Looking for a PDF, DjVu, TXT, and TIFF reader? Check out NSR Reader

By Alicia Erlich on 2 Jul 2014 11:18 am EDT

There is no question that PDF's and readers have been around for many years whether on our computer or our portable devices. With all the documents amassed over the years there have been various options for viewing them.

That is why when going through BlackBerry World and our forums I came across a third party viewer called NSR Reader. It allows you to view PDF, TIFF, and DjVu files with ease on your BlackBerry device. In addition, unlike the native Adobe Reader, this includes the ability to rotate pages in case you happen to open a file that is upside down.

Being presented with options when it comes to functionality is always important and having developers create a native application such as this is always welcome. Documents and images are rendered in a high quality format with the ability to turn on Text reflow. By using this function, it acts as a reader view versus page view, documents are not only easier to read as you can basically increase the size of the font or zoom in and still have it fit the screen. In this mode you can also select text to copy and paste or share in other applications. For folks who prefer reading at night, a dark mode is included that inverts the colors to also save power. There is also a convenient shortcut in the menu to a list of your most recently accessed files.

In addition, there are some added features if you go into settings such as cropping blank edges, toggling on full-screen mode, prevent screen locking, and selecting the text encoding for text files.


  • High-quality PDF and DjVu rendering
  • Multipage TIFF files support
  • Opens plain text files with encoding selection option and breaks them into pages
  • Automatically detects and crops blank edges
  • Supports password protected PDFs (except latest Adobe® Reader® X encryption)
  • Saves last reading position
  • Bookmarks support
  • Inverted colors mode helps to save power and read at dark
  • Text reflow mode makes reading huge text-enabled PDF and DjVu files easy
  • Nice preview of recently opened files
  • Active frame (application cover) support
  • Share your files through BBM, Bluetooth, NFC and other apps
  • Fast and responsive user interface.

While there is no support for annotating or saving files it does allow users to add their own bookmarks to files and a place in the side menu to access each and every one of them.

For those who wish to try it out first there is NSR Reader lite available for free, the premium is $1.99, but you are limited to reading only the first thirty pages of a file. Whichever version you download both deserve a look for your BlackBerry 10 device. Having options and different ways in which to view and optimize your PDF's, TIFF files, and text files is always a good thing.

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Looking for a PDF, DjVu, TXT, and TIFF reader? Check out NSR Reader


Is it only me or is anyone else having a hard time loving their BlackBerry phone?

I don't know but I am longing for much more from BlackBerry in the next couple of years!

BlackBerry bring back the love!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

In terms of features they've matched the competition yard for yard so...

From what I've noticed it's easier to appreciate the phone if you don't depend on it as a source of amusement or personality

Posted via CB10

Just get an i phone... you know you want to... come on everyone's doing it.

Two new phones and a major update isn't Love?

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

It's just you.

I love my Z10 more everyday. It does everything I need in, what I consider, a logical way.

When I compare it to my wife's windows phone I love my Z10 even more. When I think about the resources Microsoft has vs Berry and realize my Z10 on OS 10.0 was still better than the windows 8 phone I gain new appreciation for what berry has done.

For people who define themselves by the phone they carry, I can understand the desire to have the highest specs etc in that phone. Anything less would be a negative reflection on your personality.

I care about form and function, my device has never let me down. I care about ethics, BlackBerry has never let me down. I can honestly say that neither of those statements is true of my experience with apple/ios or samsung or Google or Microsoft/windows 8.

Though I will not need to upgrade my phone by the end of this year I hope to get a new passport or classic. My wife will get my Z10. We will sell or give away her Nokia windows phone (depending on how the update to 8.1 works out)

Posted via CB10

You should grab the 10.2.1.xxxx update for it. Unleash the beast!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I wrote you 1000 times
I said you about a ODF Reader which is the first and the only une app and you didnt promote it

Hey there mate, just chill and give it some time. I'm pretty sure he's just having a writer's block for that specific article.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

Who is "he" the writer of this article is a woman named Alicia.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

I love the way text reflow is done in this app. A lot more convenient than the way native Adobe Reader does it. Great!

I'll pass.. now what I would like to see is info on an app that reads RTF files! Hate it that BB10 has no support for RTFs.

The lack of annotation tool definitely lowers my interest. Here's to hoping blackberry includes annotation in a future OS update.

Posted via CB10

I see your Otterbox Communter in the picture has suffered the snapping off of the top rim where the charger plugs in as well. Still say this case was designed too tight around the charging port lol

Haha... Good eye! I just got my Z30 finally and the Commuter simultaneously. I was pretty surprised to notice that flaw. Mostly surprised that Otterbox didn't notice before releasing it. I switched chargers with my girlfriend and hers fits fine (from a Samsung). BlackBerry should make their chargers a bit more slim on the next batch!

Posted via CB10

Might try...

Any app that allows me to PRINT to PDF from the browser and other apps?

(CUPS open source ode is freely available, should not be to hard to do if BlackBerry has released an API. I don't know. )

Pasted via CB chen

Is there any app that reads EPUB format? Coz I need one.. thank you all in advance :-)

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