Now there is no excuse. BBM must include push to talk

By Chris Umiastowski on 7 Aug 2013 09:08 am EDT

Last night we got wind that the cross platform mobile instant messaging leader, WhatsApp, has been rolling push to talk (PTT) into the application. Bla1ze already gave you a quick rundown on this news.

The comments have been pretty harsh, which isn’t surprising considering this is an enthusiast site, and you all know BBM is going cross platform soon. We all get that WhatsApp, while it is an app on our beloved platform, is also a competitor. Many of you took to the comments to blast WhatsApp for creating “a shortcut for voice notes”, an old feature.

If you’ve ever used a Walkie Talkie before, or a Nextel PTT phone, then you understand the power of simplicity. Push a button, hold the button, and talk. That’s it. There isn’t even a “send” button to worry about.

My first experience with a PTT app was Voxer. I found the tool to be so amazing that it prompted me to write about why I think BBM should introduce push to talk. Some of you argued that voice notes was good enough. Seriously, this is the problematic attitude that I sometimes see within BlackBerry itself. I often criticize them for accepting mediocrity. If we send the message that voice notes is an acceptable substitute to PTT, we train the company to keep settling for less than the best. That is no way to reclaim a throne.

If I think back to what made BBM so amazing, it was the simplicity of the service. Type. Hit send. Done. SMS is just as simple. Now imagine if BBM had instead been convoluted like this:  1) Select contact you want to BBM;  2) Select “create chat” option; 3) Type your message; 4) Select “done”; 5) Press “send”.

The future of BBM, as I see it, is a professional quality mobile communication toolbox

Of course you can see how absurd this would be. Yet it’s exactly how something like voice notes works today, inside of BBM. This, folks, is the past and not the future. The future of BBM, as I see it, is a professional quality mobile communication toolbox. Not a tool but a toolbox loaded with options. Text chat, files, push to talk, push to video, audio or video calls, screen sharing and more. Sometimes I’m going to want to send a text message. Other times I want to hold down a button and talk, or fire off a quick 6-second video. Much of the time the communication will be back and forth, but no synchronous like a constantly connected phone call. And sometimes I’ll want the equivalent of a phone call or video call. These options need to all exist within BBM. Nextel had over 20 million paying subscribers in the US. Push to talk is important.

Voxer is probably the best known PTT app around. They raised $30 million in funding last year, and they’ve done an amazing job with their app. They may not survive since WhatsApp has now baked this functionality into their service, and I expect BBM, iMessage and others will follow suit. I don’t think a stand alone PTT app makes any sense in a world of constantly improving mobile IM tools.

It’s too bad that BlackBerry couldn’t have beat WhatApp to the punch. But in retrospect, it wasn’t going to happen. There were stories about WhatsApp working on PTT back in May of this year. That’s a solid head start.

So BBM won’t be the first to roll out push to talk in a cross platform mobile IM application. But at least there can be no excuse now. BlackBerry won’t be able to worry about carriers getting pissed off about it, for example. It’s way easier to justify the existence of this feature when you’re catching up to someone else who already has it, rather than trying to explain to your carrier partners why you’re killing off a potential source of add-on revenue for them. But let’s face it - carriers are in the business of selling network access so people can use awesome apps. We tend not to think of carriers as app publishers.

If BBM is to become an enterprise-grade full service mobile IM platform that also happens to rock the world as the best cross-platform service for consumers, I think they need to pick up the pace.

I’d say BlackBerry should just go buy Voxer. But it’s probably too expensive to justify. Rumor has it that the pre-money valuation of the 35-person San Francisco company was $180 million when they raised a bunch of VC money. If BlackBerry was to offer a reasonable return to these VCs, we’re talking at least a quarter billion dollars. I’d rather see them build the walkie talkie capabilities in house (it shouldn’t be that hard) and spend some of their cash buying Sierra Wireless for reasons I already talked about.

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Now there is no excuse. BBM must include push to talk



No way that's happening , as much as I love to have that video calls knowing blackberry that's going to take at least a year or more maybe they promise and don't deliver just like bb10 for play book .

For anyone who wants to send voice notes, just use the Attach button and press Voice Note.

When you finish recording, press Send.

It's not one touch, but it isn't too many more.

it's too much if others (voxer wechat etc) do not need such 'attach, prerecord, send' hassles. i never use whatsapp' attach voice note thing but use wechat' push to talk very often because whatsapp was too much hassle. now things change.


I've been using WhatsApp push to talk all day with my WhatsApp friends whilst driving and I love it. I hope BBM gets it soon. I was going to delete WhatsApp when BBM goes cross platform, but now I think I'm going to keep it.

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Seriously? So a real time voice app wouldn't be better? That's just bizarre. Cool to mess about with perhaps. But longer term?

The only reason for the "push to talk" feature (which it isn't really) is if the recipient isn't online. Otherwise you might as well use voice. And BBM has both voice and video. And if you must send an audio message it has that too - but with two clicks rather than one.

I agree with your logic Nick. I use the same logic in my everyday life which is why I always carry a few condoms around with me!

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And if BlackBerry wants to sell more phones they need to appeal to more ppl. So need more features that attract customers .... any customers

I just not sure the BBM is going to be a reason to buy BB devices.

If BBRY leaves a few features out of BBM on other platforms, it "might" cause a few to want a more feature rich experience on the original BBM platform. Of course if they leave some features out... how will BBM compare then to to competition?

Disagree. Not if it takes valuable development time and causes them to miss their deadlines.

Furthermore, if this wasn't in the list of features for release on Android and ios already, then were probably not going to see it on those platforms before, say, audio/video chat which are way higher priority.

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I agree with you in the sense that I dont consider BBM a Whatsapp competitor at the moment since BBM is available for BlackBerry only. Given the bad track record of BlackBerry to deliver what's promised. Let's actually wait till they release BBM to both Android and iOS it might take longer than everybody expect and probably a worse experience than everybody expects too.

Umi *loves* push to talk... period. :)

Completely agree that one of the problems with the "old" BlackBerry was the belief that adding/matching functionality was viewed as good enough. As long as you could get the OS to do the task, you could cross it off the to do list. In reality, what is more important is experience and ease of use. You're better off having less features, but in a way that they're delivered really cleanly to the user, vs. just tacking on more features in a way that's less than the best experience, leaving it up to the user to discover them and figure out how to best use them. I think BB has made some good progress on this, but there's room to improve, and definitely need to always push the mentality of we're going to do this the BEST way possible and not just accept "good enough". Good enough works when you're first and there's no options. When the competition is fierce, gotta push it all the way. 

prime example is the storm. They put it out cause everyone else had a touch screen. It was more of an afterthought. Now with the Z10 they changed there approach and it is a brilliant experience.

In regards to push to talk I hadn't noticed or seen anyone use that service in a while. Nextel was the bomb back in the day. It was also kind of rude at times. :)

They did try to innovate with the Storm. It just didn't turn out to work out well in practice (the push screen idea where the goal was to get a touch screen plus the tactile feedback of a physical keyboard).

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Hey don't talk about the Storm in such a derogatory manner. That Storm, i have you know is a wonderful piece of junk. *throws it across at you*. Keep that phone with my pleasure. It was such a great "email/phone" use only and only when it worked, the touch screen keyboard and all. I know I had it replaced within a month hahah I pushed so hard I broke the mechanism. Lousy paperweight. Oh and yes I love blackberry. Goooo BlackBerry Keep moving

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You lie! Your little girly fingers couldn't damage such a wonderful masterpiece.

I see your throw and combat you with a search of the dump, fishing three out of garbage bags, twelveteen foots down (and to the side a little bit), throwing them in your general direction... hang on... I see another one! nope. My bad. It's a piece of isht :-)

Go RIM!!

Hey Chris, Kev, and the rest of the CB crew:

I feel that BBM should be focused amalgamation of the various forms of PTT, IM + SMS integration, Voice and Video group chat, and make the ultimate communication experience, hands down. Any application that can be BBM connected should be embedded into the BBM, functionality.

Improve screen share by letting the user select the file privately and then share it on the screen. Right now, screen share is just a mirror. It'll be far more efficient and presentable if it was refined this way.

What do you guys think?

Kevin, I agree with you in that simply adding functionality is not enough. If you want an edge, you have to go one better, that's what moves things forward. And part of that "one better" is the experience. A lousy experience is worse than none at all, as we well know. I would rather see no option until they can get it mostly right.

The only caveat I will toss out is that sometimes holding off until it's 100% will lose you the market. If you can get to 90%, that will be good enough until you can fine tune it. I think we've seen that recently with the delay of BB10, but it not being perfect right out the gate. They are continuing to refine it and probably in a slightly different direction than they originally imagined, which is good.

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I too love PPT and want to see it on BBM but it can come later rather than delaying the launch of cross platform BBM. It needs to be there but it doesn't need to delay the launch. That's more important in my opinion.

I don't use whatsapp (never like any apps that want to have ALL permissions to MY device), I tried BeepUs back then but not for long. Rather than following whatsap, it's better to step further like speeding the process of implementing bbm money and get merchants to create their official channels. Then push the coupons / vouchers /giftcards for us. That is better I think.

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Absolutely agree with you and Bla1ze.

They need to two check boxes :

1) Do we have feature X?

2) What are the things that make our particular implementation of feature X better than anyone else's?

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Do we think BB is listening? I'm seeing a lot of great ideas in the forums and in Crackberry's articles. Obviously I'm a huge BB fan but I am worried about the time to execute and the execution thus far.

I don't think there is value in one-on-one PTT for BBM since they will be rolling out BBMVoice as part of the offering, but I suppose having PTT as part of a BBM Group would be very useful as an added feature.
The whole PTT thing started as part of construction site / emerg responders and the reason for the 'walkie talkie' idea was that you were broadcasting out your message to multiple listeners, like a party line. Then of course you saw Boost Mobile promote this as the way for ballers to walk around with their phone a foot away from them while they talked to their boo, but nevertheless the concept is still valid.

Being able to send a voice note to someone, and the idea of the 'asynchronous communication' that is the epitome of IM and email in general, is great in principle but hard in real life, and if I understand the feature of WhatsApp it doesn't seem like a great implementation. However, as with emoji and stickers and so on (and let's not forget Vine), I understand where they are trying to go here. I would like to see a feature for BBM Voice or Video where you could 'leave a message' to the recipient in the event they do not answer - today you fall back to text message follow up when a voicemail is more what you would be inclined to do.

PTT, it is far more convenient then real time talk/video many times. You don't need to get hold of the person in real time . and you also don't have to wait for a reply in real time.


True, but then why wasn't Nextel more popular back in the day? While it certainly was common to see, it wasn't pervasive. And then carriers later rolled out their own PTT features/services, and I don't know anyone who used them.

A big driver for Nextel was cost, particularly if you had family or friends in other places. PTT "calls" weren't rounded up to the minute like voice calls.

Nextel peaked at 20 millions before it started shedding them. If it was so popular, why did Sprint ultimately shutter the iDen technology? It's not like its own CDMA-based PTT tech or any other PTT service gained the kind of traction or attention that Nextel had--they were also-rans.

And at that time, what percent of total feature-phone users did 20M represent? Yeah, a fraction. Sure, it was not free, but it was cheaper than voice and probably SMS in some cases. Again, this is 2005 we're talking about here.

There is some industry background that most people miss. iDEN was Motorola proprietary (and went with Freescale when they spun off their silicon business). CDMA was effectively Qualcomm proprietary (there weren't alternate suppliers until VIA around mid 2000's and even that it was just 1xRTT, no EVDO or anything). Sprint bought Nextel for the spectrum, simple as that, and they thought they could transition their users from iDEN PTT to CDMA PTT which was crap, and of course forced everyone to buy a new phone in the process. So if you are a NEXTEL user, and you are toll dbasically "hey, thanks for being such a loyal customer through this transition - now we're going to turn off the iDEN network and refarm our CDMA onto it, so you'll need to go buy a new phone. plus your plan won't be grandfathered, the PTT doesn't really work, and you won't get any hardware credit" would you say "Thanks Sprint! I'll take it!" or would you start looking at VZW / ATT / TMo? I think the market demographics answer that one. I recall at least one handset from (I think) Moto that supported both CDMA and iDEN, but that is basically a QC solution with a Freescale modem bolted on the side. That's not a cheap solution for handset makers, and even more so back in 2005/6 when this happened instead of 2009/10 when QC started rolling our their LTE "Fusion" chipsets.

Yeah! Aren't we supposed to be "leapfrogging the competition"? That's certainly not accomplished my continuing to just match competitors features.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Again once bbm goes cross platform no one will care about whatsapp. When I tell people bbm will come to iPhone and Android they are like I cannot wait lol.

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That would be an awfully large amount of money for one (I say simple because I don't know how to do it, I'm sure it's not simple at all to make) feature, it would be nice to have but I agree Chris, in house development would be better so they can spend their money on something a bit more... expansive if you will

If bbm can send a file then why send a voice note is difficult? Phone has recorder implemented. Simple. Not a big deal. Application level is nothing for BlackBerry. No worry, only thing is to implement better.


Also, those file send limits have got to either increase massively or disappear... I use Skype to send HD videos recorded on my Z10 to my better half over wi-fi..

The trend seems to be moving away from allowing large video files to be sent, instead, nowadays you just send the link to your video that is stored in the cloud, i.e. Dropbox, YouTube etc. with the receiver of the link having the option to view or download.

That's great if your file is already in the cloud now isn't it... which in this case it's not.

You are also making the whole process more complex.. upload file >> get a link to file >> find contact >> paste link >> send ( assuming this is a public link too so no login required? ) ( I don't want my video available on a publicly facing and accessible link!)

I agree with you in the PC world (email being my biggest gripe as a sys admin), but for mobile devices I don't, people want simplicity and fewer steps.

When you say you don't agree, are you saying you don't see this trend in mobile happening?
All the cloud storage apps promote the sharing of files via links. I never said which method I prefer, just pointing out the trend. What exactly don't you agree with?

Do you have any evidence to back up your claim ("The trend seems to be moving away from allowing large video files to be sent") for chat programs? I use whatsapp and have noticed no limiting on file sharing imposed recently. Just the fact that file sharing services want you to share links doesn't prove it. That's them promoting the use of their products :)

He's right. But the platform needs integrated cloud services for this to be simple for the user.

If the platform had cloud synching or would automatically upload to the cloud when a link was sent, then there is no need to manually pre-upload anything.

This is the way things are going.

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In the corporate world where you either have some form of private cloud or pay to use a public cloud service for sending large files I agree. It will become part of the work flow.

Now in the use case of BBM for sharing a large file... I fail to see the point of complicating the process by uploading to a cloud service, generating a link to share then having to send that link.

If I can send a 200MB video of my daughter easily over Skype then I should be able to do the same over BBM. Its fewer steps and more user-friendly.

It will become a trend for mobile in the corporate world certainly, as part of the work flow using a private or approved service. For mobile in the consumer space.. not if your messenger service of choice supports it in fewer steps.

My guess is that since the limits on email and iMessage etc. have not increased, that it has something to do with limiting the amount of bandwidth being used. I don't know who or why it benefits to limit bandwidth, but I keep thinking about the carriers choking your speed at certain bandwidth levels. Like I said, I'm just guessing, but why isn't email, messaging etc. unlimited file size?

Having maintained email systems, silly attachments tend to kill server disk storage rather quickly :)

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One advantage of a PTT service is in-car communications. I often find myself using the voice-to-text feature built-in to BB10 for sending BBM messages while in the car. These messages translate into text form, then I send it to the person I'm trying to get in contact with. The advantage of PTT is that there is no error in the voice-to-text translation - - - it's just a voice message. The difference between this and BBM Voice Chat is that the person does not need to be available on the other end. The great thing about sending a text or BBM or even an email is that I can send it NOW and the person can respond to it when they are available. A BBM Voice Chat/Video Chat or even a regular old phone call requires the other person to be available at the exact same time as you to answer the call. THIS is the advantage of a PTT feature in BBM and WhatsApp. Tying it into an in-car experience might be a good way to market it, along with other features BB may be working on with its QNX resources.

BINGO. I agree with you 100%. This is a huge use case for me. I am often at a red light, looking to hammer out a quick message and I use the voice to text feature, which screws up the words too often. I'd much prefer a press, talk, done.

Exactly! Voice-to-text will NEVER be 100% in my opinion, especially with different languages, accents, etc. It is much easier to send the person a voice note (PTT) than to try to speak to your phone, then have to manually correct what it interpreted (takes away from the safety advantage of using a Voice-to-text feature), then send it. For in-car use, PTT makes sense and the fact that BB seems to be moving towards improving the in-car experience of Mobile Computing, they could market a BBM PTT service as a safe and easy solution for in-car communications.

Use case maybe. Huge? Probably not.

PTT would still get you a moving violation ticket if you used it in the car since you have to manipulate the phone to send the message. You don't have this issue with VOIP using a headset. The cops don't care what you were trying to do. All they care is that your holding/touching it. They should integrate a command to call BMM video or voice in the Voice Commands or SayIT app.

As for Voxer, how many people use apps not knowing there is something is better. Also, a lot of users are running on network that don't support good quality VOIP. SO Voxer is good alternative. Still don't see a broad use case for the functionality.

Good points re moving violation ticket. In Ontario, this is expensive! Having said that, the feature would work well anywhere else except when the user is around the steering wheel of a moving vehicle or waiting at a stop light.

Absolutely! Especially when BlackBerry has BBM built in to every car running QNX. Or can at least access it on their phone via Bluetooth.

PTT isn't required for this use case. This is no different than recording an MP3 and sending the file to someone. The difference is that the implementation allows for the voice-to-file conversion to happen on-the-fly within the app, which is a better user experience than having to do this manually via a disconnected process.

PS can't BlackBerry enable this feature by simply moving the "Voice Notes" from the "Attach" menu to its own icon in the bottom of BBM Chats. Seems like a pretty simple modification that would give BBM PTT with a quick update.

That's exactly what I thought.
Also BBM used to be able to set your left convenience key to record and send voice notes used to do it on my Storm 9550 when driving it was awesome.

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Exactly, BlackBerry can build bb10 PTT is NOTHING for them. Application level is WAY simpler. Also real-time voice or video call are far more Complex than PTT. No worries guys.


PTT is the most effective communication method where the other end surely know you've ended your sentence ; only one person speaks at the same time there fore increasing the quality of communication. In my opinion.

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Would be a nice feature for future implementation, but at this point I care that the cross-platform BBM app BlackBerry launches is a well-tested, and quality app.

Yep - agreed. I'm sure there's a never-ending feature roadmap.. but most important thing right now is to get it out and working and make sure the experience is smoooooth.

I agree. Whatever the final list of features cross platform BBM ends up with, they need to work flawlessly from day one. No more "It will be fixed in a future Update" stuff.

This is more than just cross-platform BBM:

This app is the ambassador of the BlackBerry brand, and it has to charm the pants off of the people it visits!

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There seems to be no mentions about uncompressed picture sending. Is it already confirmed or they just expect people gonna roll with crappy 10kb sent picture everytime?

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or, simply request an HQ copy. Leave it to the sender if they actually want to send you a 1.5+mb picture if they're not on wifi. Some people still have pretty limited data plans, eh? The current way it's done is perfect. You get the pic near instantaneous and you have the option of requesting a better copy.

Push to talk is a must have. Emoji as well. Remember that we're talking about global success here. And the world is not just America and Canada. We chat, line naver and kakao talk have almost as many users as whats app. In the hundreds of millions.

Line and we chat have their own "facebook page esque" element in their app. BBM channels is somewhat more like instragam in its layout. Of you have an iphone or android use them and you'll understand.

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I think I like the idea of sending videos to another person, something like vine and instavideo. It's much more unique to have it in the conversation. And on top of that it would be amazing to take away limits to videos. Now that the quality is much higher on the resolutions of videos, 6 mb will not cut it. We should be able to send videos without limitations of size.

Umi and CB Kev, I couldn't agree more with you. In the states, BlackBerry is considered a joke. Even with all the new features, they are completely slighted and with good reason. They haven't pushed the envelope.

How long have we been screaming for BBM Video, BBM Group Video, and improvements of innovation all across the board in the sole app that has kept millions holding onto the platform? The approach BlackBerry takes year in and year out is more than infuriating to me, a very loyal and dedicated user, so imagine how outsiders feel about a company that really doesn't grasp what it is that needs to be done, or doesn't care.

Going cross-platform with BBM as it is right now is a terrible move. It's still no where close to where it needs to be to really impress and they're going to display it for the masses in this current state. Yes, it'll get publicity, but it's so far behind in what needs to be added and what people want to be added.

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So in your opinion, BBM should not go platform until it can do everything different apps offer on iOS and Android?

In essence you are saying they should never go cross platform until the world is perfect. SMH.

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Hardly. I'm saying it BB shouldn't go x-platform until it offers features that are better than what's out there, or it really won't be adopted. BB10 added BBM Video and not much of anything else. Competitors already had video chatting features, and most of which are better. Google Hangouts, oOVOo, and others. More featured messaging apps are out there as well, such as Snap Chat. Now WhatsApp is quickly adding features that people have been asking for. Quite a few others like Go!SMS as well.

The point is that in order for BBM to be looked at in the same light, it needs to have more features and be more customizable. Add group voice and video chat. Add compatibility for the emoji packs iPhone/Android and even BlackBerry apps use (What'sApp,Touch, etc), add PTT because ALL of these things simply make sense and are high in demand. They have been for many years, but BlackBerry has the tendency to settle for less. That's one of the biggest reasons why they are where they are in the market place.

I feel BBM is going to be disregarded when compared to the rest. It has all the potential in the world to win the race, but they dose off at the wheel.

This is all crap. People love to text. You look like and sound like an idiot talking to your phone unless you are on a phone call. Plus there is the nervous stammering of thought making recorded messages. We just like the simplicity if texting and the stealth of it all. Else BBM has video or voice calling if you want to chat. On a job site, or in the bush hunting say, walkie talkie will be the answer. You can throw one to anyone and they know how to use it. No towers or network required. Voice notes which are almost the same at PTT are never used. I have had a smart phone for since BlackBerry invented them and no one uses them. No one. I use my phone all day for work and play and again no one uses this feature even though they all know about it. People love to text. Sorry!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

You are mistaken son. It needs to be there as an OPTION. So people can choose. I work in the service industry and PTT was invaluable. When you're on a service call and can PTT a colleague with a quick question rather than stop completely, you save time and money. You get things done!! It may not work for you, but I guarantee it works for others. You may choose not to use it and think it's crap, others will love it. People love options.

PTT is crucial for many business out there. It needs to be incorporated into BBM. No question about it.

Just chatting about PTT with a buddy of mine who raised a good point about PTT !
Imagine opening your BBM filled with PTT messages !!! With simple little PTT messages !!
He suggested BBM PTT should have the priority feature on both ends who are sending the message or receiving messages.
I can see where it could be annoying !!

Push To Talk was a gold feature that worked best on iDEN, got obviated by the rise in texting and data, but can still find a real niche use case for professionals. No form of communication I've ever used a phone for has ever been as quick or simple as an iDEN PTT call (well, assuming there was signal). And I was only using it for fun. My brother works for an organization that used them to communicate across different job sites until they got the shut down notice from Sprint and switched to Sprint Direct Connect. They switched to Verizon shortly after that.

Push to Talk looks like it is actually pretty hard to do when not baked in at a network/hardware level. Sprint tried years ago with QChat, failed, went back to iDEN, and is now back with some new form of PTT that doesn't work very well either. AT&T and VZW have been giving it a shot for at least five years and still can't quite match iDEN for speed and simplicity. AT&T is only now rolling out an app that enables the feature on the iPhone.

So, while the feature would be great, given the track record of failure for enabling it I can see why BB hasn't done much with the idea as far as we know.

Though it would be great if they did.

Very similar history in Canada. Telus offered iDEN Direct Connect under the Mike brand name and it was a absolute killer feature, but suffered the same problems. Network coverage was poor. If you were 20 minutes outside of a major city or highway corridor, it was useless.
But when it worked, it was instant and awesome. Other carriers tried their own implementations, which failed miserably. Most notably Bell introduced PTT over their CDMA network, and the lag and delay was unbearable in comparison. Bell now has Sonim which works better, but still doesn't compare. You can even download a PTT app for the 9900 to use, but we never used it and opted for free Canada-wide calling instead.

If someone had told me a few years ago that we would be lamenting the death of iDEN I would have called them crazy.

I've never used any of the app store PTT services on any platform. Any idea if they are decent replacements?

I used to use to "mike" phones back when and it was a killer feature. We'd use the phones like walkie talkies between cars but as you mentioned, the network service could sometimes be poor. Man those were the days though!

1000% agree with Chris here. BB need to add walkie talkie capability.Make more use of that awesome crystal clear QNX acoustic software.This would be huge for the clients in medical,security,stock room floor walkers ,warehouse workers,students everyone. Sometimes I wonder why BB are so passive get that aggression up own the territory.Go hard or go home.This one feature alone would be a huge selling point and quality TV advert.It only takes one little feature to sway people.''BBM Walk and talk'' feature with a BBX navigation display stick in a little West Wing style walking and talking there's advertising gold right there.This needs to be implemented.

WeChat is basically what whatsapp is going to be. PTT and text chatting.

I mentioned to Michael Clewley about WeChat and he pointed out BBM Voice Notes, which I don't think is good enough...

Posted via CB10

That's what I meant by "shortcut to an old feature".

Because from the video that John posted yesterday, the push to talk works just like that. The receiver still has to push the play buttom to listen, it isn't like Nextel's PTT. That's all I'm pointing out...

I am NOT saying it isn't good to have or shouldn't be implemented on BBM. And come to think of it... I wonder if BlackBerry could make it work like a full blown walkie-talkie.

Nice comment on the importance of UI simplicity.

But to be honest that's something I struggle with regarding BBM before I could even start using it: While WhatsApp does its best to allow me to immediately start communicating with my friends by auto-populating my contacts, with BBM on the beloved Z10 I recently switched to I first have to think about who of my friends might still have a BlackBerry and use BBM. (I cannot find any form of automated friends discovery based on the social data my Z10 already holds even if one still had to manually request/accept each other as BBM contacts.)

This very first experience with BBM is more than clunky. I haven't started using it and, honestly, why should I bother if WhatsApp more than comfortably does most of the messaging needs (maybe not mine as a power user but all of those that 97% of my contacts have)?

And as a consequence, if one thinks some months down the road, why should I bother to promote cross-platform BBM to any of my friends using iOS/Android?

EDIT: As a sidenote, iMessage, in contrast, is so user friendly that several people I know simply used it without even knowing of its existence (they had not even realised that sometimes text boxes were green while others were blue). It simply integrated itself into their messaging workflow without *any* need of setup.

I don't like the auto-population of contacts within WhatsApp. Well, more specifically, I don't like how I can't pick and choose which contacts can see that I have WhatsApp.

@Nine54: I understand your point. On the other hand for your contacts to see that you are using WhatsApp it required you to give them your mobile number beforehand. I.e. you have provided them with the info to contact you anyway or do I overlook something?

You can actually Know All your contacts that have BBM or PlayBook/BB10 by going to Contacts.
Click the menu button on the bottom left and select "BBM Contacts" or "BBM Video Contacts" and it will show you from all contacts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Local Contacts) that have the respective service.

Go, give it a go.

Posted via CB10

@Akainzano: Great, that seems to be what I have been looking for. When I open contacts, switch to BBM contacts and then to the Recommended tabs there are two contacts recommended.

It is great to see how BlackBerry leverages the massive amount of social data already available on one's BB10 device hooked up to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and one's email/ calendar/ contacts service (e.g. a Google,, or Microsoft Exchange account).

I can BBM eventually! I'm thrilled!

EDIT: The list has already grown to 18 contacts! Yeah!

EDIT 2: It'd be very intuitive if this contact suggestions would be shown directly in one's empty contacts list within the BBM app. I could imagine some new BB users overlook this Recommended pane in the BBM contacts list of the contacts app.

I personally don't care for PTT simply because i don't get a chance to proof-read(proof-listen if you will) what i am sending. On the other hand, it is a brilliant idea to pack BBM with as much features as possible; bring on PTT BlackBerry!!!!

I hate Whatsapp. I had some random person message on Whatsapp. How the hell did they get my number? Definitely deleting it and getting all friends on Android and iOS to install BBM when it is released

Posted via CB10

Good luck with forcing all the friends and family to shift from Whatsapp to BBM, whatsapp is much mire popular with over 300 million active users.

After reading the comments, I can see that there is a need for a pool of communication tools, and BBM as a toolkit rather than tool was a great analogy. I for one would like to see that come to life. Add tools as they get developed, but make the UX fantastic.

Posted via CB10

While I'm a big fan of PTT (we had Curve 8350i Mike phones and a plethora of Motorola PTT phones before those in our office), there's a reason the network is defunct and soon to be extinct.
What is that reason? Maybe people didn't want their phones blaring out whatever the person on the other end had to say for everyone to hear within earshot? Can you imagine having true PTT on BBM? It would be awful! (admittedly it could be pretty funny too) But, no thanks. I'd rather a "ding" to let me know there's a message, or voice note. If I want to talk to them, I'll call them, BBM Voice or BBM Video them, thank you very much.
In certain business environments, there is/was nothing better, but in my personal life, it's too intrusive.

I guess it would also be all in how it was implemented, like everything. If you could "start a PTT session" with someone, then carry on and end it when done.... that would be cool. But not a true PTT implementation like the "good 'ol days".

Easiest separation is;
BBM Voice = phone call over IP - it's a VoIP call
PTT = walkie talkie
The difference is subtle.
Edit: Also, with PTT of yesteryear you had no control on when a voice message was coming through. It just did whether you were near your phone or not. There was a notification that you missed one, but that's it. You could also "buzz" someone to see if they were there first, but often people just started talking assuming you were there.

Wouldn't a BBM voice call be smoother than "broken" PTT transmissions if someone wants to have a continuous conversation?

From my understanding, that's not exactly what Chris is talking about, though. He's talking about the ability to, I guess, leave voice messages. I tried the Whatsapp feature, and it works well.

It's just a matter of time. Truth is I'm surprised it isn't a keyboard shortcut on the Q10 now.

You can already send voice notes - which is essentially the feature meant by the term PTT in this context. It just requires a couple of button presses rather than a single press. Though at some point you still have to select a contact so it's not that easy.

Yeah, public conversations via PTT aren't cool. But without a physical button on the side of the phone to use, any walkie-talkie feature would pretty much require using the speaker phone as you use some on-screen button to activate sending your message. When my old job switched to AT&T BlackBerries, we just used the phone more and our etiquette improved because we no longer broadcast annoying messages to each other and bothering other workers.

PTT wouldn't be so bad if not using the speakerphone, but without a physical button on the side, I don't know how one could implement the feature. Using the touchscreen requires moving your face away. Maybe if they could work out using the face-detection sensor so voice messages received could simply notify you until you put your ear to the phone and it'd automatically play. Replying would require pulling your face away again, hitting an on-screen button, and then it'd record when you put your phone to your face again. I just don't know how well that'd work.

I guess in the case of push-to-video, you'd have to simply just hold it in front of you and push a button. So maybe the push-to-talk would just also have that caveat, meaning it is relegated to public broadcasting the sound.

I do think they should make it super easy, quick, and intuitive to send a voice note or short video through BBM by using one-button on screen. That should be a pretty easy thing to implement.

i Love the facial detection idea. that's the major problem with PTT as it currently is. If i want to receive a message, i want to be able to listen to it over the earpiece and not the speakerphone.

I don't remember 100%, but I'm pretty sure you could do this with Nextel. The challenge was that if you didn't have the phone to your ear when the person sent a message, you would miss it.

Competition, and competitor innovation: this is a good thing for BlackBerry. They can't rest on their laurels. They need to keep moving, and whatsapp pushing ptt creates another advantage that BlackBerry need to address.

That said, everyone I personally have talked ton re bbm going cross platform - well they just tell me to get an iphone, for imessage, and use whatsapp.

BlackBerry had better pour some marketing cash on promoting bbm.

Bbm is such an intuitive and elegant messaging solution. I really don't want bbm drowned out in the buzz people like whatsapp, skype and whoever else are going to be creating, to detract from the bbm cross platform launch!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

BBM has always been behind when it comes to features, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is not even on the drawing board and maybe Emojis/Stickers à la Facebook will make it in 2015...

Hello everyone, this time I can't really understand why people are ignoring BBM Voice notes, BBM Voice calls, BBM Video calls, BBM Screen sharing, BBM Channels and BBM etc. We have the best messenger in the market. This is not debatable. I hope future users on other platforms could benefit from all BBM features at launch. Sorry Kevin, I definitely think BBM is "good enough".

Tan, Okan Z10

We have the best messenger in the market...that's not cross-platform. The question is whether or not cross-platform BBM will have more than just the chat/group chat at launch. As Chris says (and I agree with him,) BBM will need to launch with at least this feature, because if it doesn't what will it have that will make people choose it over Whatsapp?

He's absolutely right one that one. If it doesn't match Whatsapp's features (and I guess that's just the "PTT", right?) we'll have a harder time selling people into BBM.

One overlooked feature on BBM has always been groups, I used a BBM group calendar to replace the family calendar on the fridge!

Cross-platform BBM groups will let me get rid of the damned thing again!

They need to lift the 6 mb limit on files across bbm

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 featuring BBM Channel C0002FE04

I believe it depends on the communication culture. For example in Europe nobody used beeper like in the United States. Years ago some providers tried to establish push to talk in Europe. Consumer reaction was zero. Not sure if this had changed that much especially most people use flat rates. To make a long story short. Maybe ptp is a big hit in America or Asian countries. I doubt people are waiting for it in Europe. Imo.

Yes, push to talk is a must for BBM. I have thought about this for a long time already. Thanks for headlining it.

Its funny how ignorant people are when they say BBM is good enough. Just because its good enough for them doesn't mean its good enough for everyone else, or good enough for the company to succeed.

Why use PTT, when we already have BBM Voice?

(I have never used PTT so I don't know what other features this might have...)

Why not just send a voice message? It's as simple as that and that's a feature we already have. Not everyone has BBM so it is a bit one sided and even when it will be available to all not everyone will have it still.

Posted via CB10

Voice notes are VERY cumbersome if you want to have a conversation. I have thought of this too, that they could make voice notes more friendly for this.

My very first BlackBerry was the 7520 on the Nextel network - was working with an Ambulance corps and we loved the feature. Nextel network was recently just shut down by Sprint but I believe there was a load of hold overs who stayed with Nextel till the end and I am certain PTT was the reason why. There are many professionals for whom PTT would be a great added feature, and adding it to cross-platform BBM would be a huge plus IMHO.

The biggest problem I have seen with the software implementations of this software (and I admit to not having tried Voxer or some of the newer ones) was huge lag between the time you pushed the button and the time the "chirp" was heard on the receivers phone. Perhaps the BlackBerry servers are an excellent way or taking that away - the "d" and "r" are almost instantaneous and would give BB a leg up no?

Although this is pretty well written and thorough and I do relate with the points directed at the Dinosaurism of. Waterloo...I highly doubt the need of push to talk.
You either voip or text ( bbm and otherwise) ptt was great when introduced as it was practically free and the walkie-talkie form of communication was pretty popular especially among professionals on the construction insdutry!
Its so obsolete nowdays it looks like the revival of GSM as a reliable network of sorts.
PTT is an attempt of whatsapp to stay in the game until they manage to implement voip cross platform just like viber.

Just my 2c...

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You are falling victim to what you believe / want as a single user. Look at the evidence. Millions of Voxer users. Biggest cross platform IM app adding PTT.

It is not obsolete at all. It is the voice equivalent of text IM.

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I agree with Chris, PTT could be another great option or tool in the BBM toolbox. If YOU don't need it, don't use it.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Nothing is good enough anymore. Everyone is evolving. So does BlackBerry.

You buy one device a new one is out next week. Same for software. And the software has to keep up with the hardware

Posted via CB10 on my Rogers LTE MAX Q10 and LTE Z10 in Toronto

The end-goal with multi platform BBM should be to replace EVERY communication client with one app. PTT should be there, even if it's just making voice notes more convenient. Text, voice, video, like Skype, group video like ooVoo, even temporary file sharing like SnapChat. People don't want a different chat client for each of these things like they have now. BlackBerry's goal should be to eventually replace them all.

Posted via CB10

What this really is on WhatsApp is a simplified process for voice notes. They just made a button visible to start the voice note, and set it to automatically send once you've finished recording. The recipient still needs to push Play to hear the note.

BBM has had voice notes for a very long time. The main issue is how hidden it is, and how many steps it takes to send a voice note. With the feature already available, it wouldn't take much to simplify the process.

Right now, on BB10, you have to close the keyboard, select Attach, Voice Note, press Record, Stop, and Send. It's a lot more steps compared to the two-click process in WhatsApp. Since it really is already built into BBM, all they would need to do is simplify the process: Add a Voice Note button to the main menu, possibly have it start recording as soon as the Voice Note section opens up, and automatically send it when you stop recording. Those minor changes would bring the feature in line with WhatsApp.

I hope ptt doesn't show up on blackberry that's the one feature I used to hate on my work phone there was no way to turn it off. And would get ptts all hours of the day. Then now with all the spam I get from BBM which I don't use I can imagine how much more crap spam that would allow.

Posted via CB10

More things for BB to do when they are having a hard time doing simple things like walking their own talk, defending the BB brand or having a corporate communications strategy???

If they must add PTT to please the masses, so be it, but personally I hate PTT. Americans have poor cell phone etiquette, and I remember them using the feature to be as obnoxious as possible. I'm glad that fad died out.

Posted via CB10

As an unofficial spokesman for BBRY, I like to address Kris's and many others' concerns here briefly:

1. Voice notes is a good enough substitute for PTT feature, we are not targeting the market segment where PTT cannot be replaced with voice notes.

2. BB10 runs smooth enough with current hardware, we, like Apple, won't respond to specs war.

3. We have been in this business for long time. We know better than the market. Please don't tell us what the market wants, we knew it already.

Thank you and you all have a wonderful day!


Excellent insight Chris. BlackBerry should honestly hire you. Current crop is not dynamic enough to keep up.

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Interesting perspective regarding PTT. Whereas this feature would gain more popularity if it was universally available, I'm not sure that having this feature will necessarily boost BlackBerry's fortunes significantly. I worry that with all of the cross-platform messaging apps that are available and that will be enhanced, whether BlackBerry's push for cross-platform support for BBM will be a game changer or not. My unofficial poll amonst my colleagues who all had BlackBerry's and now have migrated to iPhone or Android all say that they might add the BBM app on their device, but will not consider migrating back to BlackBerry because the differntiating gap between the various platforms is diminishing rapidly. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.

There is a big difference between icluding a technology that another OS has compared to including an outdated technology just to "keep up" with another OS. BBM already has voice and video chat, which I can chose to answer or not. PTT is dieing a slow death. WhatsApp only threw it in to try and keep customers when BBM arrives.

I have no need for PTT when I have text typing, voice notes, voice chat, and video chat too. If others want it that's cool with me but it's something I personally would never use.


Why do they need to buy Voxer when this would be easy to implement with the BBM Voice capabilities already present in BBM? All they have to do is enable the side key to enable a voice session without having to have the other person answer the phone. Should be some quick programming and not requiring spending $200 Million plus on a company.

Posted via CB10

They already have voice notes using the "Attach" button.

I guess you just want one less key stroke/touch

Would this not still leave a copy of every single conversation fragment in my file system?  Why wants that?  My guess is NOBODY.  PTT (walkie talkie) is not even close to being related to attaching voice notes.  It's about as useful as my kids asking me to take them to the beach, and instead I go buy them a few bags of sand at Home Depot and dump them in the yard.

If you're sending files which is essentially what this is, you're always going to have fragments in your system - regardless of the app - because in this context they have to be stored temporarily before being sent, and retained until the app is sure the file has been sent (which will generally mean always).

And PTT in the context you're discussing is EXACTLY voice notes. The difference is purely conceptual. You want the message to arrive whether the individual is online or not, therefore it has to be stored as a file - even if it was sent as a stream.

If you want more than that then use BBM voice. It's one touch from the BBM chat screen. Very cool.

By the way, there's no swimming at the beach because of a sewage backup. Best use the pool in your yard.

You got it, not a big deal for BlackBerry to move the attachments bottom out. BlackBerry Messenger has this function already just a small effort, easier than whatsapp since it requires to record the voice note separately


I love this article. I find so much resistance to moving ahead or any change from the folks in the CrackBerry forums. This must change we need to demand more and ask for a lot to keep BlackBerry ahead of the competition. Remember the children's story of the "The Tortoise and the Hare"? I find that story to be a perfect example of what happened to BlackBerry. They were ahead of everybody so they decided to take a nap because they figured everyone was too far behind to catch up. When they woke up and looked around they realized... oh oh we are the furthest back in the race even though we have the best product.

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I just realized I could easily send a voice note over BBM the problem on the z10 is that these options get covered by the kryboard.
What I would love to see is a super easy voice note transfer. Not exactly push to talk, but voice notes in the same way existing texts are done. This would be a great alternative while driving.

As it is now, it is a little tough to do so it negates the safety of not sending a traditional sms.

Posted via CB10

I'm with Umi, I would love to see this feature come to BBM. BlackBerry knows how to do it right, they did make BlackBerry's with PTT for Nextel and Mike Network. Integrate it into BBM and let is work as smooth as it did on the Nextel/Mike BlackBerry's and you have a HIT!!!

They should add push to talk
Video push to talk.
And definitely increase the limit size for sending files. A 6 second video on 720 p-1080p is larger than 6 mb. And they should add the option to record on 3gp too.

Posted via CB10

I don't see why BlackBerry couldn't implement this quickly.

There is not much to be done other than to streamline an existing proccess. As it is, it is too complicated to be viable.

But this is what is needed: a quick record button on the chat screen, or better, a hardware key in future models. And then the option to play back the message instantly on tje other end.
Thats it. You could also have the option to automatically play a received messagd ala PTT but I for one would certainly turn that off.

Again, this is not about adding functionality as much as it is streamlining technology that is already there.

Posted via CB10

They can't do it quickly for the same reason they have not been able to add a carriage return to BBM since the release of the Z10 in January

Posted via CB10

Absolutely ridiculous! Why really do you or anyone else need push to talk?!

BlackBerry's on Nextel, Mike Net have had this forever and os being phased out. VOIP/SIP solutions provide the immediacy this gives with more robust connectivity with more than one media layer for choice or availability.

Just because the competition has a voice mail relay doesn't mean BlackBerry needs it.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, so millions of Voxer users are all idiots, right?

PTT as described here uses VoIP. People who say "we already have VoIP " don't understand this.

Posted via CB10

Ok, that's a detail I didn't know. Aaand... I gotta say I don't think I understand how it changes the game.

Do you mind explaining this (honest question - and this is probably why I am not seeing this as much of a big deal)?

Chris how about thé ability to convert the voice message to text done super fast in the received BBM message box to get the jist of the message ? Or a priority features for incoming or sending PTT.

I can see a running list of PTT messages

Posted via CB10

I usually would agree on the 'just because he has it, I want it' mentality but that's exactly why BBM needs to get this feature.
Remember, you're trying to CATCH UP, you're no leader by all means (200 million whatsapp users, 70+ million BBM users), you're just a front runner, along with several others.

BBM has enough features to carve out a nice #1 spot but they need to make sure they're up to par with others. You can't be #1 and lacking in features your competitors have that are not only clearly visible within the app but also a much used option across your userbase.

BlackBerry roadmap for BBM:
1. Get up to par with the competition
2. Smoke them.

It would be very difficult to get to number 1 now seeing that Whatsapp has crossed more than 300 million active users compared to now 60+million BBM users, ofcourse #2 is still possible but wechat is very very strong in China and they have also reached 300 million users.

I've read an article yesterday about Wechat which said it surpassed Whatsapp. If this is true or not I don't know.

In regards to becoming #2. You forgot:
-Viber with 200 + million active users.
-LINE 200 Million active users
-iMessage which is included with every iPhone I believe
-Facebook Mobile Messenger

You could argue the applications above don't have the features BBM has but in my opinion the regular person/casual user just uses a fraction and probably don't even care about most of the features. There is a lot of competition out there and I'm sure they don't want to give up their users easily.

Will be interesting to see what happens.

BlackBerry had PTT versions of their phones in the past, and I know of at least one large and venerable Canadian based multinational won't be upgrading to BB10 until they can get it.

I'm sure they are aware of this in Waterloo...

Posted via CB10

Forget it. I don't want it.

I don't want people leaving me voice notes or anything. I like bbm and sms because I can do it privately, with just text. If I get a message on the go I want to be able to read it. And then act on it. Not have to fish for headphones or worry about the audio volume or contents because I'm in a public place

Posted via CB10

I want my BBM and BBM Channels to be my access to my COMPLETE Communications ! I do not want to go anywhere. Just like when I open BBM today my contact list / BBM groups / BBM Video / BBM Call is right there !! So I want BBM Money and BBM PTT to be right there, very Simple & Fast to use and Send off !!. Then I want my BBM Channels to be my Complete Communication Extension of BBM with all the features but I will want access to the Web, Social feeds , Browser , Hub , Documents, Remember/Evernote etc. Simple, Fast and Flowing .... ..Keep Moving Blackberry !

So instead of tex messages which can easily be read at my convenience I should now get messages that everybody else hears when I listen to them or which cannot be listened to for ages because you need to use the phone like a phone?

Phone calls need time and a quiet environment. I can send a quick message during a meeting (especially when the phone has uses during the meeting) I cannot listen to messages.

It might sound good, but in practice, no, not really.

Posted via CB10

I've been a voice note talker for a long while. I'm so used to it that when I saw the post yesterday I just couldn't see what the fuzz was all about.

VN chatting is very useful if you can't call the person you're talking to (I.E. abroad). I agree that you may need some privacy (headphones were enough for me), but it works well enough.

So much so that Whatsapp is now taking advantage of it.

Try compose and send a voice note in BBM using current method while driving (not that I support using the phone while driving).

Exactly, so priority feature is a key or a voice to text feature to just show the jist of the message.

Posted via CB10

"Many of you took to the comments to blast WhatsApp for creating “a shortcut for voice notes”, an old feature."

Hah! That was me! Thanks for the shout, Umi!

BBM is not the once popular BlackBerry Messenger.

There are still quite a few things that whatsapp is better at.

2 that I can think of:
Better emotions and sending large file attachments.


Both very true. BBM can be so much better if BB and the fans stop thinking what we have is enough. It clearly is not. Significantly add and improve to what we've got, or get ready for a buyout. BBM will not be able to hold the fort if BB continues this route.

And PTT would still get you a moving violation ticket if you used it in the car since you have to manipulate the phone send the message. You don't have this issue in VOIP. The cops don't care what you were trying to do. All they care is that your holding/touching it. They should integrate a command to call BMM video or voice in the Voice Commands or SayIT app.

The feature is not true PTT. You compared it to Nextel, which was true PTT. This is Push To Record. That said, it's a nice addition! The one tap aspect is nice vs multiple taps to send a voice note on bbm. IMHO, this is where BlackBerry could improve bbm. That, and the no time limit aspect on this new addition...

Posted via CB10

Have you tried Voxer? It basically starts streaming your speech to the other person while you are still holding down the button. The lag is super short. It's not push=record, release=send. It's more like release=terminate.

I don't see a need for it....bbm already has voice calls and i guess that's better. if the other party aint available to answer a call, leave a voice note. Only difference is that it's got a shortcut and requires no send option. I for one would like to listen to the note I intend sending rather than just sending straightaway. So it's got its pros and cons. The receiver is going to listen in the same way he would a vn....and i have the advantage of editing my note before sending while the whatsapp version doesn't. it also has the advantage of easy access while bbm's seems tedious.

And did anyone say it's a message of.any length? Try sending a message recorded for over sgs3 doesn't allow that. It sends the message the moment it's been recorded for 2mins....cant go any further.

I want to know how often or how much crackberry tries to push their and fellow crackberry members ideas to blackberry. To me it makes sense, they have the best chance of us all to get views and opinions to the people that can get things done. I think crackberrys word holds wait and is the number one source for BlackBerry fan boys and loyalists, which to me means blackberry should also be reaching out to crackberry to get feedback.

Posted via CB10 for Z10

Did I miss something?

Don't you have/use BBM Voice/Video?

Even my old Dad with his BB7 device uses BBM Voice - and he's 82.

I've just realised you meant "voice notes" as opposed to Push To Talk. Which I understood to be the equivalent of a typical walkie-talkie device.

So rather than touch: Attach/Voice Note.../Send you want one key.

Why not get Kevin to suggest that a new Q10 keyboard shortcut be added to invoke the voice note feature.

People please don't mix this up with PTT. With PTT (Walkie Talkie), you have no control on when you are going to playback on the received voice message. Also, it cannot be repeated.

Voice note on the other hand, give you the flexibility to play the voice note as when you need, and replay it as often as you like.

BBM voice note is great. BlackBerry just need to automate the voice note creation and sending process. It has to be as simple as sending a text message.

BBM should include voice and video chat when it goes cross platform this summer.
Not later. does BB understand People don't want to wait?

+10! I use PTT for work and currently have to rely on a sideloaded Zello, which works when it darn well pleases and only if my current build ends in an even number and the digits add up to 21.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I think the feature needs to be there but I wouldn't use it. I want to see BBM be successful which equals them having all the features the competitors do at launch.

Posted via Q10

The voice note is not important what is important is that BB to maximize BMM capabilities and look to be be the best and snuff out opposition. PTT is not for everyone maybe just corporations companies.Its for certain groups one that comes to mind easily is the very team sponsoring BB.The Mercedes F1 team walkie talkie capability over BBM would be huge for them.Then you can go onto to security firms,warehouse workers,construction workers.If the service is real good many company's will save money by not buying new radio devices.When their phones are already acting like a complete communication device with email,text,IM,radio,and documentation. BB need to get aggressive and act like there is never enough time left. BBM is already set up for it with groups, they have QNX acoustic software and voice already available there's no excuses.

excellent and easy implementation for bbm if servers can handle the volume, they should based on the current user base but could increase dramatically in a short period, I hope


We used to pay for 10-4, the Bell PTT network until phones became smart and certain ones didn't offer a PTT feature. If

Posted via my two thumbs.

It becomes available through BBM it'd make me an even happier BlackBerry customer.

Posted via my two thumbs.

At the end of the day BBM is going to have to add something truly compelling it is going to compete (lol. . .just like every other endeavor BlackBerry is involved in . .lol) Sometimes I think BlackBerry still thinks that people will flock to their offerings just because it is BlackBerry . . .that was proven wrong a LONG time ago. . .please . . .make BBM something people will want to switch back to. . .nostalgia is not even close to being enough. . .

Agreed!! Its about time blackberry innovates and adds a WOW feature to bbm to attract more people. Although I am satisfied with its state on bb10, voice n video is way better then many other apps out there.

I think BBM should try to 'borrow ' from the old beloved MSN messenger. It will at least appeal to the teenagers!!

Posted via CB10

I want all the features bbm has right now and add push to talk. This will make it the best communication tool right off the bat

Posted via CB10

It would look huge on BlackBerry if AS they release BBM for Android and iOS they also release an update (Which would include all three platforms) with a PTT feature.

Releasing cross platform AND an update like that all in one day? That would say loads about the direction BBRY is headed!


i have just sideloaded KAKAO TALK messenger on my Q10 ( leak os , and it works perfectly :)
i used the debug method ...

I can agree to having an option, but I'd most likely keep it entirely disabled on my receiving end. PTT is about the most intrusive thing that can happen to you whole, say in an office meeting. I'd have to manage not only a list of people who I would allow sending me PTT messages but also keep remembering to turn it off/on as needed. And this is a different case than simply turning of much less intrusive notifications and phone rings.

As it is, I can only see this being useful for people outdoors, parties and as a gimmick.

Posted via CB10