't able to.