Now that's what I like to see... Apple telling you to buy a BlackBerry

Ha Ha
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Apr 2013 08:04 am EDT

Well, not quite. But close. The illustrious Rene Ritchie, Editor in Chief or our iOS sibling site iMore, pointed out this morning that if you visit Apple's Youtube channel, there are Verizon BlackBerry 10 ads running on it.

Sure enough, I clicked over to Apple's Introducing iPhone 5 video, and upon hitting play was greeted by this Verizon BlackBerry 10 ad. This is pretty funny (to me at least), especially considering Apple is the biggest tech company out there. You'd think for the couple thousand dollars in ad revenue Apple will make off of a video like this one, they would rather just hit the disable ads button on the youtube backend to ensure they save themselves from an embarrassing moment like this one. 

Seeing smartphone manufacturers target competitors' platforms online isn't new. For example, right at home here on CrackBerry we've seen plenty of ads for Android phones over the years. In that case though we're a third party site, and a company like BlackBerry can just as easily target their ads here as a company like Samsung or HTC can. A manufacturer allowing it to happen on their own channel is a different story though. That's just a sloppy oversight. 

Makes for a fun post here on CrackBerry though! :)

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Now that's what I like to see... Apple telling you to buy a BlackBerry


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I was going to ask Kevin if he's ever noticed the tons of android advertisements all over CrackBerry.

LOL definitely a sloppy oversight. Just imagine after watching the ad and the iPhone presentation a person scratching their head, "So no screen share?"

Apple could point out your ditzy assistant can't bother you with work diagrams while on vacation. Yes, I think that is a bad commercial from Verizon.

Or... you could just deny the BBM voice call since she was supposed to be on vacation. and since she was in the bed, it's a simple swipe down from the lock screen to put it into bedtime mode (without phone calls on since, again, she was suppose to be on vacation).

As far as carrier-sponsored ads go, I like this commercial from Verizon, it's a lot better than anything AT&T or T-Mobile have put out and it highlights a truly unique feature of BB10.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

When I tried to play the video on the Z10, the video just started playing without showing an ad. My work blocks YouTube so no luck there either.

I'll just have to laugh along with you all who can see it.

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I'm shocked Apple has ads enabled *period* on their a YouTube channel. Makes no sense. They want people watching their videos, not someone else's.

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+1 Totally agree, really weird they didnt monopolized the views on their channel, i guest even the big apple have to deal with the giant goggle heads down and "as you wish sir" 's ready lolll

Doesn't surprise me, in all honesty. They've gone for ad revenue as they always will, been shortsighted (i.e. iPhone 4 external antenna) and been caught off guard. Not saying this won't happen to others, just sayin'

I don't know Chris, it seems to me it would make sense more for them to support the competitions. I mean look at it this way, it's hard to prove your the best if there is no one to go up against. In my honest opinion, BlackBerry is the only real company going up against Apple. Samsung sells a lot of phones, but the software really is theirs, is it. Windows is in the same boat. So it truly stands to reason to want BlackBerry to succeed and not fail. Then again what do I know, I teach high schoolers. Lol

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Not much different than displaying a Telus banner ad for the Galaxy S4 a few days ago. This is such a non-story with a misleading headline.

Wrong. I addressed this in my article if you read it. It's totally different than buying ads on a third party site. Apple is the manufacturer. They're selling the product. Not disabling the ads is a way big faux pas.

Ok, well technically it's different. I didn't realize you sell ads to companies featuring BlackBerry's competing products for display on CrackBerry. It's a little odd. Kinda like if you're visiting a Chevy truck fan site and an ad for a dealer selling the 2013 Dodge Ram is displayed.

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The smart choice is to take what you can get when selling ad space. Keeps our favorite site going. At least that's my thought.

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What's weird is a BB ad on a BB fan site... Waste of money really. Do any of us need to be advertised the z10 or q10?

I find advertising "mistakes" like this interesting:)

Yesterday I was watching Wild Things (Columbia Pictures, Sony) via my Crackle (Sony) app downloaded from the PSN Store (Sony) on my PS3 (Sony). And every. single. commercial, was for new Call of Duty DLC EXCLUSIVE to Xbox - which the ad made sure to point out twice per commercial. I laughed or snickered every time:P

ETA, Crackle works great on the PlayBook and Z10 btw!

Cool advertisement. BlackBerry needs more advertisement about new features of BlackBerry 10.

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Forget all that, I just wish the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile would create and promote videos like this one. The carriers are seriously letting down BlackBerry here. I guess that's what you get when you sign a deal with Apple to get the latest iOS device; you're locked in for YEARS! 
Anyway, I going off tangent here and starting to lose it... 

"Comments are disabled for this video"

Guess they don't want the likes of us making any remarks, eh??

Marketing 101. Glad they thought of it though, a lot of company's don't think to target their opposition channels.

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Muahahaha! I do appreciate the marketing efforts in the US from tv to print to online ads. I hope people really take note of BB innovation!

Well... not so fast Kevin! Maybe the ad revenue is needed by Apple. Have you watched their stock prices tumble for the past several months. The way I see it, they need to take any handouts that they can even if it is from the BEST phone maker out there... BlackBerry! :)

Can we stop saying first, if you have something intelligent to say about the article say it.
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"We don't want to just make a new phone." I noticed he didn't say "again" or even "anymore now that you're on to us" after that...

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That is hilarious! I went to the Site to check it out for myself and, sure enough, the Verizon ad comes right up. Thanks for sharing this.

KEVIN !!!!
You shouldn't have pointed it out here! Now, Apple might indeed do something to prevent BB ads from appearing. You ruined it, Kevin. You ruined it! :)

These ads are based on two things, one is your computer cookies and 2 is content of the video. in this case this ad was based on your pc cookies. but Apple should disable the monetizing option in their youtube account.

I like the bottom left related video part, one is how to attract women and other debates if apple really ever invented anything

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Not to burst anyone's bubble but bit may be more related to Google analytics than BlackBerry actively seeking ad space on a competitors page.

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Come on guys we all know what goes up must come down. Apple is on its downward spiral. They need the ad revenue and they don't care. It's simple. They advert for BlackBerry because we'll they know a superior product when they see one.

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It's getting tiring about every Crackberry article with someone saying first then someone saying something about someone being first! Well ill be the first to say anything about it last...

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I don't see the ad now either...

Gotta comment on Rene Ritchie though. He's a class act and always gives BlackBerry its due. So refreshing to have an Apple enthusiast who provides fair and balanced commentary.

I have always had a private chuckle when I come to and am greeted by a Windows Phone Ad.

I think most if not all people that say "First " for the first comment do it jus to annoy us f*€k them

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well, it looks like another nice marketing shot by Apple to me. This "Fuzz" makes people talk about Apple actually, not BlackBerry.

We need tools, not toys.

LOL! Gotta love that. Oh and you guys missed a typo. You said or instead of of in like the first or second sentence... just that excited eh :p

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Would have been a cooler story if they had hacked and defaced the site with BlackBerry ads. But legit advertising is cool too I guess.

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