The Number 1 FREE Theme for BlackBerry Users & Abusers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2008 10:37 am EST

The CrackBerry Abuser Theme Now this is what I call one Helluva Birthday Present...

In honor of's 1st Birthday, John from JC Designs / GadgetBean has custom built a Premium BlackBerry theme for the member community.  And I do mean Premium - the bottom dock zen layout features animation (the shortcuts jump when they become active!) and the theme is packed with all the latest indicators (ie. WiFi).  Static images don't do this theme justice - you need to see it in action to fully appreciate it. It's easily one of the nicest themes I have seen to date!

John even came up with two versions - the CrackBerry User version and the CrackBerry Abuser version (pictured) to give users two options of which shortcuts to have featured on the fixed bottom dock. Huge thanks to JC Designs for doing this up for the community. You can pick up other Premium Themes by JC Designs in our store.

To rollout the free theme, the Crack Team pulled an all nighter and built the Free Theme Gallery (to go with the Wallpaper & Ringtone galleries). It's still in beta and we have some improvements planned, so thanks for the patience!

Login to the, head to the appropriate links below (more screenshots and info on theme download page), and be sure to let us know what you think! Downloads are available via OTA (an email will be sent to your device containing the download link) or .Zip download for .alx installation via Desktop Manager. Be sure to download the version that's compatible with your Device Model and Operating System version (downloading an incompatible theme will cause problems). We have also made the theme available for the BlackBerry 8700 series, and if you are a 8700 user, PLEASE verify you have at least OS4.2.1 installed before downloading the theme. If you install on an older OS you will likely "nuke" your BlackBerry (a few people didn't check their OS when downloading the CrackBerry Christmas theme - click here for the fix). I don't want to see anybody running into this problem, so CHECK. If you need help or support, visit the Theme thread in the forums.

Download the Theme

* Be sure to check your Operating System version before downloading to ensure your device is compatible (8700, 8100 and 8800 users especially - if you are running OSv4.2.1 be sure to download that version of the theme and do not install if your theme is older).
** Pearl 8110/8120/8130 users with OSv4.3.1 - download the OS4.2.2 theme (that's the minimum OS requirement so you are good to go).

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Reader comments

The Number 1 FREE Theme for BlackBerry Users & Abusers!


This theme is definitely hot.

- battery indicator
- nice crisp font
- great icons

only comlaint i have is that the font is WAaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to small... and i don't like that you can't make your other applications appear on the home screen besides the defaul applications.

I have a Pearl 8100 and only have OS4.2.0. Can I still download the free theme? If not, how do I upgrade to OS4.2.1 or OS 4.2.2??


Why bother wasting space with a phone shortcut, when we have a dedicated phone BUTTON that does the same thing? And for the abuser version, are people really going into their main options menu enough to need it on the HOME screen?!

That being said, as nice as the theme sounds, these useless shortcuts would annoy me too much. So since it's a 3rd party theme, is that why you don't have the option to switch icons on the home screen?

This is my home screen: messages, bbm, facebook, gmail, and address book. I realize not everyone uses these apps though.

If it was only OEM apps, I'd put: messages, bbm, address book, internet browser (or the CB shortcut) OR profiles.

Can I get an Amen?

CrackBerry Abuser version (pictured) to give users two options of which shortcuts to have featured on the fixed bottom dock.

toggle between the two options?

I just downloaded this theme and only 4 shortcuts show up on the this right and can you change these?

are you sure you downloaded the right one for your phone? The themes are very specific to the phone and even OS version. And no, you can't change the home shortcuts.

For some reason this guy thinks he can just break NDA agreements with Research in Motion and release and sell themes with unreleased beta tools.

If you guys were smart, you would remove this theme before RIM asks you to.

Oh NO - A warning from Anonymous, Oh wait I'm Anonymous. Even if he did break NDA that is his problem, he's releasing a theme, not Photoshop CS4.

The point of a beta is to test it out and see how it works anyways...consider us all BETA Testers lmao!!

I like this BlackBerry theme a great deal. The only thing is that is makes some of thr fonts real small. Is there a way to make it bigger? Im a little new to the Curve so I dont know all the tricks yet. OS is I D/L the Pearl 4.2.2...

Any ideas? I re-started my BB, took out battery...still 4 icons...the only one that doesnt show up is the Chat icon...

I really like this theme. Unlike others I Love the font size. I would use this and be hard pressed to use another but for ONE thing, why can't I change the top shortcuts. Fix that and its perfect

i agree...i think you should be able to change these..not all people are a like...some like a little variety....just my 2 cents...

I can't complain too much is a free theme....

If you guys have support issues/questions on shortcuts/etc., head on over to the CrackBerry Theme Forum thread - a lot of it is being answered there.

The link to the thread is in the blog post above.


Love the theme...but how do I make the font bigger on my email? I went under options and it didnt make a difference.

Thanks I really like it I only wished it would show what profile you have set. Like vibrate or loud etc

Eally cool theme,really like the Icons and brick looking shelf for the icons to float over!I too would like to change desktop icons,what about putting an CB(Crakberry)Icon on desktop,I mean click and your on way to the best BB info!
Thanks to John for designing this themes,Gadgetbean ROCKS!

This is a great theme, but it would be significantly more useful if I could change the icons that are on the homescreen like I can in any other zen theme. I rarely use my music player or my options. I usually have Google Talk, Messages, Blackberry Messenger, and Telenav as my home screen icons.

i dont have Data so i downloaded the desktop file. but it doesnt open. any other link i could dowload from? thanx in advance.

Any Berryaholics out there that cut their teeth on a full Qwerty keypad, but now prefer Suretype? I have the pearl and it is true suretype learns how to respond with the words you most use.. I got a replacement pearl and noticed that I had to build my personal typing vocabulary back up. But, once your pearl gets familiar with you Suretype is very efficient and excellent for one thumb typing. There is a free game on, called Trooper Typing that helps you become proficient.

does this not work on 4.5? i LOVE this theme and am super sad it's not working with 4.5....will we ever get a new version?