Now where did I leave my BlackBerry? - Find it with Find My Phone from Shaosoft

By Michael Hepples on 20 Jul 2010 11:16 am EDT
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Personally, my device never seems to leave my hand for more than a few seconds at a time, and yet I am constantly looking around to find it when I need it, particularly when I'm at home. To make matters worse, I tend to leave it set to the silent profile so it doesn't annoy everyone around me with constant notification tones. This can make things rather difficult, and I have spent many frustrating episodes cursing while tearing my house apart. There is a new app on the market that aims to make this easier. The app is simple. It triggers a very loud alarm, lights up the screen, and flashes the front LED, making it impossible to miss. Able to be triggered by three missed calls (you can even set your preferred number), email, or SMS, the app even overrides the profile you currently have set, so you can use it even when set to silent. There are a load of features that can be customized, making it easy to customize it to exactly what YOU need.

There are a few apps out there that have the same functionality included with other features (like remote wipe. tracking and more) including SmrtGuard or the upcoming RIM issued BlackBerry Protect - so make sure you do your research to decide exactly what is right for your needs. However, if you are looking for something a little more focused, you may want to take a look at this one. On sale for only $1.99 until July 31st, it's a very cheap way to prevent the inevitable frustration. If you still aren't sure, try the free 3-day trial and give it a try before you buy.

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Now where did I leave my BlackBerry? - Find it with Find My Phone from Shaosoft


I like this,but dont need it....I never lose and never will lose ma` preciousssssssssssss.....

hopefully, this will work better than the experience i've had with SmrtGuard. very few of the remote "send command" features worked. going to definitely try the 3-day trial. thanks for the heads up

I think the main advantage of this is that it can be enabled from any pay phone, friends phone, or quick text message. No PC required! Nice!

Its also fun to send your friends with this app the random text to activate....lmao
Me and several of my friends have had a "war" going..

I think that this is a very cool app. My wife tends to leave her phone on silent all the time but with this app, whatever is lost is now found!!

I hope there is a quick "disable" feature, for situations where you know where your BlackBerry is and don't want it going off (meetings, movie theatre, etc)

Ok You say it does work with private numbers: tried it 3 times and it didn't. Ball's in your court

I'm definitely giving this a go. I love this concept. And why are people so quick to say "nope junk, doesn't work?" *sigh* noobs.